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Tattoo Girl’s Surprise

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This is my second story and it is a follow on to my first This story is also rooted in a true experience I had on a business trip, but embellished a little with a fantasy I’ve had for decades. I am hoping that women readers might leave me comments and suggestions for additional Tattoo Girl sequels. She’s a lesbian who proved herself bi for while with me. Sadly, she won’t know I’m writing about her but her memory stimulates my imagination and I hope yours as well.


“Just hearing your voice makes me wet”.

I admit that is probably the best start ever start to an unexpected phone call. However, it was a little awkward because I was sitting with my colleague in a taxi in terrible Nairobi rush hour traffic just before Covid took away our ability to travel.

When I say terrible traffic, I mean on a completely different level. This was the kind of traffic that moves at most 2 km in an hour even though it’s a divided highway. We were surrounded by trucks belching diesel smoke so thick I swore we were wearing it. Everywhere we were surrounded by craziness; motorcycles with whole families weaving in and out of virtually imperceptible gaps between vehicles, pedestrians appearing out of nowhere crossing the road and cars and taxi’s swerving and dodging each other in the median as they sought to move a little faster than we were.

“Well, that’s really great” I said. “I’d love to discuss this in a bit more detail but I’m just in a car on the way back to the hotel. Can I call you later?” I said as I tried to actual completely normal in front of my workmate. “By the way, what time zone are you in?”

She giggled. “There’s someone with you, isn’t there?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s been a hectic day here for us here in Nairobi, but we’ve just wrapped up our last meeting.” I replied. “And with any luck we’ll be enjoying a cold Tusker beer in an hour or so to celebrate.”

“Well, that timing suits me perfectly” she replied.

“What?” I said, so wishing I could get back to talking about her opening statement but trying to keep my cool. “Where are you calling from again?” I asked.

“Kigali” she replied. But I am boarding the Nairobi flight in 5 minutes” she said with serious naughtiness in her voice.

It was hard to hide my reaction. “Oh my! Well…umm…what a surprise!”

My friend looked over at me inquisitively and mouthed “Who is it?”

I held up a finger to put that question on hold while I did some very quick thinking.

“OK, look this sounds like it’s super urgent. You and I better get onto it as soon as possible. I’ll WhatsApp you when I’m at the hotel and we can work through this as soon as you’re available.” I thought that was a clever response all the way round.

After I hung up, I turned to my friend and said “Shit, so sorry Kate, looks like there’s a new opportunity that requires some urgent input. I’ve got time for one beer but then I’m going to have to head up to the room and get onto it.”

The double entendre made me smile as I turned away to stare out of the window. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬___________________________________________________________________________

The WhatsApp message arrived just as I was finishing my beer with Kate at a small table near the pool.

Kate and I work for different organizations but were paired together in the field and it had been a total pleasure. We worked our asses off, but she worked harder than any colleague I’d ever met, swore like a sailor in the most charming way and her mesmerizing green eyes and wicked smile made every day a pleasure. Her long legs were distracting enough but it was those permanently erect eraser nipples atop what I was guessing to be B cups that kept me riveted at every dinner. It was hot as hell, but the beautiful combination of her perfume laced with hints of feminine sweat fueled erotic daydreams while we traveled I the nonstop traffic from one meeting to the other.

I was planning on testing the waters for something to happen on this last night together, but I knew the unexpected phone call from my special friend with the beautiful tattoo threw a spanner into those works. That was, until I read her message.

I am 15 minutes away and my panties are properly soaked now. Tonight’s experiment will involve room service. I’ve never told you this before, but I am a lesbian…but with a YOU problem.

“Have you got time for one more beer and are you sure I can’t help you tonight?” Kate asked.

I swear to God she must have had ESP.

“Definitely eryaman rus escort one more round.” I answered. “And let me ask my colleague if I can invite you to help.”


I’d left my key for Tattoo Girl at the desk so she could drop her bag in my room and arrive at the bar looking like another guest. I saw her out of the corner of my eye sit down at the bar as she flashed me a big naughty grin.

The fucking minx was wearing a sleeveless blouse which clearly showed off her beautiful half sleeve tattoo and very short business skirt which rode up her long muscular thighs as she sat down.

I kept up my conversation with Kate but my mind on what was underneath that skirt. I watched her down what looked like an old fashioned in about two big gulps and grab her phone. A second later I received another WhatsApp message.

I’m wondering if your voice makes her as wet as me. I really had to hide my reaction. I immediately got another message.

I’m having one more drink and then going to your room. I have a new experiment in mind if you bring her. Or just come yourself. Entirely up to you. ?

If there was an emoji of a giant erection, that would have been my immediate response. Instead, I sent (in retrospect) a very lame ? back.

Kate made this even more difficult when she asked “Was that from your colleague? Did she say you guys could use an extra pair of hands?”

Big pause. Nobody teaches you in business school how to handle this kind of business problem.

Here were two colleagues, from two different organizations. Both important clients of my company. Both women I’d fantasized about. In truth, I’d stroked off and shot ropes of cum while imagining each of them. Though Tattoo Girl had taken control and walked me way across the line in a public restaurant in Delhi. We’d also shared a lot of phone sex over the past 6 months.

But here was beautiful, swears-like-a sailor, highly erotic smelling Kate sitting across from me with her eraser nipples in full bloom, just waiting for my response to her question. Fuck. I took a deep breath and plunged in.

“Kate. When we’re interviewing people in meetings, you and I probe and probe and probe until we get to a deeper truth. I think that’s how come you and I work so well together—we’re committed; no let’s say driven to get to those honest truths. So I’m going to take a huge leap here and share a truth and hope that even if you don’t like what you hear, you’ll still respect me for sharing it as a truth. Ok?”

Her eyes got very big and she cocked her head. “Ummm…OK. What is this big truth, Sam?”

“All week I’ve been imagining…no I lie, HOPING…that something might happen between us. I can’t keep my eyes off your eyes or your beautiful, umm, nipples. And your smell drives me wild. I just want to bury my face between your legs and see if you taste as good as I’ve imagined. But my colleague, as you call her, is here and she would like me to share you.”

A tiny naughty smile appeared on her face. “She? Go on.”

“This is where it gets interesting.” I continued. “She and I have a…special relationship. We’ve done a lot of erotic things together over the past 6 months including an experiment she designed in mutual masturbation in a restaurant in Delhi. But I don’t think we’ll ever fuck because she just told me tonight, she’s a lesbian.”

I swear I saw Kate’s nostrils flaring so I kept on going.

“She works for an organisation that we both know, so discretion is paramount. But she’s flown in from Kigali and a few minutes ago was sitting at the bar checking you out. She wants me to bring you upstairs to play. Hey I completely understand if you think this is completely crazy and you want to just get up and walk away now. But…” I paused, then I looked straight into her beautiful eyes.

There was no turning back now. I’d said it all and now fate was in her hands. Those beautiful green eyes stared deeply into mine and for a moment I had absolutely no idea how this was going to go.

Then she signaled the waiter to bring four shots of tequila and the check.

“What the fuck. I have been edging myself all week thinking about fucking you. This will just make tonight even more interesting than I’d ever imagined.”


Tattoo Girl let us in wearing a fluffy robe and a goofy look on her face. I could tell she’d been nipping into ankara escort bayan the mini bar because she was a little drunk. Fortunately, the tequilas were beginning to kick in from our side.

“I see you’ve recruited another subject for our experiment. I’m so pleased.” she said.

“Let’s keep to proper study protocols then” I said. “Complete confidentiality of the subjects. I’ll be subject 27 and my friend here can be subject 42.” I pointed to Tattoo Girl. “You’ll of course be subject 69”.

At least my stupid joke broke the tension.

“OK but this is my experiment and I’m the lead scientist” Tattoo Girl announced.

She handed Kate a fluffy robe from her closet. “I’ve only got one more of these, so I’d like you to undress completely and put this on. If you’re feeling a little shy you can of course use the bathroom.”

Then she looked at me. “You…I want you down to your sexy undies big man. I know you’re not at all shy, so you stay here with me.”

As I began to remove my clothes, Kate unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She removed her blouse and I was immediately stunned by her beautiful body, now just barely covered in sexy light green lingerie. She turned around to the wall as she took off her bra and panties and that was when I fell in love with her butt.

Before I could say anything, she’d slipped on the robe and gestured to me. “Well, my turn to watch you” she said. Tattoo Girl came up behind her, put her arms around her and her head on her shoulder and said “You read my mind.”

Taking off my shirt was easy but removing my jeans gracefully with a full erection was a little more problematic. I somehow managed but could feel both women watching my every move.

“Ok you…subject 27, you sit in the chair over here by the bed” commanded Tattoo Girl. I did as she said as she turned off all the lights but her bedside lamp.

Then she pulled out a scarf from her robe pocket and blindfolded Kate, leaning in to kiss her behind one ear as she tightly tied it behind her long brunette hair. Kate shivered a bit and let out a small gasp. Then she handed me a set of airpods and said “Put those in.”

Tattoo Girl led her two steps to the foot of the bed and helped her sit down there. Kate crossed her legs but leaned back on the bed comfortably.

My ears were filled with a melancholy opera aria while I watched Tattoo Girl hop onto her King-sized bed and propped herself up against the pillows against the headboard.

I couldn’t hear what she said but Kate could as I watched the scene unfold before me.

“Like our last experiment in Delhi, this one involves measuring senses and sensuality.”

Tattoo Girl opened her robe completely and spread her legs. She ran her fingernails over her light brown nipples and puffy areole. Both became erect.

“Subject 42, what do you hear me doing?”

“I can’t really hear anything”

My dick felt like it became harder than it ever had been as I watched this all play out, unable to hear what anyone was saying.

“Listen carefully.” Tattoo Girl said to Kate as she pinched both her nipples which made her noticeably exhale. A small moan escaped her lips. Then she lightly scraped her fingernails around her breasts and chest.

“It sounds like maybe you are scratching something. No. stroking something maybe. It’s making me horny imagining what that might be.” My dick was starting to leak precum watching this unbelievable fantasy unfold before me.

Tattoo Girl’s fingers traced down her tummy and into her dark patch of pubic hair. This sound was more pronounced for Kate as Tattoo Girl fingernails scraped against her mound and her thick dark pubic hair. I could only guess what she was saying as my eyes felt like they could see her in close-up . I felt like I was peering through a zoom lens as I watched her finger flicking her erecting clit and stroking thin but opening labia.

“I recognize that sound” said Kate with a smile. I of course didn’t hear this but did see her left hand reached inside her gaping robe to grab her breast and roll her growing nipple between thumb and forefinger.

I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed my own cock and squeezed it hard. My eyes and nose were working overtime to stimulate it as I began slowly stroking the thick shaft up and down.

“And what am I doing now?” Tattoo Girl asked as she plunged two fingers in and out of her very wet pussy, which made that distinctive squishy sound and appeared a little creamy. My eyes were still elvankent escort bayan laser focused between her legs.

“Oh fuck…is that what I think it is?” asked Kate. “Wait, don’t answer that.” she said as she lightly licked her upper lip. “My nose knows that it is what I think it is.”

“Crawl up to me Subject 42” commanded Tattoo Girl. “But first the robe has to go.”

As she tentatively did what she was asked, Tattoo Girl smiled and leaned down to lick Kate’s nipple. Kate gasped as she licked and tugged on it gently with her teeth, while rolling the other between her thumb and fingers. Kate sat back, her beautiful butt facing me as she moved her head from side to side in an almost hypnotic bliss.

“OK, you and I will change places. I want you resting back against the headboard pillows with legs open. No touching yourself. In fact, I want you to put your arms behind your back and just submit to what is about to happen” said Tattoo Girl to Kate.

A new song began to fill my ears. This one an urgent duet between a tenor and soprano. I’m not an opera fan but I couldn’t believe how beautifully choreographed this music was to what I was watching. Weirdly erotic.

Just as commanded, Kate did what she was told. Arms behind her back, she arched back and opened her legs to Tattoo Girl In doing so, her flower petal labia stretched slightly open to reveal several sticky strands of wetness.

My eyes kept dancing between nipples and pussies, overloading my mind with visual stimulation. My cock was leaking more precum than I’d ever experienced as I stroked myself faster. I was getting very close to cumming so I had to will myself to slow down and enjoy this show.

I took a deep breath through my nose and could smell a distinctively sexual aroma filling the room. It took all my self-control not to hop over and plant my face between someone’s legs.

Tattoo Girl angled her butt towards me as she slowly, erotically leaned down between Kate’s legs. She looked up and smiled as her fingers opened Kate’s beautiful labia.

From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing with her tongue and I couldn’t hear the moans I was sure were filling the room, but that made the scene all the more erotic.

I could, however, see Kate’s mouth gape open in total pleasure; nostrils flaring. She caught my eye looking at her and she smiled, licking her lips. Then she looked down and watched me stroking my cock. Fuck fuck fuck; watching her watch me was beyond sexy.

In my eyeline was Tattoo Girl’s pussy, literally dripping with wetness. As she licked Kate, I saw Tattoo Girl’s wetness dripping down onto the bed. Her asshole, which was so very open, pointing directly at me. It was rhythmically contracting open and closed as if she was keeping time to what her tongue was doing.

At this point, I lost all self-control. But fortunately, I was not alone.

Tattoo Girl slipped one hand between her own legs and began tweaking her clit with two fingers back and forth furiously right in front of me.

Kate was drooling as her mouth opened; it was clear she was right on the edge of a massive orgasm. It was incredibly sexy watching spit dripping down her cheek.

As my eyes were glazing over with my impending and inevitable orgasm, the soprano and tenor hit a series of high notes. Amazingly enough, the climax of the song was perfectly timed to my impending orgasm. Part of Tattoo Girl’s master experiment I wondered?

I’m normally more of a thick cum dribbler versus a big cum shooter, but this evening was the exception.

I saw Kate gasp, her face contorted into an expression that would have been either complete pain or exquisite pleasure. I obviously knew which of the two it was.

Tattoo Girl’s dropped her head to the bed as one hand grabbed her breast while the other plunged two fingers into her gaping pussy. Her little finger flicked back and forth across her asshole, wet with her pussy juices now. I bet she likes anal I thought.

Her hips pumped up and down. And suddenly she too was cumming.

My head jerked back, my pupils dilated, and I arched my back uncontrollably. I literally threw 3 ropes of cum across the bed and onto both beautiful women in the throes of their own orgasms. The other 4 spurts from my thick cock were not so strong and ended up mostly on my thighs and the bedspread.

The music abruptly stopped in my ears. My pupils returned to normal, and my nostrils filled with what can only describe as smell of pure eroticism.

Tattoo Girl was the first to speak after our moments of our complete bliss passed.

“Who wants a drink?” she said. “The night is young, and I have several other experiments to conduct if you’re game.”

Dear reader…shall this be continued?

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