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Surreptitious Love Ch. 137

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Chapter 137 – Fucking more beautifully

Casey and I hadn’t seen each other for a while, and so we set a date for Thursday, as she had conceived an exciting sensual project that she wanted to talk about: Regretting that she had been a bit too reluctant during her first orgy at the thermal springs back in May, Casey had developed the idea that we should perhaps put a kind of fuck-show on a stage one day, presumably at the empty vintage hotel, where we had been meeting for sensual rendezvous and medium-sized orgies for more than a year now. Her two favorite participants in said sex-performance were our beau Hoang, who Casey had developed a crush on, it seemed, and our divine mature friend Yen, Charlie’s aunt.

I had forgotten that Casey was currently working at ‘her’ real-estate company’s headquarters again and thus couldn’t be here, at the café, until twenty minutes past eleven. Afraid that she might not spot me up on the secluded balcony upstairs, I decided to wait for her on the sidewalk outside the coffee house and lit a ciggy. I reminisced a bit about last week’s rumpus at the model home in the suburbs, where Hoang and I had sandwiched our petite friend Thuy for our first double-penetration ever. While Thuy had been lying on my belly with hers, Hoang had been busy inside her rectum, before he had sat down at the headrest holding her knees, for me to bang her little soft aperture anus, going for seconds.

Today, we had actually been slated to meet the four of us, but Thuy had told me she was indisposed, and so Casey and I would just meet Hoang around noon at the vintage hotel. Casey wouldn’t mind, as she was still sheepish about getting naked in front of her coworker Thuy and, more importantly, she positively adored our stud Hoang and, this way, would get more of him. While I was smoking, I kept anxiously looking up at the balcony, though, where there was only one table, as that spot was ideal for a sensual tete-a-tete. Just for shits and giggles, I entertained the idea of a little foreplay with Casey up there. But then, the image of her kneeling on a bed at the old hotel with her succulent ass up in the air and Hoang and me taking turns was indefinitely more tantalizing.

Right when I was recalling the titillating hours with Mira and Thanh up here at said balcony, I saw and heard Casey approaching on her older Honda. She was wearing a short red skirt, and her ample thighs were positively throwing themselves at me, wobbling nicely due to the uneven pavement. Oh man, she hadn’t even gotten off her bike yet, when I felt the first twitch of my cock in my pants. Her dark almond eyes were sparkling above her mask, which she luckily took off right away to say ‘hi’. Apart from her skirt, she was wearing a black T-shirt and white sneakers, which looked new. Yes, red was perhaps the perfect color for her – and so many other young Vietnamese women – as it contrasted her relatively light skin and shiny black hair splendidly. She took off her rucksack, only to swing it back over one shoulder with both straps, and we went in.

Casey seemed in exceedingly good spirits. Even her skirt was bobbing; perhaps as she knew that she would get heartily banged by her favorite guy in town, which would only be their second time. And then she was probably also happy that things were turning out so well with her new girlfriend – our petite, cuddly, blind masseuse Hanh. I told Casey right away that Thuy wasn’t coming, which elated her spirits even more, of course. She liked working with Thuy but, like I just said, was still a bit uncomfortable with undressing in Thuy’s or her boss Nguyet’s presence.

The sweet little waitress hollered at us what we wanted to drink, as we were walking up the flimsy, rusty stairs, and so we hollered back over the banister, half-way up, before we sat down next to the table, so that we could see each other properly. Casey put some strands of hair behind her ears and then stroked her soft belly contentedly. Her figure was ample but still fine, as young as she was, but she would have to watch her weight in the future. But yes, even the wobbling of her thighs’ undersides had looked hot. Still. The cute waitress, with whom I wanted Charlie to hook up eventually, was bringing our drinks now, but then Casey got up to admire the flowers and plants, as it was her very first time up here.

Since she hadn’t sat back down after two minutes, I followed her, and then we peeked inside the locked room behind us, which had probably been used by the café as well, before the whole Corona hysteria. Now, after more than two years of disuse, everything had gathered dust inside and looked like an old film set, as we were able to see through the dirty windows. When Casey pressed the door handle though, the door opened after one or two quick jolts. Casey blushed and whispered:

“Hey, Ben, look… if we want we could… right here…” she giggled.

My cock was twitching again, and I seriously thought about the prospect:

“Yeah, but we gonna meet Hoang… bahis siteleri let’s save our energy…” I proposed.

We were probably both torn, but then we also had a lot to talk about. On the other hand, the next time, the room might be locked. Should we call Hoang to come over? Well, no, maybe not; eventually, we just sat down and sipped of our coffees, instead.

“Everything is fine with Hanh?” I asked.

“More than just fine, Ben… we have sex most days… and I stay overnight every weekend…”

I was waiting for her to disclose more ribald information, but she wouldn’t. Sure, I could have asked but didn’t want to be nosey. Knowing Casey, she would add some details later.

“You could have brought Hanh… especially now that Thuy isn’t coming…” I mused.

“Next week, Ben… she has her period and isn’t feeling well… I think she also has to work early this afternoon…”

“Ok, then… now, tell me about your project!” I laughed. “You wanna watch Hoang and Yen have sex?!”

“Yeah, I think those two would be the most fascinating… but if they don’t want to, someone else would be fine, too…” she backpedaled pragmatically.

“And you would allow others to watch you as well?”

“Sure, I don’t think I could suggest something like that if I wasn’t prepared to do it myself…” she told me right away.

“OK… but what’s so fascinating that you would even pay the price of letting others watch you?”

“You know what happened at the hot springs… I kinda missed most of everything, as I didn’t dare to look… I really think it would be captivating to see a couple get aroused, get wet… and when his dick is really long and stiff, he puts it inside her… slowly…”

She had licked her lips when she had said that last word. Wow! Again, my cock twitched, and I was thinking about the room behind her. The way she was lolling in her red skirt that exposed her ample young thighs was super-hot. Those succulent, strapping legs, man! But I didn’t want us to get caught by the young, cute waitress, either. I mean, there was even a 10-percent chance that she would join us but, if not, we could never come back here.

“And why specifically Hoang and Yen?” I asked, instead.

“He is the obvious choice, I think: he’s tall, has broad shoulders… is fricking handsome, with his longer hair… and he fucked me really nicely inside the bungalow at the hot springs… but I wasn’t able to see it, of course…”

She had kneeled in front of him, and they had done it in her backdoor, which was his first time ever, as far as I knew. Casey had been ovulating; otherwise, she may have offered herself lying on her back. But anal was better if the lady kneeled, Casey had told me once. As young as she was, she had quite a lot of experience in said matter.

“Well, at least, you were able to feel him properly…” I chuckled to keep us going.

“Sure… and how! No, it was absolutely awesome… did you and Yen actually watch the whole time?”

“No, ahem… only the last five minutes… or eight,” I admitted, after I had cleared my throat twice in between.

Yes, as Yen hadn’t been able to contain herself, we had sneakily made our way up to the cabin and then crouched near the cabin front, which only consisted of a dozen horizontal boards, between which were two- or three-inch spaces. I would never forget Casey’s large dangling breast, her voluptuous ass and thigh, nor the way Hoang had nonchalantly been pumping inside her anus. The two of them hadn’t noticed Yen and me, but eventually everyone had surreptitiously watched me fuck Yen on said bed in a similar way thirty minutes later.

“And why Yen, in particular?”

“I don’t know… because she’s so full of life, I guess… especially for her age…”

Well, so was I, and I was even six or seven years older. But I didn’t claim the compliment.

“And I think she just looks stunning,” Casey added.

Yeah, everyone agreed on that, especially her nephew Charlie. Yen was 46 or 47 and had matured splendidly. She was Casey’s girlfriend Hanh’s god aunt and a great masseuse, as for ten years, she had been giving massages to her slightly handicapped daughter Linh, who had difficulties walking, as she had suffered a stroke when she had only been ten. Linh was a former student of mine, and when we had bumped into each other one fine hot morning in Da Nang, she had come to my homestay – since she wasn’t able to walk far – where she had had to ‘rest’ at some point. In her underwear. On the bed. Needless to say, she had soon requested I join her, from which point an intense double shagging session had developed.

Some cum had ended up in her hair, though, which Linh had to explain to her mother Yen in the car. A few months later, Yen invited me for tea at their house here in town, after which I got to massage Linh – a rousing pastime, which Yen eventually joined, when she was back from running errands. Eventually, after Linh had gone back to Hanoi, where she was attending university, Yen and I had developed canlı bahis siteleri our sensual affair, during which she had introduced Hanh, her blind god-child, to me. Hanh also was a great masseuse, but when I suggested she add pussy massages, her parlor grew into a hot spot for the female haut monde of our sleepy town.

“Yen is as tall as a I am, and we have about the same figure,” Casey added now, as she was back from the bathroom downstairs.

I had noticed that, too.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Crazy, huh? And you are almost 30 years apart… anyway, now you want to watch yourself fuck, kind of?” I mused.

“Well, I guess… in some way…” she giggled.

“Sure, why not? That’s legit… no, I mean … beautiful,” I was hemming and hawing, trying to imagine Yen and Hoang together up on some stage, which would probably be the only double bed at the vintage hotel.

“Does it have to be anal, though?”

“I never said that… no, not necessarily,” she chuckled. “No, just nice and slow… do you know if Hoang likes Yen?”

“Hoang likes all women… we’ll ask him later if he can imagine banging Yen while being watched by the rest of us…”

“And could you talk to Yen… please, Ben?!” Casey requested immediately.

“Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?!” was my first thought. “Yen is her god aunt, and they’ve had sex together multiple times… Yen doesn’t speak English… I might mess it up with my broken Vietnamese,” I cautioned her.

Casey shrugged shoulders but then reminded me that Hanh was blind: “I don’t think it’s fair to arrange a sex-show with Hanh’s help… I mean, she wouldn’t be able to see it…” Casey laughed a bit embarrassedly.

“Hanh could still enjoy the company… and the sex… she could hear and feel it… and, by the way, Nguyet is an ardent exhibitionist… she might get a huge kick out of fucking for others … she would love it, I’m sure…”

“Yeah, but she’s my boss, Ben… we work together… I don’t really wanna have sex with Mrs. Nguyet or Mrs. Thuy… once was ok, but … I don’t know…” she was acting coy and prim. “Particularly, I can’t ask Mrs. Nguyet to fuck for me… or us…” she giggled.

Well, yeah, that was understandable.

“What if your boss Nguyet wants it, though?!”

Instead of replying, Casey put both hands on the back of her head to re-do her ponytail. Her young ample body was brimming with health and sex appeal, of course. I noticed that she was wearing an undershirt again, as her tits were parked rather low on her chest, and also a bit to the sides. When she opened her legs, she also pulled her skirt back a bit, exposing more than two-thirds of her lush young thighs. She looked at me challengingly, and I noticed that her hairband was of the same red as her skirt. Nice. I loved such details.

“Ben, please ask Yen, will you?” she asked really charmingly. “You have a wish if you do…” she added, pulling her skirt up even more.

Well, obviously, she knew how to get me to do almost anything. Sure, I would, particularly as I had kind of a wild card now. Or a rain check. To do something outrageous. Casey was sheepish about peeing on me, for instance. Oh yeah, she could kneel over my face up on that old bench on the fourth floor at the hotel, for instance, and then let go full throttle.

“Ok, promise. But who else are we going to invite? I guess you wanna do this in a smaller group, huh?”

“Yeah, I just told you that I don’t necessarily want Mrs. Nguyet or Mrs. Thuy to be there… so, yeah, let’s start small… perhaps with Hoang, Yen, you, Hanh, and me… or maybe Charlie, although I haven’t met him yet…”

I loved how she still said ‘Mrs. Nguyet’, even though we were alone. But yes, the black-red-and-white color combo looked awesome, as it underscored her natural beauty. Now, I could even see her panties, which looked pinkish because of the light being filtered through the fabric of her skirt. I wondered if I should tell her some anecdotes about what I had done up here on this balcony with Mira and Thanh, but it didn’t seem to be the moment to blather about other women. And so I just reached for her knees and squeezed her thighs a bit, rubbing her skin with my thumbs.

“Oh, do you know the news?!” she almost shrieked.

I jumped back a bit, letting go of her legs, and lit a cigarette, before I said: “No, but do tell!”

“I got a new colleague, who’s an artist… she studied in Hanoi and then worked there for a bit, like a year or two… she’s told me she’s a bit lonely… we could take her along one day… she split up with her boyfriend last Tet… and now she’s working with us at VSIP…”

“You like her so much that you want to take her to the old hotel or the hot springs?! Does she talk about sex a lot?”

“No, not that… but she seems very open and a bit lonely, like I said… I don’t think she knows anyone here in our town… Ben, you should see her drawings… they are sooo beautiful…”

Of course, I could have asked several questions, but canlı bahis my phone had just buzzed. I checked and saw that Hoang was already at the old hotel, but he had written more. Apparently, he also had beer. I handed Casey the phone to double-check, and she nodded.

“Yeah, he even has food,” she laughed.

“Oh! Well, then we better take off. Yeah, sure, bring the girl along the next time we go for coffee…” I offered nonchalantly, before we packed up and sauntered downstairs.

Casey insisted on paying and even got a bottle of water for herself, although there was still a dozen or so at the hotel, which she knew. Well, she would get over the 15 cents.

“What’s that young lady’s name?” I asked her when we stepped out of the café, onto the sidewalk.

“Truc Que, but she also goes by Emily… she always draws those Chinese characters, which she then turns into sailboats and dragons… I mean, it’s really cool… you need to see it…”

“That’s called calligraphy… that Chinese-character thing…”

“Yeah, ok, whatever. It’s fascinating to watch…” she almost yelled after she had started her seasoned, worn-out engine.

“Is she pretty?” I wanted to know, though.

“Well, maybe not really. She’s a bit taller than Mrs. Nguyet or Mrs. Thuy, slim… she wears glasses… she looks kinda young…”

Casey quickly drove the seven feet over to me and giggled: “And she always wears tight jeans… you know, one can see her pussy underneath…”

Now, pressed the button for my engine to come to light as well and replied:

“That’s called a ‘camel toe’… does that turn you on?”

She shot me an impish smile and nodded: “Ever since we started to spend time together, Ben, I keep noticing such things …”

“Well, sure, like I said, bring her along next time!” I agreed.

And off we were. It wasn’t far to the old hotel but, of course, as I was driving, I envisioned again the fuck-performance that Casey was dreaming of, before I switched to the somewhat non-descript Emily. I grew curious to see her crotch, as Vietnamese girls did not often show their camel toe. To demonstrate that I cared, though, I promised myself to also inquire about Casey’s boyfriend – the one with the small dick – as she hadn’t mentioned him yet.

Hoang was waiting outside the slightly run-down vintage hotel, smoking, but he instantly pushed the metal sliding door open, so we could drive straight in. His Suzuki was inside already, and he closed the door, after he had tossed his cigarette butt outside. He and Casey greeted each other timidly but also seemed euphoric to see each other. I grabbed the beer and ice from the floor and regretted that we wouldn’t undress right there and walk up to the fourth floor naked. Parading around the hotel in the nude was a long-cherished fantasy of mine, but Casey and Hoang barely knew each other.

So we just went upstairs, dressed as we were, chatting and laughing, until we reached the third-floor kitchen. Hoang rinsed a plate and then draped the rolls he had brought on it. Casey went to the bathroom, which I regretted, I have to admit, but she wasn’t going to piss on me as long as Hoang was here, anyway. We needed to do that when we would be just the two of us. When I went, too, I heard Hoang crack two or three beers open behind my back.

When I returned from the bathroom, the two of them were already sitting close to each other at one corner of the table, whispering sweet nothings. We began to eat, and they really looked like they would become a couple soon. Hoang’s actual girlfriend was my former student Thanh, but she had just gotten a good job in Saigon; Hoang probably considered himself being single as a result. I didn’t know if they had officially broken up. Tina had also scored a decent position there, while my beloved Anna – who was still in college – had decided to take summer classes to get done with her degree more quickly. At least, Charlie was slated to be back in town in late July. Casey didn’t know him yet, and his cock might be too small for her. But then, if it was big enough for his aunt Yen, it should also suffice for my succulent young friend here, shouldn’t it?

The rolls that Hoang had procured were just a little snack, but we didn’t have much time, anyway, as Casey had to drive back the six miles to the company headquarters.

“What time do you have to be back at your office?” I asked her.

“Just before Two,” she replied.

Well, so we still had more than an hour. I hadn’t been paying attention to what the two of them were talking about, but then Casey turned suddenly and exclaimed:

“Hey, next week’s my birthday!”

“Ok, we’ll do something special,” I offered. “But Hanh’s is soon, too, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, in about two weeks …” she nodded.

Hanh and I had had a lovely little birthday party last year, just the two of us. I had fed her cream cake, until she relieved herself of her bra and asked me to smear some cream on her small boobs and then lick it off. Of course, things had escalated nicely from there, involving cream cake on her pussy, my glans, some peeing, and a good hearty fuck from behind, upstairs in her massage room, after she had already given me a juicy, creamy blowjob downstairs in the kitchen.

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