Nis 07

Teaser Plays Hostess

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With Daddy gone on an overnight trip I decided to go to Uncle Ted’s place. I knew it was Uncle Ted’s night to host the weekly poker game, so I changed before I left. First I slipped on a pair of black sheer to waist pantyhose, as I knew Uncle Ted had a thing for them, then a black bodysuit that was very tight, and cut low in front, and back. A black spandex mini-skirt, and my 4″ gold-spiked heels were next, and as I inspected my outfit in my mirror I liked the way my puffy, stiff nipples were outlined.

Uncle Ted had no idea I was coming over so he was delightfully surprised to see me, and I knew he liked my outfit. He introduced me to the 4 other guys, and I enjoyed the way they were all undressing me with their eyes. I jumped into my duties as hostess, and enjoyed serving their every need. After serving one round of beers I was standing beside Uncle Ted, and after he folded he slipped his hand up the back of my leg, and under my skirt. He smiled up at me when he felt the heat between my legs, and only one of the guys noticed me shudder as Uncle Ted rubbed my pussy.

Antwan, and I kept eye contact as Uncle Ted rubbed my pussy, and before I could orgasm somebody wanted more chips. As I dumped chips into the empty bowl I was grinding against the counter top hoping for a quick orgasm. It didn’t happen, and I went back out very frustrated. I began to wish Uncle Ted would go on a losing streak, and have to use me to cover a bet. I imagined I would have to pay the debt off after Uncle Ted lost by doing the guy who won on the table kartal escort bayan for all to watch. As luck had it Uncle Ted was on a hot streak, and was way ahead. By the time the game broke up he was over $300 dollars ahead, and as the guys left they all kissed me on the cheek, and thanked me for making the game more bearable. Antwan however was the last to leave, and he kissed me on the lips, and left me breathless after.

When the door was shut behind Antwan Uncle Ted turned me to face him, and kissed me so passionately my head was spinning. When we broke the kiss Uncle Ted panted how turned on he was seeing his buddies lusting after me, and that he needs relief right then. I just smiled as I sank to my knees, and freed his hard, throbbing cock. From the way it pulsed in my hand I knew he would cum quickly so I opened my mouth wide, and sank over half inside. He groaned out as my warm wet mouth sucked tightly, and slid up the length until just the head was captured. He began to pump his hips so I would take his cock back in my mouth but I moved my head so just the head stayed between my lips. When I felt the door at the back of my head I pressed back against it, and opened wide. Uncle Ted slid his cock in my mouth until the head hit my throat, and backed out again. I looked up at him hoping my eyes told him I wanted him to fuck my mouth, and I knew they did when the next stroke went deep.

“That’s it baby, take all my hard cock,” he groaned as he held his cock deep in my throat.

“I bet all the escort maltepe guys imagined doing this to you,” he grunted as he began to fuck my mouth, picking up speed with every long thrust.

I felt his cock grow a little bigger, and was ready for his hot, gooey cum. He groaned out, and was then shooting his cum down my throat. When his balls were drained he pulled out, and took a weary step back. He told me he needed to use the bathroom, and just as he disappeared in there a knock on the door sent me to the ceiling. I opened the door, and there stood Antwan. He said he had forgotten his coat, and after letting him in he pulled me to him, and again kissed me. His kiss was even more intense than before, and this time his big hands cupped my ass, and lifted me part way off the floor. I could feel his hard cock against me, and it felt huge. Just after we broke the kiss Uncle Ted came in, and greeted Antwan. Uncle Ted told me to go get them a beer, and I did on very shaky legs.

I gave Uncle Ted his beer first, and when I handed Atwan his he pulled me down onto his lap. I was looking at Uncle Ted who was smiling as Antwan’s hands came around me to fondle my breasts. I melted back against him, and moaned softly as he tweaked, and twisted my nipples.

“I want to fuck you,” Antwan whispered in my ear, as he pulled my bodysuit down to free my breasts.

“Strip,” was all Uncle Ted said as he watched Antwan enjoy my breasts.

I stood up, and slid off my skirt, then my bodysuit. Uncle Ted then told me pendik escort to leave my pantyhose on, and to suck Antwan’s cock. I knelt before Antwan, and freed the biggest cock I have ever seen. I began to suck Antwan’s huge cock, as Uncle Ted moved in behind me, and began to eat my pussy right through the pantyhose. I quickly reached my peak, and came all over Uncle Ted’s face as Antwan held my head, and was now fucking my mouth.

“Now fuck him,” Uncle Ted groaned as he spanked my ass hard.

I moved over Antwan, and when his cock head hit my pussy I knew I would be fucked like never before. I reached between my legs, and found Uncle Ted had eaten a hole right through my pantyhose, and I began to slowly lower my dripping pussy downwards. I moaned out when the head penetrated, and it seemed like forever until I was completely impaled. Antwan groaned out how tight I was, and Uncle Ted again spanked my ass as he told me to fuck him good. I began to ride up, and down loving the way Antwan’s big cock stretched me soooo nicely, and I was quickly orgasming yet again. Antwan’s eyes seemed to be transfixed on my perky breasts jiggling wildly as I began to ride him like a woman possessed, which I was.

Without warning Antwan stood up, and without dislodging his cock, turned us around so I was now lying on the couch. He began to pound his cock into me, and we were both moaning out how good it felt. I felt Antwan grow bigger, and I begged him to cum on me. Hearing that did it for him, and he pulled out at the last moment, and began firing huge wads of hot, gooey cum up my writhing body. I was covered from head to pussy in cum, and he sat back panting as we both caught our breath.

Uncle Ted broke the silence telling me to go shower, and I gave Antwan a kiss before going into the bathroom.

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