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SURPRISE!If you read my stories you know I worked for more than forty years security mostly at night starting in the U S Air Force as an air/security police man for eight years mostly overseas in Asia and Europe having a four month break in that now lovely tourist area Vietnam which was damned fucking hot both temperature wise and dodging bullets wise! I have the Air Force to thank for meeting my wife who back in 1967 was working as a receptionist at the Douglas House Hotel, a regular West London Hotel That used to be leased by the D.O. D. For all military personnel use as transient billets and those on leave which included me from my base in West Germany which closed in the 1990s Bitburg. I was so annoyed with the assassination of JFK while I was taking air police training at San Antonio on that fateful November day, seeing the mess in Southesst Asia and how my colleagues and I were treated on returning home I decided to try life in a foreign country England. By the 1990s I was well established with the security company I,d worked some years for and held the rank of inspector, but as I no longer had a desire to drive and Wasn,t in love with doing it on the “wrong” side of the road left the driving to my wife as she held a british license and still güvenilir bahis does! Because of this I Didn,t have to go on site checks like mobile inspectors though I occasionally went out with other inspectors just to break the monotony. Also as an experienced control room operator I also filled in there to give controllers breaks and cover illnesses. Summer means holidays or vacations in America, but here in the uk people go on holiday so I usually covered various sites when inspectors or supervisors took their annual leaves. One particular office block was very modern in 1995 with free coffee and soup vending machines, not like some places that charged about 30 pence(fifty cents) and the coffee tasted like metal sat in the machine all day! I liked working nights and the firm in the building had a night shift so myself and another man covered the shift allowing staff in and out as long as they had their identity card on their person. The second man also did foot patrols after 10pm about every two hours till morning cleaners began arriving at 5am so when he was on patrol it eas just me on front reception. I was quite willing to do patrols myself, but as inspector Wasn,t supposed to though I did any way just to break monotony and to stay awake! türkçe bahis The company had some very stunning young ladies working for them and one red head named Renee was on night staff and flirted outrageously with me even when my number two was present. I felt there was mutual feelings between us and fortunately Didn,t have lng to wait to find out. Renee knew I was only there for three weeks so on only my second night when Number two Adie was on patrol she approached me and sat in the chair normally occupied by Adie. “Hi Joe. I,m bloody bored! Got any ideas how I can find some excitement?” “How about doing your job?” I teased. “Can,t do any more till the new orders come in at 1am. How about letting me Suck Your Cock?” she suggested. “That would sure be exciting for me, but you can see I,m married!” I flashed my ring at her. “Doubt your wife will mind if I sucked you off now and there Won,t be anyone coming out for at least an hour so how about it?” “If you want to them go for it!” She slipped to her knees and moved between my legs and where she knelt someone could actually come right up,to the desk from the front of the building and not be able to see what she was about to do. They would have to come behind the desk to see this lovely female licking güvenilir bahis siteleri up and down my now rock hard penis with her long cat,s tongue. “He likes that,!” she smiled and gently began to suck just the tip before working her way down my shaft till she reached my scrotum then sucked hard as she pulled back toward my knob. Soon she was bobbing her lovely head up and down really getting into her rhythm and driving me crazy with it. Of course we were taking a chance as anyone could walk in and catch us and that would likely mean dismissal for her and me getting moved to another building, but no one came near and all too soon my climax was approaching. “Gonna cum!” I groaned, but she simply sucked even harder then started gulping as I exploded my heavy load down her throat. She even squeezed every drop out of my balls and licked it away. “Mmmmm love your tastey cum. Does your wife suck you off and swallow it?” “Oh yes when we do occasionally get together she Always swallows it!” “Good. I don,t think it,s fair when someone sucks you off and then spits it out!” “I agree. Thanks Renee.” I kissed her luscious lips tasting my cum still there. “How about a fuck then?” “Not right now. Maybe next time, got to get back.” Renee was a strange bird who loved sucking my cock, but only once did she let me fuck her and even then she had me cum in her mouth and not her tight cunt! Still it was a pleasant Surprise that no one else found out about or if they did they said nothing about it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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