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The χχχ Sorority Pt. 04

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Wren has joined a very special sorority: a community of happily promiscuous women funded by a secret gloryhole. They know how to have fun with their pledges, which lead Wren to wearing a remote control vibrator during class and having multiple climaxes in front of her classmates Sebastian, Melanie and Carl! The fun lasted through the evening when, drunk with pleasure, Wren and her roommie finally ended up making out, after days of increasing sexual tension…

Main characters (for the new readers):

– Jolene, a.k.a. Jo, a blondie with a talent for BJs who looks like “a French tourist freshly off the plane”. Wren’s roommie

– Billie, a spunky and slutty redhead. She’s Wren’s mentor/bad influence.

– Morgan, a raven-haired charismatic older sister. She’s into BDSM, with a focus on the D…

– Sebastian, Wren’s hot classmate, a model student whose inquisitive mind is almost too inquisitive…

– Kaya, a pledge of Native American descent with a passion for fitness and defying authority

– Violet, a bratty goth sister, the sorority’s chief troublemaker. She’s a submissive little and she’s… Crazy. At least on the surface.

In this installment:

You can’t sleep naked in the same bed with your roommie and be expected not to sleep with your roommie! However the first time should be special…

Themes and disclaimer

This story is about promiscuity, exhibitionism, a really high sexual drive and the discovery of one’s sexuality. It has no pretense of being realistic. These chapters are here because of their strong lesbian vibes.

The χ χ χ sorority

6. Pledge classes

I’ve always striven to be a good student, not to impress my parents or some teacher, but because I genuinely love to learn new things. Also, I’m a little competitive.

“Yes! Fuuuuck… I’m cumming!” I shrieked, almost caught by surprise by my very first nipple orgasm. All the seven naked girls surrounding me stopped for a second massaging theirs and looked all at me, as I heaved and shook on my yoga mat. None of my sisters had reached climax yet… Like a prophet in the throes of a spiritual trance, seeing a new way to reach paradise, I spread a new religion screaming to the masses: the cult of the nipple! It was fucking glorious!

“Already?” mumbled Kaya, who’d been on the verge for ages. “Jo, check her! Is she cheating?”

“Wha–?” was her dreamy response, as she gazed at me intensely with her blue yes and caressed her turgid nipples with a vibrator, framed by her blonde hair messily cascading over her shoulders. Her other hand was slowly massaging her pussy.

“No jerking off, Wren!” Kaya hissed anyway in my direction.

“No need to cheat, Kaya!” was my smug response, just before a second wave hit me again. This was awesome! I still couldn’t believe it!

“It’s not a competition, ladies, not everyone can reach climax this way, and each has her own threshold and pace…” Morgan shouted, rolling her eyes.

“I can’t feel much, pass me those clamps again…” Letitia complained, extending her hand towards Kaya.

“Wait, I think I got it!”

“Ugh, you and Wren are the worst! Always trying to be first! Jo, wanna exchange partners?”

“Nope!” Jo replied with a smirk, biting her lips and still staring raptly at me. She reached climax only a few seconds after Kaya, ranking third in our class. If this were in fact a competition, that is. Which it wasn’t, of course. One thing was for sure: it felt deliciously debauched to be in a room filled with hot naked women rushing to cum in front of each other!

“It’s all about the mood, it can’t be pure mechanics,” Kaya was whispering a few minutes later in Letitia’s ear, behind her, caressing gently her areolae, perhaps after having realized she’d been a little selfish. Her roommie didn’t seem to be completely at ease: they weren’t as comfortable with each other’s nudity as Jo and I had become. “Close your eyes. Picture a huge crush of yours. He’s the one touching you now… It’s not some kind of sex trick or anything… Poor fucker, he can’t help himself, he’s just in awe of your beautiful breasts, hypnotized by them… He wants to nibble them, but you don’t let him… He has to earn it!” she went on, and ten minutes later Letitia wasn’t mad at her anymore.

When a good portion of us either had had a climax or was fed up trying, Morgan concluded our first pledge class.

“Homework: practice with your sister. I know some of you aren’t attracted by women, but this is about making a bond with a friend and your own bodies. Those who are, however, have the fantastic opportunity to learn how to use their mouth the old-fashioned way: guided by their fuckbuddy, a 3χ sister!”

A quick exchange of glances with Jo confirmed that we would study until late. Such diligent students!

“I swear, I now understand the real value of education,” Sarah joked with Zoe as we all returned in istanbul travesti our rooms to clean ourselves. Indeed, when the afternoon had started, we didn’t know what to expect from a pledge class with a vague title like “The nipple”. Half of us had been expecting some anatomical dissertation, the other half some silly game. However, when we had entered our indoor gym and had seen what was lying beside the yoga mats, one for each couple of roommies, we realized that something different was afoot.

“Am I the only one feeling like we are taking a prenatal course or something?” had said Piper, facing her roommie Leigh.

“What kind of fucked-up motherhood do you have in mind?” Kaya had joked, grabbing the vibrator and the bottle of lube she and Letitia had been assigned, making us all laugh. As predicted, she’d soon become our jester of sorts, even though a very different kind compared to Violet.

“The vibrator is not for your clit!” Morgan had barked. “Today is all about the nipple!”

And indeed it had been. First she had begun with a speech about what came to everybody’s mind when people thought about nipples, how it had become something indecent in western culture to the point that even the most natural and arguably obvious use for it, breastfeeding, was now censored.

“The end result of this war on nipples is that now a lot of people, women even, have a weird relationship with nipples and boobs in general. This won’t be your case, not if I have something to say about it.” – Kaya legit had clapped at that – “So, free yours and let’s start having fun with them!”

After that, she’d introduced us to the secrets and delights of nipple massages. In a room now filled with naked breasts, we had learned patience – “Don’t rush with pinching and such! Stimulation should always be gradual!” – how to use toys like nipple clamps, of which the sorority had a big assortment, how vibrators could work on nipples too and how to play with ice cubes. CBD lube had also been a big discovery.

So, that night, after much talk at dinner, we all headed back to our rooms to do the most exciting homework we were ever given. And it hadn’t come soon enough! After “Tit for tit” the sexual tension between me and Jo had reached unbearable levels, to the point that even other people had started noticing it. What were we supposed to do? We slept in the same bed naked, every single day!

“Wait, can I talk to you for a second?” Kaya, stopped me on the stairs, nervously playing with one of her raven boxer braids. That must’ve been the first time I’d seen her insecure.

“Yeah, sure!” I replied encouragingly.

“Look, I wanted to apologize for claiming you cheated this afternoon… It was stupid: you know, I can get competitive.”

“Please, that’s nothing: I’m way more competitive than you could possibly be!”

Such an unexpected reaction left her a little surprised at first, but a moment later she’d caught up and she provoked me with a smirk: “That’s how you wanna play it, huh? It could be dangerous…”

“I’m pretty sure it could be fun!”

“You’re a runner too, right?”


“Ok: you, me, common room, tomorrow morning at 7 sharp. I’m gonna destroy you! And probably myself in the process!”

With that promise, I left her in a good mood and reached my room. The door, however, opened in a different world, lit by the faint flittering light of dozens of candles. Our beds had disappeared, replaced by a queen-sized futon on the floor, on which Jo was waiting me, completely naked, distractedly stroking her clit.

“What the…”

“I asked Kaya to stall you so that I could redecorate a little… Billie helped too by moving out the beds before dinner… I was telling her how nice it would be to have bigger mattresses and… Well, apparently the sisterhood has some big futons!” she mumbled, a little uncertain. “Ok, maybe you were more curious as of why… Look, here everyone is so uninhibited… And I love it, but at the same time it feels like they don’t savor things. This,” she went on, pointing at her nudity, “this is special for me, I’ve never done it with a woman. So I thought… Well, I wanted it to be special. Is it ok with you? I hope it’s not too much…”

My first time with a man hadn’t been special. Honestly I didn’t know anyone who had truly enjoyed it: we had all been just too inexperienced, after all. My first time with a woman had actually been with Billie and it’d been the result of a trickery. Besides, let’s face it, it was more of a quickie: I hadn’t even cum! The second time had been real, but still…

“I think this is exactly what I want!” I replied, kneeling on the futon and crawling to her.

Her face lighted up immediately.

“Well then, we’ve already done this…” she whispered, her slightly departed lips coming closer to me, until I could feel her warm breath on mine, luring me, impossible to resist… I was now istanbul travestileri kissing her with the same passion as we had done that night after “Tit for tit”. Her dainty fingers snaked immediately under my t-shirt, exploring my forms, sweeping away my T-shirt with the same ease as if they were my own. With a shiver I ached for them to go down, in my awakening sex.

“…and tonight we are going to explore each other’s nipples,” she went on when my top flew away in the room. “But only the nipples! I wanna discover you one piece at a time.”

“You sure?” I tempted her, swiftly sliding along her pale naked body, the now familiar sensation of her soft skin against mine, her pencil eraser-sized nipples caressing my chest. I’d meant to tease her but in truth I was the one who was getting hungrier… And so I tasted her, tracing her hips with my tongue until I reached her pubic area. It was still smooth, after I had just shaved it the day before as part of what Morgan had called “our intimacy journey”. I gave it a sultry kiss and smelled her attraction for me. It took all my will not to move further down.

“Yes, don’t be greedy!” she replied, blushing in the most endearing way.

But I was, so I pounced back up and playfully flicked her already turgid nipple with my tongue. This wasn’t me. At least, it’d never been before. I’d never used my tongue for anything but kissing and oral sex. Now I wanted to use it to explore every inch of Jolene. This place, this sorority was awakening something in me.

“Suck on it!” Jo moaned, as she started massaging her labia and clit.

As possessed, I took it between my lips, enjoying its rough texture, and kissed it. Then I touched it but with the tip of my tongue, tickling it, making her shake. Morgan had told us how to use our mouth, but all of a sudden my mind was blank. All I knew was to worship the nipple in any way I could, guided by Jolene’s gasps and shivers, moved by lust and desire.

Never had I ever truly understood the power of touch like that night. How a single fingertip could shake a woman, a small puff of air send shiver throughout all her body, a bit of ice shape it at will. With a man it’d always been mostly about his penis, not his whole body. Hell, I’d never touched myself like that before Morgan had shown me how little did I know about self-pleasuring.

“It’s so much better this way…” Jo moaned just before the grand finale. “A foreign hand, a delicate land… Pleasures hidden in a warm cave, I now know what I crave…”

“Who said that?” I asked, quite flattered that my actions had reminded her of poetry.

“Me!” she shrieked just before cumming. Someone cheered in the corridor for us. I loved our sorority!

“Now it’s my turn,” she whispered in my ear, after toppling me with a surprising force and skill. After that… Well, let’s just say that we kept loudly entertaining our sisters for a while: Jo had been a good student too.

“Good morning sunshine!” exclaimed Kaya the day after, sneaking from behind me as I walked the deserted corridors of our house in the early hours, making me yelp.

“Fuck, how are you so zippy?!” I mumbled, craving my bed above else.

“I didn’t have Jo keeping me up!” she replied, putting her arm around my shoulders. I wasn’t used to people having such a physical way of being friendly, but that was one of the things I liked about Kaya. “Come on, I found ourselves a nice itinerary.”

So, hating myself a little for doing this so early, I soon found myself running side by side with her around the campus. Well, not always side by side: every occasion was good to slow down and stay behind just to admire Kaya’s toned legs and her ass dancing in front of me. She was damn impressive and I wasn’t the only one thinking it: every guy we met turned his head to follow us with his stare. Well, I might’ve had a part in that too!

An hour later I was lying on the lawn, the prickly fresh grass framing my body as I panted hard at her side. She had indeed destroyed me, but it felt good. I finally had someone who enjoyed fitness like me!

“So, have you done your homework too?” I asked, trying to break our exhausted silence.

“Yeah, we played a little,” Kaya shrugged, looking all of a sudden dejected.

“Something bad happened? During class, it looked like you get on very well…”

“No… I mean, it went really well all things considered,” she reassured me, getting up. “Letitia is straight, you see? Sure, the idea of doing it with a woman really turns her on, it feels kinda ‘forbidden’ for her…”

“But it’s not the same thing as being bi,” I completed gravely.

“Precisely. You are lucky. I mean, I love Letitia, she’s great and caring and funny… Fuck, I may even have a crush on her… But I really want to experience being with a woman, not just doing it, you know?” she concluded, looking at me in the eye with an unexpected intensity. travesti istanbul Before I could react, however, she got up and added: “Come on, I gotta go back, I have classes.”

The awkwardness quickly dissipated as we talked about standard college stuff and before we parted ways for our classes, we decided to become runner buddies.

A few hours later, I was having a quick lunch with my classmates, Sebastian, Carl and Melanie, when all of a sudden my eyes were enclosed in a warm darkness: “Guess who?”

“Billie, who else?” I jokingly complained, starting to panic. This was the first time my sorority life and my college life collided! With my freshly reacquired sight, I found myself surrounded by amused puzzlement.

“Guys, this is…” Yeah, who the fuck was Billie? She was still behind me, but I knew this was important, a test even. I couldn’t hide forever, after all… “My big sister, Billie. Billie, these are Sebastian, Melanie and Carl.”

“You two are sisters?” asked Sebastian looking al little too theatrically surprised. Had he been onto me? He’d always sent a vibe as if hew knew and understood more than he let on…

“Not by blood, I’m in the χ χ χ sorority,” I explained, blushing despite all my efforts.

“Oh,” Melanie just murmured awkwardly. Carl’s reaction was that he tried his hardest not to have one. Sebastian, contrarily to him, actually managed to act naturally.

“Of course she is! I mean, look at her!” Billie went on, leaning nonchalantly on my shoulder. “Come on, lil one, I wanna know everything about last night with Jo!” And with that she grabbed my hand and literally dragged me away. To safety, perhaps.

“You seem awfully agitated!” Billie commented as we sat on a bench, ironically inspecting my face closely.

“Yeah, no shit! I hadn’t told anyone yet!”

“Well, lucky for you, I’m a terrible big sister,” she replied smugly as she fetched a hand-made cigarette from her purse and lighted it up. Her next words came to me in a thick cloud: “Here, take a drag!”. Nope, not a cigarette: weed.

“No thanks,” I replied. Even if I’d had weed before, it was more a “special occasions” kind of thing for me.

“Wren, Wren, Wren…” she replied shaking her head. “Isn’t it obvious that my role here is the bad influence? The one who pushes you into a path of perversion and vice? So will you please let me do my job?”

At that I found the joint between my fingers.

“Come on, I can’t! I have classes in the afternoon!”

“Yeah, and I don’t?”

Oh, well… I took just one timid drag, which tasted kinda awful by the way because there must’ve been some tobacco in it too, but seeing that Billie was still waiting I took a second.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a spliff! Now, tell me all about your romantic evening with Jo!”

My account of the previous night ended up being mostly about that morning.

“Ah, classic! You know, as much as Morgan pushes her hippie bullshit, 3χ house is usually filled with a lot of juicy drama, mostly ignited by us pussy connoisseurs,” she commented wisely, taking another big drag.

“So, should I let it go? I mean, I wanna help Kaya – not entirely for selfless reason, she’s a bombshell – but I don’t want to hurt Jo’s feelings. It’s not like we are a couple or anything, but you can be jealous of friends too, right?”

Billie gave me her spliff again and as I smoked it as she shook her head again.

“Typical! This is your prudish education speaking: try and keep up, you’re a 3χ now, you’ve grown out of that crap! If you want to have sex with two women and you don’t want to choose, just don’t! Keep going on with Jo until you two have made a meaningful, intimate and strong bond, and then involve Kaya in your games of sexual exploration. Just be gentle and talk with both.”

Even in my dizzied state – the weed was starting to act – I recognized it as the best solution for my conundrum. Also, me being a little high actually helped with facing my classmates later without losing my shit. As far as bad friends go, Billie proved to be quite good after all!

That afternoon, when I met the others for our second pledge class (it was divided in two parts: “Often neglected erogenous zones” and “Vibrators”), my mind was much clearer about many things. First of all, Carl and Melanie were goners. He clearly didn’t know how to act around a girl who was more sexually confident than him. She… Well, she probably considered me a slut and was not-so-secretly judgemental about it. They would probably hang with me only because Sebastian, the leader of our little group, wanted to. As for him, he was still a mystery. Second, I realized that I didn’t need them anyway: I had everything I needed right in my House.

“So… who’s Pythagoras?” Kaya playfully asked Leigh as she came down in the common room in her undies. She was indeed sporting “Pythagoras is my daddy” written on her ass with a marker.

“What? Oh, it’s just that I needed some help with math… Had a terrible teacher in high school… So I was telling Morgan, and apparently you can see in our app who studies what, in order to ask for help you see, but the best for math is Violet. Did you know she studies physics, of all things?”

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