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Surprise Surprise Ch. 01

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*Author’s note: This is my first story, I hope you all like it. I’m looking forward to reading your comments on it. Lillian and Kaydence are step brother and sister who met in middle school just before their parents started dating. Now at ages 24 and 20, they’re reunited after Kaydence graduates college and moves back in, bringing with him delicious surprises for Lillian. Enjoy. There will be more Chapters to come in this story soon*

“Congratulations Class of 2010 Graduates of Brown University!”

As I walked past the banner put up for all the grad students, my step brother included, I knew what was to come. Kaydence was going to be moving back into the house in just two days. My mind wandered to our phone conversation just a month ago.

“Lillian, I’m going to be coming back home.” Kaydence’s voice was so mellow.

“What do you mean? You have only one month left of school! Why would you walk away from your degree?!” I was flabbergasted. How could he give up on something he had worked so hard for when he was so close to the end?

“Hahaha,” his laughter filled my ears; how I missed seeing his smile. “Lill, I meant after graduation. I will be moving back home that following Monday.”

Whap! I look up, jolted out of my memory, to see I’ve walked right into Kaydence. The second I realize it’s his body mine is touching, a wave of tingles rushes under my skin head to toe. Too nervous to say anything, I stand there and just look at his beautiful face. Kaydence had gotten a hair cut; his once eyebrow brushing brown hair now a mere few inches long on top. It was a good cut for him. Now I can get a better look at those gorgeous bright green eyes. They were almost unnaturally bright, but that might have been because his olive toned skin made them stand out all the more. My god he is gorgeous. All my friends thought so too. I had made the mistake of telling them he was moving back, and now I’ll be surprised if they aren’t sitting on our front porch waiting for him. Ugh!

“Earth to Lillian!” Kaydence was staring down at me. “I said I’m glad you made it, but I’ve got to bahis firmaları finish packing, so I’ll see you Monday.”

“Oh! Sorry, eh yeah I’ll see you on Monday.” I stumble to find words for a simple good-bye. What is it about him that gets me this way? His lean, muscular and tanned 6’2″ body? The way his eyes sparked when he smiled? I wasn’t sure, but whatever “it” is, it gets me every time he is around. It’s so wrong, I shouldn’t be feeling like this around my STEP brother. What am I going to do once he’s back home?!

Work dragged on forever today, it’s a sunday! It’s supposed to be a lazy day! All those damn rude customers. “Get me this” and their “Get me that”. I just can’t take it, as soon as I’m home I’m relaxing in the pool. I got into my car, and headed toward my piece of bliss. Sun tan lotion, here I come!

As soon as I got home I went upstairs into my bedroom, put on my favorite monokini, grabbed a towel and tanning lotion and headed outside to the pool.


“Hello?” I walked into the house expecting to see someone. “Anyone home?” No answer. They must be out to eat or something. Shouldn’t have expected them to be home anyhow seeing as they were expecting me here tomorrow. At least now I can put my bags in my room and take a dip in the pool. Ah, how nice the cold water will feel in this hot weather. Yes, the pool is exactly what I need.

After digging out his swim trunks, Kaydence made his way downstairs and out onto the back patio. He turned to sit on the ledge of the pool and that’s when he noticed her. Her half naked body just beyond reach under the surface of the water swimming right past the spot where he sat. Who was she? More importantly, what was she doing in his family’s pool? No sooner the thoughts crossed his mind, the mysterious woman emerged, her back to him.

“Kaydence?” Lillian turned to face him sitting on the ledge. “What are you doing here already?”

“Lillian? That’s you in there?” His voice trailed off, leaving Lillian kaçak iddaa to wonder what was on his mind.

Happy her step brother was home, Lillian stepped out of the pool and went to meet her brother at the ledge. “In the flesh!” He did just see me the other day, how could he not know it was me?

WOW was the only thing that came to his mind at this very second. Yeah, He had seen her just a few short days ago, but he had been so preoccupied with getting to say good-bye to everyone and packing he didn’t really notice his step sister when he ran into her. Now, it was all he could do not to take in every last curve. He was mesmerized, she had always been a pretty girl, but had been heavier set ever since he’d first met her in middle school. Before him now was a slender, but still wonderfully curvy 5’5″ woman. Her burgundy hair just long enough to graze across where he couldn’t help but to imagine the spot her nipples hid beneath. Mmm her breasts! They had been what most call a small handful, now he wanted to get his handful of those large perky tits. His thoughts took him away from their poolside greeting.

Lillian cleared her throat. “Well…You’re definitely not 16 anymore.” Hoping his comment didn’t offend her.

“Twenty to be exact.” She smiled then pushed him into the pool. He certainly wasn’t the same either. He never noticed her like that before. And the look he got in his eye when he took in her new body gave her chills.

“Hey! No need to push me into the pool!” He missed joking around with her.

Lillian laughed at him while he pushed his hair back. “You came out here in trunks, so you were going in there eventually. I figured why not make it fun for me too.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Besides looked like you needed to cool off and I need to get my tan on.” There was a beach towel laid out to the side of the pool she made her way to.

Was everything she did going to get to him like this? Even just her walking away was getting him worked up, more than he’d like to admit. But the growing hardness in his trunks wouldn’t let him deny that Lillian was hot now! kaçak bahis Thank god she was up there laying down. He didn’t need her seeing, or worse, feeling him hard from her. Maybe a couple of laps will help get my mind off this, adjusting himself first.

Lillian’s thoughts were on the same track as her step brothers. What was she going to do with him home and looking like this! Those strong shoulders, defined jaw with just a little stubble, lean abs that trailed down to the delicious v cut lines at his hips disappearing under his trunks… He was perfect, and she was getting hotter by the second in a way no pool dip would help to rid of.

I can’t take it anymore! I have to touch her! Before he could talk himself out of it, Kaydence was out of the pool, walked over to Lillian, and scooped her up in his arms.

“Kaydence!” Lillian screeched and wiggled in his grip. “What are you–“

She was cut off by the water coming over their heads from the plunge he took into the pool. Their heads popped out, Lillian sputtering. “You jerk!” Her hand whacking his chest as he laughed at her.

“Oh you’re still breathing aren’t you? Live a little.” His laughter was the best sound she’d ever heard and his smile had her eyes glued to his face. It was then she realized how close his face was to hers. Closer, please!

Soft. Their lips came together and with it a burst of passion neither knew had been there. It felt so good to have his lips on mine, his tongue parting mine to taste me. With the touch of his tongue I lost all control and my body took over. My legs wrapped themselves around his hips. My hands diving into his hair, getting a good fistful and pulling him into me. God his body felt so good against mine. I was never going to get enough of this.

The second her legs wound around him he lost it. Turning them around her backed her into the side of the pool, pushing her body tighter against his groin. She ground her hips against him and he let out a growl. Kaydence was nibbling his way down her neck, his hands sliding down her body yanking her hips into his hardness. Her body was arching into his, begging for more of him everywhere. He complied, grabbing her ass and starting thrusting against her. Lillian moaned at how hard he was against her.

“Lillian dear? We’re home!” They froze.

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