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Subject: Surviving in High school Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Shane slowly woke up in a cocoon of warmth and musk. Laying close to his Dad, who was radiating heat. Shane felt content. Sure his butt was sore and he felt sticky with the dried cum, not to mention they both smelled rather “ripe”, but after last night, Shane felt… Bigger, more manly, more grown-up. His father began to stir, letting out a big yawn and giving Shane a lazy kiss on the crown of his head. “Morning, bud… You feeling okay?” Shane snuggled a bit closer. “Yeah. I’m feeling great.” They spent a few minutes lazing around. William tried to get up, but Shane wasn’t quite willing to let go just yet. His father chuckled: “Sorry buddy, but if you don’t let go I’m afraid I might flood the tent with my piss.” “Ugh, gross Dad!”, reluctantly Shane let go off his Dad. His own bladder was alarming him and so the two made their way out of the tent. It was a crispy morning, not exactly cold but refreshing. The ground was still muddy from the rain. A shudder went over Shane’s body as the cold air hit him. The two quickly moved to some shrubbery and relieved their full bladders. “You’re really okay with this? With everything?”, William asked his son, a worried undertone in his voice. “Well, my ass hurts because SOMEONE was jackhammering me. But, yeah I’m glad we did this. And I don’t want this to be a one-time thing either!”, Shane gave his Dad a big smile. “Oh how lucky for me, that you deem your old man worthy of another round!” The two finished their morning piss. William turned to his son, grabbing his ass with both hands and leaning in for a kiss. Shane reached around his father, wrapping his arms around his broad shoulders. William lifted the teen up, flexing his muscles and showing off his strength to the young man. “So, what else do you have planned besides fucking with your old man?” “I want to fuck you. And Julian. And Noah. And Michael. And Uncle Travis!”, Shane accentuated every name with a kiss. He felt invigourated, like the hottest person on earth, ready to have sex with everyone! William couldn’t help but laugh, a hearty laugh deep from inside his guts. He almost dropped Shane, who had to use arms and legs to hold onto his father. “Dear God, you really are a Hill through and through! No cock or ass is gonna be safe around you!” “Not my fault! You made me AND you fucked me way to good. Can’t blame me for wanting more!” “True, true… Just remembers your manners boy. Respect, Politeness, Care. Especially with people like Noah.” “I know, I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want to lose a friend.” “Good. You’re a good kid, I know you will do right. Now! We have to do something very important first!” Shane gave his father a puzzled looked, as William slowly began to carry his son towards the lake. Too late, Shane realised what he had planned. “No, no, no, no… ARGH, cold! Cold! COLD!”, Shane began to loudly protest as the cold lake water engulfs the two. William began to laugh again, walking deeper into the water: “Can’t forget you’re morning bath son!” The two splashed around a bit, Shane still complaining about the temperature, but he washed off the traces from yesterday. After he deemed himself clean enough, he quickly made his back to the tent. William followed his son, still laughing at the freezing teen. When he went into the tent, Shane had already wrapped himself in as many blankets as he could hold. Will dried himself off, occasionally poking the pile of blankets. “What happened to that attitude of fucking the whole world in 80 days?”, Will smirked, trying to peel away the blankets from his son. From the cotton cocoon came a muffled: “Too cold! Also why 80 days?” William sighed, no respect for the classics. “So.. Too shrivelled up to fuck your Dad?” Blankets flew left and right, as Shane scrambled out of his cocoon, eager like a puppy hearing the word “walk”. “Can we?! Can I fuck you? I want to try!” With a chuckle, William leaned down to kiss his son, pushing his chest back down onto the blankets. If his kid was cold, he escort izmit could heat him up with his own body. Shane greatly enjoyed the feeling of their bodies rubbing together, his cock starting to respond. He briefly broke the kiss and looked at his Dad: “This is kinda different from yesterday.” “Sex can be intense and emotional. It can be casual and fun. It can even be a five minute quickie while the kids watch TV in the next room. You’ll figure it out over time.” Before Shane could ask more questions, his father silenced him again with a deep kiss. William started to move his hips, rubbing their hardening cocks together. Shane reached around his dad and grabbed the firm, muscular butt, kneading it and pulling the cheeks open. Occasionally letting a finger run through the hairy crack. Will got up, turned around and presented his ass to his son, while leaning down to suck the teens cock. Shane hesitated for a moment, staring at the hairy, wrinkled hole of his father. “Really ought to shave…”, he mumbled, running his fingers over the sensitive spot. In response, his father slapped him on the ass. “No complaining, get to work!” And with a “Sir, yes Sir!” Shane began to tentatively lick and kiss his dad’s ass. A novel sensation, but he quickly found a liking to it. And so he started to rim his Dad in earnest, trying to imitate what his father did last night. Pushing his tongue in proved difficult at first, but after a bit his father began to relax and open. William’s cock began leaking onto Shane, eager to continue. So, Will rolled off his son, laying on his back, lifting his legs and presenting himself to his son. “Come on then boy, time to do some real work!” He didn’t have to tell Shane twice, who very eagerly knelt between his father’s legs and immediately tried to push his cock into the older man’s ass. “Woah, lube young man! You’re old man may be a bit more experienced, doesn’t mean you can just slam it in there!” Shane blushed and sheepishly searched for the lube. He quickly began to rub a good amount on his hard cock and pushed a finger into his father, spreading some lube around. Finally, after getting the okay from his father, he placed the tip of his dick at his dad’s hole and began to push. He slipped off a few times, but eventually managed to push the head in. His father was tight and hot, his ass squeezing onto his dick as Shane began to push more in, inch by inch sliding into his father. Shivers ran over his body, the incredible vice an unprecedented feeling. No hand, no mouth felt like this. The teen fell forward, hugging his dad tightly, his hips almost pumping in and out on their own. “So tight, so good”, the teen mumbled breathless. Right now his world was focused solely on his dick and that warm hole he was thrusting into. William decided to just let him enjoy this, stroking his son’s hair. It only took a few strokes for the inexperience of the teen clearly showing. With a loud moan, Shane pressed his hips against his father, pushing his cock as deep in as possible before cumming, filling his dad with his seed. “Well Mr. Minute man, with that endurance you won’t need 80 days!”, William let out a chuckle. Shane head shot up, realizing how quickly he just came. But his dad gave him no time to be embarrassed. He gave his son a bear hug and flipped the two over, throwing his son on his back, with William sitting on top of him, the teens dick still inside his father. “We will work on that endurance, but for now… You owe me a ride, young man!” And with that, William began to slowly raise his hips, just a few inches, only to slam down again. “Gah! Dad, please, still sensitive.”, Shane yelled, grabbing his father’s legs. William just smirked at him: “Consider this your punishment!” And he began to ride his son, the teen’s cock still rock hard. Shane was twitching, his muscles clenching and relaxing while his Dad increased the tempo, raising and lowering his hips, impaling himself on his son’s cock. It was pain and pleasure, torture and delight for Shane, so soon after his orgasm his dad was using izmit escort bayan him. William was relentless. Sure this was sort of a learning experience for his son, but right now daddy needed a cock to fuck him! And so he continued to ride his son, his own hard dick leaking plenty of pre-cum onto the teen’s body. But Dad was in for a surprise, as Shane buckled underneath him and managed to throw his Dad off. The teen quickly scrambled up, pulling his Dad onto his knees and mounting him from behind. Now in doggy position, Shane began to fuck his Dad, thrusting his teen cock in and out as hard as he could. “You want me to fuck you, I will fuck you!” William was surprised but happy his son took the initiative like that. So he lowered his head against the blankets, pushing his ass out and letting his son pound him. And while Shane may not have the greatest technique yet, he was eager to please his father and this time lasted quite a bit longer. Soon the pair was covered in sweat. Shane was breathing heavy, he could feel his balls draw closer, he wouldn’t last much longer. Thankfully, William was close as well. The older man reached underneath him and began to fist his cock. Soon he let out a groan and began to shoot his load in heavy bursts onto the blankets underneath him. Shane could feel his dad’s ass contracting, the muscles milking him and with that he slammed in deep and filled his dad with the second load of the day. The two collapsed onto the blankets, catching their breath. Shane’s cock finally deflated and slipped out of his father’s ass, followed by a steady trickle of cum. They relaxed for a few minutes, calming down from their sexual height. William was the first to speak up: “Guess that means another swim in the lake before we head off!” Shane hugged his dad tightly. “Can’t we just stay here forever?” “Just the two of us, naked all the time, spending all day fucking?” “Yeah!” “No. You have school, I have work. Also, your old man likes to sleep in a proper bed! Besides, what about that fuck list of yours?” “Fineeeeeee!” So, the two made their way once again down to the lake. Shane, again, complaining the whole time about the cold water. And for the first time this weekend, they actually had to put on clothes as they began to pack their things up and load them into the truck. With that, they began their long drive home. After just an hour on the road, Shane became bored and horny again. Well, the road was pretty much empty and they would still be driving for quite a while until they got into more populated areas, so he decided to tease his dad a bit. Shane got a great idea, smiling mischievously as he reached over to his father and pulled his dad’s dick out of the loose shorts. Ducking under his dad’s arms, Shane began to suck the soft cock. William’s eyes darted between the road and his son in his crotch. “What are you doing now, you horny, little brat?” His dad lets out a soft moan. “Are you trying to make me crash the car?!” But even though he may complain, William placed his hand on his son’s head, as his dick started to grow inside the teen’s hot, wet mouth. A fun feeling, Shane thought, as he felt the shaft in his mouth getting harder and bigger with every pulse. Soon, Shane’s jaw started to hurt and he tried desperately to keep from gagging. Even though his father’s dick was huge, Shane was not willing to give up! He wanted to be able to deepthroat his father. “Breath through the nose and relax, Shane!” After a bit more gagging and having to back off a few times, Shane managed to get his gag reflex under control. Slowly taking his dad deep into his mouth, into his throat. Pushing his nose into the hairy crotch of his father. As Shane tried to swallow, his throat muscles massaged his dad. And even though the teen had tears in his eyes and his nose started to run, he didn’t back off. William’s grip on the steering wheel was iron. He was staring straight ahead, trying his best to keep the car on a straight line, while his son was deep throating him. He let out a series kocaeli anal yapan escort of grunts and groans, as his cock was worshipped by his son. “Shane, son… I’m getting close, either you have to back off or you swallow. Don’t make a mess in the car, you hear!” Hearing this, the teen doubled his efforts, bobbing his head up and down, swirling his tongue over the sensitive frenulum and cock head, lapping up the pre-cum. Soon his dad began to groan, his cock twitching in Shane’s mouth. Shane pressed his head down, deep into his dad’s crotch as his father began to cum, shooting his load into his son’s throat. Shane did his best to swallow, sputtering a bit of cum out of his mouth. As his dad’s load stopped, Shane swallowed wildly, making his throat massage his father’s cock, coaxing out more cum. Finally, he got up, licking the shaft and pubes clean. When Shane backed off, back into his seat, he looked like a mess. Snot in his nose, his eyes red and teary and his face red and puffy. But he sported a proud smile, having successfully deep-throated his father’s giant shaft. William couldn’t help but laugh, as he opened the glove box with one hand and fished for some tissue so his son could clean himself up. At least for the reminder of the ride, Shane managed to keep his hands out of his and his dads pants. That is until they made a stop at the gas station. It was the same gas station that Shane witnessed the stranger getting off at that glory hole. And a new idea began to blossom in his horny mind. Maybe he was lucky? No harm in checking out the bathroom right? So he told his dad, who started to pump gas, he needed to use the bathroom for a bit. As he approached the bathroom, Shane felt a bit nervous. Sex with his dad was one thing, but this felt… naughty, deviant. Just as Shane entered the bathroom, a man left the stall, closing his pants. As their eyes met, the man began to blush heavily, shuffling past Shane almost running out. Shane scanned the room, it was empty. And just like last time, the middle stall door was closed. The youngster took a deep breath and went into the left stall, closing the door behind him. There it was, a pretty obvious hole in the stall wall, covered by what looked like a black fabric. For a moment, Shane was unsure how to proceed. Do you call out? Do you knock? Then a finger appeared through the hole, making a come-hither motion. Shane hesitated for a moment, then dropped his pants and shuffled closer to the hole, and placed his soft, teenage cock inside. Immediately, a hand began to fondle his cock, pulling back the foreskin before a mouth enveloped the head. Shane let out a quiet moan, his dick quickly filling with blood. He pressed his hips against the wall to get as much of his cock through the hole as he could. The person on the other side was very obviously experienced in sucking dick, quickly swallowing the teen deep, rapidly moving their head and using their hands in a corkscrew motion on the shaft. It was an aggressive blowjob and Shane knew he wouldn’t last long. Well that suited him just fine, with his dad waiting and all, so Shane simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the service. As his breath quickened, images flashed through his mind. Could he do this? Just sucking off strangers in a random bathroom? One hard cock after the other, swallowing the load of dozens of men. The mental image of that, pushed Shane over the top and he began to shoot his load into the anonymous mouth. However was on the other side, swallowed every last drop and then eagerly licked the young cock clean. After Shane calmed down, he carefully pulled his softening dick out of the hole, pulling up his shorts. He whispered a quick: “Thanks” before leaving the bathroom. Thankfully his dad was held up by a queue and had not noticed the rather long bathroom break. The rest of the drive home was uneventful and as they finally stepped into the comfort of their living room, the real tiredness of everything hit Shane. He helped his dad unload the car and then excused himself, taking a quick, hot shower before slipping naked into his bed. A lot happened this weekend. Things changed already and he hoped his dad kept his word. Shane wanted to spend more time with his father. As sleep slowly claimed him, he taught about tomorrow and how he could make up with Noah…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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