May 27

The Airport Ch. 1

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The plane had been airborne for about an hour and Sarah still couldn’t get rid of the butterflies in her stomach. Now that the captain had come over the intercom and told the passengers they were about 15 minutes from their destination, the free flying butterfly had changed into a fist sized lump of granite that plunged down to the pit of her stomach. She was 38 years old, an adult, fully equipped with a logical brain, not to mention a great physical shape in spite of having had two children. At that particular moment she felt like a kid who’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar and she hadn’t even gone through with this wild, harebrained plan yet. For those 15 minutes till the plane pulled onto the tarmac and passengers started unloading, Sarah ran all the details of the last 3 months through her head, trying to convince herself this was an opportunity she couldn’t afford to let pass her by like so many others had.

Paul was a businessman who’s life had taken some unexpected turns the last couple of years. Business had been booming, he had no regrets about that. Now that his income was secure, the additional time he had since he wasn’t working 12 hours a day, weighed heavy in his hands. His marriage was slowly dissolving as he and his wife grew in different directions. Paul had tried to pull it together again, but recently decided it wasn’t worth the effort if they both weren’t trying, and his wife wasn’t trying at all. So for the first time in his life, Paul gave up pursuing an ideal he’d thought was obtainable. No that wasn’t quite right, he’d given up pursuing something not worth going after. He decided to live life to the fullest and not dwell on the problems of his spouse when she didn’t want to do it herself. That’s why he was waiting patiently at the airport for Sarah’s flight to arrive.

The Internet was a world unto itself. It allowed people from around the world to communicate at such a speed that most of them were still struggling with the concept. Fascinating how the world had shrunk in a matter of years. No longer were the distances keeping individuals separate by the cost of long distance phone calls or the time it took for mail to travel the oceans. Those lucky few that found friends within the same continent were actively seeking face to face meetings after hours of talking and sharing their lives over the computers in their homes or offices. Some meetings proved disappointing because falsehoods had been given, but both Sarah and Paul were hoping this wasn’t the case for them. It took Paul a long time to talk her into meeting him halfway between their two homes but he was sure they’d both enjoy the rendezvous once the initial nervousness passed.

Sarah had a good life at home. Married to a hard working man who provided her and the children with all the comforts they could ask for, she didn’t think anything was missing from her life until she met Paul in a adult chat room three months ago. Sitting at home on a day off, feeling a little on the horny side, she searched for a chat room that might allow her to explore cybersex. She never thought she’d meet someone in there that opened up a whole new world of mental images for her, things she never realized were possible with the act of foreplay or sex. Her sex life at home had been good to her or so she thought. She and her spouse had sex regularly, as their respective work schedules allowed. That wasn’t very often anymore since he worked nights and she worked days. They loved each other very much but that spark they’d started with at first was just an ember that never got fanned into a fire hot enough for Sarah to feel satisfied after making love.. Paul showed her with his well chosen words and explicit descriptions, that there were other ways of making love besides a quick rub , deep thrust and a few pumps of a cock inside a pussy. He told her of long slow massages where her senses were set on fire with anticipation. Descriptions of isolated touching and teasing, slow caresses that worked around the erogenous zones, had shown her that her body would respond with an intensity she had never experienced in real life. All these things read over a computer screen, all these actions played out by her own hands on her body had proven to her that there was something missing from her life. It got to the point anymore when she saw his name light up on her buddy list, she’d start to tingle inside as her mind would trip triggers and push buttons.

Paul stood in the waiting area with a single yellow rose in his hand. He’d memorized Sarah’s face from the pictures she’d sent him online, but he’d never shared one of himself with her. In one last message over the computer before their separate flights took off, he told her he be waiting for her since his flight arrived first, and he’d have her favorite flower in his hand. Not wanting to be crushed with the crowd of people waiting for relatives to arrive, he stood with his back to the wall and watched as the passengers came down the ramp. It wasn’t hard to find the lovely lady he’d been waiting for, that rich auburn hair, upswept and held back with a clip, set her features off and drew many appreciative looks from the other males in the area. He smiled as he saw her lift her eyes to scan the room and find the rose in someone’s bahis firmaları hand. He wanted her to search a little, wanted that ever present anticipation he’d worked to build in her over time to build more but when he saw her face start to fall, he couldn’t stand still and let her get away from him. Paul moved forward, into her line of sight and touched the tip of the rose to his mouth to kiss it gently. Sarah’s eyes lit up and betrayed the look of nervousness, she smiled sweetly at him as they meet face to face for the first time.

He touched the rose to his lips once more before placing it on the bridge of her nose and running it down, softly resting it against her lips. Instinctively she kissed it’s soft petals and inhaled it’s sweet fragrance. Paul opened his arms and Sarah walked into them naturally, like they’d been doing this all their lives. No one around realized they’d just met for the first time. Anyone that watched, assumed they’d been lovers forever and were welcoming each other back home after a safe trip. Little did the crowd know that the kiss they were sharing was their first. The tentative touch of satin lips that progressed into tongues probing unexplored depths of velvet warmth brought such a wave of pleasure through Sarah, that she trembled within her core. When Paul’s mouth trailed her left cheek, whispering ‘hello baby’ softly into her ear, he spread his hand wide across her back and moved it slowly up and down. Sarah arched against him so he could feel her body contract with desire. He knew her fire was building already, feeling the tension in her muscles. Wanting to see if it were possible, he set his mind to giving her more. He leaned his head back, smiled at her and started to kiss her again. Licking the roof of her mouth, he began to thrust his tongue in and out, never breaking contact with her lips, all movement hidden from the world’s eyes, taking place within their locked lips. When his right hand moved down and rested under her ass, he pulled her tighter against him, allowing her to feel the bulge in his own pants, pressing against her pelvis. A little wiggle of his hips into hers while his tongue reached deeper into her mouth was all it took for Sarah to have her first explosion of desire course through her body. Paul knew it had happened by the sound of the moan he swallowed with his own mouth. When Sarah calmed down, he pulled back and took her hand to his lips, kissing the fingertips. Her hand was still shaking with the orgasm she’d just had.

Sarah was shocked at what had just happened to her. She was wet from just a kiss. True, she had thought before the weekend was over, it might happen for her, actually getting wet with her own natural lubrication, but not with just a kiss. Paul could see from the look in her eyes that he had taken her somewhere she’d never been before. Being the daring fellow he was, he told her to go to the rest room and remove her panties. He wanted to know there wasn’t anything under that short skirt to hinder his intentions for later on in the day. Sarah blushed a rosy pink under her tan but didn’t hesitate in walking down the corridor to the nearest ladies room. Stepping inside the handicapped stall so she’d have more space to move around, she lifted her skirt and caught a musky aroma as she slid the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Tossing them into the waste basket as she walked out the door back to Paul, she got a decidedly wicked rush thinking maybe someone had seen her actions and knew she was intent on pure pleasure from this moment on.

Both of them had brought only a small carry-on case which they pulled behind with one hand while holding hands with the other. Sarah could start to feel the heat and energy Paul always talked about, coming from the grasp of his hand in hers. A heat that traveled up her arm and across her chest as they walked down the terminal’s corridor toward the exit. Hailing a cab, Paul took control of getting them to the room he’d rented at the hotel downtown. With his hand gently squeezing the top of her leg as the car maneuvered through the city’s traffic, Paul told Sarah they had reservations at a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. He paid the cabbie while Sarah waited on the sidewalk next to their bags. Upon checking in, Paul had the service deliver the suitcases to the room and took Sarah’s hand once again as they walked the late afternoon sun dappled streets to their meal. He watched the breeze lift the hair from her neck wondering to himself how he was going to resist doing the same thing so he could kiss that soft skin exposed below her ear. But he was a patient man, and he knew that he could control his own desires and show her delights in that control, so instead he let mother nature tease him with glimpses of her hidden beauty.

They chatted quietly as they strolled along and found they were as comfortable talking about their flights as they were comfortable talking on the computer chats. They discussed the other people who they knew both knew online, laughing about the peculiarities of certain characters they’d met, all the while trying to ignore the electricity they continued to feel building between them. After being seated at their table in the dimly lit interior, Sarah finally admitted kaçak iddaa to Paul that the last half hour had flown by and she hoped the rest of the weekend didn’t go so fast that she couldn’t remember any of the details. Paul looked over and smiled at her, promising her with his eyes, that there would be many details to remember, while his hand moved under the table to her knee. That hand never left her leg as they ordered their meal. Sarah could barely concentrate and marveled how calm he appeared when giving his order and at the same time stroked her thigh above her nylons. Running his finger along the top, between the nylon and her skin, he never hesitated telling the waiter how to cook his steak, or what type of potato and dressing he wanted. When it came Sarah’s turn, she just looked at the menu she couldn’t focus on and finally said she’d have the same thing. Eating dinner was far from her mind when his finger started tracing from the inside of her thigh around the top of her leg. She scooted her chair in closer to the table so the cloth covering would hide the fact that her skirt was pushed up to her hips.

Paul was a decidedly wicked fellow and took great pleasure in seeing her squirm in her chair. He knew he was getting her close to cumming again and the thought of doing it in public was turning him on. The other patrons seated around them could only see an attractive couple talking about every day occurrences while beneath the table a hand was exploring soft, warm skin and finding dew drops of moisture within the hidden folds. Sarah’s eyes began to go misty as he trailed his fingers across her opening. Paul called her name softly and she looked at his face, finding in his eyes a deep pool of desire. Never letting go of her eyes, Paul communicated his intentions before he slid one finger deep within her. She could feel the fingertip curl up and stroke against the top of her pussy as he pulled it slowly out. When she started to close her eyes in pleasure, Paul called her name again and told her to watch his face. Denying him nothing, doing as he requested, her eyes widened when he placed two fingers within her and his thumb upon her hooded clit. She could feel the thumb circling her hardening nub while his fingers stroked slowly in and out of her wetness. Momentarily glancing around her, she realized no one but they, knew what was happening to her right then. The thought of doing something so naughty and in public set a shock wave through her lower body. The contraction of her pussy around his fingers came as a delicious surprise that was mirrored in the expression on Paul’s face.

He asked if she was feeling good and all Sarah could do was nod her head because the meal had come for them to eat. She was afraid if she tried to speak, her voice would give her real feelings away. Paul pulled his hand from under the table and raised his fingers to his mouth, slowly licking them dry. Sarah had never seen anyone do anything like that before. The ecstasy shown in his knowing smile as his savored the appetizer she’d given him was nearly her undoing. How was she going to make it through a meal with this man looking at her like she was the main course? Paul’s leg rested against hers as they made light conversation once again. Occasionally he would catch her glancing his direction and he made it a point to let his eyes speak to her of what had just happened. He knew she was remembering his touch and not really paying attention to what she was eating. That pleased him immensely and ever chance he got, he’d tease her with his body language. As they sipped their after-dinner coffee, Paul asked her what she was thinking about. Blushing a little, Sarah confessed that she had never felt anything like she was feeling at the moment.

Paul pressed her to be more explicit. She struggled to find the words to explain how he was affecting her. He looked her deep in the eyes and smiled. Sarah sighed and told him he was doing it again. When he asked what she meant, she got bold and blurted out that he was making her wet by just looking at her. It was worse than when she saw his name on the computer screen at home and would start to tingle all over, looking forward to talking to him online. She told him about the fact that his power over her mind scared her at times, but she couldn’t hold back the desire to have those feelings. She told him of the times she’d tried to control what happened to her, but the need to let her spirit fly under his direction had become so overwhelming lately that she couldn’t stand it anymore. She admitted that she almost didn’t come to meet him, but something, some voice inside her, made her realize she had to, or forever wonder if he could make her feel so wonderful in person as he did when they talked over the computer. Paul was pleased and told her as much when he took her hand in his and squeezed it gently as his brought to his lips. Thank you was all he said as he paid the bill and led Sarah from the restaurant.

Wrapping his arm around her waist, he walked her back to the hotel in the cool night air. The shivering he felt within his arms was not from Sarah’s being cold, he knew it was from the heightened awareness she was experiencing and he was pleased with himself to think he had created that within her. Sarah didn’t kaçak bahis say much on the walk back. Paul didn’t push her for conversation, he allowed himself the time to caress her gently along her hip line where his hand rested. Light, gentle touches, squeezes barely perceptive and unnoticeable to anyone watching, but Sarah felt each and every finger on his hand as the danced across her body. The silkiness of her blouse did little to prevent the heat from burning through the fabric to her skin. It was all she could do not to moan out loud in public, when they stepped into the elevator and Paul stood behind her, pulled her back to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. Tucking her head under his chin, he crossed his arms under her breasts and let their weight rest against him. He opened his hands wide and dug his fingers into her sides above her hips, while he took pleasure in the scent of her hair. Moving his head down a little, he whispered in her ear, that he wanted her. He wanted all of her and he wanted it now. Sarah had no doubt to the sincerity of his disclosure. She felt the press of his shaft into the crack of her ass as he rocked his hips up and down slowly, lifting the skirt a couple of inches with each cloth inhibited stroke.

When the elevator doors swished open on their floor, Paul placed his hand lightly at the small of her back and nudged her forward when she seemed to hesitate. That little bit of encouragement on his part was all Sarah needed to step forward with more confidence in herself than she’d ever had before. Allowing her to proceed him, Paul took a moment to appreciate the way her short skirt swayed seductively around her legs with each step she took. Realizing he wasn’t right behind her anymore, Sarah looked over her shoulder questioningly and caught his eyes moving from her feet to her head. When he saw she was looking back at him, he winked at her and smiled knowing that in the hours to come, he’d do more than just look. Sarah waited till he caught up to her and when he put his arm across her shoulders, she couldn’t help but settle comfortably into the warmth he gave so easily. Rounding the corner at the end of the hall, they came to room 269. As Paul pulled the access card through the lock, he glanced at Sarah and asked why she was giggling. She pointed to the room number on the door and burst out laughing. Was that suppose to have a double meaning, 2 and a 69? He joined in her joke and admitted that for once that wasn’t something he’d planned, but if he’d thought of it, he would have.

Opening the door for Sarah to enter first, Paul was pleased with her cry of delight. The suite he’d requested had separate living and sleeping areas. The far wall was windowed and opened out on to a large deck that over looked the Gulf. At this time of night the coastal lights were coming on, leaving streaks of color wash out to sea with each gentle swell of the tide. Blues, greens, yellows and reds moved like serpents anchored to the sandy beach, tethered yet trying to leave and return to the horizon. Sarah was delighted by the view and would have spent more time outside if Paul hadn’t stepped behind her and taken her in his arms. Placing one arm across the top of her chest, he held her so he could brush away the hair from the right side of her neck, exposing the curve he’d admired on his way to the restaurant. With that same hand he reached around and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse so he could pull the material away even further. Sarah shivered when the cooler night air caressed her skin. Paul reached up and slowly ran his thumb from the base of her ear, along the chord in her neck and stopped at the top of her arm, where he flattened out the palm of his hand a rubbed small circles into her shoulder. She leaned back into the support of his chest as he kissed the top of her shoulder, nibbling as he slowly moved his mouth up toward her ear. Soft sweet moans of contentment issued forth from her lips, unconsciously Sarah was beginning to melt and Paul knew he had but to continue on his journey and show her the finer side of making love.

Turning Sarah around to face him, Paul took his tongue and licked her neck from right to left. Sarah tipped her head back into his open hand for support and relished the expert attention he was paying to her throat and chin. Paul wanted to make what he was doing more sensational, so he took Sarah’s hands, raised her arms shoulder height and had her lock her fingers behind her head and neck, freeing both of his hands to finish unbuttoning her blouse. As the material fell open he viewed two luscious breasts encased in a snow white lace trimmed bra. The golden tan to her skin only added in accentuating the delectable morsels waiting for his attention. Sarah tipped her head down to watch him as his hands arched so just his fingertips touched the area above the top of the bra. Light touches, barely making contact with her skin, outlining the edges of the bra above and below it, had her nipples so hard that they seem to stretch the material to the breaking point. Not once, not twice but three times he repeated the process of tracing her form with his finger tips before he lowered his head to the valley created between them. As his tongue started moving along the same path, his hands roamed along her sides, under the blouse and toward her back where he unfastened the clasp of her bra. Sarah gasped as his hands started massaging firmly the expanse of skin now exposed for him to touch.

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