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The 4 november

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The 4 novemberIts been 4 years since that night, when my roomate won his election and my pussy assi remember how he tease me all night ”the polls arent saying all buddy ”i remember how cocky i was how i called him stupid for voting trump but the night goes on and i drank nervously at the resulti coudnt belueve itmy roomate was right Trump had way more vote i thought possible”now you looser gonna be wearing this all night ”he thru it at me”no fuck you i ”bang he punch me in the facei fell down dizzy him pulling my sweat pants off”what a nice white bubble ass you have Jay!”face in the floor he smack it as i crawl on the floor my head turning ”where you going faggot ?””tonight we make america great again, this society has lost its root, strong man will always win you libetarian faggot wore”i was speechless he knocked me for a good 30 sec i was crawling in the dems little jock him getting naked”see this cock boi, that a bbc, not a small cock like your””that lil cock is useless”he took a sharpie and write it on my back like a tramp stamp sissy cunt demsi was sit back as he stream something on tv, hands in my back tied feeling i was living a nightmare pleading not t do thisand i watch hundreds of cam feed , all of us wearing the same underwear a black guy with a trump maga cap getting his bbc worshipped”welcome güvenilir bahis to the new worlds order you dems want so bad””open up faggot ”i was forced down on itit felt like a pole wanted to go in my mouth i look up at him , my head tilt his his hands”just like that , look at how great this is””all of you libs want this diverse society, all faggot boy want this to be normal“”getting big cocks in your pretty holes””yes look at me while you suck my cock””you think i will fit in that cute ass?””oh you will take it anywais””right there ass up like that , omg im gonna love that cute white cunt””wanna see if you can cum your ass fuck ?””mikeeeeee ahhhhhh ahhhhhh your soooo bigggggggg””oh yes take it open open faggot ””yes yes tight ass oh im gonna stretch you up forever ””im gonna make you love my cock all night boy””ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ohhhh shiiit””yes take the big cock looser””take this cock, lets make america great again ””oh i love white libs boy””you cute ass up like that moaning””ahhhh ahhhhh fuckkkkk ””oh you gona cum i can feel you good””noooo stopppp””fucking cute moan like a wore””cum sissy boy cum my bog cock in you ”the big screen was filled with cams of us ass fuck like bitches”lets make america great again”they all started shooting us little güvenilir bahis siteleri ass fucked up i look at all of us , getting fuck and i lost iti cum Mike pounding his load in my ass”there we goooooo ahhh ahhh take the cum , yes cum like a girl, feel it boy feel my big cock cumming in you””ohhh fuck Alex , this ass is my pussy now, oh yes , a nice sexy white pussy hole”i was head down dizzy , my dems underwear full of my cum, i squirted all of it as he filled me up”oh yes like this now you understand, good sissy boy, ass up face down”all of us looking at the screen , all the same ass up face down a strong jock fucking us uphe was proud of me i could tell by how he look down at me i was his cumdump i watch some of them on cam, get the dems underwear removedand shy boy was soon all getting put in frilly pink panty”boy with pussies belong in panty”they all cheered showing us those quiet boy pur up in panty all the same , ending the stream, the boy in this girly sissy panty help down ass up , sucking the bbc cleanand Mike had one for me he said”look how cute it is , my god so much of you discovering you have a pussy ””wanna drip cum in panty watching netflix with me Alex?”i was full of his first load, ass up watching more and mre cute white boy put in pantysome looking so happy , kissing iddaa siteleri , smilling, other looking down , broken , lost he grunt and got harder i knew ow what it meant i look back at him and he cum in me i watch in admiration at him cumming in me , a real man taking what he wants, what he needsmy bubble ass up in his hand pounded , his black skin , hitting my asshe cum deep in me as i smile eyes flipping moaning ”you love this””lets get your panty”i watch him remove my cum stained dems jockand the sissy cute panty was fetch by himi didnt saw it had a built in cock i watch the dark long cock toy attactch t the panty going up toward it destination, my cum filled boy pussyi watch him smile devilish ”right here , oh it goes in easy , you gonna wear these all the time””i want your ass full like a good sissy slit ready for my bbc , anytime i need it”i was so full getting on my knees , like all the other, I now knew were cunt full . kissing their friend big cock showing some respecthe close the cam and lift me up on the couch on his laphe kiss me”look at you, dont tell me you do not like this, i saw you squirt like a girl””Mike….your making me go crazy””i know baby boy i know, your prefect like that . a cute sissy white boy loving his hole fuck””lets watch trump winning speach , ”i watch trump speach his hallf hard bbc in my mouth”happy like that ? ”i nodits been 4 years tonigt we are kicking trump outwe made a mistake he said pumping in my ass”you pardon me?””yesss yesss off course”i said his cock near my mouth , back at sucking

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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