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The Beach Part 1

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Big Dick

The Beach Part 1Stretching my towel out on the beach, I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It will be another hot day, my tan improving daily.That is nice, but what is nicer is the selection of beautiful ladies who seem to frequent this section of the beach, reserved for those who like to be clothing optional.There have been a selection of both men and women there most day off holiday. Some keep covered, many are topless, a small handful are totally naked. The only problem is this damn trend for young women looking like stick insects. Where are the real womanly curves?After an hour or so, I decide to cool off with a dip in the sea. For this, I slip my trunks back on, hiding myself in case of inevitable hardness.As I towel myself off afterwards, I spot a blonde in the distance, heading down the beach. As she gets closer, I see she is wearing a summer dress, all white and comfy, allowing the light breeze to keep her cool.I can see immediately that she is my type. I pretend to look away casually, all the time hoping she will place her towel within viewing distance.My excitement grows as she passes close to me. Despite the airy dress, I can make out her voluptuous shape, all boobs canlı bahis and bum. A mature type, definitely a MILF. I try not to stare, and slip on my sunglasses to try and be more subtle.Her head turns slightly towards me as I do so, and I could swear that a slight smile appears on her lips as she notices my attention.Her pace slows, my heart leaps. She looks around, slipping her beach bag off her arm, and pulls out her towel. With great care, she lays it on the sand, not ten foot from my own. I can hardly hide my smile.She sits down, smoothing the towel around her. She pulls out a water bottle, reading book, and sun cream from her bag, before bunching up her dress, and pulling it up over her head.To my surprise, she is wearing a one piece costume underneath. And worse still, she starts to apply sun cream to her face, arms and legs, showing no signs of removing the swimsuit. This wasn’t in my plan!Still, as she applied cream to her neck and chest, I could see her breasts shaking enticingly, and my cock started to twitch. Quickly, I slipped off my trunks, swapping onto my front, putting my sunglasses back on and grabbing my book. As I turned, I could have sworn that the voluptuous bahis siteleri beauty was peering over the top of her sunglasses in my direction.She laid back on her towel, holding her book aloft, and I settled down too, a slight disappointment washing over me that she had decided to remain covered.Some time passed, and I was enjoying u book. Of course, with me keeping an eye open for passing talent…not much joy though. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch my friend sitting up as if to shift position, and I do the same.She reaches for the sun cream, and starts trying to rub it into her shoulders, and reaching round her back. After a minute or so of trying, she stops and looks around. Seeing me looking in her direction, she gets to her feet, and heads my way, sun cream bottle in hand. My heart starts pounding.”Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you.” she says sweetly, in a lovely English voice. “Would you mind helping me, I can’t reach my back with the cream. I don’t want to get burnt!”I find myself nodding my agreement, and manage to stammer a garbled yes. Acutely aware suddenly that I had not put my trunks back on, I wondered what to do. Ms Voluptuous was already turning back to güvenilir bahis her towel, and looking back at me with a smile she said “Great, I thought you might like to help!”.I decide that, to save embarrassment, I will cover myself. Hurriedly I pull my shorts on and stumble after her.She lays down on her front, and says over her shoulder “Please make sure you apply it well. I don’t want you to miss a spot and I burn!”With these instructions, I knelt next to her, and squeezed the cream into my hand. Slightly shaking, I started to apply it to her shoulders, moving her blonde locks aside as I did so, exposing her neck.As I worked it in, her skin felt soft and smooth, white but slightly tanned. She crossed her arms under her head, and let out a contented murmur as she did so.Looking down, I said to her “your costume is nice, I don’t want to splash it with this cream.” “That’s ok,” she replied, “let me just ease it down, I want to tan my back anyway.”And with that, she raised herself up, and slipped her costume down to her waist, right in front of me.I could help myself. “Wow!” I said, seeing her fulsome chest for a second as she lay back down on her front.”Mmmhmm” was all she said, a slight smile on her lips. I returned to applying lotion on her exposed back, enjoying the feeling of my cock starting to grow in my shorts, her costume now revealing the very top of her shapely buttocks.To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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