May 19

TattleTale Sister

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All over 18

It was Amanda’s 18th birthday. She ran around the corner of the house as fast as her legs would carry her. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. There was her drunk older brother and his three drunk friends standing on the ledge facing the side of the house. Each one was pissing a long yellow stream directly onto the side of the house. They couldn’t see her. She was shocked to see her brother thrust his hips forward and land one final arching yellow shot.

“Gross!” Amanda hollered at them. They simultaneously turned their heads around, gaped at her, and took off into the backyard.

“Mom! Guess what Ben was doing?” Amanda the tattletale screamed. Her face all red with excitement because she knew her brother was going to get in big trouble.

The present day

“Damn it! Can’t you hold it a little bit longer?” Amanda asked her brother.

“No. Pull the truck over now. I gotta take a piss,” Ben exclaimed. Amanda barely got the truck pulled off the road when Ben jumped out the passenger side. He walked around the side of the truck. She heard him unzip his zipper and he started to pee.

Amanda had the thought at that moment she has never seen her brother’s dick. She figured it was partly because she was always such a tattletale when they were younger.

Ben climbed up in the truck and Amanda got them back on the road.

Ben kept stealing sly glances at her legs. Her legs looked good. Real good. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top. This latest job they were working together was keeping her trim. He glanced over in her direction one more time before focusing straight ahead on the road. He thought about those legs wrapped around him. He thought about kissing her. He was starting to get hard. He couldn’t let her see it. She would tease him endlessly. She was such a little tattletale growing up.

They arrived at the job site and Ben began unloading the truck. It had been güvenilir bahis a long ride to and from the outlet that carried the specific product the client wanted. Amanda walked into the shell of a house and noticed the other contractors had left. It was a mess. She helped her brother as much as she could. Eventually it started getting dark and they needed to wrap it up. She was carrying some expensive tools to the truck when she tripped and down to the ground she went.

“Oh!” she gasped. Ben heard the loud thump and called out to her. She was so startled when it happened she lost her voice. Then she began to cry.

“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” Ben told her. He helped her get to her feet and carried her to the truck. He needed to use the light in the truck to see where she was bleeding.

“Ben,” she sobbed. “I am so sorry. You have been so good to me letting me come along with you since I lost my job.”

Ben made sure she was ok in the truck then went and picked up what she dropped. He threw the rest of his things in the bed of the truck and they headed to her apartment. She wasn’t interested in dinner. Her roommate opened the door and Ben helped his sister to her bathroom. He helped her as she wiped the blood off her knees and washed off her hands. He knew she was going to be a little sore tomorrow.

Amanda laid down on the bed and he sat on the edge. He wanted to get home, eat something, and take a shower.

He leaned over her and said, “I can do something to distract you but you can’t tell.”

She looked at him curiously and giggled. “Ok…” she replied.

He lowered his face to her and gently placed his lips on her lips. He pulled away for a second to gage her reaction and then kissed her again. She started kissing him back. She parted her lips to allow his tongue to explore her mouth and she started to explore his. She reached her hand to the back of his head and pulled him closer.

He türkçe bahis stopped kissing her and smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked. She nodded her head and watched him open her bedroom door and head out.

The next day there was a sexual tension between them. It was her turn to cast sly glances his way. Being on the job site with him was so different from attending a family holiday function. She liked to watch him using his hands, the muscles in his arms and back, and the beads of sweat on his neck. She wanted to lick them off.

At the end of day Amanda offered for him to come in her apartment. He thought about her roommate and didn’t want to have to be around her. Not with what he wanted to do with Amanda tonight. Amanda agreed they would head over to his place. As soon as they arrived Ben took a shower. She meandered around his small place. It had been awhile since she had been there.

Ben came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. Amanda asked if she could rinse off however she didn’t have a change of clothes. He threw a shirt of his at her. She stuck her tongue out at him and exclaimed there better be hot water. He put on a pair of sweats.

She came out of the bathroom in his shirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties and was struggling to remain modest. He cooked a quick meal while they chatted. After they finished eating, he sat in ‘his’ chair and she plopped in the chair across from him. She pulled her legs up putting her feet on the seat with the intention of stretching the shirt over her bandaid covered knees.

She glanced at her brother to say something but noticed he had gotten very still. He was just staring at her. She blushed realizing she had just flashed her pussy at him.

He got up slowly from his chair and stalked toward her. Amanda immediately noticed the tent in his pants.

“Can I touch it?” she asked. He closed his eyes and moaned as she pulled the elastic güvenilir bahis siteleri band down over the head of his cock. Just the feel of her hands touching his skin was making him harder. She sat there for a minute looking at it. Then she put her fingers gently along his shaft stroking it up and down. She sped up, tightening and relaxing her grip as she did so. “I’m coming,” Ben warned. He came all over her face. A good bit of it was on her tongue and in her open mouth. Amanda swallowed then smiled and dabbed at the cum on her face. She licked it off her fingers and smirked at him.

He pulled her out of the chair and headed to his bedroom. He lifted his shirt off her and pushed her down on the bed. He was going to fuck Miss Perfect. He crawled over her and positioned himself between her legs. With one hand he cupped her tit and kissed the soft skin. He squeezed and took the nipple in his mouth. He started sucking, licking, and kissing. Amanda was mewling underneath him. He shifted then focused on the other nipple. He scooted down kissing her stomach along the way. He wrapped his arms around her legs and she started thrusting her pussy toward his face. “Please, Please, Please,” she whispered. He lowered his face and drew his tongue from the bottom of her pussy, slipping inside her for a moment then licking between her lips. He reached the spot near the top licking and sucking. He brought his arm back around so he could use his fingers and suck her clit. Her body started quivering and her pussy spasming on his fingers as she came. He pulled himself up, lined his cock with her entrance and thrust his cock in. She gasped and opened her eyes and he maintained eye contact with her while he fucked her. She was so tight. She raised hips and spread her legs further. He felt her pussy grip his cock while her body spasmed again. He pistoned back and forth till one final thrust driving deep inside her, he came. He kissed her lips, her neck, and then rolled off her holding her hand as he lay next to her.

After a long moment he looked at her and said, “You can’t tell anyone about us.”

Amanda winked and responded, “I promise.”

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