Oca 17

Tell Laura – Chapter 23

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TommyFor the third morning, I woke up and Laura was there with me. The first obvious thing was Laura sprawled across me again and as the fog cleared, a couple of other things became apparent. The morning glory feeling was there, but there was also downward pressure on my cock. As I was putting two and two together and hoping I was getting five, Laura started to move. It felt like she had an arm trapped between us and she moved about to release it. This movement only highlighted the pressure I was feeling, given her position, I thought her leg must be right on top of me.Laura started to fidget, moving the arm across my chest, down her side, then over her bum. Watching her move in slow motion, my brain started to wake up and appreciate the sight, pulling her t-shirt up, exposing one of her firm, round cheeks, sliding her hand towards the middle, where her cheeks met.Her finger slipped under the material of the black lace thong she was wearing, for herself,  pulling the knickers from between her cheeks as her hand moved lower. I felt a gentle tugging along the top of my cock, I stopped breathing as I realised what was happening.Then it happened, something, well, someone touched the tip of my hard-on. It wasn’t a cursory touch, a fleeting accidental touch. Laura stopped still with her finger on the end. She pressed around the end, almost exploring it, before running a finger along the underside. It was almost as if she had not understood fully what she was feeling and doing until I was betrayed by my body and my cock throbbed under her touch.Laura froze, she too stopped breathing, neither of us moved, neither said anything, time stood still for us. I closed my eyes a little, so I could pretend to be asleep should she look at me, she didn’t. Laura lifted her hand away and slowly brought it back up, sliding it over my chest.I could almost hear her thinking, much the same as me, what the hell had happened, how do we disentangle ourselves, how do we move forward from here, do I say anything? After a few minutes of both of us lying rigid, in more than one way, both pretending to be asleep, but our breathing (or not) giving away that we were not, nature made my decision for me.“Oh, shit! Laura, move!” She rolled off me quickly as I tried to get out from under her.“Are you okay?” Her voice was panicky.“Yeah, I need a piss,” I replied not looking back.I took my time in the bathroom and had a quick wash, before returning to my now empty, room. I don’t know if I was concerned or relieved. I worried how Laura was reacting to this morning’s event. I was thankful that I had a few moments to gather myself and for the first time in my life, I was bothered if Laura saw me naked. I determined that I was going to react to Laura, if she wanted to ignore it, fine, if she wanted to tackle it head-on, then I would go that route. First things, first, breakfast was needed. LauraAs I had pulled my knickers out of my bum, I noticed Tommy holding his breath, just as I felt something stopping my progress. My brain must have been in denial, as there were only a few things it could be and only one that was anywhere near likely. I paused when I first felt it, then started poking and prodding and felt around the end of it. Seeing how far it went between my legs, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, I ran my finger along it and then it throbbed.’Shit!’ I thought as I froze. ‘Does that mean he’s awake?’ I noticed there was no further movement from Tommy, not even the rise and şişli escort bayan fall of his chest. He didn’t say or do anything, perhaps I could pretend to be asleep and put my hand back on his chest. Who was I kidding? He was awake, I knew it, he knew I knew and also knew I was awake.We lay there together, Tommy still holding me, still hard between my legs. Both of us must be trying to work out how to do the next thing without it getting anymore awkward. All of a sudden, he was pushing me away, I panicked thinking it was an angry response, but he assured me that he just needed the loo.As soon as I heard the bathroom door close, I ran to my room. I leant back against the door, as it closed behind me. Was I upset? I don’t think so, it was impossible to know if Tommy was, his reaction was all covered with his excuse. Was I aroused? I couldn’t be, Tommy was my brother. What about sub-consciously, when it was my body reacting to his while we slept, was I aroused when I woke up? I think I was. It was such a shame it was Tommy, this was the first time, for so long, that arousal had just happened, through contact without actively trying to get aroused. I was happy because I knew now that I could possibly get back to enjoying a full love life.My thoughts turned to Tommy, how was he feeling about what happened? We could kid ourselves and pretend to have been asleep, but I knew and I’m sure he knew that we weren’t. It didn’t matter if we addressed it head-on, I needed to watch and gauge how he was. Then it struck me, the night before when I had got nervy and jumped off his lap, he had reacted to me. He throbbed against my leg, this time it was against my hand.I pulled his t-shirt off and stood in front of the mirror. I perhaps didn’t look as young as twenty-six, I had dark rings around my eyes that seemed to have been there for the last year. There was a line of grey in my otherwise black hair, giving me a look similar to the mother in the film Poltergeist, after she had been through the portal. Maybe my marriage was my portal, it ended up something like a horror film. My ex had made me dye it regularly, but even in these few days, it was starting to show through again.Continuing looking at myself, my skin was good, I always ate well, generally sticking to a Mediterranean inspired diet. I always took this to be a legacy of our mother’s Spanish heritage. I guess the one thing I might thank my ex for is his insistence that I keep in shape. It became one of my pleasures and something I would carry on in due course. This had kept my tits and arse firm, my belly taught and given my arms and legs shape and strength.I was a pretty good-looking woman and if I say so myself, I had a damned good body. Tommy was right, he did have a sexy sister and with similar looks and the same dark complexion and eyes, only his being masculine, the more I saw and felt, of him, I knew I was right, I had a sexy brother. We were legacies of our genes, very similar but opposites. Physically, there was every reason why we would be aroused by each other. Psychologically, there was one reason we could not be, we were siblings. TommyWhen I closed my bedroom door, I heard Laura’s and then the bathroom doors closing. I got dressed and went downstairs and started setting up for breakfast. I had sat down with my cereal and coffee, looking through the news on my phone when Laura walked in, dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.“Morning. Tea?” I asked.“Thank you.”Laura poured şişli escort bayan a bowl of cereal and sat at the table, while I brewed a cup for her. I ruffled her hair after I had put the cup down, then sat opposite her.“How are you feeling this morning?” I asked.When she stuttered, my brain slapped me for being stupid and took over, “After our talk last night, do you feel worthless, worth a million or priceless?”She smiled and said, “Still a million, who knows what the future will bring.”“Busy day today,” I went on, “we have an appointment at the solicitors at eleven. I called them before you got down. We need to pop in to see the police with that shit from turd-in-law and to the bank to get you set up there. Do you have a preference?”“No, that all seems okay and whichever bank is good.”“May as well use mine, then if I need to shift stuff, it should be easier.”The first stop at the police was straight forward enough. They took the block off the phone and a lot more text messages came through. After they copied everything, they assured us it was okay to delete all the messages, which she did and put the block back on. I had made the appointment with the same firm of solicitors that was dealing with our parents’ estate, Egil, Egil and Associates. We registered the previous Friday as the date they separated, to draw a line, should Laura’s ex decide to try and make life difficult.After lunch, we went to my bank and opened an account for Laura, which I transferred a few thousand to, to tide her over. We ended our day out doing a food shop, with Laura insisting she was going to cook for us. LauraWe got a few things done on that first Monday and it was a great relief, finally, we were taking tangible actions, which were drawing a line under my marriage. After we got home, I started dinner while Tommy went up and got showered and changed. We talked about what else needed doing, the remainder of the week, before heading to Scotland, we planned on getting into mum and dad’s house to start sorting out their belongings.He insisted on doing the washing up, as I had done the cooking. Just one more ‘if only’ moment, if only someone else had thought like Tommy. While he took over in the kitchen, he sent me up to get showered.“Do I smell?” I asked him.“Yes.”“Oh,” I know I pouted a little.As I turned to leave the kitchen, Tommy hugged me from behind.“You smell of the day, I’d like you to smell delightful.”I unpeeled his hands and trotted upstairs with a smile. It was the first time he had really touched me today. On Saturday and Sunday, he had no problem holding my hand or having an arm around me. Today, there seemed to be a bit of a barrier between us. I was happy this morning hadn’t scared him off, the hug tonight showed I needed the physical contact. Despite what I had seen and said about myself in front of the mirror, his touch calmed me and reassured me that I wasn’t revolting.When I stripped in my room, I saw that my nipples were erect. My knickers stuck, just a little, I felt between my legs and was a little moist. I wasn’t gushing or squirting, it wasn’t running freely down my legs or dripping from my lips onto the carpet. However, considering the contact, my brother giving me a quick hug from behind I should not have been moist, I should have no reaction at all, should I?While I showered, I could not help images of that morning, prodding and running my hand down his cock, come to mind. I felt my arousal rising as I remembered him throbbing mecidiyeköy escort at my touch. While drying myself, I caught myself lingering on my pussy, rubbing a little more than needed. Letting the towel drop to the floor, I carried on rubbing, moving my fingers back and forth, I pushed between my lips and lubricated my fingers.With one hand on the edge of the sink, I concentrated on my clit, my breathing a little raw. The image of my fingers holding the end of his cock, as I rubbed myself back and forth along it, was vivid before my eyes.I moaned, “Oh, god.”As I felt the muscles in my legs tighten, my grip on the sink trying to claw through the porcelain, there was a sharp knock at the door. It sounded like someone was trying to knock the frame from the wall. Then Tommy screamed at me.“Laura, do you fancy watching a film tonight?” I realised, he had tapped and asked. All my senses were on edge.“Oh, Tommy,” I half moaned in reply as I shook myself from my trance, “Oh, god, yes! That was, err, would be great.”I cleaned my teeth and put on his t-shirt and a clean pair of knickers, before joining Tommy downstairs. TommyIt was on impulse and without thinking, that I hugged Laura from behind, she didn’t tense up, she didn’t push me away and when I said that I wanted her to smell delightful, I swear I saw her smile. When Laura unhooked herself and went upstairs, I turned to do the washing up.It had certainly been a busy twenty-four hours and we had done a few important things. What we hadn’t done is mention anything about what had happened that morning or the night before. I couldn’t ask Laura how she felt about it, as I didn’t know how I did and that would have to be the first thing to get straight.Laura felt a little more distant than she had been, on Saturday and Sunday we had been holding hands, had our arms around each other and generally been in contact all the time. Thinking about it, our contact on the Monday was nothing less than appropriate, but equally nothing more.I shouted up the stairs, asking Laura if she wanted to watch a film and after getting no answer, I ran up and knocked on the bathroom door.“Laura, do you fancy watching a film tonight?”“Oh, Tommy. Oh, god, yes! That was, err, would be great.”I know we were talking through a door, but there was no mistaking how she sounded. Given how she had joined me in bed each night, the bathroom was her only place to get relief. I returned to the front room, feeling guilty for disturbing her, to get a film ready. A silly comedy was on the cards, something to forget about everything. I got two beers from the fridge and was about to place them like the night before, then stopped.If I sat in my single chair again, it gave Laura a binary choice, sit with me or not. With the beer on the table between the chairs, it hints that she should sit on my lap and anything else might be seen as her rejection of me. Putting it on the table at the other end says ‘don’t sit with me’ and suggests my rejection of her. I didn’t want her feeling guilty or pressured, just the same, I didn’t want to reject her in any way.Thankful I had not sold it, I decided I would sit on the couch, at the end by my chair. I put the beers on the table between the two chairs and then returned to the kitchen to put a couple more beers in the fridge. Returning to the lounge, Laura was standing by the chairs hesitating about sitting.“You okay?”“Erm, yes.” Laura took a deep breath.“Do you want me crushing your leg again?” She asked.“Yes, please?” I asked and saw confusion washed over Laura’s face.We stood looking at each other, neither knowing what to say, a pair of emotional cripples, feelings about all that had happened and was happening, almost physical entities between us.

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