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Teasing My Daddy Ch. 4

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Warning: This story contains depictions of adult sexual situations, including mind control, and lots of sex. If it is illegal for you to view this subject in your area do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or offensive then you obviously won’t enjoy reading this story, so don’t read it. The author takes no responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.

The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only if it is in its original form including this message and archiving only by prior permission. Please contact storysmith@hotmail.com to obtain permission from the author. This is basically so that I know where my work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to. Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

Be warned also that English is not my primary language, so stupid grammatical mistakes and weird sentence construction are problems you may face as you read my stories.

* * * * *

Cathy thought about her last night discovery all day, images of her father rubbing his hard cock on her ass and peeking at her bosom never left her mind.

The blonde was feeling a little guilty. She thought that dressing carelessly had got him in this state, but again, it was just a thing that happened yesterday or had him been getting the hots for her for a long time?

Cathy decided to test his reactions, she would do her best to get him excited without making it too obvious. I was her specialty! The girl didn’t even noticed that she hadn’t felt the need to flirt during the whole day, all her mind was on her eagerly waited night.

She dressed provocatively as usual. Since she always wore a old dress or a lingerie to sleep the blonde decided for her skimpiest teddy, it was very transparent and flowed in her body as if ethereal.

It had a deep V-shaped neckline and was tied in a bow behind her neck, the kind she had always favored. It was just like some halter top, leaving most of her back bare and two small triangles protected her bosom from other people eyes, but the girl tied it so that the teddy would hung very low on her bosom, making her breasts go out of cover if she moved in the right ways. If her kartal escort bayan body moved too much the garment would end tucked in the middle of her chest, the bare tits escaping on it’s sides.

The hem line was very high, and she used her skills with a needle to make it even higher, until it went just bellow her asscheeks, in fact her panties were appearing in the bottom of the garment even if she stood up, not moving or bending. It was a tiny piece of underwear, it was engulfed by her asscheecks and she tucked it inside her pussy lips, the labia escaping on the sides of the white garment.

Looking at the mirror she was satisfied wit the effect and walked in a incredibly horny state to meet her father.


I walked slowly to him, What if he had been getting excited all those years? It would be the longest tease I’ve ever done! But… NAH! No way! Even so… thinking that he would have been getting aroused about me for so much time was driving me insane with a horniness I never knew before.

“Hi daddy.” I said and kissed him in the fore head as usual. I knew my breasts were in his full view but he managed to hide any reaction from me. God, this doubt was killing me!

“Hi, my princess” He answered. “Isn’t this teddy a little too short for you?”

A reaction at last, but not a positive one. Had I been wrong?

“Maybe… but I only use it home, so I don’t think it will cause any problem. Isn’t it pretty?” I modeled for him for some seconds, giving him plenty of views of my body as I walked and suddenly turned back or bended over a little holding my knees with my hands.

“Ok, you got me convinced.” He laughed. It made me even more insecure of what I thought. Just then some important news appeared in the TV and his attention went to it. I wasn’t paying attention to the cable news and, without thinking twice, I sat on the arm of his chair and arched my body, making the right breast exit my teddy. His head was very close to me, his eyes in level with my nipples, the visible areola to his side. I pretended to be watching the TV but I saw his eyes discreetly staring at my nude tit.

He was looking at my tit! I was sure of it now. It wasn’t an accident or a distracted peek, he was getting hot to look at my tit! Was it because of today’s escort maltepe opportune view or was it usual for him?

Oh my… I got very confused. I needed to know if he desired me or not, and if it was my unknowingly flirt that led him to it. Just to think about it sent me shivers of lust, incestful thoughts crossed my mind, thoughts about satisfying this long and pent up desire!

But he kept pretending nothing had happened! I had to be sure and I decided to go as far as needed, he would take an action sometime, to chastise me or to grab me! One way or another I was about to find it out!

The news program ended and I made my new move. I raised from the chair and turned my back to him, facing the low table in front of me, mid way to the TV, and bended at the waist to get the remote control of the TV that layed on it.

My too short dress rode high up my hips and I was sure he was getting a very close view of my round ass, since my legs were a little apart my pussy was also at display, the puffy labia engulfing the tiny panties covering it.

Then I sat on his lap, aiming for his manhood. I was only mildly surprised to feel a rock hard member on my butt, he had been in a position that hided all that big hard on!

I changed position rubbing hard my butt against his hard prick, and ended up sitting with both legs to one side of his body and my crotch fully in contact with his. I was sure daddy wasn’t using briefs under his sheer pajamas, and his erection was poking at my pussy, I was very excited as I did it, my nipples got hard instantly. His hands went to my legs, as if to get me more steady in this position, but standing very near my pussy.

I noticed he got a worried look in his face for a second, but as I pretended not to notice anything he calmed down, I stood with the control in one hand pointing to the TV, while I changed channels, and the other hand down, on the arm of the chair, my torso was arched back and my big full mounds were just bellow his face.

As I moved discreetly on his lap the V-shaped neckline rode each time closer to the center of my chest, and soon it was tucked between my large boobs. I stared at the TV, looking to be oblivious to the fact that my chest was bare, and continued to zip through the cable programs.

His pendik escort hands rode up my leg very slowly, using my own movement to go up the tights, until his fingers were touching my slit. His penis was rock hard bellow me and I nearly came with this situation. But I still pretended not to be noticing anything.

Then I stopped at an old Three Stooges rerun. Daddy knows that I loved the three stooges since I was a little kid, and I took this opportunity to go on with my flirting. God, I said it! I was flirting with my daddy! But it was just the truth… and it was the best tease I ever made!

Moved excitedly up and down on his lap, saying “cool! I love the three stooges!” I felt his prick rubbing hard at my buttocks, I was moving to nearly jerk him off with my butt, and my jugs bounced lewdly in front of his eyes. His fingers were brushing hard against my wet pussy while I bounced on his lap, his hand stood there the whole time until the end of the program.

When it was finished I adjusted my top and leaned on his arms, sending a leg to one side of his and straddling his crotch, then I yawned and stretched, sending my upturned tit to his face, my nipple rubbing against his nose and lips, and hugged him hard, squeezing my body against his.

In a few minutes I pretended to be sleeping, it wasn’t unusual to happen, but I was fully aware of what was happening near me. Daddy kept stroking my hair and I nearly cried in shame. I love him so much! Why am I teasing him like that?

When he thought I was in deep sleep he rubbed his dick against my pussy, his fingers worked slowly and with great care to move my panties to the side of my slit, suddenly he took his manhood out!

I had been going out with boys for years, but I never had sex in my life. Ok, I sucked lots of cocks, but none of them entered my private love opening! Now I felt him rubbing his erection against my clit!

It felt so good! I felt him jerking off gently, his cockhead brushing against my labia, nearly entering it… I was so afraid that I stood paralyzed, it was really going too far! But I felt a most delicious orgasm after a few minutes of this… I hardly controlled myself and dad thought I was waking up. He swiftly tucked his dick inside the pajamas and told me to go to my bed, I was sleeping.

I thought a terrible mind battle, I wanted to grab him and make him kiss my mouth! I was so excited my knees were weak, but I was so scared that I just went to my room with weak knees. God I masturbated twice before I could sleep that night!

To Be Continued…

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