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Surprise!, Part 2

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Surprise!, Part 2I got a text last yesterday from my friend Connie, to go to her house and knock on the door. I was told that Christine was there and waiting to let me in. I had never been alone with Christine, but I rusted both her and Connie. On my arrival, Christine opened the door to reveal herself in a very sheer teddy and thigh-highs and heels. This made her tower over me as we stood just inside the doorway. “Take off your clothes, Honey” Christine said, in a very calm, yet commanding tone, “then get on your knees for me, will you dear? Connie will be home any moment and we want to be ready for Her.”I did as she suggested and quickly stripped, folded my clothes and then got on my knees. This put me eye level with Christine’s waist, and more importantly, her larger-than-normal-clit that was tucked into her sheer tap pants below her teddy.“Stop starring” Christine said, as she leaned down and swatted my bare ass. “it’s not polite to stare at a woman’s girly parts.”After three more swats on my naked rear, Christine reached around front and wrapped her painted fingers around my now-hard cock.“Perhaps I should do something about this before Ms. Connie gets home” Christine added with a wink. “Would you like güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that?”“I would” I replied with a huge smile to match my huge hard-on.“Then follow me to the bedroom” Christine said playfully, as she turned and sauntered down the hallway. I stood and followed. Once in Connie’s bedroom, I noticed Christie sitting on the bed and patting the center.“Come lay here” Christine said playfully, “On your back.”I slid up on the bed and to my surprise, Christine spread my arms out and secured then in straps that she had prepared. She kissed me full on the lips before I could say a word. Once my arms were secured, she leaned back and lifted my ankles, securing them over my head and to the headboard. This left my cock pointing up at me, my balls and ass totally exposed. Christine then got off the bed, removed her panties and returned with a bottle of lube.“Me first” announced Christine. “and then if you don’t cum from a good fucking, I’ll finish you off.”There was very little that I could do since I was helplessly secured in this position. Christine lubed my anus and treated me to a through finger-fucking in the process. She then repositioned herself and placed the tip of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her “clit” up against my anal opening. With her body leaning over mine and the tip of her “clit” properly positioned, all she needed to do was lean slightly forward, yet she didn’t. She held her intimidating position and teased me.“What is it that you want, Honey?” Christine tauntingly asked me. I didn’t respond, and she was relentless in her teasing and asking me to admit what it was that I wanted. Meanwhile, my cock began to drip pre-cum and she knew that I wanted it all.. all of her!“Please” I began to beg…. PLEASE!”“Please what?” Christine teasingly asked, while still hovering above me with the tip of her “clit” precariously placed against the throbbing opening of my anus. “Please” I begged louder.“Say it” Christine said with a smile, “Say what it is that you want form me.”“Please…. Please fuck me!” I finally admitted, feeling defeated.With those words trailing out of my mouth and into Christine’s ears, she leaned in and sunk the entire length of her “clit” into me in one long, slow motion. I let out a gasp followed by a long, guttural moan. Christine then leaned down, while still fully inside güvenilir bahis şirketleri of me and kissed my mouth. She then lifted her face away, winked at me and then began a slow, rhythmic fuck. I hated to admit it but I was in heaven! Her soft hair danced around my face, her sexy little nipples strained against the tight, sheer teddy and her hips bounced her “clit” in and out of my submissive anal hole. And one point, I looked at my own cock and noticed that the intense hardness had given-way to a more gentle-firmness as clear precum leaked and covered my stomach. “Like what you see, honey?” Christine asked rhetorically.“Yes….” I stammered out, “Yes, I do.” I added with a smile. “I’m not wearing a condom at Connie’s request” announced Christine. “You see, she want’s my cum to act as additional lube….”I was a bit puzzled yet lost in the intensity of the fucking. Christine continued to rock in and out of my grateful, throbbing hole. I was now fully aware of her balls tightening up and pushing against that space between my butt cheeks and just past my anal opening, as she drove in all the way to the hilt.It’s then that I heard voices in the other room entering through the front door to Connie’s townhouse. One was clearly Connie’s…. The other was definitely a male’s voice.”We’re in here” yelled Christine, as the rhythm of her pounding quickened. Her “clit” began to throb inside of me, signaling her impending climax, as her cum would now splash all over my most intimate depths …To Be Continued…..

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