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TakenAs many of you now know, we are lovers, married to other people. We have to steal away our time together and it’s never enough. We’ve had a rough patch with my husband being off work and home more and some other obstacles that seem to be working against us. All of the turmoil led to a heated argument between the two of us and almost caused him to shut our old XHamster page together down completely. It even got to the point he was deleting things from the account so he could turn it over to just me. But we are just too damn good together and too damn hot for one another to get angry and walk away and say our goodbyes. You see, we love each other in the bedroom very well; but, we love each other out of the bedroom too. Our connection is real and our story is complicated, as you can read about in our other stories. But the not so complicated part is that no matter what is going on with us, we have great sex. Great, loving, satisfying, naughty sex. And we can’t get enough.After our tumultuous week, we had to see each other. We needed to be in each other’s arms, but we needed to talk too. That’s something else we do very well together and that’s why we are so complicated. He’s my best friend. And I truly believe I am his too. We both wonder how we ended up with the people we are married to because they don’t remotely understand us like we understand one another.We met close to the lake after dark in a pavilion area. My bad boy rode in on his Harley and was waiting patiently for me. Although it was somewhat dark, I could feel his smile come across that sexy face of his as I got close to him. A hug and a very nice kiss with those soft, sexy lips of his instantly sent a thrill down my spine and into my groin. His touch is electrifying and his hands and lips are so soft and gentle yet can be so overpowering. As I wrapped my arms around him in a very intense hug, I could feel the passion between us and I knew that whatever we did it would be hot…I took my shoes off and sat down at the picnic table with my feet dangling off the end as we talked. The night was warm and cars passing on the distant highway would light our profiles up just enough to see the longing in each other’s eyes and the smiles that we were exchanging. As he leaned in to kiss me, he worked his way between my legs and I eagerly pulled him close for some very passionate kissing. His hands wrapped around the nape of my neck and he pulled me even closer. I wrapped my arms around him and spread my legs ever so slightly to let him know he was welcome wherever he wanted to be. I couldn’t help myself any longer and had to reach down and feel his cock through his jeans. He was rock hard and as I gently brushed his cock with my hand, I could feel my pussy starting to drip my wetness out into my panties. God, I needed him. And I needed him now. But he moved away. güvenilir bahis We weren’t finished talking. I put my hands in his pockets as we chatted so I could sneak in a casual touch here and there. He touched my hair and my face and kissed me several times, deeply. He plunged his tongue deep inside my mouth and anxiously filled my mouth full of his kisses. We began petting and stroking each other and I reached down and unzipped his pants. I allowed myself inside and grabbed his hard, anxious cock and began stroking it right there in the night air. The combination of a cool breeze and hot bodies had me ready for him. I grabbed his cock hard and grabbed his tongue with my mouth and intruded his lips deeply letting him know I wanted him badly. As his hand went between my legs, I’m quite sure he could tell that even my shorts were wet too…My mind raced as I decided how I wanted him to fuck me. As I was in deep thought, with my hand pulsing his hardness, his hands on me, and our mouths fucking each other willingly and indicating we were wanting more, I knew I wanted to get him inside my pussy very soon. I ordered him around to the side of the table and had him put his legs inside the seat. I quickly stripped my soaking panties and shorts off and spread wide for him to catch a glimpse of my shiny, wet, needy pussy as a car passed in the distance. A light cool breeze came in as I was spread wide for him and the sensation of my hot pussy and cool air fucking drove me wild. I needed fucked and I couldn’t wait. He pulled me in close to the end of the table and wasted no time rubbing his cock up and down my soaking snatch to get that slickness ready to slide in me ever so easy. But he was so ready and so anxious, he positioned his cock on my pussy, and rubbed it just once, and then plunged inside me with one thrust. God, it felt so good. My juices were already spilling out onto the picnic table as he grabbed my legs and began to fuck me right there in the very public pavilion area. Each thrust had me wanting more. Each stroke of his cock inside me was wet and hot. I moaned in pleasure as he entered me over and over again. I kept moaning knowing that he was going to make me cum so hard. His breathing was labored not long after starting this incredible fuck session he was giving me. He pulled me harder towards the end of the table. Oh yes, the closer, the deeper he could go. I wanted every inch of that luscious cock inside me. My nipples were rock hard and oh so sensitive. It was a combination of a slight breeze and pure sexual bliss. As his pace started quickening, his thrusts got faster and deeper and more anxious. Trying to savor every inch of my tight pussy, he pulled out a bit too far and slid out from my pussy. I spread widely in anticipation of him thrusting back inside of me. But he placed his wet, hard cock türkçe bahis at the opening of my ass, and slipped inside of it before I could open my mouth. He thrust it in quickly. I gasped quietly; not because of the pain, but because of the mixture of pain and pleasure he was putting me through. God, it hurt thrusting in my ass like that. But damn it felt so strange and arousing and taboo that the deep feelings of pleasure overcame the pain. I can’t put into words how his manhood really felt. But is was an incredible potpourri of feelings. He slid out a little and realized that he had just plunged into my tight ass instead of my pussy. But he loved my ass. He wanted it again. He wanted in that tight ass so it could squeeze his cock and send waves of pleasure through his body. I told him to give it to me. Put it in my ass and fuck me…please. Take my ass. Take whatever you want baby. He moaned “oh God” as he lunged in again. His body was trembling. His breathing was short and quick. He had put my legs on his shoulders and had them raised straight up. He wrapped his arms around my legs and made sure he moved me in as close as he could. That cock was jerking from pleasure as he fucked me. Damn, he went deep. As he squeezed my legs closer, the thrusts went deeper than he has ever gone before and I loved it. The pain was incredible and so was the pleasure. I begged him to go deep. Go hard. He fucked me good and hard and was trembling from the pleasure. Harder, faster, deeper, over and over, he slammed that cock inside my ass. I wanted more. I asked him to please cum hard in my ass. Give it to me baby. He fucked hard and he fucked good; over and over, in and out. He squeezed my legs harder and his thrusting was at a fucking hot pace. And then I felt him shake even more. Moans and illiterate words came from his mouth and he tightened up and sunk his perfect cock really deep as he exploded inside of me. I could feel my tight ass tugging his cock and draining it dry as he jerked over and over cumming hard inside my ass. I loved it. I loved him taking charge, wanting my ass, and taking my ass just for his pleasure. As he cum, he squeezed my legs and kept squeezing them hard as the waves of him cumming went over him. He was moaning in pure pleasure and I think he held on to my legs so tight so he wouldn’t collapse. Fuck that was hot he said. Oh fuck, Cindy. He loved it…He very much wanted to return the favor to me and for the hard cumming he got from my ass. He sat down at the picnic table like he was anxiously waiting for a meal. And he got one…I spread my legs wide and he dove into my pussy with vigor with his incredible tongue and mouth. This man knows how to give the best oral sex I’ve ever had. I could feel my juices flowing down my ass and forming a puddle under me. He wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri his buffet in close. He was eager and hungry. And so was I. He swirled that tongue around my swollen, twitching clit and instantly got my attention. Waves of pleasure began moving through my body as he licked my pussy and darted that tongue over the perfect little spot. Cool air and a hot tongue were pleasing me very well and then he took his fingers and pushed them inside my dripping pussy. It felt so damn good. The combination of my clit getting licked and his fingers fucking my willing pussy was over the top. I moaned out in pleasure as I felt myself building to an orgasm. I pushed down on his fingers so they’d go deeper for me. I moved my hips in time to his tongue lashing he was giving me. I felt my pleasure building higher and higher. My clit got more sensitive as I got closer to the edge. Deep inside I was about to explode on his fingers and I began bucking towards his face as it started. Closer, and closer, and higher, and over the top I began to cum so hard. Gosh, his tongue made me cum hard and his fingers fucking me gave me that extra edge. Wave after wave of a hot luscious orgasm overtook me. I screamed out in pleasure and as the last wave of the orgasm was about to hit, I caught that last wave and exploded in another orgasm right after the first. Fucking awesome. Damn he can make me cum like no one else ever has. Wave and after hot wave flooded my body from his tongue and fingers. I could tell by his finger action I was soaking wet and hot. But he didn’t stop. He kept lapping at my pussy and pulsing his tongue on my clit. It felt even more incredible than before. My words were incoherent and my moans of pleasure were louder. It was building again. I could feel my orgasm cumming again and it was going to be harder than before. Higher and harder, and I moaned and squeezed his fingers hard and it came over me hard. God, I was cumming again. My body jerking and my pussy jerking and practically screaming as I squirmed around with him holding me down. Fuck he’s good. And then another orgasm started. I rocked back and forth and rode it all the way and was getting short of breath from the hot pleasure taking over my body. The juices dripping out and on the table and his fingers drenched from my pussy. And again I started to cum. I was losing track now and not knowing where one orgasm stopped and the other started. As I came hard one more time, my clit got very sensitive for his tongue and I had to back off and stop him. He had enough to eat I’m sure. And I was spent. I couldn’t move until I caught my breath and rested for a second. His expert tongue had given me quite the workout and I loved it. This hot fuck session is called Taken. That’s what I want him to do to me. Take what he wants. I’m all his and I want to be taken in any way he wants me. Our sex just keeps getting hotter and hotter. We find new ways to pleasure each other all the time. We have discussed more ways to add to our pleasure as well. That may make very interesting stories to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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