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Swimming with Mum Ch. 09

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I was putting a lot of my time and thought into how best to reawaken the side of Georgia she had shown when she let me lick Lydia. It had been amazingly hot, and somewhere in the back of my mind I had a lurking feeling that somehow it held the solution to being able to tell her about Mum. But that was a pipe dream, and until I had seen that side of her more often, I couldn’t be sure. Either way, I was always on the lookout for an opportunity.

We inched closer to the holidays and everyone seemed to be more and more absorbed in their exam preparation. Even football was starting to tail off, with the end of the season approaching and players losing enthusiasm. In the end, our final fixture of the season was cancelled when the other team couldn’t get eleven players together, so we suddenly weren’t needed for training. I thought it was an anticlimax, but Tommy took it as a chance to celebrate.

“Listen, we’ve got the whole of tomorrow off,” he told me when we were hanging out in the bar the night before. “Let’s do something with it.”

“I’ve actually got a lecture in the morning,” I told him, but he wasn’t listening.

“What’s Georgia doing?” he asked, struck with an idea.

“Just revising, I can probably persuade her to spare the evening, or something,” I told him.

“Why don’t you and Georgia and me and Laura do something? She’s always nagging me about meeting some of my other friends,” Tommy said, rooting around in his pocket for change for another drink.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, open to the idea.

“Nothing elaborate, just a takeaway and some drinks round mine,” Tommy shrugged. “My dad sent me a big case of wine that we could get rid of.”

Free booze was always good with me. “Okay, I’ll ask Georgia,” I said, pulling out my phone and texting her while Tommy ordered the next round. Georgia got back to me straight away, saying she had to work until six but was free after that. I won’t lie, I wondered whether getting Georgia drunk was a good recipe for seeing her wild side, and plenty of nice wine from Tommy’s rich parents might do it.

“Laura says she’s down for it too,” Tommy said, squinting at his phone through its bulletproof case.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” I said to Tommy as he handed me a pint of beer and slopped half of the head over my hand, “What’s the whole deal with you and Laura? I never expected you to settle for just one girl.” I wiped my hand on the bar towel.

Tommy grinned and beckoned me over to an empty table in the corner of the bar. “Simple, Dave, mate. Laura’s a massive slut,” he said once we weren’t going to be overheard.

I cringed. “Thanks for sharing,” I replied, shaking my head.

He tapped his finger on the tabletop. “I’m serious,” he said. “She practically does whatever I say, loves it, no matter how dirty. She went to an all girls school, you know, and they always come out of those places sexually repressed.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “So you’re taking advantage?”

“What guy wouldn’t?” he said simply. “I’m just giving her what she wants, at the end of the day.”

I knew I shouldn’t ask, but I couldn’t help it. “What’s the best thing you’ve done with her?” I asked, keeping my voice down.

Tommy thought for a moment, then clicked his fingers. “So, get this,” he said, leaning close. “We’re in her room and she’s riding my dick when her phone rings. She’d left it by the bed so I grabbed it, and it’s her dad, so I told her to answer it.”

My mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?” I asked, incredulous.

Tommy smirked and nodded. “Daddy’s little girl is bouncing up and down on top of me while she tells him all about her last netball game.”

“Fucking hell,” I said, amazed.

“She was into it, though, mate,” Tommy went on. “Every time she said the word ‘Daddy’ she was looking me right in the eye.”

“Sounds like a keeper, then,” I told him, and he shrugged.

“I’m having fun, what’s not to like?” he said. “Anyway, I’m sure Georgia has her moments too, and you can’t tell me you’re still living with those lesbians without getting some eye candy.”

It turned out that Tommy’s flat was too filthy to have guests, so he texted me the next day to switch the location to Laura’s house. Her parents were paying for her to rent some upmarket place with its own parking and a garden, which also happened to be a pain in the arse to get to on the bus. When Georgia and I arrived, fifteen minutes late thanks to public transport, Tommy just shrugged it off.

“Next time just give me a bell, I’ll sort you out a taxi,” he said, smiling at Georgia. “The ladies should always be chauffeured in style.”

Tommy was wearing burgundy chinos and a button up shirt, which made him look like a rugby pro on a night out. I felt slightly underdressed, but was pleased I’d put on a clean pair of black jeans with a t-shirt, while Georgia looked cute and sexy in a black pleated cocktail dress, her hair in an updo.

“Come through, Laura’s just pouring drinks,” Tommy said, leading us into the well-furnished asyabahis yeni giriş living room. Laura’s student house was literally nicer than my Mum’s house, with two new-looking sofas covering two sides of the room, and I could hear the dishwasher running in the kitchen. Tommy took it in his stride and sat down on one of the sofas, leaving me and Georgia to sit on the other.

“Red or white, Georgia?” Laura asked, coming through from the kitchen. She was also wearing a dress, but hers was much tighter fitting with tiny straps. I immediately guessed she wasn’t wearing a bra, but her boobs weren’t huge and I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, I kept that observation to myself as Georgia and I both asked for red wine.

Tommy flicked on the TV, turning the volume right down, and as well as the wine, Laura brought through some fancy biscuits I’d never seen before and two packets of expensive crisps, which she bothered to tip into bowls.

“You didn’t need to do all this, me and Dave are usually happy with half a tube of Pringles,” Georgia joked to Laura.

Once everyone had drinks, Laura settled herself on the sofa next to Tommy and he put his arm around her. You could tell immediately from the way that she draped herself over him that they were very much a couple. Tommy’s hand rested on her hip and as Georgia and Laura got the conversation going, I could see him moving it discreetly lower. Not that I stared, but when he reached her arse, she got up abruptly to grab the bottle and give everyone a top up, and Tommy gave me a knowing look.

Laura had got some proper food for dinner, but everyone decided it was too much bother to cook and we just picked at snack food. When everyone was finished eating, we were on at least our fourth glasses and when Tommy went to the loo and Laura went to the kitchen, I gave Georgia a kiss and she kissed me back, a little more than was appropriate for a dinner party.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Laura said when she came back through and we broke apart. She switched on some lamps and turned off the overhead light, which made the lighting a lot softer, and Georgia shuffled closer to me on the sofa.

When Tommy got back, he asked Laura if she needed a hand.

“You can supervise these two, I caught them snogging,” she giggled, going round with the bottle and filling the glasses again.

Tommy caught my eye again, and when Laura sat down next to him, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her onto his lap.

“We’d better not miss out on the fun,” he said, kissing her. Georgia and I just watched, drinking our wine, as Tommy slid his hand up the side of her dress and around to the front, tugging it down and exposing her tits (I was right, no bra). I felt Georgia tense up slightly next to me as Tommy cupped one of Laura’s boobs, but Laura knocked his hand away and pulled her dress back up.

“Stop it, you’ll embarrass Dave and Georgia,” she said to him.

“They don’t mind, right?” Tommy said, looking over at us.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I thought, but Georgia answered for us both.

“No, go ahead, we don’t mind,” Georgia said, putting her hand on my chest. “So long as you don’t mind us watching.”

What was I supposed to say to that? Here was Georgia’s sexy side again, and now I was confident it had something to do with alcohol. Her hand traced over my chest as Tommy took the cue and pulled Laura squarely onto his lap, her thighs each side of him, pushing her dress up firmly to show us her black knickers. This time she was the one to push the front of her dress down, and although we couldn’t see her boobs as she had her back to us mainly, I was getting hard from the sight of her kissing Tommy with her dress bunched around her tummy.

Georgia noticed my arousal and her hand slid down from my chest to my crotch, gently squeezing and rubbing my cock through my jeans as Laura started grinding on Tommy’s lap, throwing her head back to let him play with her nipples, which he started sucking a few moments later. Laura moaned, and her moans were much harsher than the ones I was used to hearing from Mum and Georgia.

Laura looked over her shoulder at me and Georgia, then shook her head.

“Tommy, don’t you think they should be kissing too?” she asked in a pouty voice.

Tommy looked up from her tits. “Come on guys, let’s see some skin.”

I laughed slightly and looked at Georgia, who had a slightly nervous expression.

“I need someone to unzip me,” she said, pointing to the back of her dress.

Tommy gave Laura a slap on the bum. “Sounds like a job for you, babe.”

I could feel my heart racing as Laura climbed off Tommy and Georgia got up from beside me. Laura’s nipples were puffy and sticking out, a pale pink colour, and as Georgia turned away from her, I wondered desperately whether I might be about to see some girl-girl action. Laura quickly found the zip on the back of Georgia’s dress and used two hands to smoothly pull it down, showing off Georgia’s bra strap. The zip ended asyabahis giriş at the base of Georgia’s back, and as Georgia shrugged the arms off, the dress fell to the ground, showing everyone her knickers, which were a silky white pair I’d seen before, with lace around the leg bands which half-covered her bum. As she stepped out of the dress, Laura undid her bra too, but Georgia clamped her hand over her chest to hold it on.

“Just helping!” Laura said, sounding innocent as Georgia looked at her. There was a moment when the two girls were facing each other that I thought something was about to happen, and I am pretty sure Laura would have gone for it, but Georgia just giggled and came back over to me on the sofa, only letting her bra fall off when she was facing away from Tommy. Laura went back over to him and pushed her dress down over her waist, letting it drop to the floor, then climbed back onto his lap. I helped Georgia onto my lap, and as he started kissing, her tits pressing into me, I began to wonder just how far this was going to go. Both Laura and Georgia were just in their knickers; me and Tommy were obviously turned on; there was so far no suggestion of anyone going to a different room. For now, though, I focused on kissing Georgia, holding her waist as she rubbed her pussy on my lap, hearing occasional moans coming from Laura. I had assumed they were doing the same thing as us, but Tommy grunted and as Georgia looked over at him, we both saw that Laura was now on her knees between Tommy’s legs, sucking his cock.

Georgia looked back at me, and we both had the same thought: did I want her to do that too? But I was wary of just copying Tommy and Laura in case it went awry, especially if Georgia got turned off, so instead I pulled her thighs closer to me and slid my hand under her, rubbing her pussy through her knickers. She moaned, holding me close, and I pushed her knickers to the side, feeling my fingers reaching wetness almost instantly. In fact, she was soaking wet, and it was easy to start teasing her clit, making her start adding her moans to Laura’s occasional noises. I couldn’t see what was going on on the other sofa from behind Georgia, but when I started to push my finger inside her, I became aware that Georgia was looking over her shoulder at what they were doing while I fingered her. This turned me on even more, so I pulled my hand away from her and lifted her off my lap.

Wordlessly, I reached down and pushed her knickers down, and she kicked them off over her ankles. Then I laid down on the sofa and pulled her with me, but moving her into the sixty-nine position, which was new for us. She seemed to get it straight away, though, and because of the angle of the sofa, it meant we could both see what Tommy and Laura were doing, when we weren’t focusing on other things.

Georgia’s pussy was so wet and ready that it was actually slightly difficult to get a good rhythm licking her clit, as my tongue slipped off easily. I got there, though, hearing Georgia moan onto my cock as she started to lick the tip, getting it slick and then pushing it into her mouth.

Despite the situation, the honest truth is that I started to think about Mum. I think it was because this was the position I’d done with her recently, but while I licked Georgia’s clit, I was imagining it was Mum’s clit. I imagined Mum’s wet mouth was on my cock, and fantasising about Mum while doing this with Georgia got me even more turned on. Georgia seemed to notice and started sucking me harder, moving her head up and down quickly as she stroked my shaft with her hand. The feel of her lips sliding over the head of my cock was incredible.

I took a pause from licking Georgia to look over at Tommy and Laura as Laura’s moans started to get louder. She’d climbed up onto his lap again, and I could see his cock sinking into her pussy. She must have been really turned on to take it so quickly, and she started to move up and down on it as I turned my attention back to Georgia’s pussy.

Georgia was obviously aware that Laura and Tommy were fucking, and after a couple more minutes, she let my cock out of her mouth and climbed off me, pulling me into a sitting position. She climbed back onto my lap and after a few seconds of getting everything lined up, she pushed her hips down and sank fully onto my cock.

“Don’t you want a condom?” I asked, as quietly as I could.

Georgia moaned a few times, moving up and down, before replying.

“I’m on the pill so it’s okay. Just don’t cum inside me.”

I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about this. An unplanned pregnancy would definitely be a big problem. But, we were still using birth control, and the feel of her pussy around my bare cock for the first time was sensational. I just went with it, holding onto her hips and helping her to build up a rhythm of riding me. The room was filled with the two girls’ moans and the sound of their thighs slapping down, and I noticed Georgia continuing to look over her shoulder. When I took a peek around at what was asyabahis güvenilirmi happening, Laura was still riding Tommy’s lap, but the two girls seemed to be maintaining eye contact with each other, speeding up how quickly they were moving. It definitely felt like there might be a bit of competition going on, especially when Georgia gripped onto me even more tightly and started driving her hips down, making me groan and hold her more firmly.

There was the sound of movement from the other sofa, and to my surprise I suddenly felt Tommy drop Laura down onto our sofa, lying on her back. He shifted her hips up onto the arm, hooking her legs over his shoulders, then pushed his cock back into her. As he started to fuck her again, Laura’s head was only a few inches from me and Georgia as she kept bouncing on me, and I was torn between looking at Georgia’s tits bouncing or looking over at Laura getting fucked. In the end, Georgia put her hand on my shoulder for balance and turned her chest to face Tommy, and I watched him staring at her tits as he fucked Laura. Georgia had a big smile on her face and was moaning louder than ever, and her arousal overruled any objections I had to Tommy seeing my girlfriend’s tits. I took this as permission, too, to look over at Laura, her nipples shaking on her chest every time Tommy thrust inside her.

With us both turned at an awkward angle, I eventually decided to shift things. I grabbed Georgia tight and lifted her up, pressing my cock against her, then took her around the edge of the sofa and bent her over it. From here, as I pushed my cock back inside her, feeling her even tighter than before in this position, I could see Laura and Tommy could see Georgia, and that seemed to suit us both. I also realised, as an afterthought, that it meant Georgia’s and Laura’s heads were only inches apart, both of them moaning as they got fucked. Instead of bending her over the arm of the sofa, if I’d moved a bit closer, Georgia’s big tits would have been right in Laura’s face, I thought, but then maybe Georgia wouldn’t have agreed to that. Either way, there was a tension in the air where it was clear both me and Tommy were waiting to see what would happen with the girls. Georgia only needed to drop her head down half a foot and she and Laura could kiss. She could easily reach out her hand and touch Laura’s nipples. But the girls didn’t do anything for a minute, even though I could see Laura staring right into Georgia’s eyes.

“Fuck, just kiss me,” Laura eventually moaned, but I could tell from Georgia’s immediate reaction that she didn’t want to. There were an awkward few seconds as both me and Tommy kept fucking them, but Georgia hesitated and Laura stared. Then, in the end, Georgia reached out her hand and gently, but firmly, pushed two fingers into Laura’s mouth. Laura started sucking them enthusiastically, moaning onto them, and that was all Tommy needed. He gripped Laura’s legs and grunted as he started to cum inside her, making Laura moan louder onto Georgia’s fingers. Sensing the situation, I sped up too, shamelessly wishing it was Georgia’s tongue in Laura’s mouth right then, and I started to cum inside Georgia, making her moan too.

Both me and Tommy kept our cocks inside the girls for a minute longer, but Georgia pulled her fingers out of Laura’s mouth and surreptitiously wiped them on the upholstery. Then Tommy pulled out, helping Laura to sit up, and she cupped her hand under her pussy.

“The bathroom’s upstairs,” she said quickly to Georgia as I pulled out too, and Georgia wasn’t quite fast enough with her hand to prevent a dribble of cum from sliding down the top of her thigh. The two girls departed, and even though Tommy sat down heavily on the sofa, his cock still out, I pushed mine back into my boxers first.

“Hey, come on,” Tommy said, but I made a face.

“I don’t need to see it, man,” I told him, and he shrugged but pushed it back into his underwear too.

There was a silence as we caught our breath. I wasn’t really sure what the etiquette was for talking to someone when you just fucked in the same room as them, but as always, Tommy just said what was on his mind.

“I was sure they were going to start kissing,” he sighed. “Fuck me, what an opportunity that was.”

I shook my head. “Georgia’s not into girls.”

Tommy looked disappointed. “Well, at least it looks like Laura is. I’ll find someone else for a threesome.”

I felt a surge of jealousy since it definitely seemed like a possibility for Tommy. I felt like I’d been so close to having two girls at once, but Georgia was never going to agree to it. Between Becca the man-hater and Georgia the heterosexual, my chances of a threesome seemed slim to none.

Laura offered the spare room for us to stay the night, but Georgia politely refused and Tommy called for a taxi, unceremoniously stuffing two twenty pound notes into my hand to pay for it.

“You owe me a couple of rounds. Don’t even think about using the bus,” he grinned, thumping my back.

It was awkward accepting money from him, but on the other hand, he thought nothing of buying a hundred-quid case of wine, while I agonised between own-brand and Heinz beans every time I was in the supermarket. So I just thanked him and when the taxi arrived, we waved goodbye and headed back.

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