May 29

The Attorney

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Big Ass

The meeting.

It was just a sterile hotel meeting room. Fluorescent lights over a small table, blinds drawn on the small windows. Uncomfortable chairs that inflicted pain on the users if sat upon for long periods of time.

“From a design standpoint, is there any reason for you to recommend that a automobile leave the Memphis facility with a defect that would do this to an innocent driver, and I am showing you Page Exhibit Four?” the attorney ask.

My mind was listening but not concentrating on the words. I was mesmerized by her beauty. The flashing green eyes, the dark auburn hair, the soft, red lips belied the fact that she was the plaintiff’s attorney and I was giving a deposition that required my full and honest testimony. Her silk blouse, glistening white, covered her soft breasts, the dark nipples outlined against the sheer fabric. Her wool skirt defined her shapely hips, exposing just enough of her legs to take my imagination to the point where they met her upper torso.

“Mr. Harris,” her voice interrupting my reveries, “do I need to repeat my question.”

“No,” I replied. “I thought the question was rhetorical.”

“I don’t have any other questions,” she stated.

Nervously I turned toward our corporate counsel.

“We will reserve our questions until the time of the trial and he will waive signature,” spoke Leo Anstall.

I slowly arose from my chair, still leering at the beautiful attorney across the desk.

“Too bad she’s the enemy,” I thought to myself. “Perhaps another place, another time. . .”

I left the hotel room where the deposition was taken. Moving quickly across the lobby, I stopped seeing the entrance to the hotel bar.

“I could use a good stiff drink right now,” I thought to myself.

Easing into the bar, I slipped into a booth and gave the bartender my order.

“Just a glass of Cabernet,” I said, “Mondavi 98 if you have it.”

As the bartender placed the glass in front of me, I glanced up to see her walk into the bar. The confident air of her walk, shoulders square, head high told me that this was one very classy lady. My eyes naturally trailed to the third finger, left hand.

“Drats,” I mused, “she’s married.”

I picked up my glass of wine, swirling it in the glass to release its fullness. The warm liquid filled my mouth, slipping down my throat and leaving the warm, rich afterglow of a good cabernet. My eyes continued to follow the beautiful woman as she seated herself at an adjacent table. Our eyes met, and I saw a slight smile cross her lips.

“Damn, she’s tempting me,” I thought. “And it wouldn’t take much temptation either.”

She shifted her posture in the chair, revealing her long legs covered with the sheerest pantyhose. Again, I was drawn into those flashing green eyes, the sparkle glistening in the darkened bar. I couldn’t resist speaking, even knowing that she was the plantiff’s attorney and that even the slightest slip could endanger our corporate position.

“Hi,” I began. “I realize it is inappropriate, but I am totally lost in your beauty and charm.”

That’s lame I thought to myself. For a Harvard boy, you sure are a geek.

“It’s fine,” she replied softly. “Court is out and for now I’m just relaxing and enjoying the moment.”

“Would you join me,” I whispered, “just as a guy who admires you from afar.”

“Sure, if you don’t think I’ll bite,” she giggled.

“You are human after all,” I laughed. “Under that stack of law books, I bet there’s a passionate woman too.” “My name’s Jim,” I said, “oops, you already know that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she smiled, “and I’m Victoria.” “And you must promise, we will have no professional talk, ok?.”

“Okay,” I replied. “What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll have a glass of wine please,” Victoria said. “Same as yours is fine.”

The bartender placed the glass in front of Victoria.

We chatted about the weather, the show on the television above the bar, the shows currently on Broadway and I found myself lost in the charm of her Long Island accent. The melodic tone was hypnotic. Without thinking, I reached across the table and caressed her hand.

She jumped, startled at my touch.

“Sorry,” I professed. “I was just admiring the softness of your skin, and of course the diamond you’re wearing. I didn’t mean to seem forward.”

“It’s okay,” she hesitantly responded. “I’m just not accustomed to having strange men hold hands with me in public. It’s been several years since my college days when guys groped me in dark bars.,” she laughed.

That opened up the conversation. We laughed together about how crude some guys can be, and how flirtatious some women are around the crude guys. Before long, we had drained the full bottle of Cabernet and the warmth of the wine had my head spinning. güvenilir bahis Or was it the beauty of this gorgeous creature?

“I must be going,” her words breaking the spell and bringing me back to reality. “My husband will be wondering what I am doing.”

“Thanks Victoria for sharing the afternoon with me. I really enjoyed your company, the conversation and the wine. If you are ever in need of an afternoon conversationalist, I’m available.”

“Oh I’m sure you are,” she grinned. “But I think I had better consult my hubby before I accept.”

“See you in court,” I said.

“No professional talk, remember,” she replied. “Bye and thanks for the company.”

With those few words, Victoria walked out of the bar and out of my life.

I left the bar, moving quickly across the lobby to the elevators. Pushing the button to the 44th floor, I was daydreaming of the beautiful woman I had just left. Leaving the elevator, I inserted the magnetic key into my door and quickly stepped inside the lonely hotel room.

“Damn, I hate these impersonal hotel rooms.”

I involuntarily turned on the television, the evening news talking about the capture of some fugitive in Las Vegas. I couldn’t concentrate on the news or anything else at the moment. My mind was racing from the encounter with Victoria. I opened my briefcase and shuffled the reports I had from work.

“No use,” I thought. “I won’t be getting any work done tonight.”

The phone broke into my thoughts.

“Wonder who that could be calling me this late,” I wondered. “Hello.”

“Is this Jim Harris who was having a drink in the bar earlier this evening,” the soft sexy voice ask.

“Yes,” I replied. “And who might this be?”

My mind was racing again. Could she be calling me back so soon? Why?

“This sounds weird but this is Victoria. Did you by any chance see my purse when you left the bar. I seem to have misplaced it and I don’t have my driver’s license, credit cards or anything.”

“No, I didn’t, but if you hold a minute, I’ll call down to the bar and see if they picked one up this evening.”

“That would be terrific,” she replied. “I’ll hold.”

I pushed the hold button and dialed the other line.

“Rendevous Bar,” the voice said.

“Hi, this is Jim Harris in Room 4412. Did you by any chance pick up a purse my companion left this evening?”

“As a matter of fact, I did. Shall I send it up.”

“No, just hold it and I’ll come down and pick it up.”

I hung up the phone and pushed the other button.

“Victoria, good news. The bartender has your purse. Do you want me to bring it to you?”

“No reason for you to get out. I’m still in the city so I’ll drop by the hotel and get it myself. Could you pick it up and keep it in your room until I get there.”

“Of course. When you get to the hotel, give me a call – Room 4412 and I’ll bring it down to you.”

“Thanks Jim, you’re a lifesaver.”

I went down to the bar and recovered her purse, leaving the bartender a nice tip for his courtesy. Taking the purse, I went back up to my room and gazed out the window at the city. The night had turned stormy and lightning flashed across the blackened sky. Suddenly torrents of rain beat against the window and loud crashes of thunder filled the canyons of the New York streets. I glanced down at the street below and saw people scurrying for shelter.

“I wish I had insisted on taking the purse to her,” I thought. “It’s not a fit night for man or beast. And especially not for a gorgeous sexy woman like Victoria.”

About an hour passed and I was beginning to wonder if she had changed her mind. Just as I was about to give up and go to bed, the phone rang on the desk beside me. Victoria was in the lobby.

“I’ll be right down,” I said into the phone.

“I’ll come up if it’s okay,” Victoria said. “I don’t want to impose on your kindness any more than I already have.”

“If you are sure,” I replied. “I’m in room 4412.”

As I waited for Victoria to arrive, I realized I still had on my suit and tie. Oh well, no time to change now.

Five minutes later I heard a gentle knock on my door. Opening it, there stood Victoria, hair wringing wet, her makeup streaking down her soft cheeks. Her coat was drawn tight around her, but as she was apparently caught in the downpour without her umbrella, did little to protect her silk blouse. I could see the color of her skin through the sheer, wet fabric.

“Come in Victoria,” I smiled. “You are drenched. Let me take that wet coat and I’ll get you a robe from the closet.”

“Thanks,” she replied. “I hate to be such a bother, but I did need my purse.”

I moved to the closet and got one of the robes. Victoria had removed her coat and placed it on a hanger in the bathroom. Her back was turned and I could see türkçe bahis the rain had made her blouse completely transparent. Her bra, a thin white silk lace was as transparent as her blouse.

I placed the robe around her shoulders and she pulled it closed in front, tying the sash around her waist.

“Shall I call the front desk and see if I can arrange to have your wet clothes laundered.”

“Would you?” she whispered. “I hate thinking about putting these wet clothes back on. This robe feels so warm and comfy.”

Picking up the phone in my room, I dialed the concierge desk.

“This is Jim Harris, Room 4412. I need some quick laundry service please.”

“We’ll be right up Mr. Harris,” the voice responded. “But I doubt if we can get anything back tonight.”

“Do the best you can. And do you know of anyplace I might be able to purchase some women’s clothing tonight?”

“I’ll check and let you know,” the valet said.

“Did you eat Victoria,” I asked as I hung up the phone. “I’ll be glad to order room service if you’re hungry.”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t want to disturb you any more than I have. But if you have any wine left, I sure could use a drink.”

“I’ll order a bottle and we’ll just sit and talk for a while.”

As we sat and sipped our wine, the storm raged outside. The valet had taken Victoria’s clothing and was attempting to get them laundered but had advised us that it would probably be morning before he could get them back. And all of the stores had closed so it appeared we were stuck until morning.

“I guess I need to get a room,” Victoria sighed.

I called the front desk to inquire about a room for Victoria.

“Sorry sir, but we’re booked for the evening.”

I told Victoria the bad news and she sighed.

“Looks like I’m homeless tonight.”

“You can take the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa in here Victoria. I couldn’t let you go out into this storm. And I promise to be a true southern gentleman.”

“You’re such a sweet man,” she grinned.

The wine was beginning to fortify my courage. As I sat on the sofa, admiring Victoria’s beauty, the dark, auburn hair, the penetrating green eyes, the soft damp lips, I couldn’t help but dream of holding her in my arms and possessing this gorgeous woman.

Apparently the wine was having an effect on her as well. The sash holding her robe around her waist was loosening and the soft curves of her breasts were revealed. Her eyes were half closed, lips wet from the wine and her cheeks rosy and soft. She snuggled against me, her head laying against my chest, the soft locks of her hair flowing down across my lap. I casually brushed back the hair from her face, my fingers trailing across her cheek. A soft moan escaped her lips as I brushed against her neck with my fingers, the warmth of her body penetrating me through my shirt. Her eyes caught mine, and our heads moved toward each other as if drawn by some magnetic force. My lips brushed across her forehead, down the bridge of her nose and in an electric moment, our lips touched. Gentle at first, soft and warm lips meeting…slowly parting to issue in a soft, warm kiss. My fingers caressed her face as the kiss deepened. My tongue explored the sweetness of her mouth, brushing against her teeth and the fullness of her lips. My hands slipped slowly inside her robe, caressing her soft shoulders, her back, her neck.

“Mmmmmm,” she whispered.

Suddenly she sat up erect, pulling her robe closed, face flushed she mumbled, “Oh Jim, I can’t do this. I’m a married woman and it wouldn’t be right to mislead you.”

The passion, the want I felt was overpowering. But I knew I couldn’t do anything to hurt this beautiful woman. I pulled her close to me, gently caressing her face and spoke, “Victoria, I wouldn’t want you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. I think you are a wonderful, beautiful woman and I do understand. Just relax and let’s just talk for a bit.”

I could feel her relax against me, her soft body melting against me once again. As we sat there talking about our dreams, our aspirations, and hopes those barriers once again were taken down. As the night wore on, we once again kissed. The resolve was finally broken and as I slowly removed her robe, exposing her natural beauty to my gaze, we both knew that our union was inevitable. Kisses became more passionate. Touches more insistent.

My lips trailed down the softness of her shoulders, across the dark auroela of her breasts, finding an erect nipple and drawing it between my teeth, biting, sucking, caressing with my tongue. The soft moans emanating from her soft lips urged me onward. My hands caressed her back, her shoulders, the softness of her breasts and I continued the trek of my kisses down her stomach, reaching the inside of her creamy white thighs. güvenilir bahis siteleri I could smell the musky sweetness of her nectar as I kissed the inside of her thighs, my tongue playing with that junction of her legs and pelvis. The softness of her mound, cleanly waxed and smooth to my touch responded to my kisses. I parted her legs, letting my fingers trace the outline of her soft womanhood. Our lips met in a deep kiss, tongues playing against each other. The passion was building, the urgency of our movements more demanding. Kissing her breasts, her erect nipples, my fingers pushing apart the soft folds of her womanly sex to expose the sensitive, swollen bud. My fingers slowly circling her clit, caressing, flicking. My tongue, finding her sensitive spot, lashing against it as I slipped my finger along the wet, warm slit, pressing against the opening to that wonderful tunnel of love and easing into the warm, wet depths of her soul.

Feeling her hips pushing back against my tongue, I felt the rush of her first orgasm. Moans turned to sighs of ecstasy as her orgasm wracked her body. Gushes of sweet liqueur filled my mouth, spreading across my fingers and tongue. Her breathing shallow and rapid as the sweetness of our lovemaking swept over both of us.

“Mmmmmm…Jim that was wonderful,” she whispered.

“Darling, it’s only the beginning. Tonight I want to give you everything you heart desires. I want to take you on a journey of love that you will never forget.”

My kisses continued against her sensitive clit, along the folds of her womanhood, my tongue finding the tight sphincter and pushing inside her most forbidden place.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “That feels so good.”

My fingers began to penetrate her wet, hot pussy, curling them to massage her g-spot while my thumb massaged her swollen clit. My tongue was penetrating her tight ring as my hard, thick manhood brushed against her soft breasts. I felt her soft hands encircle the girth of my cock, the nails brushing along the dark vein, tips of her fingers rubbing across the velvet swollen glans. The feeling was incredible as I moved to penetrate her sweetness with my tongue once again. Thrusting deep inside her, my face nuzzling her clit, my tongue dancing inside her sweet pussy.

I slowly kissed up her stomach and shifted my body between her legs. I could feel her legs involuntarily wrap around my waist as the tip of my hardness brushed up and down along the warm slit of her sex. The tip brushing against her clit, then back down to tease the orfice to her anus.

“Oh Victoria,” I moaned. “I need you.”

Very slowly I eased the tip of my hard, thick cock into the softness of her womanhood. I felt the muscles relax, letting me slip inside, penetrating slowly about an inch then withdrawing. Each time I withdrew, I could feel her outer lips sucking me back in.

“Oh god Jim, don’t tease me,” she cried. “I need you deep inside me.”

Slowly, gently I pushed a little deeper, letting her feel the engorged head of my raging manhood brush against her gspot. Her hips thrust back against me, legs wrapped tightly around my waist, urging me deeper. Again I withdrew, leaving just the head of my cock inside her wetness. I slipped my finger down between the outer folds, rubbing against her clit very softly. I could feel her hips bucking against me, pressing hard upward. My cock slipped a little deeper, now about six inches penetrating her while my finger urgently massaged her clit and my teeth drew her nipple between them, biting gently. I felt her hands grasp my butt, trying to pull me fully inside but I quickly withdrew, leaving only the tip buried in the hot, steamy pussy.

“Please,” she begged. “I need you inside me now.”

The blood raced to my cock. I thrust deep inside her, driving a full eight inches deep into her hot, steamy pussy. My balls nestled against her butt, my pelvis pressing against her swolllen throbbing clit.

“Yessssssssss,” she hissed as another orgasm spilled over her body.

Our bodies melted together. My hardness filled her, stretching her, driving her into the soft bed. Our movements were in total harmony. Like a symphony, we moved together, as one. Our eyes semi closed but peering deep into each other, revealed the complete love we were sharing. A union so perfect that we had become one. Our hearts were beating in perfect unison, breathing together. Hours passed as we joined each other in total, pure love.

I don’t know how many times Victoria reached an orgasm that night. I know I had multiple mini orgasms and have never before experienced anything like it. Finally, we exploded together in a total, mind-boggling display of lights and sounds, my thick hot seed filling the wonders of her womanhood.

As we cuddled in the first glow of the new day, we realized that we were drawn together by a fate that couldn’t be explained. We continued to kiss, loving each other and knowing that the future would draw us back together over and over as we basked in the perfect afterglow of love.

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