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Taboo confessions 4 tales from the chat room

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Taboo confessions 4 tales from the chat roomOk so I have been pretending to be another person as I chatted with my swinging father and mother in laws xhampster website…My profile is bland like every faker out there with bearly place on earth and enough info so I can’t be traced easily and I’m acting like a covert undercover horny soninlaw. It took a few weeks of casual conversation to get to know alot more… For some reason people will really spill there life to a total strange on this website. Mother in law chatted but was very slow on the typing so I mainly chatted with “Dad”.Our first real sex chat… I have to admit was hot… He started talking about how he was very sexual with some if his friends and since it was hippie days it was alot easier to just fuck around do d**gs and fuck some more. Weird how turned on I was when he described what going down on a big throbing cock as he was being sucked. But I have had that experience but that’s another tale…He was always a big guy, I’ve seen the old photos that confirm he always had a large chest and gut and he really loved others like himself because of all the fun places to grab and squeeze. It was when he fell in love with an equally horny girl that they bonded over cock and pussy sharing…Throughout the hippie years they had plenty of wild sex but slowed down when they had k**s…Now if ever you find yourself on the recieving end of true criticism careful what you ask…”Oh so you have k**s”? I asked. “Yeah but she is married now to one hot chub” (0-0)Yes I didn’t let that go… One because if you read my other confessions and two A compliment is a fethiye escort compliment and when you always looking in the mirror grabbing your belly or ass and trying to fold it in the right way so your thinner…but you can’t and it juggles back and you exhale and then notices your manboobs look a bit larger(or do they) and you raise your head a bit to create less chins then a china town then hey… A compliment feels good.”So what’s your son in law like”…I asked stepping into the fryer.”He is such a nice guy and is always helping us… He is very good for my girl… He’s got a nice cock too”. 0-0…..O-OOh my god…”How do you know”? I typed sweat actually formed on my face…”I snuck a peak into my daughters room and caught them. They didn’t see me or my wife… We didn’t really look at our daughter cause we do have some morals but I’d be lieing if I wasn’t really jelous when she sucking on that big nob and licking those big balls… My wife thinks so too”WHAT WHAT WHAT… I had to think as blood rushed from my head and ballooned in my cock as I knew I had to milk this and I had to milk my throbing cock… Now you must admit when your about to blow your load… As a guy don’t you just wish someone would stop you for jus a bit to really make that last… So against all my inner thoughts of just wacking it till I blew over the computer… I ran to the phone and dialed my inlaws…why? You might ask… To stall for time.(Ring ring)”hello”?”Hey…dad it’s me. ______””Oh hey?””I was just calling to go see if that dryer is still making that funny noise after I fixed it”Now as he and I chatted about nothing escort fethiye but i was explaining how i was at out shopping and needed an alibi… luckily i turned the tv to the right channel that had plenty of commercials so it sounded like he couldnt hear everything over the other shoppers voiced. meanwhile, I had stripped naked and started a new plan of action wondering if he like a big chub fish would take the bait.When I was ready I ended our mundain talk and waited… This is what I wrote…-wow that is really hot to know you both lust over your son inlaws big cock… What if your son in law was typing this very message and wanted to fuck your wife and your ass and have you both worship his sexy body(yes it’s a fantasy in a fantasy, but fat can be sexy too)I waited and waited and then boom”Oh yeah that would be so hot, my wife’s been bugging me to get him in our bed ever since we found out they were swingers too from my daughter… She said that she’s always known and has kept our little secret but wanted my wife’s advice on doing it too… I don’t think he is bi but if he was that would be a dream cum true…hehe, so son would you want to suck your big daddy’s cock?-Mmmm yes daddy (yes it’s cheesy but I was just starting out and intended to make us both cum… Because that’s all these chats things are other then to find a sex partner it’s a sexting area)… I would first walk into your home while you both were eating and walk over to your stunned faces and tell you I know that your both cock whores and have wanted my dick for a long time. Get over here and service me…”Oh yeah (he took the bait), fethiye escort bayan I would crawl over on my knees with my wife and unzipp and pull out that hot cock…”I could tell that I’d have to do alot of typing here since its hard to type on handed and he never could use a computer or keyboard that good…-as I pushed my hard dick into you mouth I’d pull your wife up for a long hard tongue kissing session as she stripped me herself and you all the while rubbing my chest and moaning “oh god”…”Oh yeah son, I love that fat cock in my throat… I would have to turn you around and bend you over so I could tongue that dirty asshole of your… My wife could suck on your cock as I suck on that tasty bun…(I knew he ment bum but he was probably really close since from many a photo on his profile he is licking ass and jerking his cock or pushing a dildo into his butt)-oh I’d could not hold back as your hot tongue penetrated my tight hole. Oh yeah I’m going to cum in my mother inlaws hot cock hungry mouth… My asshole would cletch your tongue as I moaned “swallow it you cum sucking mommy, swallow the first load and share it with daddy” as I cam hard jerking it onto her face and into her open mouth as she pulled you over to share your son in laws juices white into your hungry assfucking mouth…My own cum boiled up and out of my cock all over my hand because I knew the dirty truth that they both wanted me and wanted my cock… It’s a very powerful feeling and AWESOME as well.Yes I sexted with my father inlaw because he admitted that made him really hot and he came all over himself with his favorite dildo pumping his butthole… And now he pesters me every time I see him and even online with my fake profile wanting me to repeat my sexting fun… Which I may have done and may have done more then that….Comments help motivate…. CONFESSIONS

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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