May 29

Sweet Dreams

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You seem wound up tonight. I’m sure if I ask you the reason given will be deprivation of me. I understand the feeling. As if talking to you on the phone wasn’t bad enough. Now I can see you, all of you . . . and we both know you don’t like to stay clothed for long. Just hearing your voice does something to me I can’t quite explain. It’s like my body resonates to your call.

Sitting and talking to you gets me so wound up I end up biting myself. It’s an instinctual thing. The need to release somehow, anyway I can. The bruises can attest to just how badly I miss you, all of you. Nothing easily hidden or explained either. Eventually after you teasing my by stripping I get convinced to return the favor. It seems perfect, my roommate is home for the weekend, I have nowhere to be, and we are both incredibly horny.

I maneuver the camera to see my entire bathroom door. I feel foolish stripping for someone who is not in the room with me. But a promise is a promise; especially to someone I love so dearly. I finally get up enough courage to at least get out of my chair; still not sure I can really do this. I walk to in front of the door, hoping you can see well enough. I guess you can, because you are sitting very still, and not telling me you can’t. I take a deep breath, as my pulse is pounding, and I am still a bit light headed from the vodka, just enough to hang onto and get through this. I grasp the bottom of my tank top and wait a second before slowly, and hopefully sexily, pulling it over my head. I’m not wearing a bra, so my breasts are in full view now.

They are probably getting all tight around my nipples form the sudden rush of cooler air hitting them, but I can’t stop to luxuriate in that now. I slowly slip my fingers underneath the elastic waistband of my track pants. I slowly slide them closer to my ass, which isn’t far since they sit low. illegal bahis I mush them over the edge of my ass and down my legs. I kick them off from around my ankles and feet, knowing if I bend over to get them, I might loose my courage. I am now standing in front of you in just a pair of panties. Plain white, but micro fiber thin, and they make me feel like I might as well be totally naked. Going with that feeling, I slide them down my body and let them glide to my feet, and kick them off as well. I am almost sure you would tell me to turn around or move or something if you were here, but you are not, so instead I wait a bit then come sit down.

You fuss a bit and make me move my camera so that you can see as much of me as my desk height will allow, stopping just short of my waist. I know what you really want to see is just below there, but you will just have to wait a few more days to get a view of your lollipop. After a while you try to get me to allow you to “help” me out, because you can see that I am very frustrated sexually. I am sitting on my chair dripping with need. I feel like a bitch in heat I want you so bad. I am not sure if it would change things to have you here in real life, but on camera I just can’t conceive of masturbating. I feel like I’m putting on a show, and I know you would be upset if you lost your view in the middle, though you would understand my enthusiasm. After a while you let me go, since you must be up to work in the morning, vowing that your mind will be moving my hands tonight. I doubt it not, since thoughts of you will if your hands don’t.

I climb into bed naked, since I have no reason to wear anything. No one to see me, just your in my thoughts. Besides I would just be taking them off anyway.

I lie back on top of my covers and turn the radio on. Jon Mayer is playing. . . . “and your bubble gum tongue.” illegal bahis siteleri I’d like to have yours here right now. I begin to run my hands up and down my ribs, lightly, just the fingertips, as if a feather or ghost of you is touching me. As I begin to bet chills down my spine I begin to lightly rake the sides of my breast with my nails, leaving faint red lines that could turn into marks if I get carried away.

I imagine you are here with me. Looking at me with your smoldering gaze. I get wetter just thinking about it. As if I needed to be. I wet my finger in my mouth, and begin to circle my left nipple with it, thinking about you using your tongue, slowly, painfully teasing me, just beyond the edge, then darting in and squeezing it between your teeth. I reflect on what a dichotomy this is, this combination of soft and hard. Soft on the sides, hard enough to leave bruises on my nipples. No wonder I am so torn between being good and bad, my own body has two sides to its wants. I move on to the other nipple, all the while continuing to play with the first. They are so hard it hurts. I imagine what your next move would be.

I draw one of my fingers down between my breasts, down to my belly button, past my waist, to my shaking thighs. I run my hand from my knees up to the apex of my thighs and back down. Over and over, feather light, just as you have done so many times now. Driving myself to shake even more. My other hand grasps the sheets, holding on to reality as I am swept away but my feelings. I begin to get closer to the dripping center that seeks attention. I draw my nail along the outer lips, slowly tormenting myself with the feeling. I bring my finger up to the top, and outlining the upper edge, just surrounding my clit. I slowly draw back my outer layer, and once again am hit with a cool rush of air. It makes me arch my back canlı bahis siteleri it feels so good, cooling down my feverish body. I can see you down the length of my body, mouth poised, looking at me expectantly.

Then you lower your mouth, and I touch my clit ever so gently, my finger covered in the juice dripping from me. My body begins to shake, and then convulses a second later as my orgasm hits me. It is so strong my feet flex, and I momentarily forget you are not really there, reaching for you and only finding air. As I recover I slowly move my fingers lower, brushing the area around my clit gently. I slowly slide one inside, being careful to not scratch myself. I am immediately amazed by how wet I am. My entire body is still shivering slightly as I begin to move in and out of myself. Every once and awhile I move back up and brush over my clit, but mostly I just keep a steady rhythm. In out in out.

Eventually I can feel my entire body start to flush. I begin to move faster, inout inout inout. With my other hand I begin to lightly brush my clit, allowing the feeling of tension to build to a delicious height before I really began to rub it. Soon I felt as if my head would pop off if I didn’t finish, my back arching off the bead, my breath rushing in and out of my body, and my mind straining, yearning for you. A moment longer and then my entire frame went rigid, feet flexing, head arching back, arms straightening. I may have even blacked out for a second or two. I wouldn’t doubt it.

As I slowly came back down, I gently stroked my clit, making my legs quiver just a little bit. Once my breathing returned to normal, I got up and grabbed a pair of PJ shorts from the bottom drawer and a tank top and put them on. I then cracked my window a bit to help me cool off and climbed under the covers. I pulled my teddy bear toward me, and snuggled into him, imagining you holding me in your arms after we have made love once again. Slowly I slip off into sleep, still feeling your breath against the back of my neck, but I couldn’t could I? Unless you are thinking the same thing, and then I am asleep.

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