Mar 31

Surprise Honey Ch. 10

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I woke up later that day. It was around three P.M. I got up and brushed my teeth taking that foul taste of morning breath out of my mouth. I splashed some water on my face, checked for anything out of place.

This was my morning ritual with the only difference being it was after lunch. This being retired like I was at my age was going to have some problems I could tell. I needed something to occupy my time for at least several hours a day.

I went out in the bedroom and got dressed. I decided to wear my Dockers and a polo shirt for a change. I noticed that something was different on board. Finally I realized what it was. The quiet was almost overpowering.

I walked around the upper deck and saw nobody. I then went down to the lower cabins. At Julie and Anne’s room I hesitated before slightly opening the door. I saw Carl, Anne, Julie and Jan in a pile on the bed. They were fast asleep, naked, and bodies intertwined.

I didn’t see May anywhere. I headed back upstairs and went to her cabin. I knocked, waiting to see if she was in there. After no answer I once again started to go through the whole boat.

I found May in the kitchen, making up a tray of snacks. I stepped in and gave her a hand, wanting to have some time alone with her. She was cheerful and even teased me a bit.

“Oh there you are…getting old huh ol’ man? Couldn’t keep up with us young’uns?”

“Hey, you guys wore me out today. I needed to get some rest. I haven’t had this much sex ever before. Give me a break May.”

“You know what they say Bill…no rest for the wicked.”

“Oh, so now I’m wicked? I can see it now, wicked Bill and his party ship international.”

“International party ship? Don’t you wish. I think you are becoming too used to getting your way. I should lock you in the engine room and put you on bread and water rations.”

“Bread and water? How about juice and pussy? Man cannot live on bread alone Captain Bly.”

“Well shiver me timbers matey…you do have an attitude don’t you? Well, I know just the thing to take you down a peg or three.”

May was smiling, as was I. I loved our verbal interplay and her smart aleck like attitude. I found myself comparing her to my late wife and discovered that even though I still loved my late wife, May was a total and new type of love.

I finally was able to put my past to rest and see a future that might not be so clouded. May had an inner peace and strong personality that was not unlike my wife had been. She also had that something else, something akin to the prowess of a wild tigress.

We delivered the food and drink to the lower cabin then went back to the kitchen to talk and snack privately. Julie and the others were coming around as we left the room Anne smiled at me with tired but sparkly eyes. Julie gave me a little peck on the cheek as I bent over to set the tray down on the table next to where she was.

As we walked back to the kitchen, I took May’s hand in mine and just held it. She looked at me and then rested her head on my shoulder. I felt young and alive as I took a deep breath of the fresh sea air and looked at the mountains plunging into the ocean right out in front of me.

I could see glaciers in the distance, blue white and very cold looking. There were little chunks of ice floating past in the tidal current. Far in the distance I saw a cruise ship sailing off to ports unknown.

Entering the kitchen, May stopped me, turning to hug and then kiss. I let her tongue enter my mouth, her arms around my sides, hands rubbing up and down my back. Her lips were crushed against mine so hard it almost hurt. Our tongues tangled and darted around, searching out each other.

She broke our kiss. I noticed then that she had tears forming in her eyes. They didn’t seem to be hurt tears. More like happy tears. I had to be sure though so I mentioned them to her.

“What’s wrong May? Why the tears?”

“Oh…I’m just being silly. Nothing is wrong. Everything is just…well…I’m just really happy right now Bill. Happier than I have ever been.”

“Oh. That’s a good thing then isn’t it?”

Laughing she brushed her fingers through my hair, tousling it.

“Yes…a very good thing you goof. A very great thing.”

“Would you like to live here?”

“On the boat?”

“No…Well unless you thought you would like to. I meant live here in Alaska?”

“Hmmm…I think it would be great Bill. I love the scenery and the coolness of the days. I even think the rain would be great too.”

‘I have been thinking.”

‘Oh-oh. Now we’re in trouble. Thinking huh? What about?”

“Us, here, everything. I really want to marry you May. I also want to buy some land up here, close by. I would really love it if you would live with me as my wife and everything.”

“Oh…Bill…I would love that, but are you sure? We’ve only known each other for such a short time. I-I may have done some things that you won’t like…I…”

‘May…anything you may have done in your past is just that. Your past. güvenilir bahis Don’t dwell on that. Live for the future, the future with me. I want you May. I want to marry you and live with you and share my life with you.”

“Oh, Bill. I don’t know what to say. I know that I love you and you love me. I-I just don’t know.”

“May, don’t let my wealth or anything else come between us. I love you. I want you. You love me…right?”

“YES. Of course I love you. I already told you that the other day.”

“Then it’s settled. Lets find a place up here, maybe remote, and build our lives together.”

“What about the girls and Carl? What are your feelings about them?”

“Well, I love Julie and Anne. Yes, even Jan. Carl is a good friend I think. But it’s you I want to marry May.”

“No, you misunderstood me Bill. What about all the sex and things? I don’t want you to give up anything for me.”

‘I don’t understand. What are you saying May?”

“I’m saying that I know you have liked have all the sex and stuff with Julie, Anne and Jan. I don’t think that you have to give that up necessarily. I wouldn’t mind if they stayed with us too.”

I hadn’t thought of this. May wanted us to all stay together. I was a bit surprised. I had figured that we would all go our separate ways, of course with visits like old friends. May had thrown up a possibility that I hadn’t thought of.

I knew that May had seemed to enjoy being with the other ladies. Her eyes had been so sparkling as they enjoyed each other each time. It had turned me on too to be honest. I didn’t want anything to come between us though either. I was a bit unsure of what or how to bring this up with the others.

May was looking into my eyes. She saw my hesitation as being a negative. She gave me a bittersweet smile.

“Well, I guess they wouldn’t have to be with us. I just thought that you had enjoyed it all so much that you wouldn’t be able to settle for just lil’ ol’ me.”

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t know how to bring this up with the others. I want you to be happy May, and I know that you sure seemed to enjoy having fun with the girls.”

“Oh. Well we can just talk to them silly man. Tell them what we are thinking and let them decide what they want to do.”

May hugged me and was smiling I great big smile. I knew I had just made her very happy. Deep inside I wondered how it would be living with four women so sexually alive as these women were. I could tell I would definitely need to have a stock of vitamins on hand in order to keep up with them.

We ate a nice snack and talked quite a while. After cleaning up and a little touchy feely at the sink, we went down to the other room. Everyone there was up and had eaten. They were semi-dressed, talking and laughing together.

“Hey where have you two been? We waited for you but you never came back down. We went ahead and ate. Good lunch May. Thank you.”

Julie had a look to her that told me she figured that May and I had been having a little roll on the side somewhere. If she had only known what we had been talking about she may have had a whole different way of teasing us.

“Hey, May and I have been talking. We are thinking of getting married.”

As that sunk in Anne, Jan and Julie squealed and jumped up surrounding May. They were hugging and kissing her. May was overwhelmed as each girl congratulated her.

Carl looked at me and smiled. He stuck his hand out and I took it in mine.

“Congratulations Bill. I hope you and May are very happy and have a long and prosperous marriage.”

I thought I detected something akin to loss in his voice. I was not sure, and I really didn’t know what he was thinking about behind those words. He did seem genuinely happy for us though.

After everyone settled down we sat on the bed. May began to tell them what we had been talking about. Her news was taken with a quiet group stare. Then Anne started the questions.

“You mean you guys want to buy or build a place up here and live? You want us to stay with you?”


May was smiling and her answers were short and to the point. I could see Anne and Jan exchange glances. Julie had slipped in next to me and she took my hand in hers.

“Dad, what about school?”

“Well, we both think you and Anne should go. As you know I will pay for you both to go and when you have breaks you can come up here and stay if you want.”

“May, how do you feel about this? You know that we would probably end up having sex quite often if we were here. Would you be ok with that?”

“Julie, Bill and I talked about it and I talked him into it. I want you to all stay here with us.” Looking down and blushing a little bit May continued. “I have found out that…well…I like making…ummm…making love to you Julie. You and Anne and Jan. It has been one of the best sexual things I have ever done. I really enjoyed loving you guys.”

Jan was looking at me and started to say something. Then she stood up. Her hands were busy with türkçe bahis a napkin that had been lying on the corner of the bed yet.

“I don’t know. I mean I am just a cook. I never thought that we would…that I would be…why would you want…”

May took Jan’s hands in hers and began to lightly massage them. She looked into Jan’s eyes and then put a hand up to her hair. Running her hand through Jan’s hair she began to speak quietly and soothingly.

“Jan, Bill and I would really love for you to stay with us. We both want all of you to stay with us. We could live together as one big happy family.”

“Oh May, I think that would be wonderful. Bill, are you sure you would be ok with that. I mean, you hired me to cook I can still do that. You don’t owe me anything more than that. This whole trip has been so wonderful and fun for me. That in itself is more than I wanted to begin with.”

I could see that Jan wanted to stay but felt like she wasn’t really part of us. I knew what to say at that point. I had decided that we all needed to stay together, at least for the foreseeable future. We all gelled well and I think we all loved each other quite a bit more than most people would.

“Jan, I think that if I can find some land, we can have a real nice home built. I think that we should also have a cook, a maid, and perhaps a handy man to keep things fixed up. Then we can all enjoy ourselves how ever we want.”

May looked at me as I spoke, her eyes conveying her approval of my idea. I had the money after all, why not provide for my new family. We had shared with each other some of the most intimate and private things people can share.

Jan had a tear falling down her cheek. She noticed it as it fell from her chin. She quickly dabbed her eyes with that napkin. May moved in close to her and put her arms around her.

Carl was looking at me with a questioning look in his eyes now too. I had figured that he should stay with us too. Not for me as much as for the girls. After all, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them sexually all the time.

“Carl, we would like you to stay with us too. I am going to need some help around here. Besides, I can’t be the only man with all these women around. They would put me in an early grave. Wear me out completely. I truly hope you will stay with us.”

“That would be great Bill, but we will have to have something to do. We couldn’t just hang around all the time just eating and having sex. I mean we have to be constructive, do something with some of our time.”

“Yeah, I figured that. I was thinking that we should have a gym for sure. Maybe a workshop just for you and I to do things in. Never know we could invent something pretty cool. What else should we look at doing?”

After this everyone loosened up and talked. We talked for a couple of hours, well up until five-thirty. That is when someone mentioned that it was about time to go get Sandra.

We broke up, Anne, Julie, Jan, and Carl going to shower up. May went up to get dinner started so that Jan wouldn’t have to rush around by herself. I went out and put the Zodiac in the water.

As I headed into the dock to get Sandra a light misty rain began to fall. The mountains were hidden behind it, causing the area to look like it was some mystical spot in a lost world.

A small dolphin swam alongside the boat as I tooled along. It was racing me, or maybe just trying to figure out what I was. I watched it closely, in case I had to kill the motor quickly. I didn’t want to hurt a creature here.

Sandra walked out onto the dock. Her raincoat covered her totally. It looked like an old west duster at first, until I saw the shining reflection of wet vinyl.

She got onboard even before I could stand to tie off to the dock. She looked a bit nervous but smiled at me. Sitting down she faced me directly. Her hands on her lap, holding the coat closed over her body.

“Hey, how are you today Sandra?”

“Fine, Master.”

“You don’t have to call me…”

“No, I want to call you Master, Sir. Please, it is something I have wanted to do.”

“Oh. So, are you my submissive little slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will follow my every command?”

“Yes Master.”

“No hesitations, no questions?”

“No Master, no hesitations, no questions.”

“Then, open your coat wide open. I want to see what you are wearing.”

“Yes Master.”

Saying it as she did it, my new ‘slave’ displayed herself in front of me as we ran out towards the yacht. She had taken a silky nightgown and evidently cut it here and there making up a very sexually pleasing revealing nighty.

I could see she had sewn it here and there too. What I saw gave me an instant erection. On her throat she had a small band of lacy material making a choker. The red color of it made her hair, face, and neck stand out like the sun breaking through shadows.

Just below these two very thin straps had to work hard to keep the top part of her covered. Her breasts were almost all exposed güvenilir bahis siteleri on top and around on the sides. All that was really covering her was two wide lacy strips of material, lace edging the sides. Her nipples threatened to show on each side.

The cut in the front flowed down almost to her crotch. I could clearly see her belly button and just the top of her carefully trimmed mound. The legs had been cut way high on each side giving the bottom a thong effect. I could see the tops of her hips, as she sat, nothing but skin showing.

Her legs were encased in thigh-high red stockings, a garter belt holding them up. Her feet were in some very high open toe spike heels made out of red patent leather looking material. Her whole outfit screamed fuck me.

I could see her nipples standing out through the material. She had a blush covering part of her skin exposed to my view. I think it was a sexual blush rather than an embarrassed one.

She looked into my eyes. I could see she wanted to know what I thought of her outfit. Never having been a ‘Master’ before I tried to think what a master would say to her.

“Sandra, you have done well.”

“Oh, thank you Master. I am glad you approve.”

She started to cover herself back up. I stopped her.

“Wait. I didn’t tell you to cover yourself back up. Matter of fact, just keep your arms spread wide open so that I may enjoy the view my little slave offers me.”

She quickly put her arms back out. Her coat fully open, her breasts heaving as she did. I could see moisture seeping out of the crotch of her nighty. Her wet spot showing that she was very turned on.

We were close to the yacht so she didn’t have to hold out her arms so long that they hurt. I could see that by the time we pulled up to tie off, her arms were shaking a little bit.

“You may cover yourself now.”

“Thank you Master. Master, may I service you now?”

“Service me? Oh, not right now. I want to be fresh and ready to use you in a few minutes. Just wait until I tell you I am ready.”

“Yes Master. I will wait until you tell me to service you.”

I was beginning to really get into this Master/slave thing. I had never felt something like this would be fun, but I saw that I had missed out on something for a long time. Still I knew that I didn’t know a lot about being a Master. I had a lot to learn.

As we stepped onto the yacht I tied off the Zodiac. I turned to Sandra, my slave and gave her a short command.

“Take off the raincoat slave.”

“Yes Master.”

Her hands pulled at the coat and it fell from her shoulders. I took it in my hand, by the collar. She stepped out from it, her arms sliding through the sleeves smoothly, revealing her back to me for the first time.

I could see her whole back. The nighty had been cut so that it had a very deep V in the rear too. Looking down at her butt I could see the swell of both cheeks just beginning to show. The sides around her legs were cut high as I imagined too.

From the rear I could see the sides of her breasts, the nipples just out of sight by a tiny little bit. The lower portion showing as if she were naked.

“Put you arms over your head.”

Dutifully she complied with my command. With her arms over her head her breasts threatened to push out of the material barely containing them. I reached out on each side of her and ran my hands alongside her breasts. My touch brought a shiver to her body. A shiver and a moan.

“You have done very well slave.”

“Thank you Master.”

My hands continued to lightly massage her breasts from the sides. I then took one hand and ran it down her side stopping only where the material started just above her hip. I then let a finger trace down around to her front.

When I reached the deep V in front, my finger was rubbing her pubic hair where it started. Since she had shaved herself there, it wasn’t very far from where her clit. She had put her hands on her head, gathering her hair up. Her moan told me that she was extremely turned on by her dress and my actions.

“Lets go down and find the others. I think that they will want to see my devoted little slave.”

I stepped around her and started walking away. She followed me quietly her hands still up in her hair.

“You may drop you hands now.”

“Yes Master.”

Sandra was being more the slave than I was the master. I could see that there was quite a bit I needed to learn to be a good master. Not ever having been in this type of situation before I wasn’t sure.

We walked into the lower deck and went to Julie and Anne’s room. Everyone was there waiting. I heard several low moans as we entered, Carl’s among them. Sandra had come in and taken them all by surprise. She looked so sexy and vulnerable standing there in her skimpy outfit while the rest of the people in the room being fully dressed.

“Raise your arms, like before and turn around. Let everyone see you slave.”

Obediently Sandra complied with my wishes. At my calling her slave Julie and Anne looked hard at me. I smiled and nodded towards Sandra. With her standing there almost naked, arms spread wide; she was showing her subservience to me.

“Come here slave. I want you to kiss me.”

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