Ara 29

Sweet as Brown Sugar

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As she got home that night from work, she was tired. She was relaxed now. She badly needed a shower. It was a hot summer day outside that day. She was on a business trip to Florida.

As the moon rose and the time went by even later, the mother felt a little frisky down under. While she was at work or even out and about, the mother knew she was getting checked out. Men young and old took a second look as she bent over to see what she was working with. She was young. However, once upon a time, she liked for the men to watch her every move. She liked to call herself a MILF jokingly when she’d get those glances. Who was she kidding? She wasn’t even 30!

“Damn. I still got it.” She thought, with a grin.

At that moment, dirty thoughts in her brain began to get churning. She started the shower. She started to disrobe. Midway through disrobing, she got her phone. She got the camera out. She thought about it. She was in her bra and shorts. She looked at herself in the mirror. She thought about it. Was it worth it? Maybe. She shrugged and said to herself:

“Fuck it.”

She took a selfie of her generous cleavage. She looked at herself some more. The shower ran on. She took off her shorts, revealing her purple form fitting panties. Feeling increasingly sexy, she switched the camera escort izmit on her phone to video mode. She posed in all different directions, showing off all her assets sexily. She unhooked her bra. The bra fell on the bathroom floor. The video had just become a striptease. As she filmed herself topless, she began to know why she got her nickname…

“Look at her. Mmm! Sweet as brown sugar,” They called her as they looked.

She thought that was so corny. Horny old men. The camera panned down at her ebony brown skin. She dropped her underwear. Naked, she looked as beautiful as a flower. Finally, she got in the shower, feeling naughty. It was tough being a single mother. She had needs, like everybody does.

She left the curtain open when the water hit her body. She moisturized her long athletic legs. Which made men oh so horny. When she thought about it, she looked back at the mirror to see how good she looked. She twerked in the mirror a little as she washed her backside clap a little bit and laughed. She wondered what it would be like if those dirty men watched. She bit her lip as she thought.

As her hands and soap suds moved up her body, she realized this felt good. Her breathing felt different. Her breathing came out of her mouth. Her hands were on her breasts. She softly izmit escort cursed. Her breasts were like soft ebony basketballs. She admired them while lathering them. Her dark sensitive nipples were already erect. She touched her dark hard nipples…

“Ah…” A suppressed moan came out her lips. No wonder she got so many catcalls.

She looked down at the treasure between her legs. That treasure. That treasure that almost every man she knew had fantasies about. She began to wash down there. Her hands crept down at her strawberry colored lips. She began to fondle herself. She looked in the bathroom mirror as her nude athletic body was getting washed off. She turned around and let her backside be rinsed. She looked back at it. And touched her sweet treasure almost in silence. She put one hand on the wall and started to masturbate. She felt the wetness on her sweet vagina, fondling it. She tasted her juices, suckling her finger. One finger was in. Soon, two fingers were in. Soon that silence was no more. The silence was replaced by her repressed moans.

“Ah… Ah… Oh! Fuck…”

Her breathing started to get heavy. Her fingers moved more voraciously. The treasure got wetter. She grabbed the shower handle as she got higher and higher…

“Ah! Oh, shit. Oh, shit. izmit kendi evi olan escort Ahhhh…”

Until she climaxed, biting her bottom lip hard. Breathless and soaking wet, she turned the shower off.

She stepped out of the shower in her natural state. Water was still dripping off her melanin-rich skin. She dried herself off. She looked herself in the mirror, still hot after what transpired in the shower. She admired her nakedness as she relished this part of her routine.

She grabbed the lotion bottle full of aloe Vera. She expertly put her flexible leg on top and started lathering slowly.

She smelled the distinct scent of aloe Vera hitting her shiny legs, then the inside of her thighs…Then lathered her buns while she looked at herself… Smiling. At this time, she remembered the bathroom door was partially ajar now. She was almost finished. She squeezed again. The scent almost aroused her.

She slowly lathered her ebony breasts. It was almost seductive. As her hands made her way down her stomach and her waist… She bit her lip. She found remnants of her wet treasure. She wiped it up with her finger. A devious look on her face formed. She turned her video camera on her phone. She panned down to her still pulsating wet treasure then panned up to her face, sucking her finger with her plump perfect lips. At that moment, she realized why they called her “Brown Sugar.” At that moment, it was clear. And when she realized it, she took one more tantalizing nude picture from behind… for safekeeping in her phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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