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I am not very excellent lover or too popular among girls, but I do have something. I was 21 when I bought myself a sports car with my own money; I have been to army, traveled in 15 countries and I know what it is like to hear a grenade whistling its way to the closest building. Since I have dated only one woman I have spent a lot of time masturbating. Now I am going to tell you how. I am Darkman 27

I don’t remember when I had my first hard on, but I am quite certain I could read and write by then. I had read a lot of erotic stories before they had any affect on me. Soon I learned to masturbate too. I must have been 18 when I really got the hang of it. I saw a movie where two girls used anal beads and I was eager to try how they felt. I never had the nerve to visit nearest erotic store too look for beads so I used my imagination. I soon found a ball from a roll on deodorant and I hid it carefully. When I had four balls I went to our garage and drilled a 4 mm hole trough each ball. I had trouble trying to get a string trough the hollow balls, but I made it. Once they were ready I went to bathroom and slowly inserted the first ball. I had washed the balls before I tried to put one in my ass, but not well enough. My ass was soon burning and I had to use a lot of water to wash my burning asshole. I took some soap after the pain had faded and tried it in my ass. It was burning too, but water was the cure. I tried several soaps until I found a shampoo that had PH value 6 and it didn’t burn at all. I washed the balls many times with three different soaps before I flushed them and tried again. This time there was no pain, but the ball was covered with shit. I gave up for the day and hid the balls. At that time I had no idea how anal sex was looking so clean in the movies I had seen.

Next time I was home alone I tried to insert some water in my ass with shower hose. That worked out fine, except I had trouble keeping up pleasant temperature. I was determined to try the balls and that night I got then in and out clean and I came quite soon. For some weeks I was determined I would try something else too, but then I accidentally found my mothers dildo as I was searching a bag of cotton. It was actually a vibrator, but I was surprised and eager to try it too. It was something like 20 centimeters long and diameter was around 3-4 centimeters. When I tried to put it in my as before the first time I didn’t get it in. A week later I was more determined and I had tears in my eyes as I got most şişli escort of it inside. It was a weird feeling as I started moving it in and out my tingly little hole. I was soon masturbating with rapid tempo and coming in less than a minute.

That dildo I only tried a couple of times. I think the vibrator got wet and started to break. I wasn’t feeling too sorry because I had started my studies and next to my school was an erotic store I could visit each day if I wanted to. I think I burned my self-made beads before I went to study, but now I have a selection of wooden balls diameter 2-6 centimeters. I have also seen nice plastic beads but I don’t have them yet.

My next anal interest came up as I saw a film with transparent dildo. I wanted to try some sort of transparent object too and I certainly did. My first glass dildo was a mini bottle, but I was afraid I might lose it inside I decided to try something easy to get out. I choose a bottle of well-known soda with 0.3 liters capacity. The shape like made to fit in tight ass. I used it every time I could. I was careful not to break it and in the beginning I could get only the narrow part in. As time went by I could feel the pain and I could see the bottle going deeper and deeper each time. Then one day I sat on it and the widest part went in. I had tears in my eyes as pumped my fist up and down my shaft. For some moths I was happy but then I took the 0.5 liters bottle in use. This time it took me much longer to get it in my ass. It also took me longer to get bored with my new “friend”.

My next big step to anal pleasures hit me as I saw a picture of a man who was fisted in the ass. I had used 3 or 4 fingers sometimes, but I had never tried to use my whole fist. I used the bottle first and then I covered my hand with shampoo and tried to push my fist in my ass. It didn’t go in on first attempt mainly because the position was difficult. Another day I tried to put me foot behind my neck, but I was of balance. Then I got an idea. I took some support from wall with my toes as my upper back and head were against the floor. My mouth was close to my cock head so I had a good motivation to stretch my back for several minutes. I could actually touch the tip of my cock with the tip of my tongue. That made me so horny I forced my fist in and came on my face. I was satisfied and the next few weeks I had two new pleasures. The fist in my ass felt great, but licking my cock head mecidiyeköy escort was awesome. I think I could get it half way in my mouth with few moths practice. I also tried to fuck myself in the ass. I got my cock head inside my ass and I could milk it with my entrance. The bad thing is coming with a twisted cock. I cold stimulate myself but only 3-4 times I could shoot my load.

In those days I found out I could get my cock hard with pain. I used two buckets as weights as I tried to stimulate myself. I laid my back on a bench hung the buckets just above my knees so that my inner thighs were stretching painfully. First it was jus pain, but as the pain came worse my cock got harder. Few times I had to lift my feet and rest my thighs, but eventually I came without touching my cock.

That is not the only time I have come without a touch. Few times I have had nearly as wet dreams as my friend Anna. The second event I remember was watching a movie. There was a girl dildo fucking another girl. I had never seen the movie and I think I came in the point took a big dildo and showed it into the ass of another girl.

I have also used a tire to make an artificial vagina. It was silly looking thing but as tight as a virgin. I didn’t stop to the 0.5 liters bottle. I found a slightly bigger brown glass bottle but it felt too big for many moths. I sat on it, fisted myself and used a variety of different obstacles in my before I finally got it in. I think I found my limit in diameter. It is 8 centimeters and not a bit more. I haven’t used the toy or some time because I found nearly as big, but much more pleasurable toy in an erotic store. It is really a huge plastic monster. The total length is 35 centimeters and 30 centimeters can be used before balls stop the movement. The diameter is also quite big, maybe 7 centimeters or something. I also have 7 centimeters butt plug with vibra. The butt plug was in frequent use before I bought the monster cock. I used it few times while I was driving and I stopped in a supermarket the thing in my ass. But the wires broke quite soon and the vibra died. It was broken for a month or two before I tore it to peaces and repaired the wire. I think no one has thought about lifetime of the cable in design phase. I don’t know is anyone ever does repair for an intimate toy, but I did. I also made new gearwheels to a Honda motorcycle in occupational school, so I have other talents than poor stories. istanbul escort

The big dildo was in discount shelf. I would have bought it anyway but since it was nearly cheap I bought it. They always give a piece of paper with instruction how to use intimate toy. I am quite open minded, but I would be happy if I got the toy, the piece of paper and no nonsense. Every time I have bought something else than a video or DVD he or she has also spoken few words. As I took the massive dick in front of the young woman, she only said the price and here you are. I think the cock was in discount shelf because it was too big for any normal person to think off. I have trouble keeping it in a safe place. I have planned hiding it in my trunk, but because police seems to love my car I haven’t. I recommend this kind of item for every home.

The length could be a bit less because I am quite short. I don’t know anatomy very well, but I can feel the dildo enter higher than my navel. It didn’t go that far on first attempt, not even first month. I had to take deeper enema because there was my shit on the way. The night I got it in was really good. I think I came 5 times in less than 3 hours. Each time I had the monster cock deep in my ass.

Because the cock has balls it can stand on the floor. I can sit on it and let my weight do the job. It also so heavy it will come out on its own as I raise my ass. That is the easy way. Manual use is also possible but it is hard to get the first half in because of the length. It is no a strap on, but few times I have tied it to a heavy chair so that I can take it on my hands and knees. That felt nice and I think I am going to use the same position more often. I have also used long wide rubber bands to keep the dildo inside. The bands gave it some free movement. It was possible to walk, but the feeling was odd mainly due to large rubber balls.

I don’t know what I am going to buy next. I haven’t seen a rubber arm or fist in our local store, but there are lot of thins to try. The wooden beads were also something to remember. I made my beads so that there were 2 small, 3 averages and one big ball in the string. The monster cock is easy to get in compared with my beads. The first 5 beads have to be pushed deep inside so that the last one goes in too. Once they are deep inside it feel mostly nice. Once I start to pull the string there can happen two things. The beads may come out nicely or they may stop somewhere. If it hurts it is better to keep the string tight than to pull with more force. Once I got the small beads so mixed that they tried to come out in one time. That hurt a bit, but it is nicer to feel them pop out one at the time.

Maybe I’ll buy the kind of beads that have fixed distance. They would easy to get in and easy to pull out, but if I do that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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