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Tail of Mina dogging with Alfie

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Tail of Mina dogging with AlfieQuite a few of you wondered what happened with Mina, from the previous tale. Now Mina’s husband wanted her to give it a go, he had loved watching me and he wanted his beloved to have the same. He asked Harry for some advice on how he might persuade her and Harry said that it was everyone’s cup of tea. Steve, Mina’s hubby said that she was scared of being hurt and that the last bit looked weird. But, she was turned on about the idea. Harry offered to have a word with Mina. Steve wasn’t too keen because Harry had banged Mina hard that night and she seemed to have really enjoyed it, too much. You men can be very jealous. What I love about Harry is that he is cool about it all, well most of the time and he knows that I am not easy to control, until you present me with cock which is when I become very obedient and willing. So I agreed to,have a word and to tell Mina that it really was a good feeling and that we would have another evening and she should come prepared but could back out at any time. I told her that for fun we should both wear a collar and chain. We started as per the first evening with a few drinks, flirting, a few laughs as you do. John was enjoying “his” party and was looking forward to fucking Mina, although Steve did not look too happy that that was on the cards. It was a perk of he who provided the main studs of the evening. I should say that Mina is blonde, with stylish shoulder length hair, a hairdresser by trade. A savvy mid thirties woman a delicious tits (to die for said Harry who had enjoyed them last time), pert ass and fit, from a guy’s pendik escort point of view. That was why Harry was happy to talk to her about Mickey and Alfie. I am a little jealous that Harry had so much fun with Mina. Mina, like me was in leather jacket, leather skirt, t shirt, push up bra, boots, but no stockings. We played a game of spin the bottle with Harry and Steve spinning and whoever it pointed at got to remove an item of clothing from the other wife. I was more than happy for Steve to undress me. Harry made a point ofsidling up to Mina when he won the first spin, and ground into her ass as he slowly removed her leather jacket with a linger kiss. Second spin and Mina’s t shirt was slowly removed by Harry who made sure he stroked her tits as he took it off. He lingered a little too long for my liking. Steve must have felt the same as me, so when the third spin was his he made a point of caressing my ass before raising his hands over my tits to my shoulders, I turned to allow him to kiss me before he removed my leather jacket. I rubbed his crotch and felt his stiffness. Steve won the next spin and my t shirt was quickly coming off to reveal my half cut bra and Steve had a good nibble and tweak on my nipples, watching Mina for a reaction as he did. We were in the lounge as it was balmy weather and Alfie was romping with the cushion, that John was holding. Mina was sitting on Harry’s knee and John passed the cushion to her to hold. She was a little wary of it, so Harry steadied her hand. Alfie was aroused and I knew part of my role was to help slip kartal escort him into Mina. I began to stroke him and managed to grab his cock near his balls. Mina stood up and Harry un zipped her tight fitting skirt which he had to work hard to remove. It revealed a tiny thong and Harry could not help himself from rubbing her swollen, wet pussy flaps. I beckoned Mina over, with Alfie on his legs balanced on a lounge chair. Alfie cock was pointing out and I told Mina to close her eyes and pretend it was Harry,s cock. She did as she was told, although she was obviously nervous, she was dribbling quickly which I guessed was Alfie cum. She stopped, and Harry quickly maneuvered her on to all fours, kindly rubbing her wet pussy and ensuring it was wide. I steered Alfie’s cock towards Mina’s open cunt and Harry pushed her back a little to receive it. Mina got the idea and I could see her tighten her pussy muscles to grip Alfie’s cock. Impressive muscle control I could see as she took this thin cock., no wonder Harry wanted another go with her. I rarely get to see another woman in action. I really wanted to see Mina fucked by Alfie. Mina was clearly up for this and Alfie was chomping. Harry positioned Mina with her face in his crotch, holding her steady, on all fours, ready for Alfie to dock with her. Alfie was up against Mina’s leg while I moved him and he was in there, fucking Mina like there was no tomorrow. Alfie was digging into Mina, Harry was tweaking her nipples. Mina was looking up at Harry while Alfie pounded into her. He lasted 30 seconds and maltepe escort Harry held Mina in place while Alfie had a good lick around Mina’s cunt. I helped Alfie remount and he was off again, for about 30 seconds again. Alfie’s nose and tongue were making Mina twitch. Then Alfie was in again, helped by me. We went through these short bursts of fucking, followed by sniffing and licking, which I knew was incredibly arousing. Then Alfie was on again and this time was like a marathon compared to earlier goes. I could feel it by Mina’s reaction as Alfie’s cock or balls, or both, had expanded and minds could feel it. Harry told me that her eyes had changed and he knew then that she was due to get a huge ball sack of sperm pumped into her cunt. Alfie sure did give it some. And once he had dumped his seed, nor most of it he demounted and that amazing trick turned the other way, cock still inside Mina, no doubt still pumping away. Harry was kissing Mina, nowhere else for her to go. Steve and John, took a hold of me and motioned for me to lie beneath Mina and Alfie’s know to catch any spill, dirty buggers. Steve hitched my skirt up and his tongue work was only second to Alfie’s. At times like this you get caught up in the heat of the moment. The knotting took a little while to loosen and for decoupling. I had Alfie’s cum all over me and I made a point of sharing some with Mina when I got the chance. As soon as Alfie had slipped out the guys were hovering around Mina. Harry got there first and must have added his load within 30 seconds, Steve fucked his wife straight after while John made use of her mouth. Dave made a beeline for my cunt and I invited Jim, I think is his name, to use my mouth. It’s was a frantic 5 minutes of orgiastic sex and then it settled, went quiet, apart from the whines of Mickey who didn’t like being left out, and there was only one other pussy there to be used……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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