May 24

Teaching Tom Ch. 01

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“Bloody everlasting fuck,”

Bianca slammed the door behind her, glaring at the groceries spilled all across the floor. Of course the bags had to break. Of course the door had been locked, which caused her to fumble for her keys, which caused her to accidentally snag the side of the bag, and… well, the rest is history. This was just a perfect ending to a perfect day.

As she crouched down to pick up the things that had fallen, she heard scuffling upstairs and muffled whispers.

“What the hell?” she asked herself softly, leaving the groceries and tip toeing up the stairs. Mind you, it was a little difficult to tip toe in heels, but she did the best she could.

Walking slowly and softly down the hallway, she stopped in front of her suspiciously closed bedroom door. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she counted to ten before she flung the door open and opened her eyes.

“Jesus Christ, Bianca! Knock much?” Her boyfriend Tom said, balls deep in some mysterious redhead with admittedly beautiful breasts, not breaking his stride as he pounded into her from behind. The girl looked up, eyes wide.

“Who’s this, Tom?” the girl asked, attempting to stop the motions. Tom paid her no heed, slapping her on the ass and pumping harder. The girl moaned loudly, shutting her eyes and bumping back against him.

Bianca sighed, leaning back against the door and tapping her foot. She was in no mood to deal with the matters at hand, despite them talking about it for quite awhile. She finally gave up waiting for them to finish as she watched wave after wave of pleasure cross over Tom’s face and left the room to go downstairs.

As she picked up the groceries from the floor and walked to the kitchen to put them away, she thought back to what had sparked this complete indifference to seeing her lover with another woman. And how at no point of seeing them together did she wish she was in the redhead’s position.


Bianca and Tom had a fairly unconventional relationship. They met in college at a frat party, as most people do. They got themselves fair drunk, combined with a ridiculous amount of weed, and decided then and there to just fuck one another and get it over with. Bianca was pre-law and sick of all the bullshit that she knew she would have to deal with each day of her life after college; Tom was skating by in his engineering classes, wondering if that was really what he wanted to do with his life.

It started as an innocent kiss on the couch as other partied around them, some doing the same and some having full-fledged college-style dry humping on the couches and chairs around them. The bass pumped in tune with Bianca’s heartbeat, and she opened her lips to accept his probing tongue. At the first electric stroke inside her mouth, she knew that she was going to fuck him that night. She climbed onto his lap, grinding her groin into his. Feeling Tom’s erection building between her thighs gave her the most delicious thrill, tingling and wetness pooling inside of her.

Lifting her lips from his, she whispered “We need to find a bed”. Tom’s hands moved from her hips down to her ass, pulling her closer to his hardening cock and pushing it against her. The layers of two pairs of jeans and two sets of undergarments was frustrating. He pulled his hands away and mentioned that his room was just upstairs, this being his frat house and all. Bianca nodded and took his hand, letting him lead her upstairs amidst all of the cat-calls and lewd comments. What did she care, she wasn’t ever going to see this guy again.

Tom led her down a dark hallway filled with couples in various stages of dishabille, some doors open to couples gyrating half dressed on beds or couches, some closed with various moans and grunts permeating the loud music coming from downstairs. They arrived at his room and he pulled out a key to unlock it, giving her a lopsided grin at her questioning look.

“I didn’t want anyone else to be fucking in here,” he explained, popping the door open and grandly gesturing for her to walk in first. Bianca giggled, as only the truly high and drunk do, curtsied and walked güvenilir bahis in. It was your typical frat guy bedroom, dark walls and wood floors, random sports paraphernalia across the walls, textbooks and other school things stacked on the desk collecting dust, and a bed haphazardly made. The only surprise was that the bed wasn’t your standard twin, but a generous double.

“Welcome to Chateau Tom,” Tom said, closing the door behind him and walking over to turn on a lamp. The soft light didn’t do much in the dark room, but it helped to not bump into anything. Tom sat down on the bed, patting the spot beside him for Bianca to sit on. Bianca considered her options, and remained standing. Even with the light of the lamp, she was barely visible, but Tom’s eyes adjusted enough to see her hand drift to the waist of her jeans, opening the buttons and letting them fall to her feet. Stepping out of them, she gripped the bottom of her shirt and drew it over her head. Tom’s heart beat a little harder, the blood flowing down to his cock and beginning to beat there. Bianca left on her bra and panties, and sauntered over to where Tom sat, pushing him back on the bed. She reached for the button of his jeans, slowly lowering the zipper.

“Sweet fuck,” Tom breathed, realizing that he didn’t even know this girl’s name. He would have felt bad if the girl hadn’t snaked her hand into the fly of his boxers and stroke his cock slowly with just her fingertips before wrapping those sweet fingers around him and moving it up and down. Tom groaned, as her hand moved competently over his cock, allowing it to harden completely and the first drops of pre-cum seeping through its tip.

Once Bianca felt them drop onto her hand, she stilled her movements. Tom protested, leaning up on his elbows to look at her. Bianca leaned forward, allowing him a good view of her still-bra-clad breasts as she shimmied out of her panties. Tom’s cock throbbed harder as he quickly took his shirt off and threw it against the wall. He reached for his boxers but Bianca clucked her tongue.

“We don’t want this over too soon, do we?” she said, her voice gloriously sexy and low. She pushed him back onto the bed again and straddled him, the heat and wetness of her only one thin layer of cotton away. Tom rested his hands on her hips and moved them up to her breasts, thumbs playing over where he hoped her nipples were. He reached behind to unclasp her bra, relieved when she let him. Her breasts were certainly more than a handful, firm and full, her nipples large and tight in his fingers. He palmed her breasts, kneading as she gyrated on top of him, simulating sex as best she could with his boxers as the only barrier between them. Tom thrust his hips in time with her, groaning when he felt her wetness through his boxers. She stopped moving and leaned down abruptly.

“I want this over soon,” she said, ripping his boxers down and plunging herself onto his cock.

“Fuck!” was all Tom could say, her cunt gripping him like a sleek wet fist, pulsating. Her hips moved against his, swirling in circles and lifting up and down. Tom could only hang on to her hips as she pumped up and down on him, and through the darkness watched her tip her head back and fondle her own breasts, pulling at her nipples as she moved. He felt his orgasm coming up much too quickly, and not wanting to be the subject of premature ejaculator, he slipped one hand down to where their bodies met. Probing in between her lips, he circled her clit, rejoicing as he felt her cunt fluttering around his cock. Bianca moaned, leaning forward and allowing her breasts to graze Tom’s face and to grind more forcefully against him. Tom removed his fingers from her clit, holding her hips still with both hands.

“Can we do this another way?” he asked when she lifted her head to look at him. She assented by lifting herself off of him, her body screaming for release. He pushed himself off the bed and took her hand, pushing her towards a wall, face first. He pushed his cock against her ass as he placed her each of her hands above her head. He used his left hand to fondle her breasts, each in turn, and his right to slowly moved down her luscious body türkçe bahis to part her wet lips, slipping one finger down her slit and up to her clit. She whimpered a little, leaning further into the wall with her upper body, her lower body pushing back into him. He circled her clit a little harder and a little faster, grinding himself against her as she whimpered louder. He felt her legs shake and knew her orgasm was imminent. Taking his left hand off of her breast, he positioned himself at the entrance of her cunt, not taking his right hand away for one second, and thrust in hard. Bianca gasped, pushing herself back against him. He pressed himself into her, harder and harder each time, his fingers moving quickly over her clit.

“F-fuck,” Bianca bit out. “Goddamn it, just pound it in there!” Tom stopped his motions, a little shocked by the words that came out of such a proper-looking girl (how proper could she be, though, seeing as this was the first time they had met). She whipped her head around.

“Fuck me,”

The harshness of the statement combined with the innocent beauty of her face turned him on more than he could have imagined and he pushed her to the wall, pounding her hard as he fluttered his fingers against her clit. He heard the random bits of swears and grunts coming out of her beautiful mouth, but all he cared about at this moment was getting her to come and getting his own. He pressed harder into her and moved his fingers faster, feeling his orgasm building up inside. He wanted to put it off at least until she got hers.

He got his go-ahead as he felt her cunt clench around him and the wetness flood over him, followed by her shuddering so hard he almost dislodged. She swore profusely in between orgasmic moans, her hips moving in the same circles Tom was playing her clit with. All at once Tom shook, his cock exploding inside of her as he pumped into her three times, bending over Bianca and grasping hard onto her breasts. Bianca waited the appropriate couple minutes before gently prying Tom’s fingers from her breasts and moving away from him, the wet schlick soft amongst their laboured breathing and the music from downstairs. She turned around, her back against the wall, and looked at him. Through her hazy, drugged vision, she had no idea what he actually looked like, but knew that a guy who could fuck like that was worth keeping around. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and held out her hand.

“I’m Bianca,” she said, giggling a bit. Tom laughed and shook her hand.



After that initial meeting, they were inseparable. They officially declared themselves a couple a few days later, and kept their dirty escapades to themselves. No one in the frat house knew about the threesome they had with one of the Tri-Delts; no one in Bianca’s dorm knew about the night they decided to take Ambien and see how many times they could come before they succumbed to the drug. They worked their way through the Kama Sutra more times than either of them could count, sometimes doing five or more positions in one sitting. They were faithful to one another, but after three years with the same person (with a random addition thrown in occasionally), they were completely bored.

For the week leading up to Bianca walking in to Tom fucking that redhead, they had talked about perhaps taking a break from their relationship, allowing one another to determine if they were better together or apart. She was having her doubts, but apparently Tom was ready to act on the impulse instead of talking it over. The past couple months had been rough. They had been fighting a lot, not having sex nearly as much as they used to (only once a week), which lead to Bianca spending more time at work than she really wanted to.

She put the groceries away methodically without even thinking of where things should go, her mind was in auto-pilot. She threw the busted bags into the garbage and plopped down onto one of the kitchen chairs they had just purchased last week, kicking her shoes off and not caring about where they landed. Sighing, she rested her head on her hands and closed her eyes. She loved Tom with güvenilir bahis siteleri all her heart, and had hopes of marrying him. But if he was so willing to take a break and stray, and find a woman to fulfill his needs in such a hurry, then maybe he wasn’t the man she thought he was. He certainly wasn’t as prime a catch now as he was in college. He was working from home as a graphic designer, but didn’t have any intentions on getting higher paying clients or spreading the word around about his services. He sat on his ass for 8 hours a day, clicking that fucking mouse and typing the random phrase, only getting up to pee and jerk off as he saw fit. He didn’t clean the house or have supper ready for her when she got home from work, and didn’t really see it necessary to work out as religiously as he used to. In short, it really should have been Bianca who found a replacement first.

She rolled her eyes as she heard the bed creaking and the accompanying moans and screams of pleasure. Fuck, it should be her up there making all the noise and Tom down here, wondering where he went wrong. She shoved back from the table and ran up the stairs, anger not coursing through her veins but revenge. She knew what she needed to do to get his attention.

Flinging the bedroom door open, she walked past the couple lying entwined on the bed to the walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. Grabbing what she knew was the dress that made Tom spring a boner just seeing her in it, she ducked into the bathroom to freshen herself up.

She turned on the shower and stepped in, scrubbing the day off of her and running her hands down her body, smirking to herself knowing that she had a significantly better body than that tart on the bed. She scrubbed her hands through her hair, a curling mass of deep chestnut that rained down her back to the top of her firm ass. She worked hard to keep her body in shape, mostly for herself but a little bit for him. He’d damn well learn that he should appreciate it better, she thought, standing under the spray and rubbing her breasts, delighting in the tightening of her nipples and the tingles in her cunt. She moved one hand down to play with her clit, flicking it gently and relishing in the jolts of pleasure. Removing the shower head from its stand on the wall, she turned the pressure up and applied it to her sex, leaning against the wall and moaning with pleasure. She felt the tell-tale shakes coming on, and with no little regret pulled the shower-head away and put it back in its place on the wall. She needed to be proper aroused to get around to fucking some stranger tonight, and teasing herself would do the trick.

Turning off the shower, she dried off and applied her makeup, making sure to emphasize her blue eyes and full lips. Tousling her hair, she slipped into the dress, foregoing panties and a bra completely. There would be no need to waste time with niceties tonight, she was going in for the kill. Winking at her reflection, she opened the bathroom door and strutted across the room, her hips swinging with each step. She laughed to herself when Tom sat up, his eyes lighting with pleasure as he watched her make her way to the bedroom door. Bianca leaned over, allowing him a clear view of her unfettered breasts, and blew him a kiss.

“Good night, Tom dear. I’m headed out. You have fun with whoever that is, but do sleep in the guest room tonight. I’ll be bringing a friend home,” she said, waving as she sailed through the door, closing it behind her. She chuckled softly as she made her way down the stairs, hearing Tom swearing as he scrambled to put some clothes on and the girl whining at him to come back to bed. She was nearly out the front door when Tom raced down the stairs and grabbed her arm.

“Just where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He asked, clearly out of breath. It was a pity, Bianca thought, that he let himself go. He used to be so handsome.

“I told you that I’m going out,” Bianca said, wrenching her arm away and glaring at him. “You get your fuck buddy, I get mine. That was the deal,”

She stepped out of the doorway and flipped him off as she walked to her car, opening the door and sliding inside, letting Tom see that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the dress. She stared at him until he looked up at her, his eyes full of disbelief, hurt, and a little jealousy.

“You made this deal, Tom. I’m simply following through.”

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