Nis 07

Thanksgiving with Erik Ch. 01

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It’s been eight weeks since I didn’t see my brother. Too long. He’s finally on break for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait for him to take my virginity. I’ve thought about it and that’s what I want or better yet, what I need.

I broke up with James, thinking he’s way too vanilla for me and have been fooling around with Jessica once in while. We like to tease each other but both know we prefer cocks. I haven’t told her about Erik and my birthday, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t judge me. I’m still debating confessing to her. We’ll see.

I hear the front door open and I practically sprint down the stairs. I hear his voice before I see him. God I’ve missed him.

I jump into his arms and have to resist kissing him, my Dad is just in the kitchen and could see us. Erik does grab me by the ass and his long fingers brush my little asshole and I moan. He has missed me too, it wasn’t all in my head. I sigh in relief and just let myself feel his strong body. I could stay here forever.

– Dinner is ready! My dad says

Suddenly I’m not hungry anymore but head to the kitchen regardless. We chat, Erik tells us about his semester in school, I tell him about James. We have a fantastic family dinner with some feet teasing under the table. By the time dessert is served, I’m frantic and horny. I can tell by how Erik looks at me that I’m not the only one suffering here. We need to get out of this and soon or I’ll explode I swear.

We all watch a movie on the couch, me in the middle. My head rests on dad’s lap and my feet on Erik’s. He rubs them like he does so well and I’m practically vibrating. Dad always falls asleep on movie night so I’m counting the seconds until he starts snoring.

When he finally does, I take my brother’s hand and lead him upstairs. He surprises me by throwing me on his shoulder and biting my ass. Hard.

– Oh Sara, you have no idea how bad I wanted this, he whispers

– Oh but I do Erik. I have thought about you basically every second since you left the day after my birthday.

– I’m going to make it so good for you Sarebear. You will have trouble walking tomorrow.

He puts music on and leaves the room briefly to go and close my bedroom door so my dad thinks I’m sleeping. I lay on his bed, surrounded by his scent and escort kartal wait. He comes back, silently shuts the door and just stares at me.

– Undress for me Sara.

Needing nothing more, I slowly remove my dress and lay on his bed once more. Naked. He removes his clothes too, slowly. I enjoy every second of him, every inch of skin he reveals to me. I start panting and rubs my legs together to get some relief. Erik literally jumps on the bed and slaps my inner thigh.

– Ok I think we need to lay some ground rules here. Firstly, I am the boss. I decide when you get relief, when you come. Secondly, if you disobey me in any way, I will punish you as I please. Understood?

– Bossy much? But yes, I trust you completely.

His gaze softens and he lays down on me, holding his weight with his forearm and kisses me. I forgot how soft, erotic yet rough his lips are.

– I will kiss, massage every inch of your body. You are giving me your virginity and I intend to make you feel like a goddess. Is that ok?

– Yes, I whimper.

Taking my big toe into his mouth, he starts sucking. His eyes don’t leave mine. He massages my foot and I just melt. I never thought I was into feet but with him? I could be. He then kisses up my legs, stopping just next to my pussy and blows on it. It is such a contrast against how damp and warm I feel.

– You are ready for me already. You are soaking my bed filthy little girl. Tell me how excited you are. Tell me how much you need relief.

– Oh god please Erik. Please touch me, lick me, fuck me. Whatever you want but please do something.

He kisses my clit, once. I arch up to meet his mouth, needing more pressure.

– Tsk, tsk, tsk greedy girl. I have all night and I intend to take every second I can get.

– Fuck Erik I can’t stand it anymore. Please.

He grabs my panties and shoves them into my mouth. I feel thankful for this as I don’t know how loud I was being.

He kisses my belly, making his way up to my boobs. He takes one of my nipple into his mouth and moans around it. I feel them hardening to the point of pain and he rewards me by biting them. It hurts but I love it.

– You’re so fucking perfect Sara. Your little pink nipples begging to be bitten. You like it when it hurts don’t you?

maltepe escort Mmmmm, I say.

He flips me on my stomach and kisses the back of my neck. I feel helpless, arching against his very hard cock, trying to take him inside. He punishes me by slapping my ass.

He takes my hips into his hands and raises my butt in the air. I’m on my elbows and knees, completely at his mercy. I’ve never felt sexier.

– Fuck Sara you look like a dream come true. The real fun is starting now, are you ready? he asks with a smirk, knowing I can’t answer.

– Mmmm, I manage to say.

He spreads my butt cheeks and I can feel him staring at me. I should feel self conscious but instead, I feel like a queen. He licks slowly at first and I’ve never felt anything so good. He digs in. Literally. I feel my wetness run down my legs mixing with his saliva. He is relentless and I can’t do anything but receive. He slides a finger over my clit while still eating my little ass. With one hand he’s playing with my clit and with the other now, he’s pumping into my pussy. The three together are driving me insane and I’m so close already.

– Oh baby, you taste so good on my tongue and you’re so wet. I can tell you’re close to coming. I can’t let you have that yet, I’m not done playing with you.

A tear is rolling down my face, my legs are shaking and every time I feel like I’m going to come, he stops moving. I have never been denied orgasms before, but it’s the sweetest form of torture. You want to come, but being on the edge is amazing too. He’s counting how many times I come close to orgasm. Good, because I can’t count anyway. The time between waves of pleasure are getting shorter and shorter now. He seems pleased by this.

– See how well I know your body my love? I could blow on your clit right now and you’d orgasm. I’m going to fuck you now baby. It might hurt, since it’s your first time, but I think you’re ready. I’ll go slow I promise.

He slowly turns me around and kisses me. I can feel the weight of him on me. He pokes at my entrance and looks at me.

– I’m not going to wear a condom, but I know you’re on the pill. Are you ok with this? Nod once.

I nod non-stop. I beg him with my eyes to take me now, to make me come. I can’t stand waiting anymore. I need pendik escort bayan him inside.

He slowly pushes inside me. I can feel my hymen resisting. Somehow the pain excites me even more. He gives a good thrust, I can feel myself rip and it stings. He bends over me and whispers that everything will be ok, that the pain won’t last very long. I believe him.

He moves a little bit at first, easing every inch of him inside. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to feel as full as I’m feeling now. The pain is still there but it’s different now. I can feel him pressing deep inside me against my cervix. The air leaves my lungs when he rolls his thumb over my clit. I’m right there. He stops.

– I never said I’d let you come right away even with my cock. We waited for this for so long, I’m going to keep you on the edge until I’m ready to go off too.

Slowly, in and out. He rubs my clit and when he feels me clenching, he stops. I feel like we have been doing this for hours now, but I never want him to stop. I always thought that men needed a faster pace than girls in order to get off. He’s going so slow and it can’t be as good for him as it is for me. Which is why I’m so surprised when his sexy voice breaks the silence:

– I’m close to coming too now Sara. I’m going to go fast and hard. It might hurt but I’ve been holding you on the edge for so long that your orgasm will take care of the pain. I promise.

Then he grabs my butt, lifts it off the bed and really starts fucking. I feel bent in half.

– Rub your clit for me Sara. Rub your clit and get there. Now.

Needing nothing more than his permission, I start flicking my clit rapidly.

– Come for me Sara. I’m coming.

With his permission, my finger on my clit and his dick in my tight little pussy, I come.

I never thought orgasms could be like this. You can’t breathe, you can’t see. You’re simply a nerve ending that’s raw. Just bare pleasure. I’m thankful for the panties still in my mouth because this orgasm is endless. Even after his own wave dies down, Erik keeps riding me through mine, eyes on me, telling me how hot I look. After several minutes, my orgasm slows down and so does Erik. He lays my butt back on the covers and it’s like I’ve stepped into a lake: they are drenched.

– Yeah baby, you squirted all over my cock when you were coming. You did so fucking good.

He removes the panties from my mouth and kisses me. I can taste his sweat on his lips. We stay like this, just kissing until we fall asleep in each other’s arms. How can sex be so good?

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