May 28

Surprise Visit (The Day After)

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This is one the first stories I have ever submitted for public viewing, so any and all comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to me at the contact link on my profile. Flaming will be promptly ignored and deleted, so please don’t bother. Read and enjoy.


Lucian woke from his sleep, his mind groggy with a couple questions running through his head.

“Why was the ground beneath him so soft?”

“What was that soft steady breeze against his cheek?”

He repositioned himself and felt something soft beside him. Immediately the events of the past night jumped back into his mind, and he opened his eyes. There she was, laying next to him, his beautiful Alyana. He could not help but smile as he gazed upon her sleeping. She was so calm, so peaceful, and ever so beautiful. She lay beside him sleeping, facing him, so he could see her beautiful face, and feel her breath on his face as well.

When she had shifted during the night, the comforter that had been covering her had shifted, and one breast had slipped free of the warm cover. He looked back and forth from her breast to her face, pondering in his head what he should do. He remembered that he had once told her that she would never wake up with him fucking her, or inserting himself into her. He smiled however, as he thought of a loop hole, he had never promised that she wouldn’t wake up with him teasing and arousing her to the point where she wanted to fuck.

“But first things first.”

He said in his mind,. Carefully he leaned in close, licking his lips, then very gently he pressed his lips against hers. He kissed her briefly and lovingly, even though he knew she probably couldn’t feel it. Then, being ever so careful and gentle, he rolled her to her back, moving his body to rest over hers, with one knee on each side of her. He also made sure most of her body still remained covered by the comforter. After all, he could only warm up so much of her with his mouth and hands.

He then softly kissed his way from her lips, to her chin, down and around her neck, stopping briefly to nuzzle the sensitive nape of her neck. She let out a soft sleeping moan as his lips touched that spot. Quickly, not wanting her to wake just yet, he moved his mouth to her collar bone, and suckled softly, then kissed to her shoulder, then back across her body to the other side of her neck. Again her carefully and gently nuzzled that nape as well. This time however, she emitted a slightly huskier and clear moan, signaling to him that she was waking up. Kissing her nape goodbye, he suckled this side of her collarbone, then kissed his way to this shoulder and back again.

He briefly lifted his head from her and saw her eyes still closed. Then, unable to resist temptation, he moved his mouth to hers, kissing her with a little more passion. He felt her lips respond to this kiss, and let his graze off of hers down her chin. Carefully he moved his hands to the top of the comforter, and pulled it slowly down, illegal bahis revealing just her voluptuous breasts.

Again he kissed his way down her neck, this time moving past her breastbone, and down her chest. As his lips and tongue licked and kissed their way to the hollow between her breasts, he felt a hand on the back of his head. Keeping his head and body where they were, he let his gaze drift up to her face, and saw her smiling sleepily down at him, her eyes still reflecting how tired she was. He held her gaze with his own and waited, her hand still on the back of his head.

“Don’t let me stop you.”

She said a little sleepily.

“By all means continue.”

She then tilted her head back, and relaxed, both of her hands resting gently on his head. He then lowered his gaze back to the beautiful chest beneath him, he moved his tongue out and down, licking from that hollow between her breasts out and underneath and around one breast, letting his fingers trace an identical pattern on her other breast. First he licked the sensitive underside of her breast, then moved in a slow ever-tightening circle around it, her breathing coming a little faster as his circles got tighter.

When he felt the shift in texture change to the aerola surrounding her nipple, he moved his mouth directly to her nipple, taking it into his mouth, suckling softly upon it while he flicked and rolled over it with his tongue. With his hand, he rolled her other nipple between his fingers, squeezing and pinching it gently. A loud gasping moan escaped her lips as his lips and fingers touched her already sensitive and hardened nipples. The hands that rested on his head, now clenched, entangling themselves in his hair as they pulled him to her bountiful chest.

Harder and harder he suckled, all the while flicking and rolling over her nipple with his tongue faster and with more pressure. Her back arched as she pressed her chest to his mouth, and he met her with just as much pressure. Then, with a quick motion of both hand and mouth, he released his grip on her one nipple with his mouth, and her other with his hand, and quickly switched. Using just as much pressure with his mouth. Giving her other succulent nipple the attention it deserved, his fingers pinching and rolling her one nipple as well. Her back continued to arch, pressing herself needfully to him.

Sensing that she was ready for more, he released her nipples once again. This time however, he removed himself from on top of her, just long enough to quickly pull back the comforter completely. Revealing the whole of her beautiful body to his eyes once more. Then, with no hesitation, he pulled her to the edge of the bed with her legs and ass dangling over. He knelt before the bed, letting her knees drape over his shoulders, while supporting her ass with his hands.

Upon, seeing her dripping pussy just inches from his mouth, he dove in with his lips and tongue. Her pussy was fully dilated, so his tongue slipped easily and deeply into her illegal bahis siteleri depths, while his lips moved to suck her pussy lips. Harder and harder he suckled, which thrusting his tongue into her harder and faster. Her hands pulled him to her with such force that even if he had wanted to remove his face from her pussy, he would not have been able to.

What had once been soft gasps and moans of arousal coming from her mouth, were now loud screaming pants of passion. He could tell she was building quickly, and wouldn’t be able to hold it back once it came, so without hesitation, he backed his tongue off, and moved his lips up, clasping them around her swelling clit. He sucked hard on her clit, while flicking it furiously with his tongue.

Her scream rose in pitch to a banshee-like wail, while her hands pulled him almost painfully hard into her. Her legs clamped hard around his head, her heels digging hard into his back. Still his tongue and lips kept the pace, suckling hard on her clit while flicking it equally hard and fast. Her scream rose once more as he felt the increased heat from her pussy as it clenched tightly. He opened his mouth to accept her gift of cum, but kept his tongue on her clit, riding out her climax with her. Spurt after spurt of her cum gushed into his waiting mouth, and he drank willingly and happily from her pussy.

When he finally felt her pussy stop gushing, her screams die off, her hands relax a bit, and her legs relax as well, he lessened the pressure of his tongue on her clit, and backed up to clean her nether lips of her own cum. Then, feeling for the first time, just how engorged his cock was, he realized just how aroused the experience had made him.

Once again, he remembered the things she liked, and gently pulled her feet, easing her off the bed and helping her to turn around. He allowed her to relax briefly against the bed. He removed his hands from her and gather the things from around the room he wanted. First, he handed her a large pillow, which she happily eased beneath her stomach, supporting her. Then, he strapped on a harness while he moved out of sight of her, and strapped a six inch blue dildo into it, one of her favorite toys.

The harness he had bought was for a person larger than himself, so if he only secured the strap around his hips, and not the one between his legs, the blue dildo in the harness would rest an inch above his own engorged cock. Then, moving back out from behind the screen, he moved to her once again, resting his hands on her hips to let her know with his warmth that he had returned. He positioned his feet, and then, using one hand to guide each of his now two cocks, guided his own achingly hard cock to the entrance of her pussy, then guiding her six inch blue dildo to the entrance of her ass.

With a slowness that caused him such sweet agony, he eased the bulbous heads of each of the cocks into her holes, making sure that he didn’t thrust too fast so as to hurt her. Then, once an inch of each canlı bahis siteleri of his cocks was in their respective holes, he moved his hands back to her hips.

With one full and powerfully long thrust, he drove his cocks into her pussy and ass, letting out a throaty and husky moan as he felt his cock penetrate her fully. Her own moan at the fullness she now felt mingled with his as he thrust hard into her. This time however, he did not stop or slow, he rocked his hips back and forth, in a steadily increasing pace. Pulling her hips to him harder and faster with each thrust.

He was happy that he had done this so early in the morning, as it allowed him more time, but even now he was building quickly, as was she. Faster and harder he fucked her, driving his cocks deep into her hot wet pussy and ass. As one they gasped, moaned, panted, and screamed, their bodies matching each others rhythm perfectly. He felt a building deep within him working it’s way up his balls and knew he didn’t have much time, so he increased his pace to go as fast as he could, his breathing getting more and more harsh from the pace. Her own breathing and moans were getting louder and louder, and he knew she was getting close once more, so he continued his furious fucking double penetration of her as his building reached a peak. He knew there was no stopping it, and didn’t even try. He pulled mostly out and leaned over her to say something in her ear.

“Be a good girl and cum for me baby.”

He said as he drove his cocks hard and full into her waiting body. The furious double fucking, combined with the eroticism, combined with those words, threw her violently over the edge of her orgasm. Her scream pierced the air as he grunted and moaned, his voice husky with lust. Her cum gushed once more, this time pulsing on and around his cock, spilling out to cover his balls as well as both of their inner thighs. The feeling of her juices and tightening pussy only heightened his orgasm. With a violent shudder of his entire body, his cock erupted into her, shooting burst after burst of his hot cum deep into her pussy.

Her pussy and ass clenched so tightly around his cocks, that as he was cumming in her, he was unable to keep thrusting. As the full force of what had just happened caught up with him, his upper body collapsed on top of her back. His hot breath on the back of her neck only further heightened her climax. His arms instinctively wrapped themselves around her as he collapsed. Even when he felt her body relax enough to allow him to pull his cocks from her, he hesitated, not wanting to break the intimacy just yet.

When at last he felt her shift, he felt it was time, he carefully pulled his soft cock and the dildo out of her pussy and ass. She then slowly crawled back to the head of the bed, where she collapsed out of sexual exhaustion. As quickly as he could, he unstrapped the harness and grabbed the comforter once more. He climbed back up the bed, took a steadying breath, and found the strength to turn around and pull the comforter back up and over them. Then, laying himself beside her, he felt her press herself back against him. Once again, he draped his arm over her and held her to him as well. Once more his breath tickled the back of her neck.

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