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That Sinking Feeling

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My quarterly get together with some old school friends usually got pretty rowdy, but in the taxi home and struggling to stay awake, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually been this drunk.

Nearing our house I thought of the words my wife had uttered earlier in the night. Not the ‘don’t drink too much’ advice, but the ‘I’ve got some news Alex; you’re not gonna like it,’ comment. Why she hadn’t just told me then and there on the phone, I had no idea? The ‘I don’t want to ruin your night,’ explanation doing nothing to allay my anxiety.

“We’re here,” spoken loudly woke we from a sleep I hadn’t realized I was entering and I found my cheek pressed against the fingerprint smeared glass of the cab window, making a note to wash my face before bed. The outside of our apartment was in darkness and with my forehead pressed against the door for balance and using my phone for illumination, aligned the key with the hole and entered. Proud of myself for navigating the threshold relatively noiselessly.

Well after midnight I wasn’t surprised to see our living room in darkness but as I passed the kitchen, the light from the fridge illuminated a familiar red satin nightie my wife often wore, her barely covered ass and legs, protruding from inside the doorway.

Nothing more alluring than a drunk man reeking of alcohol feeling you up from behind unexpectedly, I mused as I silently entered and crept up behind her.

“Looking for this?” I romantically whispered as I rounded the open door, one hand diving between her legs from behind, cupping her surprisingly panty-less groin, my fingers pressing hard into the lips of her labia. The other sought out a boob, immediately feeling the hardness of a nipple amid the softness of her breast.

Two things entered my mind even before I realized my mistake. Pubic hair and big boobs.

My wife had neither.

“Oh God Darling, no! It’s me!” The startled, familiar, yet out of place voice answered and I hurled myself backwards in shock. It was not my wife!

“Jesus Christ, Mom!” I gasped, clutching the bench-top behind me for support. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

She turned to face me as the light in the hallway came on, followed instantly by the kitchen’s and Jacinta entered tying a robe around herself, far more suitably dressed than my fifty five year old mother.

“Language Alex,” Mom chastised me before closing the fridge behind her and approaching. The kiss she gave me on the cheek had more gravity considering what had just occurred and I looked back at my wife for an explanation.

“She’s staying with us for a little while,” Jacinta acknowledged my dumbfounded expression. “It’s what I was going to tell you earlier.”

I wished she had! I looked back at Mom, clearly wearing my wife’s nightie, her breasts straining against the satin.

“Oh, I borrowed this to sleep in,” Mom acknowledged where my eyes had settled. “Jacinta offered it!” She followed up as if excusing the sexy nature of the attire.

I was still coming to terms with feeling up my own mother and shook my head to clear out irrelevant thoughts. “Ok, first things first. Mom. I didn’t know it was you, I swear,” I offered, feeling my face redden and she smiled dismissively. I noticed Jacinta cock her head, brow furrowing out of the corner of my eye and I didn’t look forward to explaining what had happened moments before. “Secondly, why aren’t you at home?”

It was a fair enough question. Her house, my family home being only a few suburbs away, what she was doing staying in our one bedroom flat was a pertinent issue.

“There was a sinkhole,” she matter of factly replied and I had to ask her to repeat it to enable my inebriated mind to register. “A sinkhole,” she explained. “It happens!”

“In Florida!” I challenged. “Not in L.A.”

“Apparently the mains had been leaking for an extended period,” Jacinta contributed. “So the fire department says anyway.”

“And this happened today?”

“This afternoon,” Mom admitted. “It was all I could do to get out alive!”

“Well not exactly,” Jacinta brought some levity. “I picked her up. The rear of the house has definitely sunk and we’re prohibited from entering.”

“I had to leave all my stuff!” Mom added.

“Hence the…”

“…Nightie,” my wife and I spoke simultaneously.

The events of the previous minute had done a great job of sobering me up and I poured a glass of water from the tap to encourage it.

“I’m sure I’ll only be here a night or two,” Mom detailed as I turned back to look at her. It was uncomfortable considering her attire. The nightie I’d bought Jacinta myself, choosing it because of its sexiness. That it was on my mother and that to be honest, she was wearing it so well, was disturbing in a whole manner of ways.

“Exactly Kathy,” Jacinta agreed. “Who knows, we may even be able to go inside tomorrow and get you some clothing.”

“So you didn’t even have time to grab anything?” I skeptically questioned.

“No!” Mom replied. “One minute I was…well, escort kartal occupied, and the next the walls are moving and the floor was caving in beneath me.”

“Fuck,” I conceded.

“Alex; language,” Mom scolded me. “All I had was a sheet around me!”

“What?” I looked at Jacinta as I noticed her nodding.

“It’s true, but don’t worry Kathy, you can borrow anything of mine while we get you back on your feet,” Jacinta offered.

“So you’re on the couch?” I asked, trying to get the whole situation square in my head. How Jacinta thought this could wait until I arrived home I’d never know?

“Yes, you won’t even know I’m here I promise,” Mom proposed.


“All the pajamas you own and you give her THAT nightie to wear?” I whispered to Jacinta as I came out of our en-suite bathroom.

“I didn’t, she chose it!” She defended herself in equally hushed tones. “What happened in the kitchen?”

I felt myself blush again and was thankful the room was in low light.

“Oh God, I don’t even want to talk about it,” I offered.

“One moment I hear you banging at the front door and the next, your mother’s screaming!”

“She wasn’t screaming!” I defended myself. “And I thought I was pretty quiet coming in!”

“Are you serious?” Jacinta chuckled.

I climbed into bed beside her and she turned off the bedside lamp, the room plunging into relative darkness.

“So she was naked when you got there?” I enquired.

“Uh huh, the Fire Department had given her one of those shiny blankets. Seriously, all she was wearing was a bed sheet,” Jacinta elaborated.

I pictured Mom wearing the satin nightie, her nipples standing to attention from being half way inside the fridge. Then (innocently of course) picturing what she’d have looked like wrapped only in a sheet and quickly tried to put it out of my head.

Jacinta snuggled into my side and I placed an arm around her.

“What else have you given her to wear?” I asked, kissing the top of my wife’s head.

“Nothing yet, why?”

“Oh nothing,” I paused. “It’s just she’s a little, you know, more, you know?” I stumbled.

Jacinta turned her head up to face me and even in the darkness I could see she was smiling. “No. What?”

“I don’t know, more…busty.”

She laughed and returned her head to the previous position. “Oh you noticed? God Alex, she was literally falling out of my nightie.”

Another thing I noticed was Jacinta’s hand that had been absently stroking my stomach had crept onto my swelling cock.

“Will you have to lend her underwear?” I tentatively proposed.

Another hushed laugh and she kissed my chest. “I mean I guess; she won’t fit my bras obviously. I’m sure she’ll go buy something if we cant get into the house anyway. What’s with this?” Jacinta changed the subject, easing my now fully erect cock from my shorts. “You can never get hard after one of your drinking sessions!” She observed.

“I don’t know,” I admitted, loathe to think it was the images of Mom in my wife’s underwear that had encouraged it. “What did you expect, you were touching it!?”

“Hmm,” Jacinta mused. “Wouldn’t be all this talk of panties and boobs would it?” She questioned as she began slowly masturbating my length.

I didn’t have the chance to confirm or deny as a light knocking came from the door before it partially opened.

“Yeah Mom?” I called across the room as Jacinta pulled the sheet across my cock.

“I’m sorry to bother you two,” she whispered for some reason. “It’s just I need to use the ladies.”

“Go right ahead Kathy,” Jacinta answered for me, I noticed not removing her hand from around my dick.

The light came on in the bathroom and I again caught the sight of my mother from the rear, this time from a lower perspective. The satin nightie stretched taut, barely covering her buttocks. No wonder I’d found her pussy so accessible I mused as Jacinta resumed tugging on my cock.

“What are you doing?” I whispered. “She’s right there.” I added as the distinct sound of a woman urinating filtered through the thin walls. Not any woman urinating I noted, my mother.

“I know,” Jacinta breathed, lifting her mouth up to mine.

Was it the forbidden nature of our actions, kissing, masturbating, with my mother in the next room? Was it the risk of being caught? Was it the memory of similar when we were both still teens, behaving inappropriately behind our parent’s backs? Who knows? But as we kissed, the sound of my mother pissing and my wife furiously jacking me off, the inevitable occurred and I began to cum.

Cumming quicker, more intensely than I could remember. Jacinta moaned in my mouth as she felt it shower her, her grip loosened as my seed lubricated the shaft though her hand refused to slow.

“Fuuuck, ” I sighed as staggered breath left my lungs, my hips thrusting to accentuate the orgasm. The toilet flushed and Jacinta slid down in the bed lifting the sheet across my torso to hide the evidence of the crimes committed. maltepe escort

The door opening, the bed illuminated by the bathroom light. Did she notice? Jacinta barely able to keep from giggling as I watched Mom reach to turn off the light-switch, the curve of her breast beneath her raised arm.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Mom whispered.

“Goodnight Mom,” I offered feeling cum running from my stomach down my side to the sheet below.

“Good night Kathy,” Jacinta chorused, rising up to kiss me again even before Mom had completely left the room.

“You’re so bad!” I scolded her as I tried to lower my shorts.

“Just following your example,” she defended herself. “What are you doing?”

“I’ll use them to clean up.”

“Ugh don’t bother, I have to change the sheets tomorrow anyway,” she whispered, nestling again into my side, comfortable to fall asleep in the aftermath of my orgasm.


I awoke to the sound of the toilet flushing and immediately thought of my mother. Jacinta exited the bathroom and noting I probably looked the way I felt, smiled. “I’ll get you a coffee!”

“What’s the time?”

“Nearly eight.”

“I’ll get up,” I stated. Upon rising I didn’t feel nearly as bad as I usually did after one of those nights. Probably due to the events upon arriving home. Throwing a t-shirt on I followed Jacinta into the kitchen.

“See if Kathy wants a cup?” She proposed and with the sun well up I walked to the living room.

Expecting Mom to already be up and about, I was surprised to see her still under the sheet on the couch. Well partly. With her back to me, the sheet riding up on her hip, her entire rear was left uncovered. I say rear but to be clear, it was her ass. The satin nightie had ridden up to her lower back leaving both buttocks and the tops of her thighs exposed. The pale skin smooth, the dark shadow of the crack between, stark, enticing, almost beckoning for someone (me?) to explore.

Having marched in confidently, I now retreated slowly. Loathe to wake her lest she discover her indiscreet state. Walking backwards my eyes remained on her bottom. My brain telling me to look away, my libido overriding all moral and ethical dilemmas and demanding I stare at my mother’s exposed (and I wasn’t shy to admit,) gorgeous ass.

It was only when I reached the kitchen did I realize I had an erection.

“I hope your mother didn’t see that,” Jacinta commented immediately she laid eyes upon me.

“Ah, no,” I stammered. “She’s still asleep. It’s just my morning erection.” I lamely defended its presence and Jacinta raised an eyebrow.

“About two hours late!?” She observed, and I prayed wouldn’t find a reason to go into the living room and discover my inspiration. “Here’s your coffee.”


The house looked worse than the description I’d been given and Mom was particularly upset by its appearance in the cold light of day. A temporary fence had been set up around the property by the utility company, partitioning off the obviously dangerous sinkhole. The rear of the house had completely sunk into the ground, Jacinta explaining it was far advanced than when they’d left.

“All my things,” Mom observed. “The furniture, the crockery, my clothes. Oh goodness Alex, even your childhood toys, we were saving them for your kids. Oh no, the photos!” She was becoming more emotional the more she thought of what was inside the house. Literally sinking before our eyes. I put my arm around her and she accepted the embrace, resting her head on my shoulder.

“It can all be replaced Mom, don’t worry. And remember Jacinta and I digitised the photos a few years ago,” I consoled her. I stroked the skin of her upper arm, the yellow floral sun dress of my wife’s leaving her shoulders bare. It was funny. If not for the ample cleavage I ashamedly spied as I comforted her and the fact Jacinta was walking towards us, wearing that dress it felt I may’ve in fact been hugging my wife.

“So there’s conjecture whether it’s the city’s fault or ours,” Jacinta explained after discussing the sinkhole with a representative on site.

“How could this have been my fault?” Mom made a sweeping gesture in the direction of what was my family home.

“They’re just trying to pass the buck Kathy,” my wife’s legal mind came into play. “It’s not your fault. You would’ve seen excessive water use on your bill if there was a leak and it must have been substantial as far as the fire department are concerned.”

“So will my insurance cover it?” Mom asked.

“Well, they’ll have to cover your contents but the house itself, the land. It should be left to the city to compensate you,” Jacinta advised. “Don’t worry,” she reached out and touched my Mom’s hand. “We’ll take care of you, won’t we Alex?”


“And you’re sure you don’t want to go clothes shopping?” Jacinta asked Mom as we arrived home.

“I couldn’t bear it,” Mom maintained, clutching a shopping bag of toiletries. “You don’t mind me wearing your clothing for the time being do you pendik escort bayan Love?”

“No not at all,” Jacinta honestly declared. “It’s kind of fun. Like a sister I never had,” she admitted.

I thought of the post shower morning. Mom wrapped in a towel asking Jacinta which of her panties she could wear? My wife declaring ‘any’ but entering the bedroom with her as I watched from the kitchen, imagining them inspecting the lingerie drawer. Passing panties between them. Did my wife possibly choose which knickers my mother was wearing? I know she decided upon the dress, hearing her suggest she’d look good in it. And she did. And there was nothing wrong with a son admiring the way his mother looked, I concluded.

“Let me help you with that,” Mom offered when Jacinta mentioned stripping the bed as I was preparing lunch.

“Oh that’s not necessary Kath,” my wife declared and I wondered if she was thinking about the dried residue from the night before. “You just relax.”

“I can’t,” Mom stated. “I feel like a third wheel. Please let me contribute,” she appealed and not surprisingly, Jacinta relented.

From the kitchen I could overhear their conversation, Mom remarking how large our King sized bed seemed compared to the couch.

“Oh gosh it’s comfy,” she stated and I wondered how much changing of sheets was going on in there?

“You want mayo on your sandwich Mom?” I called and followed up by walking to the door of the bedroom to hear the answer. My timing couldn’t have been more impeccable as Mom, on all fours up on the bed had her ass aimed squarely at me. I no longer needed to imagine the panties she’d chosen as I gazed upon my wife’s white lace boy-shorts, now decking the ample buttocks of my mother. Half her cheeks exposed below the french cut, the sun dress sat up on her lower back almost as if purposefully placed. Between her thighs, the bulge of pussy, tempting me behind the gusset.

I reminded myself it was Mom and wrenched my eyes from her bum to my wife across the other side of the bed, smirking at me as she followed their progress to her own. I felt myself blush at being so blatantly caught red handed creeping on my mother but Jacinta didn’t dwell, moving on to removing the pillow cases. Mom however turned her head when she felt my presence.

“Oh I’ll take it any way you give it to me Darling!” She suggested and Jacinta struggled to stifle a laugh. “Oh that didn’t come out right did it?” Mom acknowledged, seemingly suddenly aware of the position she was in and backed off the bed. “Mayo will be lovely Alex,” she followed up and I thought it was the first time in my life I actually saw my mother blush.


We wanted to give Mom some time alone and early afternoon Jacinta and I took a walk around the neighborhood. Our hands held, even so there was an awkward silence between us for some minutes before my wife broke the deadlock.

“So which ones did she choose?” She questioned and I knew immediately of what she spoke.

“What?” I stalled. “Which what?”

“Oh come on Alex, my panties!” She laughed as she swung my arm playfully.

I felt my collar burning as I pictured my mother upon the bed.

“Ah, the white lace boy-shorts,” I admitted my infraction.

“Hmm, you see a pattern?” Jacinta posed.


“Well first the satin nightie,” Jacinta stated. “Now a pair of my most sexy panties. She could’ve chosen any of those cotton ones.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked. “And why are we even talking about what panties my mother has on?”

Jacinta was silent a moment longer.

“I’m just saying, she seems to be going out of her way to look sexy,” she declared.

“Maybe she just likes nice things,” I proposed but was curious myself why Mom had borrowed those items in particular.

“Remember what we spoke about a while ago?” Jacinta cryptically asked and though it was vague, I knew exactly to what she referred.

“You mean about getting a dog?” I joked, deferring the conversation.

She laughed but her hand gripped mine a little more tightly.

“No. You know what I’m talking about,” she steered me back.

And I did. An unfulfilled fantasy we had both harboured from the time we met. Never having the courage to go through with it. That she was raising it now could only mean one thing and involving only one other person.

“Babe, you’re not serious?”

Jacinta stopped our progress and turned to face me.

“Alex. I noticed you’ve been looking at her,” Jacinta stated.

“She’s my mom!”

“How hard you were last night!” She countered. “This morning. What you don’t think I knew half her ass was sticking out from underneath the sheet!?”

“Jacinta I…”

“Shh. It’s ok. It’s kind of a turn on,” Jacinta confided. “Sharing underwear with her. Having her right there when I was masturbating you. It’s hot.”

“I say again, she’s my mother!”

“And that’s what would make it work!” Jacinta proudly proposed. “We haven’t done it because we’ve always been scared another girl could come between us. It’d be entirely different with family!”

I struggled to believe what I was hearing. “Yeah. It would be incest!” I challenged and Jacinta rolled her eyes.

“It’s consensual, it doesn’t count,” she immediately countered.

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