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Tales of a Hustler—Sorry Girls

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Tales of a Hustler—Sorry GirlsTales of a Hustler—Sorry Girls, I suck Dick Too“Don’t do it. “Im tellin ya—-don’t wear them” “I’m serious—not coming to your rescue”The twins just giggled under their breath, and left out on their skateboards for ‘main street’They had worn their ‘bar only’ t-shirts, with Cole’s saying ‘sorry girls—I suck dick too’, and Cody’s, even bolder ‘sorry girls—I take it up the ass too’ The twins were getting comfortable with their ‘outness’, not really caring who saw, or what they thought.It was later into the afternoon, before one of the bois came in to report that they had gathered some ‘attention’ I was beginning to think they did this shit on purpose, which we would talk about later. Kyle and me grab our boards, and skate the two blocks to the parking lot. They are still up on their boards, doing tricks, but there is also a couple of ‘badboy’ types taunting them, trying to agg them into a fight. Kyle and me just hang back, to see what happens. Tommy had gathered with us, reported that the street seemed to be ‘out to lunch’.Finally, one of the bullies breaks the ‘ice’, so to speak, and goes up into Cole’s face. “Look dude—there’s two of them” shouting over to his friend. “Are ya’ll two twins” Cole kinda snickers at the guy, and replies “duh dude” The bully continues with, “So ya’ll are twin queers for each other”? Cole, just grinning comes back with, “ya know dawg—it’s actually pretty kewl, cause I can both fuck myself, and get fucked by myself”. The bully comes back with “Dawg”? “I aint ur fuckin dawg faggot—but I bet I can fuck ur ass with this fist”! I laughed at the bully, not realizing what he just said. I thinks to my self (some dudes like that). . Cole and Cody are still circling on their boards, actually causing the bully to spin around in order to remaining facing them. Finally the bully jumps, gives Cole a shove, and knocks him off his board. Cole rolls on the ground, and hops back up with no injuries. Cody moves in closer, but just waves him off. “He aint shit bro” The bully, now getting hotter at the twins, rares back to deliver a right cross to Cole. Cole now standing erect, simply bends to his right, and the swing totally misses him, then in response delivers 3 jabs to the dude’s chin. I step in and hollar from the wall “aight dawgs—that’s enough. Cole, don’t be so mean to the little bully now” Cole looks over and grins, and glances over at the bully, and responds “yes sir boss—I won’t hurt him” Well, Mr. Bully is all but just loosing it now. He probably out-weight the twins by at least 25 lbs. They came inright at 6′, with a 28” waist, and an even 150 lbs. With an 8-pac each to die for, they definitely had that look of ‘carved from granite’ As he attempts to deliver another swing at Cole, Cole blocks his punch, and fires back with 4 quick blows, from his left, hitting the dude in the side of the face. It was like a machine gun—all 4 blows in a second. I just shake my head, that’s my bois ! I hollar out again, “hey dude, serious, I wouldn’t mess with those twins yo—they ain’t been fed yet” Tommy snikers, hiding his mouth with his hand. The twins are now circling the bully again, and have snarled their noses up, and started growling at the bully and his side kick. It was funny to watch them. Those two bullies truly had no idea of the shit they just got themselves into. Suddenly, Cole stops, and jumps off his board, and kicks it over to the wall. Cody instantly follows suite. Cole crosses his arms, and takes a stance, and addresses the bully “aight dawgs—so ya’ll want some”? “I gots 8 ½ and my bro there got 9. Where ya’ll want it “? I just hang my head thinking, this is going to get bad. Without hesitation, the bully shouts at his bud “get um”. As they lunge towards the twins, it only took about 3 seconds. I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. Both bullies are on the ground, and there is now plenty of blood. I decide to walk up and get into the middle of it all. “Aight dawgs—that’s enuff. Lets go before somebody gets hurt. As we all jump on boards and slide by the two bullies, I stop for a moment, and look down at them, still on the ground. Simply saying “golden gloves—whelterweight” and then ride off to join the others.Back at the crib I go for some iced tea. It was pretty hot, and we all had shed our shirts walking in the door. One twin was on the couch, which from the kitchen had his back to me. The other had gone to the bathroom, and the other two bois had each took a seat as well. “Yo Cody, want some tea”? “Sure dawg, thanx” Tommy jumps up from his seat bewildered “OK wait. How do you know that’s Cody and not Cole”? Cody busts out a big smile, but remains silent. I look over at Tommy, and very teasingly say “What dude—you can’t tell them apart”? Tommy replies with “well fuck no dude, their fuckin twins”! I just can’t but laugh. “You mean living together all these months, you still don’t know who’s who “? Hunter jumps in now with “Fuck yo, I sure can’t tell them apart”. By this time, Cole has walked back into the room. “What’s going on”? Cody giggles “dawgs all fucked up cause they cant tell us apart”. Cole laughs as well and continues with “ahhh they just discovering TAZ can tell which is which huh”? Tommy comes back with “I think he just got lucky—I mean it’s a 50/50 chance” I just come back with “A daddy knows yo” . “OK, here’s what we will do—if the twins agree” The twins nod to each other. “OK so clothes could be a give away, so the twins will strip buck naked, in their room. They will come out here to the middle of the room, and within 1 minute I will tell who is who. Then back in their room, and out again, and I will do the same again. We can do this as many times as you want”. So all agree, and we do as described above 10 times. Of course, I get it right each time. The bois are just dumbfounded. Me and the twins are just laughing our asses off. Finally Hunter says “OK dawgs—so what’s the fuckin deal. How can you do that, and we can’t”? Im still laughing, but I just can’t go on. Hunter and Tommy are getting hysterical, and we are all hurting laughing so hard. Kyle has just returned, and quickly catches on as to what is going on. He joins the laughter as well, but like the rest, has no idea how to tell the twins apart. So, I finally give. “Ok so a couple of months after the twins had decided to hang around a while, the three off us decided someone had to know how to tell which was which—you know for emergencies, like medical or something, or if they were separated. It’s one thing to tell which is which when they’re both in the room; but telling who each twin is by himself—now that’s fuckin hard. So—have ya’ll never noticed the tats on the bois back shoulder”? Kyle pipes up first “Ya, I seen them. Twin 1, and Twin 2”, “never thought anything of it”. Then there was dead silence. Tommy finally speaks up, “Fuck yo—you mean that’s it”? “That’s why you walked behind them—to see their tat”? I smirk and reply “yup” There’s a bit of chuckles, then Tommy asks “but wait yo—so which one is twin 1”? I grin again, and reply–”Cody was born first—how many times your heard him address Cole as “lil brother”? “Thus, twin 1, and twin 2”. Everybody finally got it, and I announce my retirement to my room for a nap. “I got a high dollar date tonight” It was good to have a good laugh with the bois. It was one of those ‘moments’ that just makes it a great day.I woke up from the nap about 7:30 in the evening. bahis firmaları Cody was houseboi today, and made spaghetti. I had a hefty plate full, along with some salad. Cody made excellent marinara sauce. I hit the shower, and coming out everyone was just staring at me. I just smiled and said to them “dont worry dudes, I didn’t use any soap” I headed out on my skateboard down to Jerry’s to meet my ‘hookup’.He was a referral from another job, and the particular fantasy required us to meet, rather than go to his house. This was going to be a hitchiking scene, with a k I d n a p p I n g deal, and then of course, tied-up and r a p e d. I couldn’t wait. ‘Benny’ comes into the bar, and walks up to Jerry. Jerry points over to me, and Benny comes over with a Bud Light. As he sits down and hands me the beer, I slug about half of it down, to get into the ‘badboi’ mood. We chat for a bit, and sign some contracts. If the deal was heavy enough, I always required a contract, which usually was as simple as ‘I asked for this and hold Matt non-responsible for any damage, to propert or self’ That way they can’t call the cops on you for assault, or robbery, or damage to body or personal property—or so they thought anyway, lol. So—I kill the beer, and we deliver the contract, along with payment ($2500) to Jerry for ‘safe keeping’ He will deliver the funds to me after a call from Benny, that the job is complete, and he is satisfied. He holds on to the contract in case a third party intervention is needed. So, I instruct Benny to head out the bar, and go left. Start walking out of town towards the north, and I’ll take care of it from there. I take down another beer, giving Benny about a 30 minute head start. I skoot back to the crib, and grab the jeep, throwing my skateboard in it. The jeep is also already loaded with all the equipment I will need tonight. I had sent Hunter earlier today to set up the tent at the campgound, same spot as we all went to a few weeks ago. I pull out of the motel entrance, and proceed down the road in search of a hitchiker. Driving, it only took about 10 minutes to catch up to Benny’s 30 minutes of walking. He was getting on at a pretty good pace. Wearing the ‘gay uniform’, Doc Martins, 501’s, and a flannel shirt, unbuttoned and opened, he was a target out there anyway. I pull over to the side, and offer a ride. Benny says he was really just out walking, not really going anywhere particular. I respond with kewl, and ask if he would like to go out to the campgrounds and get high, and drink a few. He responds ya, and off we go. I fired up a joint as we pull out, and head down the small road to the state park. I had rolled up 6 joints before I left the house, pretty fat. As we got to the turn for the campgrounds, and heading down the now dirt road, Benny is kinda grinning at me. “Fuck”, I think, I hope this dumbass ain’t already got a buzz off just 2 pulls, lmao. We pull up right in front of the tent, and we both jump out. Benny is just looking around, and I jump into the tent where I had stashed a cooler. I fish out 2 beers, and on exiting the tent toss one over to billy. I point towards the lake, and we proceed towards it, where there is a small pier for fishing. It was pretty kewl in that it had built in benches, so you could sit down and stretch out a bit. As I shed my shirt, and heard a slight gasp from Benny, I could tell he was a man that appreciated a good set of abs. I popped my beer open, and re-lit the joint. Took a quick pull, and handed it off to Benny. Still standing, but leaning against the banister, I look at Benny and say “you like it”? He looks at me kinda confused, and just answers “ummm, like what”? “I meant the abs dude” He responds with“Well, sure guy—they’re real nice”. I take a long swig of my beer again—turning it up made my abs stretch out just a bit more. Grabbing him by the arm, I pull his hand to my belly, and ‘help’ him to rub around on my abs. He smiles a bit, and appears to be already getting nervous. He had asked for a really hard time, and I promised to deliver—slow and rough. As I ran Benny’s hand up and down my abs, I then turned to his right, and moved his hand now rubbing up and down my ass. He hands the joint back to me, and there’s only like a 1/2” left. I suck it all down in one pull, and then swallow the last bit. As Im holding in the smoke, I lift up Benny’s arm, and then back down inside my jeans this time. I rub his hand around my hairy ass cheeks, and blowing out my weed smoke, look him in the eyes, and say”you like it”He couldn’t help but grin and say ya, and that he never felt such a hairy ass—especially in the crack. So naturally I ask “wanna see it”? Benny, now shaking, responds with “ya—4-sure dude”. I pop the top button on my 501’s, amd let my jeans fall about half way down my ass. I let go of Benny’s hand, and now he has both of his hands on my ass, gently rubbing them across the massive jungle of my ass. I turn up the rest of my beer, and let my jeans fall now to my feet, exposing the hairyness of my legs, and ass now in full view. Benny gasped, like before when he saw my abs. I lean over, putting my arms up on the top rail of the pier, and in a low commanding voice tell Benny to ‘lick it’. He hesitates for a moment, and I turn around and grab him by the hair—”I said eat me” Gently spreading my cheeks, Benny dives his face into my crack, and plunges his tongue deep into my musky hole. He darts his tongue in and out, while munching my hairy crack with his mouth. I turn around, facing him, now on his knees, and for the first time he sees my now half erect cock, ozzin fuck juice, and staring him right in the eyes. He literally opens his mouth as his eyes widen. Just staring at it he finally speaks “oh—my–fuckin–god” I chuckle a bit to myself—it is big. It’s real big. Even just half hard, I hang about 9”. I reach down and stuff my jock cock back into my jeans, and then pull them up, and button them back closed. Looking at him, and smiling a bit, I just say “Im ready for another beer”. Benny agrees, ya, lets get another. So we start walking back up the path to the tent. As I walk through the flap, I motion for Benny to follow me in. He does, and I reach down into the cooler to fetch us out another beer. I had placed a couple of cots in the tent, and muttered “I think Id like to stretch out for a bit” Benny replies with “ya that would be OK” Already barefoot, I just skinny out of my 501’s, where dick is still roughly half hard. I kick back on one of the cots, on my back, and fish out another joint from my jeans pocket. Benny comments “You like that dope, don’t ya”? I respond with “Ya, makes me feel real good—chills me out” I fire up the joint, and take a couple of quick pulls while laying on my back on the cot. I had my right leg hanging off the cot, and was slightly swingin my leg back and forth. “I think you like checking out my cock as much as I like this dope yo”. Benny didn’t know quite what to do, so he just said “Ya, that’s a really big dick ! So how big does it get “? Well, he walked right into that. I reply “Why don’t you grab it, and real sweet like pull it up and down. In a couple of minutes, you will see how big it gets”? In silence, Benny proceeds to do as I had suggested.It only took about two minutes, lol. Im just a horny SOB. Dick is now at full mast—11”, throbbin, mushroom head, vein poppin, juice ozzin, jock cock. Benny continues to slowly stroke my now fully engorged kaçak iddaa cock. I look at him, on his knees, looking up at me. “You wanna lick it, Benny”? All Benny could do was nod his head up and down. Slowly he stuck his tongue out, and began to lick the head of my dick, sucking up my juice oozing from my piss slit that was dripping down to my pubes. I give him a gentle tap on the back of the head, and Benny takes my whole head in his mouth. Even my head is pretty big—it filled him up good. I gide my head in and out of his mouth, slowly pushing Benny back to the cot on the floor. I pull out, and motion for him to get up and lay on the cot. I climb up on top of him, and resume my dick his mouth. While Benny is staring at my big mushroom head, I reach down to the floor, on the right side of the cot, and from underneath the cot, I pull out a rope, that I had previously placed. The other end was already tied to the leg of the cot, so all I had to do was yank it up, and as I jump up in the air to the left, bring the rope across Benny’s neck and slip it through the loop on the other side. There, giving it a hard yank, and then tying it off, I reach down to the foot of the cot, and in same fashion take the rope from the left, and loop it over to the right, this time across his waist. Now—not by any means am I an expert in fancy rope tricks, this would be sufficient to keep Benny where I wanted him.I step over Benny, now straddling him right at his neck, and pointing my cock downward, go str8 back into his mouth, cept this time all the way down his throat. Benny immediately starts gagging, and turning his head trying to get my dick out of his throat. I grab him by the hair, and pull his head into my pubes, while f o r c I n g my cock deep into his throat. “This is where you learn to suck cock, bitch”. I gave an evil grin. I plunge his throat about three times, all the way to my pubes. Benny is desperately trying to get away. I look at him and say “this is what you paid for, right? No control—and we ain’t even got warmed up yet”. I continued plunging Benny’s throat, and tears started dripping from his eyes. He sc****d me a few times, but I didn’t say anything, yet, cause it is a really big dick. Finally I come out of his throat, and standing back on the floor, lift my left leg, and put my foot right in his face. I had been saving up for this one, as I had the same kicks on now for about 3 days, no socks, and I hadn’t taken them off. So ya—they fuckin stink. I place the ball of my foot right at Benny’s nose. “Smell me punk” Benny took a slight breath in, not really too much. I raise my foot up and then brought it crashing back down on his throat. “I said smell my funk, bitch” Benny then grabbed my foot with both hands, and pushing his nose into my foot started huffin on my rich funk like 2 teens huffing glue. It was cute watching him do that. “That’s better, Benny, now stick your tongue out, and start licking—all over, and don’t forget between the toes”. Benny did as ordered, but you could see he didn’t like it,lol. “Oh ya Benny—ur tongue is great! Ya fag, wash my feet good”. I jerked my left foot from Benny’s hold, then quickly replace it with the right. I look at Benny and just tell him, com’on Benny, you know what to do” Benny went right to work on my right foot—going str8 for my big toe—where all the best funk was. LOL hell, I think he was starting to like it :)After about 20 minutes of getting my feet clean, I finally told Benny that was enough for now. I stepped over to my backpack, and fished out a leather cockring. I stepped back over Benny, straddling him again, cept I had my back to him. I reach down and give Benny a slap on his belly a few times, and tell him “were gonna get ur dick a little help getting up, and staying hard for a while. Reaching down I wrap the leather strap around Benny’s cock n balls, and snap it closed at the next to last button. Now this was pretty fuckin tite—actually it prolly hurt—but that was the point, Giving him a couple of slaps to his balls now, I just tell him “com-on now, get that dick hard Benny—get it hard” I slapped his balls a little harder a few more times. Benny started to cry out, but I just told him no one was gonna hear him. I jumped off him, and retrieved another beer for the both of us. I hadn’t tied his hands yet, just the rope across his neck. I hand him a beer, then pop the top on my on. I slug down about half of mine, and told Benny to do the same.I then reach down to my jeans again, and fish out another joint. I fire it up, and take a long pull, and while holding it in, put it up to Benny’s mouth. He takes a quick suck, but I just hold it there encouraging him to take more. He doesn’t take the hint, so I blow my smoke out in his face, and put the joint back to his lips. I command him “suck it Benny—suck it deep” He takes a hard pull, and I tell him to hold it—to not blow it out till I tell him. I once again straddle him, facing towards his feet, and then putting my ass in his face, tell him he can blow out his smoke now, right into the crack of my hairy ass. “Benny—you ever see an ass hairy as mine”. He shakes his head no. I turn around, and again put the joint to his lips, “suck it Benny, suck it deep” I intended to get Benny real fucked up now. He sucks down deep, almost getting the rest of the joint. Again, I turn around and told him to blow the smoke up my ass. One last time I turn and face Benny, and putting the rest of the joint to my mouth, douse it out with my spit. I then reach back and deliver a slap to the side of his face, and told him to open his mouth. I drop the dubie into his mouth, and told him to swallow it, He does as told. It’s clear now that Benny is indeed pretty fucked up—I guessed he was not a dope smoker, cause it’s hitting him pretty fast, as well as hard. Turning again, with my back to him, I back up a bit, and ask Benny, again, had he ever seen an ass as hairy as mine. He shakes his head no, and I back up to him now until my ass crack was right in his face. “I bet you would like a closer examination, huh Benny”. He didn’t do, or say anything, so I proceeded with, “go ahead Benny, smell my ass. Breath it in deep. Ya take your hands and pull my cheeks open, just a bit. Then get ur nose up there, and run it up and down the hair in my crack” Benny hesitated for a moment—I can tell ya, If I hadn’t had a shower in about 5 days—they is some FUNK going on in my hairy crack:) Finally I tell Benny he’s doing a good job, but now I want him to stick his tongue out , and plant it firmly on my greasy ripe hole, and push in as hard as he can. “That’s right Benny, you fag pig, get ur tongue in my ripe hole, and wash up all the slime, and my ass juices, making me squeaky clean”. I kinda chuckled when I said that, cause I knew my ass crack was nasty. But that was the fun of it—at least for me. Doing just a half hearted job, I reached up with my arm, and brought my hand crashing down on Benny’s balls again, and gave them a slap so hard, That Benny tried to buckle up, ‘cept he was tied down and couldn’t. He cried out in pain, but I just kept slapping his balls with my hand, about 7-8 times. His balls were swollen now, almost turning blue. With the aid of the cockring, his dick was busting with swollen, pulsating veins, and his head was swelled like a dogs, turning purple. It was a pretty site actually, about 7 1/2” hard.I yelled at Benny now, to get his fag tongue back in my hole, kaçak bahis to suck to up real good, and make my dick hard. (which it was anyway, lol) Benny r a p e d my hole with his strong wet tongue, causing me to start leaking fuck juice. I reach down with my hand, and wipe me some off from my piss slit for a taste. Sweet as always. I finally jump off of Benny’s mouth, even though I could have stayed there all day. Getting my ass eat, specially the tongue in the the hole part, was one of my favorite things. I jump for the cooler, and fish out yet another beer for Benny. Standing over him, I told him to open his mouth, and I just pour it into him from above. Naturally, he spills about half of it, as It’s coming at him pretty fast. I lift up my right leg, and slam a kick to his balls, again. Benny lets out a shreek like a back alley cat. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Think you can get more of that beer in ur mouth now”? I ask him in a real attitude voice. Benny nods his head up and down, so I continue with the rest of the beer. Still missing most of it, he at least has it all over his face, and head. I jump back to the cot, and straddling it again, sit down on Benny’s legs, just under his waist. I reached into my backpack again, and this time pull out a small jar of vasoline. Popping the lid, and getting me about a 3 finger scoop, I just look at Benny and say, “Ur gonna love this”. I slap my hand up into Benny’s crack, and start rubbing my hand up and down it, then shoving 3 fingers at once into his asshole. He gave off a bit of a yelp, kinda like a puppy. I stroked his hole with my 3 fingers a few times, then decided he can handle more. So adding the forth finger, now Im getting some serious squirming, and dis-pleasure. He starts moaning and whining, like that same puppy wanting a treat. I back up a bit, so I can lock my legs around his, and the legs of the cot—cause I know whats coming. With no warning, I add the thumb to my trespassing hand into Benny’s hole. He is startled, and for a moment lays motionless—like a toddler trying to decide did it actually hurt or not. He throws his head backwards, and opening his mouth, softly vocalizes “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh”. LOL, maybe that’s all he could do. I bring my hand in and out of Benny’s ass, and after about a minute start picking up the speed. Benny’s moaning is becoming deeper now, and more desperate sounding. I give him a big smile, and tell him “here it comes, punk” I double up my hand, making a full fist now. Benny’s eye’s widen now like he had just been electrocuted. I take the plunge, and send my fist all the way to the bottom of his shute. He cries out for sure now, and Im thinking ‘this is going to be fun’. Relentlessly now, Im fucking Benny’s ass with my fist, punching it hard and deep, and watching him squirm and trying to get away.Im actually getting turned on myself, and again start oozing fuck juice. I just look down at my b l o o d engorged cock, and smiling at ‘him’ say ‘in a little bit’. I grab the jar of vasoline , and rake out about half the jar, with my left hand. Still jacking his ass up with my right, I start to add the grease to my arm, and apply more to my hand as I pulled out. With another evil grin, I plunge my arm again, to the bottom of Benny’s ass, except this time I kept going. Flexing my muscles, I continued to push my fist, past the 2nd sphincter, and up into his guts. Benny let out a yell now, like a prisoner being whipped with a bull whip. I came back up, but quickly plunged my fist into his guts again. I was getting into it, and on the third plunge, I went even further, this time pushing with my weight, until I was in him up to my forearm. I pulled out again, and with a ‘punch’ plunged all up into Benny’s guts, this time to my elbow. I was totally diggin it—like a dude on acid for the first time. I was actually kinda spinning myself, the affects of the beer and dope. I continued to destroy Benny’s ass and guts with my relentless punching, until his screams became so loud and desperate, that I finally pulled out, in fear that I may actually damage him. It was only then that it occurred to me that we did not set up a ‘code word’ before we got started. But the worst part was done anyway.I release the rope from Benny’s waist, and instantly move up towards Benny—grabbing his legs and throwing them up over my shoulder, I head straight fro Benny’s ass. Still heavily greased from the fist fuck, and plow into his ass with my rock hard 11” jock cock, and go right to it. Holding his legs together with my elbows, I instantly start fucking Benny’s greasy ass like a jackhammer. Pulling back, and then slamming home, hard as I could. Now picking up the pace, Im fucking Benny’s fag pussy now as hard and fast as I can. Haven’t fucked anyone that hard since my lil bro, Dustin, when we initiated him into the ‘crew’ just after his 14th birthday. Benny’s cries are almost as bad as when it was my fist in his ass. I kept going—something was preventing me from getting off. I look down and notice Benny is still rick hard as well, with his cock trapped in the tight cockring. Just to be a really good asshole, while fuckin him I reach my arm up and bring it down relentlessly on his balls, once again. Benny cried out like a banshee this time (that’s my highest level of pain description, banshee, lol)I became so turned on myself, that I finally jumped off the cot, and jumped back onto Benny’s chest. This time, grabbing his hair again, I pull his mouth to my cock. Now dripping with my fuck lube, and his ass slime, I rare back and pop Benny in the side of the head, with my softball sized fist. Benny let out his best cry in desperation, and I plunged my 11” of vein poppin jock cock straight to the bottom of his throat. From there, there was no letting up. I fucked his throat while choking him with both of my hands. Holding him in place, relentlessly ramming past his tonsils. His throat was so skinny that you could actually see my cock from outside it, going down to the base of his neck. G o do d a m m I had a huge fucking cock.Finally the moment came. As I tightened up from my neck down to my thighs, I erupted like a volcano, with spurts of rope, one after another—one, two, three, four, five six, OMG I almost passed out from the intensity of my orgasm. Even after the major shots, the regular shots continued, I believe about 10 more. The nut was epic—and was starting to drip from his mouth, onto his chin and chest. I only wished sometimes that I had pulled out—just to see how far I would have slung my thick cock snot into the air. Benny started pushing back on me, snot pouring from his nose, and tears from his eyes. His was still coughing after letting go of his throat. Jumping from the cot, he bent over, grabbing his knees. Suddenly with a “oh fuck” Benny bolted from the tent, and stopping in the same posture, begin to puke his guts up. Beer, and more beer, cum, piss, all poured from his mouth, as he continued to expel my ‘gifts’ of the day. I stood dazed myself, sucking on the newest joint, just thinking damm—that’s a lot of shit coming out of him, smiling at my accomplishments. So to leave Benny ‘in peace’ for a few minutes, I turned back into the tent, and grabbed my 501’s. Stuffing my still huge cock back into them, I couldn’t help but look down at my well gifted ‘talent’. I grabbed my kicks, and just before putting them on, took a long deep huff of them myself. It took a second for it to kick in, and then I cried out “daaaayum”. At that time Benny has walked back into the tent. He looks at me and just says “and you like that shit”?I just chuckle, and asked “You had enough”? He answered “yes, I believe I have—let’s go”

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