May 22

Suzy’s Squirt Hole Exploration

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Suzy’s Squirt Hole ExplorationThis is from an email I got from Mistress Suzy about her and her new fuck toy. This is the entire email – 100% from her. You can see why we get along! LOLOk so here’s my story I’ve been waiting to tell you about this video camera scope thing-a-ma-bobber. It has a handheld monitor that is attached to a cable with a camera on the end of it. Well we started off by practicing with it by checking out inside our nose and ears. Just putting the camera end under our nostrils. Looked kinda cool. Then I checked out my ear. I wrapped a plastic sandwich bag over the end to see how that would work at protecting the camera. Worked pretty good. So then I decided I wanted to see what my pussy looked like from the inside. Lol. I wrapped a new plastic baggie around the camera end and tied a thin ponytail bahis siteleri around it to hold the bag on. I inserted the scope inside me. Wow that was pretty cool to see inside myself actually. It was hard at times to make out anything though. So Larry had an idea…if we had a test tube or something similar it would be easier to see the surrounding tissue. Ok so he comes back with a double tall shot glass. I guess this could work. Let’s try it and see. So I work the shot glass into my pussy with the open end sticking out of me. I slide the camera end of the cord into the shot glass and I move it around to see what I can see. Then Larry thought putting the little mirror attachment on by the camera would help. It did. I was turning the cord to make the camera move around. I could see scar tissue from when I had canlı bahis my precancerous tissue removed. All of a sudden we both saw something on the monitor and were like what is that?! It was this little bump that looked like a clit and it would disappear and reappear from this tiny opening. I was trying to figure out which way the camera was facing to figure out what we were looking at. I was moving the shot glass around pushing up against this bump to see if I could figure it out. When I did that I was Like whoa that’s my gspot! Doing that is getting me aroused. So Larry started moving the shot glass around for me. I’m watching the gspot area get wet and more secretions were starting to seep out. Finally I was to the point of I’m getting close to cumming so Larry started moving the shot glass around harder and faster güvenilir bahis and WOW! I got to see what it looks like when I cum from gspot stimulation. That was just amazing seeing myself get wetter and wetter from the inside and than squirt time! I ended up cumming a whole bunch of times from that. Then Larry decided to take the shot glass out of me and use the purple dildo on me (the one I had sent you a picture of when we bought it). It has a clit stimulator on it and it’s shaped like a rabbit. So he was using that to get my clit excited and then had the camera down there so I could watch on the monitor what he was doing. That gave me a great view of watching my clit swell up bigger and bigger as I got more excited. I had a great view of watching myself squirt over and over and over. I’ve seen it before but not quite like this. It was awesome. No wondering you guys like being down there and making me squirt! I must have squirted over 20 times. I was lying in a HUGE puddle when I was done. That was so hot. What do you think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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