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Tales of a Hustler—Hunter—Fresh Meat

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Tales of a Hustler—Hunter—Fresh MeatTales of a Hustler—-Hunter—Fresh MeatAnother rainy night. Fuck—it’s getting hard to make a living lately.Most of the bois were gathered in the common area, watching some cheesy black n white movie. I decided to go out a bit, headed down to Jerry’s. He ran a ‘bar’ so to speak down on the edge of our neighborhood. I guess these days you would call it a sports bar, but had a teen environment. IE, TV’s video games, and cokes and juice. No alcohol. As I approach the entrance, I noticed a dude hunkered up under the awning of the business next door. Looked like he was sucking on a 40 oz, but I just went on by. Closer to the entrance there’s a lady, with a younger dude sitting in a car on the curb. Odd for both of them really, it was 2:00 AM.I approached the car, and bent over to the window; it was kinda fogged up, so I tapped on the window. The k I d rolled the window down about an inch, and he and his mother looked over at me, waiting for me to speak first, I guess. “”Ya’ll need some assistance”? The young dude looked over at his mother, and she replied they were waiting on a tow truck. “Are you k**ding—that could take hours. Common inside the hang out here—we can at least get ya some coffee” The mother hesitated, probably because she was afraid of the neighborhood. I persisted a bit more, “OK, Im sure you might be a little leary, but it will be ok. Jerry’s here is quit safe—a bunch of us ‘street thugs’ (with a big smile) watch out late at night, and besides the cops come in too when they get bored” The mom finally says “well, some coffee does sound good”. As I open the curbside door, and the mom and her young son crawl out into the drizzling rain, they jog into the building. As I turn to follow them in, I notice the dude sitting under the awning is looking over, prolly just checking out what’s going on. I wave him over to me, telling him to come on in as well, before he got sick in the cool night air. He hesitated a bit as well, but finally got up as I just stood there staring at him. I think he was kinda scared too. As we all walk in to the bar, I wave at Jerry and he returns a hearty hello. I give him a two fingers to the thumb with the pinky extended, indicating coffee. I introduce myself, and the lady responds the she is ‘Linda’, and her son was ‘Joey’, who was 13. I say kelw, and the bathrooms were right down the hallway, where she could go freshen up. I look at Joey and comment he looked a little hungry, and he said yes. I look over at the other dude, who had settled in a corner table, and hollard at him was he hungry as well. He didn’t answer, so I re-assured him it was my tab, just tell me what he wanted. . The late menu consisted mostly of sandwhiches—sub, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, or BLT. And depending on Jerry’s mood—you could get a Reuben. You could have chips, fries, or potato salad with either order—or hash browns. Miss Linda had returned from the ladies room, and commented they didn’t have much money, and I told here please, it was on me. She said I was awefull generous, and I told her it was ok, that I had pulled a few extra bucks this week. About this time most of the bois came rolling in on their skateboards. The entry to the bar was level with the sidewalk, so they just rolled right in. Aparantlly the movie had ended, and it was late night munchies. Miss Linda looked startled at first, but of course Joey lit up like it was Christmas. The twins went immediately into their monkey routine, prancing around the bar acting like they had no intelligence. I holler at them did they come for food, to which they all said yes, of course, so I announce “alright then, looks like it’s a party” Jerry announces it may take a few minutes with this many sudden orders late at nite. “No problem Jerr, we’ll help” announced the twins. Even as a cut up show, they always like to ‘play store’. The bois jump behind the counter, and grab a couple of aprons and pads, and come back to the floor to ‘take orders’ They did it for kicks, but were quit good at it as well. I go for the coffee and serve up Miss Linda, and ‘corner dude’ whom finally tells me his name is Hunter. I pour myself a cup as well, and settle at the table next to Miss Linda and Joey. The twins take all the orders to Jerry, and go back to their güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri monkey routine, this time doing tricks on their skateboards. Jerry hollars back “hey you buncha punks—how about a little help here with prep”? About this time 2 cops come in, and settle at a table. I still had the coffee at the table, so I jump up and grab two more cups. They nod approval, and Hunter taps me on the hip as I walk by him. He offers that he was pretty good on a grill, so I hollar at Jerry. “Sounds great Matt—. I can throw him a couple of hours pay, I guess. So Hunter jumps up to man the grill, and the twins return behind the counter to do prep.I grab the orders and ask Hunter was he ready and he says yes. “Aight—we got 1 super sub with potato salad, 2 grilled cheese with fries, 2 BLT’s with hash browns, and 4 cheeseburgers and fries. And oh, for the officers another 2 BLT’s”. Hunter responds with “got it” and the twins got to retrieving bacon, and sides, and bread, and start slicing tomatoes and lettuce. I man the drinks and deliver them to the various tables. Somebody drops a quarter in the juke box, and the place livens up to the clanking of pool balls. So the crowd is all chit-chatting now, and everyone is having a good time. The tow truck shows up in about an hour—I tell Miss Linda she can bring Joey by anytime. She hesitates at first, but the two cops assured her that despite our ‘occupations’ that we would be good influences. Jerry re-emphasizes, saying he could learn to skateboard, box, football, baseball—all kinds of ‘jock’ stuff. She ended up with a ‘maybe’It got to be about 4:00 in the morning now, so Jerry said he would like to lock up. I said sure, and thanx for staying open, and I would send a couple of the bois in the morning to help clean up for free. He said that was really nice, and complimented Hunter for getting all the orders perfect. Hunter smiled and just said he used to work at Waffle House, and Jerry just said “hmmmm”We all start heading back to the crib, and I notice Hunter is standing outside now, just kind of looking up and down the street. Jerry had given him 20 bucks, but I figured that was all he had. I invited him to jump in the jeep, and he could crash at our place for a few days, and he hesitantly accepted.Back at the crib as we all filter into the living area, the twins are still into their monkey routine, jumping around the place like a couple of apes. One of them runs up to Hunter, sniffing, and finally speaks “damm yo, you stink” Hunter blushes, and just says ya, it had been a few days.Cody barks back ‘more like a month yo’ I pipe up with “why don’t you two show Hunter our nice big bathroom “ The twins light up and said ‘sure Taz” and usher Hunter to the bath. They show him where the soap and shampoo were, and the towels, and tell him to just pile his nasty clothes, and they would pile them in the laundry. When asked about something to put on after the shower, they assured him the would set him up with some sweats.Hunter hesitates, waiting for the twins to leave the bathroom, but the twins, finally done with the monkey act, start shadow boxing. Cole looks at Hunter and just tells him to ‘fire it up yo—don’t be shy’. Hunter, still a little shy about stripping out of his boxer shorts, reaches to turn the water on. Cole comes back at him again with “dude—serious, we ain’t leaving till we check ya out” with an evil grin. The bois go back to boxing, so Hunter asked them did they box for real. This of course, just lit up the twins—as they now had him right where they wanted him. Cody responds first with “fuck ya dawg—golden glove” Hunter, now free of his boxers, and feeling a little more comfortable says “ya—bet that was cool” Cody went on with “ya—we fought each other, made a tie, so we both got the gloves—featherweight”Hunter, now all soaped up, turns to the twins and goes on with “so—you guys approve”? Cody and Cole turn to each other with a big grin, and at the same time answer “fuck ya dawg—nice package. Hunter kinda chuckled and says “So, you guys going to m o l e s t me now, and make me do durty things”? The twins, still grinning from ear to ear, say “Of course dawg—you didn’t really think that sandwich was really free did ya”? With that, Hunter starts stroking up his soaped up dick, bringing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it to a nice swell. The twins go back into their monkey act, chanting like a couple of chimpansees, circiling Hunter on their hands and feet, and making monkey sounds. Cole jumps closer to Hunter, and stick his nose in Hunters ass, while Cody sniffs his balls. I jump to the bathroom, to take a piss actually. The bois took a quick seat on one of the benches, I guess not giving a thought to me noticing they were now soaking wet in their clothes. Hunter, startled, turns back to face the shower head, while he continued to soap up. I just grin, and asked were the twins making Hunter feel at home. They responded with yes, Uncle Matt. You would never believe those bois were 18 years old. I think a little smokey-smokey had been endulged on their way down to the bar. They weren’t usually that ‘upbeat’, but more the serious type. I left the bathroom with a smile, and settled back at the TV with the rest of the bois. Someone declared it was now 6: AM, and I responded “fuck” The three bois emerged from the bathroom, with just towels wrapped around them. Cody murmured “I’ll get ya some sweats” and most of us started filing off to our respective rooms. One of the twins pointed to one of the vacant rooms, and just muttered “that’s you dawg”, and Hunter disappeared into the darkness. I stripped down and climbed in the bed, and laying on my back, throw my arms up behind my head. Slightly spreading my legs, cause the balls hand’t been out all day, and I could smell the sweet ripe aroma of my bushy pits. I closed my eyes in attempt to snooze away—it had turned out to be a long day.In about ten minutes, someone was crawling in bed with me. I turned my head to the left, and opening one eye just said “what’s up dawg” It was one of the twins, but in the dark I couldn’t tell which one. He spoke softly, kinda in my ear. “Dude, it was fuckin sweet” I reply “Ya, what was sweet” The twin persists “Hunter yo, fuck that boi got some sweet ass “. “Oh ya—I guess ur gonna tell me about it, instead of letting me go to sleep”? “Ya dawg—it’s important” Im thinking “important, how is a throw down story important”? So I tell him to go ahead, since he obviously was excited to tell me.“So, Cole and me still runnin around the dude, playin monkey, right”? (ah ah it.s Cody) “And I runs up and stick my nose in the crack of his ass right. SO, I let out a screech, ya’ll prolly heard me. That dude was fuckin nuclear yo, that ass was beyond ripe—I aint never smelled no ass that ripe. Cole did about the same thing sniffin on his pits. Down under his balls, ya know right between the legs, dude was sticky, he was so slimy. So, we tease him a bit, telling him to soap up. He starts up, but then I looks over a Cole, and points over at the next head and told him to grab some more soap. SO he does, and while he’s doin that, I cum up behind Hunter, and grab his soap, and start sudsin up his chest and belly, right “? He’s super smooth up top. “So Cole cums back over, with another bar, and walks up to his front, and starts sudsin up his back and shoulders, right. So were like cock to cock to ass to cock, right. Dude just goes limp, and tilts his head back. You know he’s into it like right away. Prolly been a while since anybody showed the fuck any attention.So, I gradually work my way down to his pubes, and then balls. Cole’s watchin, so he gets down and starts takin care of dudes ass crack, right. Dude is moanin now like he’s fuckin cummin. I come back up top, and still sudsin him up on his chest, I drop the soap, and reach up and grab both his tits, lol. I gives um a real hard pinch, and dude opens his mouth and let’s out a slight cry, you know like “ahhhhh”. Im grinnin now ear, to ear. So, Cole picks up the hint, and drops his soap now too. He looks at Hunter right in the face, and just says ‘pink it up, punk’. Shit dawg—my dick jumps when he says that. SO, Hunter bends over to grab the soap, (which was the plan), And Cole goes all the way down to the bench on the side ,sittin on his ass. He grabs Hunter by the back of the neck and pulls his head all the way down to his pubes, and in that same sexy voice tell him ‘suck it’. By now the shower has washed all the suds off us. With his ass still güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the air, I had grabbed this jar of vaseline someone left on the floor. I open it up, and dig me out two big fingers full. Close the lid back, and drop it back to the floor, then I stick my fingers in his crack, and run um up and down his crack real slow like, and I punch my middle finger in his hole a couple of times to get him real greasy, cause the boi is fixin to get a lot of dick in his ass, right”? Hunter moans, and Cole pulls his head down now all the way down on his dick. Course, as you know, dude’s bout to get 9” of some pretty hard cock in both ends. I grabs him by the waist, and real slow I put my mushroom head right at his hole. Im ozzin fuck juice, like you do, and I rubs it up and down his crack, real slow, but deliberate, I start pushin. Hunter shudders at the sudden violation of his hole, but I just keeps pushin. You know I got that big ass head right, so dude knows something is definitely cummin in his ass. SO I give him a little bit harder push, then bamm ! Im half way in in an instant. OMG dude felt great. When that hole pops open, it was like stretching a rubber band—you know flexable, but still tite, and DAMM that boi is tite. So, getting a better grip on his waist, I give it the final plunge, all the way in till I hit bottom. OH FUCK. Huter is squirmin now, trying to open his hole more to take me in. I mean fuck dude, it’s a lot of dick, and he skinny as fuck, right. It was like fuckin chocolate pudding—so fuckin soft, and creamy. Or, like jackin off with jello or something. I dunno, it was just the best ass I ever been in, cept fro lil bro, of course.”. By now Im detecting a fully blown hard myself, and realize that Cody had greased up my hole as well, and had his middle finger planted firmly in it. I spread my legs just a bit more, giving him plenty of access. “So, (he goes on) Cole is fuckin his face now pretty good, goin all the way down his throat with his 9”. right. I pick up the pace, and start fuckin his tite punk hole pretty fast, and hittin it a little harder too. With him still basically standing, but bent all the way over, I reach over and grab his tits again. (I notice that Cody is now roughing up my hole as well) I squeez the fuck outta him, and he lets out a scream—not too loud cause IM sure he didn’t want anybody to hear us, lol. So—with that, I jab him hard as I could, and pop him about 5 times right, And Cole pulls his head down all the way on his cock, burying it in his throat. He does a headlock on him so he cant get off. I finally unload, arching backwards, and buck his ass about three more times, squirtin nut after nut after nut. I thinks I shot about 7 times. I see Cole now goin Japaneese, so I know he’s fillin that throat up with his sweet junk too. Wer’e fillin him up from both ends—so much it starts leakin out—he just couldn’t hold it no more.”I had started breathing a little heavy myself, and just as Cody is finishing up his story, he jabs the fuck outta my asshole, which he now had two fingers in , so hard that his ‘muscles’ were flexing, and goes down on my fully boned up 11 inch jock cock. I erupt too, with rope after rope goin down Cody’s throat. I dont know what he had been practicing on, but he had all of my rocket down the back of his throat, gulping up every string of my thick hot juice. It seemed I would never quit cumming. My chest was sweating, and my pits were dripping. Just as Cody gets off my dick, with some jizz dripping from the corners of his mouth, I then notice that ‘holy fuck’ there’s Cole, and Hunter, both on their knees, either side of me on the bed. The sun had come up now, and was coming through the window. Cody reaches up in the air, and comes down with a hard slap to my ripped up abs, and just as I let out a bit of a yell myself, Cole and Hunter blast their loads all over my face, chest, and abs. Just like me and Cody had done, the streams of hot punk jizz came forever, totally covering me in their thick juice. As the action finally subsided, and the bois stood up, preparing to go back to their rooms, Cody simply said “Yo boss, we thought you might be kinda pent up some, since you didn’t ‘work’ today, so we decided we would come in and tuck you in”. They all turn to leave the rooms, with the twins carrying big smirks on their faces. I rub a couple of fingers up and down my belly and chest, saturated from the bois jizz., and stick it in my fingers—pretty damm good. Fuck it—Ill just ‘wear it’. I wasn’t sure what was really up, but I knew they would hit me up about something tomorrow.

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