May 27

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 02

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Thank you for your encouragement and input. We would appreciate more criticism and suggestions, though this storyline is already well developed and fairly long. We have finished numerous chapters, though due to personal affairs that we are going through we don’t know if we will submit them in due course.

-“Dori” and “Sen”

~aka Soren


Andrew and James were buddies to say the least. Since Pete’s death and Andrew coming out of his depression, they had become best friends, closer than before. Now they told each other almost everything that troubled them, and at present Andrew was talking about his college dilemma as they walked through the morning bustle before class.

“Dude, you shoot threes like a pro.” James coaxed, “What was it, 70% threes? Most players have a free pointer ratio of 60%!”

Andrew shrugged, “I don’t know, James. I’m not concerned about making it, it’s just it could get in the way of my personal life.”

“Like with Kate,” James half-teased, for the first time mentioning the other senior in which Andrew was dating.

Andrew gave him a friendly punch on the arm, “Asshole, you know what I mean. My GPA dropped down to 2.0 last year, my parents killed me and I almost lost my spot on the team.”

James spoke in a more serious tone, “That, and you were dating a slut.”

Andrew stopped in his tracks, which caused some people behind him to get annoyed and change direction in the crowded hall.

“Shit, I completely forgot.” Andrew murmured.

“Dude, don’t feel bad. She was a slut, and she deserved to be dumped.” James soothed his rapidly depressing friend.

“That’s the problem. I didn’t dump her. I just left her.” Andrew replied somberly.

“You actually feel guilty about that?”

“I don’t think Dani was a slut. She probably knew it was over when Pete died.”

“Look, how about you talk to her, just to straighten things out, even if she is a whore.” James suggested.

“James, why do you hate her so much?” Andrew said, getting a little angry.

“A week after Pete died, she was trying to fuck me after one of my games. Only a week! What kind of girl throws herself at her boyfriend’s best friend like that?” James said very heatedly. He sounded like he’s been wanting to get it out of his system for awhile, and it surprised Andrew, but now he understood.

Andrew nodded, “Okay, your right. I guess she is a slut. But I still need to make sure we have no bad blood between us. I’ve been running from my problems, it’s about time I solved them.”


Andrew just eaten his hoagie by the time Kate walked over. Behind her was her best friend Sheri Walker, whom Kate helped Andrew fantasize about the afternoon before.

Indeed she was a sight: a tall, lean blonde with her hair in assorted bundles each day. Her average but firm tits complemented her very tight ass, and Andrew often wanted to stick his prick between her buns.

“Hey, beautiful.” Andrew greeted Kate after she sat down next to him. She greeted both him and James, as well as Sheri.

They made small talk for awhile, mostly about school rumors, local sports, stuff that didn’t appeal to Andrew. But he was smart enough to play along, at least for politeness sake.

Eventually, Kate bailed him by giving them a lame excuse to leave, having James and Sheri to talk together for the remainder of the lunch break.

“Sooo, I have tickets for the D7 Fest next Sarurday, you want to come?” Kate asked as thy headed down the back halls.

“D7? As in ‘Date: 2007 Rock Fest? How did you get those tickets, I’ve been trying for months to get those.” Andrew answered. They averaged at around a hundred bucks, unless you had connections. But it was worth it: many bands competed to get the grand prize in the local event.

Kate giggled, “I had to fuck one of the bands. It was a nice gangbang.” Andrew smiled, he knew she wouldn’t fuck other guys. She made that blatantly clear yesterday afternoon.

They talked about nonsense for a while, before Kate abruptly popped up a question, “You know the ‘Cherry Closet’?”

Then Andrew was flooded with realization, and güvenilir bahis he knew what was happening. He was at the back end of the large high school where the Cherry Closet was located. It was the janitor’s closet where most seniors lost their virinigty, since you just needed to bang it to open it, and there was relative privay in this part of the campus.

“Yes.” Was the simple answer as they stopped in front of the run down door.

“We’ve had anal sex, a blowjob, a titfuck, and a handjob. Usually you make love somewhere in there.” Kate commented. Nothing else was said as she kissed Andrew, wrapping her leg around his thigh. He quickly guided them to the door, knocked it open with one large pound of his fist, all the while not breaking the kiss.

Inside, They both pulled down their pants and undergarments ferociously, still not breaking the long kiss. They finally broke apart and backed off, both removing their shirts. Once Kate’s bra fell to the ground, Andrew rushed to her, adrenaline and hormones flaring. She was fairly light, and Andrew fairly strong, adding to the hormonal fray.

He promptly lifted her up and onto his large cock, and a long groan of ecstasy followed from both of them. Andrew instantly loved this position; he could use his muscles to balance them out, his hands on her ass, her tits in his face, and his cock doing most of the work of holding her up as it deeply penetrated her.

He furiously sucked her large left nipple, whilst he pumped into her tight pussy. Kate did her best to slam down on his cock when he lifted her, her hands around his head so to guide him to her tits, and her shapely legs wrapped around his torso. If she wasn’t within a half inch of him in height, this position would be very difficult.

Kate did her best not to cum, but both of them were struggling to hold it in. She knew once her pussy tightened around his cock, and her juices flowed to base of his cock, that he would soon follow. Andrew barely contained his eruption in her pussy, threatening to hit the walls.

After a little while, Andrew asked almost absentmindedly, “I thought you were a virgin, since your cherry’s popped.”

Kate nodded, “I am —was— a virgin, but I masturbate a lot. Got rid of it a few months ago with one of Sheri’s dildos.”

Andrew nodded, letting a small smile cross his lips. Kate scooted next to him and set her head on his shoulder. She lazily spoke, “What are you going to do about Dani, anyway?”

Andrew looked down at Kate, confused.

“I don’t mind you having outside sex, but I want you to be mine only. MY boyfriend, not my cock. And she can be a bit… possessive.” Kate explained, speaking the truth. A break-up wouldn’t stop the girl.

Andrew sighed, “We’re done, but I feel like I need to fix things with everyone else too.”

“What about Ami?” Kate asked, “She’s pretty fucking mad.”

Andrew looked startled, not thinking Ami would care much, “Really? We weren’t really good friends, and she doesn’t seem mad.”

Kate shrugged, “She gets aggressive when someone mentions you.”

Andrew gazed into the wall. He was going to make everything right, and the next one was going to be Ami.


Andrew’s old pickup pulled up to Chops a little early. He didn’t want to be late, everything needed to go right if he was to fix everything up. He pocketed his keys, checked his face, and walked inside.

There was only about four or five people there, besides Andrew. He scanned around to try and find Ami, but apparently she wasn’t there yet. Then he saw her at a corner booth, and looking absolutely stunning.

She wore a loose top, exposing an inch or two of muscled belly, along with plenty of cleavage. Next came a pair of short shorts that looked so tight they were going to burst around her bubbly ass. Her legs, muscled with a latina tint, were as breathtaking as the rest of her.

But Andrew’s primal lust was frantically squelched, especially in his groins as he tried to hide his growing hard on. For the first time in recent memory, he was actually annoyed at the slutty clothing that some girls wore.

He quickly sat türkçe bahis across from Ami in the booth, wanting to hide the boner he was developing. She did seem a bit startled, but smiled when he greeted her.

They chatted for awhile before a waitress came over asking for an order.

“Large burger and large fries.” Andrew replied.

“Same here.” Ami smiled.

Andrew and the waitress both looked surprised. Ami wasn’t very big, and Chops had unusually large hamburgers. Andrew could barely eat it all, and he had a good nine inches on her.

Once the waitress left, Andrew asked, “So how are you and Gabe doing.”

Andrew was hoping for a negative response. Gabriel Johnson was the second string QB for their high school football team, and him and Andrew have been rivals for years. Gabe wasn’t stereotypically a bully; his sharp tongue allowed him to control anyone not careful. He nearly got Andrew nailed for breaking and entering a few years back.

Gabe invited him inside his house freshman year, then broke his window and said he would tell the cops Andrew broke in if he didn’t pay him fifty bucks. It would’ve worked if his mom didn’t just arrive home from work.

Of course, the kid was jealous because he wasn’t good enough to be first string, and Andrew was smarter and got more girls than he did. He was, though cliche it may sound, a jerk because he was insecure.

Ami sneered, “I dumped that son of a bitch two weeks ago. Thought he could cheat on me and get away with it, piece of crap.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Andrew replied, though he was glad Gabe couldn’t get his hands on Ami.

A few minutes later, their food arrived, and large helpings were given to both of them.

“You sure you can eat all of that?” Andrew asked in amazement.

“Yep, pretty easy, too.” Ami giggled as she popped a fry in her mouth.

Andrew raised an eyebrow, then Ami clarified, “I don’t diet like the others, I just work out more. I like eating too much to give it up.”

Andrew grinned. He noticed he was doing more of that lately. “I didn’t know that.”

Ami looked around the diner. Only the waitress was there, so Ami replied, “I bet I can eat faster than you, too.”

Andrew’s grin held, “First one to finish the burger and the fries?”

“I already have half my fries finished, I’ll have a head start.” Ami countered.

Andrew leaned forward, “Your going to need it.”

With that, they both ate. Andrew’s mouth processed the fries, whilst Ami’s adept mouth ate small but quick bites out of the burger. They worked frantically, but after ten minutes of silence between them, only eating, Andrew stopped and slammed his hands on the table, his mouth still full of food, “Iff winff.”

Ami swallowed a bite of what remained of her burger, and shook her finger smiling, “Oh, no you don’t. You need to swallow it.”

Andrew replied, “Ifff canfft.”

Once the food was coughed into a napkin, Andrew held up his hands in defeat, “I can’t. You win.”

Ami shook her head, “I’m full. It’s a draw.”

For no real reason, they both laughed. Andrew paid the bill, and they both walked out into the dark parking lot. He walked her to her car, a Mercedes convertible that made his pickup look like crap, or more like crap than it already was, depending on how you look at it.

“It was really fun tonight, Andrew.” Ami smiled sheepishly, then stood on her toes to peck him on the cheek.

Then a vision of Ami’s great bottom, large tits, and sensuous clothing brought a rush of blood to Andrew’s crotch. It didn’t help that Ami felt it as she pecked him.

“Ami, I’m so sorry…” Andrew began to apologize, but was startled when she started rubbing it.

“Don’t be.” She whispered as she used her fingers to deftly open his fly. When it slammed out and hit her leg, she looked down and gasped. It was massive, larger than any she had seen up to that point. Had his ex known he had such a big dick? Dani was fairly flamboyant about her sexual escapades or happenings, wouldn’t she notice it at one point?

Then Ami remembered that Andrew was already going out with someone. Kate Rogers or güvenilir bahis siteleri Rover or something, wasn’t it? Was he cheating on Kate like Ami’s boyfriend cheated on her?

She began to get angry, and abruptly let go and pushed him away. Her face was contorted with rage, and as she got into her car and drove off, Andrew couldn’t help but wonder what just happened.


The Saturday afternoon sun was bright and pleasant, it’s soft light bathing Andrew as he leaned back in the large hammock by the unfamiliar pool.

He had aviator glasses covering his eyes, a slight smile across his face, and swim trunks that were covering —or had covered— his torso and groin. Next to him was Kate, her head on his chest, blonde hair cascading across his pectorals. She as well was naked, and had a blissful expression on her face.

She opened her eyes and let out a content sigh, before looking up at Andrew and said simply, “That was great.”

And it was. Right as Andrew drove into the driveway and walked through the doorway, she promptly pulled his pants down and gave him blowjob that had him cumming in a matter of minutes. After that, they skipped the stereotypical pool foreplay and viciously fucked each other on the large poolside hammock.

Then Kate’s face hardened a bit, like she was concerned about something. Before Andrew could ask what was wrong, she had beat him to it.

“And, I was wondering if you want to come to our final game.” Kate asked. She had thought earlier she was “oversexing” him, and that he would view her more as a fuck buddy than a girlfriend.

Kathy was the star forward on the high school soccer team, which was her secret to having such a great body. Many at school speculated she was good enough to go on college, and maybe even pro, teams. Her slightly taller stature, long legs, and speed made her a very formidable forward.

Andrew, oblivious as ever, was surprised that she even asked, “Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In fact, Andrew had a surprise for the game, one that would take a long while for her to forget, or at least he hoped.

Kathy’s spirits immediately lifted, and then she turned attention to Andrew’s chubby. She used her delicate fingers to stroke it to life, all the while whispering into Andrew’s ear: “You fill me up so well, hon, it’s like fucking a big, hard bat.”

Andrew replied with a groan of ecstasy, which accompanied more dirty talk: “I wonder, could you be a pornstar? Imagine banging all those hot babes for money… and I would be there, too. Probably trying to suck you coconut size balls.”

Another groan and his cock passed the seven inch mark, which was Kathy’s cue to mount up. Her twat slowly engulfed his growing manhood as she steadily lowered herself until she fit all nine inches into her. Kathy took a deep breathe and stood upright, her ass resting on his pelvis.

Andrew couldn’t help but admire her; long blonde hair that rested on her grapefruit-size bosom, leading into an hourglass figure that gave way muscled thighs, a large but toned ass, and long legs that his eyes had a hard time following.

Andrew grabbed her ass, where she simply went up and down on his prick. He almost wanted to film her from the backside as she picked up her pace, so he could see his large cock split into his girlfriend so far that her ass connected with his proportionally large balls.

As the pace increased, Andrew pulled her up and slammed her down harder and harder each time. With her magnificent breasts flailing, her eyes closed in ecstasy and sweat beading down her forehead, Kathy let loose with a cry of pleasure as her pussy tightened around his dick and her juices flowed down his shaft.

Resisting the urge to cum in her, Andrew pulled his cock out, but Kathy simply slammed her ass back down, taking it up her butt instead. The mixture of surprise and pleasure overcame Andrew as he launched volley after volley of cum into her ass.

When Andrew finally caught his breathe he asked, “What the fuck was that?”

Kathy’s face cracked into a slutty, cheeky grin, “I didn’t want you to make a mess, and I’m not on the pill yet, so my ass was the nearest cum bucket. Hurt a bit though, but that’s the price you pay for dating a fucking stallion.”

Andrew sat his head back on the hammock and chuckled. This was so fucking awesome.

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