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TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend: P2

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TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend: P2::Xhamster doesn’t allow for all the things that took place that weekend to shared…but what can be, is shared below in Kim’s account of her slave weekend. The pictures are also not all of Kim but a representation of what occurred that weekend.:::::Part 1: https://xhamster.com/stories/tgirl-kim-becomes-a-slave-for-the-weekend-p1-frid-956080It was dark out and Kim had no idea what time it was. Her tail butt plug was still firmly in place and she was still locked in the the cage. A dim light in the kitchen allowed her enough light to make out that the room was clearly empty, both Envoy and Chip were nowhere to be seen and the silence told her that she was either alone in the house or Harry had gone to bed upstairs. She had to pee. It’s what woke her up and she struggled to move around in the small cage into a more comfortable position. The cage sounded loud in the silent house as she moved her blanket around and reached her fingers outside of door, fingering for the latch. She found it and the lock was still on. Kim gave the lock a tug but it didn’t budge.“Dammit” Kim said aloud as she brought her fingers back into the cage and down towards her clitty. She didn’t consider when she fell asleep what she would do if she had to pee. Did Harry think this plan through? “Daddy” Kim called out in just a little more than a whisper. She didn’t want to be to loud, she was scared to wake him but hoped maybe he was still awake. Silence replied. “Daddy” this time a little louder. She held her clitty, holding back from wetting herself. Her innocent voice seemed to get lost in the emptiness of the dark house. “Daddy”, louder but almost a whimper of lost hope, but this time, there was a noise upstairs. Thank god she thought as she could clearly hear movement above her. She moved herself off her bed and the blanket out of the way so she could quickly get out when he unlocked the cage. She could hear him at the top of the stairs and she called out again.“Please Daddy, I have to pee” Down the stairs came the footsteps, coming towards her to finally relieve her of this torture. She was up on all fours now, the plug and tail clearly sticking out of her and her body stocking holding her aching clitty in place. She still had one hand on her clit trying to hold back her pee. Kim squirmed in the cage anxious for the footsteps to come closer and let her out. He was right around the corner. She was so close to being let out of her prison, but something sounded different. The footsteps went through the dining room and into the kitchen before coming into the living room. Appearing in front of Kim was Envoy, tail wagging and excited to see her, he ran up to her cage; she was not excited to she him. She couldn’t hold back anymore and she felt it coming. It didn’t start slow, instead, a hot, heavy stream of piss begin to flow from her clit. As before, the bodystocking forced it up towards her belly button before letting it splash freely below. This time, it didn’t splash into the grass. It hit the metal cage bottom and went right onto the hardwood. Loudly it seemed to echo in the house but uncaring, it just kept flowing. She was embarrassed but it felt so good to go she didn’t even care at the time. Her pussy tightened around her tail as what seemed like an endless stream poured from her and onto the floor. “No, No” Kim all but moaned in pleasure as Envoy was quick on the scene and began lapping her growing puddle of piss off the floor.Kim reached through the cage to stop Envoy but could only manage to touch his fur as he, un-distractedly, continued to tongue at the floor. Slowly, her piss became a trickle and though that sound became quite, Envoy was all but quite. Kim struggled to see through the dimly lit room to see the puddle that stretched from under her cage to nearly the coffee table. Maybe Envoy was helping her, maybe Harry wouldn’t know, she thought as she lightly touched Envoy’s fur as he moved around the room cleaning up for her. She rubbed her stomach that was now soaked in her piss and down to her clit that was just finishing the last dribbles. It was warm and tasted sweat as she moved her fingers to her lips to taste them. Envoy was getting a treat. “What happened” came a deep voice from the kitchen. Startled, Kim looked up to see Harry standing there looking at her, looking at Envoy as he lapped at the floor. In all the pleasure of finally peeing and trying to stop Envoy, she hadn’t heard or noticed Harry standing there. He was in nothing but tighty whitey underwear as he peered at what had happened. “I’m sorry Daddy”, Kim meekley replied. “I tried to hold and I tried to call for you, but I couldn’t and I wet myself”. Now she felt ashamed, like she was a c***d who wet the bed. Harry stepped towards her as she noticed a soft bulge in his underwear. He knelt down and unlocked the cage and opened the door. “Come out and stretch your legs” Harry motioned to her and Kim, on all fours walked out of the cage before standing up in front of her master. “I should have let you out before you went to bed” Harry admitted. “It’s ok hunny, accidents happen”Kim was still embarrassed but relieved that he wasn’t angry at her. She tried to hold it, she just couldn’t. Harry walked back into the kitchen and picked up a paper towel roll. She stood next to her cage stretching her silky smooth legs as he walked back into the room. Ripping off a handful of towels he knelt down and began to clean up what Envoy had missed. “I’ll do it” Kim said as she reached for the towels that were on the floor next to Harry. “No, you relax” Harry replied, not looking up from cleaning up the big puddle that Kim had left. She stood there, watching Envoy illegal bahis and Harry clean up her mess and she felt something in her stocking. Her clitty moved and she could feel the tail of her plug pulling on her hole. She hadn’t cummed earlier and she was remembering the fucking that Harry had given her and she was getting turned on. Her stomach, still wet with piss, now could feel her clitty twitching lightly and her hands instinctively went there, gently rubbing it through her bodystocking. Harry ripped another pile of paper towels from the roll, slid the cage over and began drying underneath it. Harry finished drying the last bit of the floor, taking the paper towels back into the kitchen and throwing out the soaking wet pile he had accumulated. Envoy, now done with his mission, laid down in the middle of the living room. Harry poured a glass of water and handed it to Kim as he walked past her into the living room. “See, not a big deal at all” Harry said as he sat down on the leather couch. Kim, sipped the water. She was thirsty, but hesitant to drink much if she was going to go back into the cage. Harry’s comment made her feel better, less guilty, but still, just as horny. She took a few steps towards Harry, who was looking at Kim standing there in nothing but a bodystocking and a tail butt plug. She looked at him, this old caring man on his couch in his underwear. Her clitty moved a little more as she moved towards him, this time, straddling him and sitting on his lap facing him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him as she slid her tail and clit up to the bulge in his underwear. “Thank you Daddy” she coyley said to him, looking into his dark eyes. He reached around the small of her back and pulled her in for another kiss. His tongue flicking against hers and touched her teeth as he pulled it back into his mouth. She lightly bit his lip and slowly grinded herself on his bulge that she could feel starting to harden. Kim pulled her lips away from Harry’s and lightly bit his neck and licked his ear. Already, she could feel precum building in her clit as Harry’s cock was now growing quickly in his tight underwear. In one motion, she slid off of him, pulling his cock from his underwear and releasing it from it’s trap as it sprung out. She didn’t hesitate and immediately put her small hands on it, putting pressure on the base and sliding her fingers up it to squeeze out a little precum onto her tongue as she flicked it across the tip. Harry let out a little moan, putting his hands on the back of Kim’s head as she slid his cock into her wet, warm mouth. Holding his balls with her hands and the base of his cock with his fingers, she proceeded to slowly, passionately, suck him off. Kim’s clitty was hard now in her body stocking and she could feel small amounts of precum dripping from it as she swallowed his cock all the way down to the base. Harry lifted his hips up to ensure it was all the way down her throat, but it was and she held it there for a few seconds before sliding back up his shaft and teasing it with her tongue. She again, slid him down her throat and then all the way back out, this time a lick bridge of spit connected her lips and the head of his cock. She used it as lube as she gently jerked him off, paying special attention to the tip. Kim moved her head down to his balls, sliding her legs a little further back so she was on all fours as she begin to lick his balls. One at a time, she ran her tongue across them before lightly sucking each one into her mouth individually, caressing them with her tongue as they were in her mouth. Harry moaned again, and slid a little down on the couch. Kim put her fingers into his underwear and slid them all the way off him. She took both her arms and put them under Harry’s legs, lifting them slightly and sliding her tongue down in between his balls and his ass. She knew how much she loved being licked there and she could tell Harry did too as he pulled her head in as she did, moaning loudly. Further down she moved her tongue as Harry slid a little further down the couch and Kim lifted his legs a little higher. Her tongue lightly, just barely flicked at Harry’s ass hole as he grabbed his dick with one hand, jerking it off and pulling her head in tightly to him with his other. She looked up at him, his head back far on the couch in pleasure as she pushed her tongue harder against his hole. Kim slid her legs back further and got lower, now able to easily lick his ass and all the way up to his balls. Her wet tongue worked back and forth as he continued to jerk his cock with the spit she had left there. She licked around his hole and across his,thighs before moving back to his balls. She was really wet now, her clitty begging for it. Sliding her tongue back to his ass, eating him, she grinded her hips in the air. Harry pursed his ass hole as her tongue slid across it and back up to his balls, again, sucking each individually. Kim had to have more. She brought her legs back under her, squatting as she pulled her arms out from under Harry’s legs and wrapping her lips back around his cock. She again, swallowed his cock, letting a thick glob of drool run down it as she pulled her lips back up his shaft. Kim reached back, grabbing the base of her plug pulling lightly on it, pulling it out of her pussy and placing it on the floor. She touched her hole with her fingers and was surprised to feel how open it was from having the plug in for hours. Kim swallowed Harry again as she easily slid 2 fingers into her, then 3. Kim soaked Harry’s cock in spit as she slid her lips off of him. She stood up in front of him, bending down to kiss him as she climbed back on top of him, reaching back, holding illegal bahis siteleri his cock, and guiding it into her gaped hole. She took it with ease and in one motion, she put him in, and sat back all the way on him, her clitty immedialty dripping onto his stomach. Harry moaned loudly as Kim slowly grinded on him with his dick all the way in her fuck hole. He held her hips as they kissed and tongued at each other’s necks. Harry lightly thrusted his hips and Kim, still grinding him, moved up and down on him, tightening her ass as she did. “Oh yea hunny” Harry moaned into her ear. “You like that” “Yes Daddy” she whispered back “Your cock is so big it’s making me drip” Harry reached down with a hand and pressed it onto Kim’s clit allowing some precum to drip across his fingers. He brought his fingers up to her lips as she continued to slowly move her hips up on down, licking her precum from his fingertips. “You like your taste” Harry asked“Yes Daddy, I love it. I love being you little slut” Harry now started to move his hips faster and Kim responded with the same. The loud wet sound of a tight ass hole being fucked echoed through the otherwise quiet house. Her moans got louder as more precum dripped from her and onto Harry. He thrusted into her, deep, his thick cock stretching out the hole that was already stretched from the plug. She clawed at his chest as she arched her back and raised her head in pleasure. Harry grasped his hands behind her back and in one motion stood up with him still inside her. “Oh fuck” Kim cried out, surprised at the strength of the old man fucking her. He carried her across the room to a high bar chair next to the counter that she had climbed on hours before for him. “Climb on” he said as he stood her up in front of the chair, sliding his cock from her pussy. Kim climbed up onto the chair, facing the back of it and hanging her ass off the front. She grasped the back rest, gripping the iron design with her fingers and arching her back. Harry lined up behind her and without hesitation, and in one move, pushed his thick cock all the way in her hole. Kim moaned loudly and arched her back further as precum now nearly shot from her clit and onto the leather cushion of the chair. Harry grabbed her hips, thrusting deep, hard and fast into her as she tightened her grip on the metal back. He moaned, she moaned, and precum continued to squirt from her. “Tell me you like it” Harry said to her.“Oh I fucking love it Daddy. I love your cock fucking my tight little hole. Harder Daddy” Kim cried out. She meant it. She wanted it harder. Her clit was trapped in the bodystocking but it was now rubbing against that and the leather cushion and she could feel herself getting closer to cumming. She wanted it harder, deeper and faster. She had built all that cum up during the first fuck and was so close, but he came first. This time, she was ready. She arched her back more raising her head up, pushing harder against him and forcing her clit harder against the leather. Harry reached forward with one arm, wrapping it around her neck in a choke-hold position and tightened his grip. Almost instantly Kim felt light headed. She could barely breath and she could feel blood being cut off to her head. She pushed back harder against him. She was so close to cumming and the sound of him pounding her hole, his legs slapping against her ass, was loud throughout the house. She tried to moan, but no sound came out. She could barely breathe and she was getting more and more light headed. She didn’t care, it was so hot listening to his moans and the sound of her ass being fucked. It felt so good his thick cock pounding away at her and her clit rubbing against the cool leather. She didn’t care that her vision was getting blurry, she wanted to cum, and she pushed back arching even further tightening her ass as tight as she could around Harry’s cock. “FUCK!” Kim heard Harry yell as she felt one hard deep thrust into her…..and then it went black Kim woke back up before she opened her eyes. She felt Harry inside of her, not thrusting anymore, but twitching. She opened her eyes and sat back up a little. Harry had released his grip around her neck when he felt her go limp. He had cum just as she passed out and she could feel a fullness in her ass that was his new load. She moved her hand down to her clit. A pool of precum was on the leather, but she was soft now and she still hadn’t cum. “You ok hunny” Harry asked“Yes Daddy.” Kim replied as she rolled her hips back trying to get him to fuck her again. “It’s past your bedtime hunny, you need to go to bed”Harry pulled his cock from her, she felt and heard big drop of cum fall to the floor. She wanted more, she needed more. Kim stood up and licked her precum from the leather. She wiped her ass with her fingers, lightly sliding a finger inside her now wide open hole, picking up any of the remaining cum and touching it to her tongue. She turned around, looked at Harry and dropped to the floor, licking up the cum that had spilled. “You are such a good cum whore” Harry said to her as she squatted back in front of him cleaning his cock off with her lips. “Thank you Daddy” she said looking up at him as sexy as she could, hoping he would help her cum. “Do you want to cum” Harry asked“Yes Daddy, please” Kim replied squeezing the base of his softening cock and the last remaining drops out onto her tongue. Harry walked over to the plug on the floor, picked it up and walked it back to Kim. She took it from him, knowing what he wanted and easily slid it in her cum soaked gaped pussy. She had to work now to keep it from sliding out as Harry was much thicker than the plug and she was thoroughly stretched. canlı bahis siteleri She tightened her ass to hold it in, though in reality that was just helping to loosen her up a little more. “Lay on the couch and slide your stocking down to your thighs” Harry instructed. Excited, Kim began to walk to the couch; he was going to let her cum finally. As she walked she pulled the shoulder straps off her bodystocking and begin to slide it down. THUMP. The noise was loud off the hardwood floor and caused Envoy to jump up from where he had been watching uninterested. The plug had fallen from Kim’s stretched hole as she walked to the couch. She turned and looked towards Harry and then reached down to pick up the plug. “No” Harry said as he rummaged through his brown bag that had held her toys. “This one” he pulled out another plug with a tail. This one much larger than the last. The last one had been big only a few hours ago and now Kim couldn’t keep it in. Harry walked towards her, the thick plug in his hand, “I think you are ready to move up little girl, climb on the table for Daddy” Kim wasn’t sure. That looked bigger than Harry’s cock and his cock was pretty big. She was however, obedient and she climbed up onto the coffee table on all fours, arching her back, spreading her ass apart. Harry touched her hole with his fingers, it was still wet from her recent fucking. He slid 2 fingers in, they were bigger than Kim’s but went in without a problem. He pulled them back out and put 3 fingers up to her lips, 2 that had just come from her pussy. She opened her mouth and he slid them inside, deep. She choked a little on them as they were a different shape than a cock, but that just helped to lube them up. Harry pulled them back from her lips and slid them into her pussy, this time, it stretched a little. He spread his fingers apart, spreading her pussy further before pulling his fingers from her again. This time, she felt much more pressure, as he squeezed four fingers together and pushed them into her. She pulled forward a little but Harry just grabbed her thigh and held her in place as he pushed them in. Kim exhaled taking them deep inside her, trying to relax has he spread them and moved them around, stretching her further than before. Again, precum dripped from her clit. Harry pulled his fingers out and the sound of air rushed out of her gaped pussy. He moved the new, thick plug to her lips. She opened her mouth, but it was to thick to fit in her mouth and she resorted to licking it and drooling on it. Harry moved the cold silicone back to her pussy and pressed it against her hole. The first 2/3rds slid in easily but it quickly became very big. He slowly put pressure on it as Kim took deep breaths, relaxing her stretched hole to accommodate this new, bigger plug. Harry was gentle and took his time, pushing it in a little and pulling it back out. Slowly she was stretched bigger and bigger and with each centimeter it went in, a little more precum dripped from her and onto the table. Finally, with one push from Harry and one good exhale from Kim, the plug slid past it’s thickest point and locked into her pussy. She felt full as she let out a little yelp. A squirt of precum hit the table as her pussy tightened around the plug, holding it in place. “Good girl” Harry said. “Now, back to what we were doing” he motioned towards the couch. Kim stood up again, this time walking was more difficult as the plug took up a lot of room and was very noticeable in her. She slid the bodystocking down to her thighs and laid on the couch on her back. Her clit was soft still but she knew Harry would make it hard in no time. She was ready to cum. She didn’t have blue balls because she wasn’t hard the whole time and her clit wasn’t being edged but she was ready. “You want me to make you cum hunny” Harry asked walking towards her. “Yes Daddy, please” she moaned, not looking at him but slowly squirming on the couch. Harry walked up and touched her, his fingers felt so good grazing her slim body. They slid down her chest, her stomach and to her soft clit. He wrapped his hands around it, lifting it up. Then Kim felt something cold touch her clit and it caused her to twitch in pleasure. It was all over her, whatever it was felt so good as the cold metal feel wrapped around her. Harry stood back up, releasing her and looking down at her. “You will cum when I am ready to let you” he said. “Now off to your cage” Kim looked down to see a metal chastity cage locked to her clit and balls. He wasn’t going to let her cum and he wasn’t going to let her do it when he wasn’t around. “Let’s go” Harry said, more demanding this time as he pointed to her bed. Kim stood up and pulled her stocking back up over her shoulders. The thick plug filling her stretched and 2 time cummed in ass hole. The cold metal starting to warm lightly pulled on her clit and balls as she walked over to the cage. She knelt down in front of it and once again, on all fours, climbed inside and onto her bed. Harry pulled her water dish out and walked it over to the sink, filling it back up before placing it back in the cage, closing and locking the door. “Good night hunny” Harry said as he picked his underwear off the floor. “Come on Envoy”“Good night Daddy” Kim said, still as sexual as she could but noticeably alone and frustrated. Harry walked out of the room and back up the stairs. Kim once again found herself on a the dog bed, pulling at the blanket to get comfortable. It was harder this time as the plug in her ass was much bigger than before. She was still horny, but she was no longer ready to cum as she was falling into her role as a submissive slave. Kim curled up on her bed, her tail sticking out from under the blanket, and the metal chastity holding her in place and closed her eyes again. Everything is a new adventure, I wonder what tomorrow will bring. :::Kim would spend until Sunday morning with Harry. Check back later for the rest of her story::::

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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