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The beginning

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The beginningThe tension was palpable. So many times their eyes had met and a smile that meant…what did it mean, he didn’t know. How often had he seen that smile and a torrent of emotion flooded his mind, thoroughly derailing his train of thought. He could be very wrong…but what if he was right?Days went by and opportunities to be alone with her were few and far between. Too keen and it would be obvious, not keen enough and she’d miss his endeavours.Her laugh filled the room, it was infectious, it was fun, it was sexy. He looked over and she was looking elsewhere, caught up in a conversation. He looked at her hair, her eyes…her everything. She looked up unexpectedly and saw him staring. She smiled, as she always did and he blushed and half smiled back. Damn his nerves. He got back down to work and jumped a second later when she appeared silently at his side speaking his name. He spun around and met her eyes. A question about something trivial that he felt was a ploy to talk. ‘Let’s grab a coffee’ he suggested and they moved off into the empty canteen. As he followed her she looked over her shoulder and chuckled, that nervous laugh that he couldn’t quite gauge. She beamed a smile and kept her eyes locked on his whilst she turned and backed into the door. Expecting it to open behind her, he kept walking, nearly walking into her. He backed away, but slowly…maintaining a small period where they were close. He breathed in her perfume and their eyes danced for what felt like an eternity. His heart pounding as the door opened, she fell backwards and spun around into the kitchen. Small talk commenced and they moved around each other making coffee. He was right, the talk was insignificant and he could swear she moved closer to him on purpose when she didn’t need to. The wondering was killing him as he watched her glide around constantly smiling, constantly checking he was watching her. ‘Milk’ she asked, ‘Yes please’ he replied and moved over to the counter. güvenilir bahis He stood as close as he dared behind her. He could tell she was aware he was there. He watched her small rounded shoulders rise and fall as she aimlessly stirred the cups, a little longer than was needed. He went closer now, only an inch or so behind her, moving slightly to the side so as not to be directly behind her, although his heart pounded be be just there. She glanced to her side feeling his presence and pushed his cup towards him, her arm brushed his and again he felt the lingering. She looked up at him and for once her smile wasn’t huge. It felt nervous. Was he wrong, was this too far? ‘thank you’ he said softly and smiled, hoping to melt the ice. She turned directly to face him and squeezed past to get to the fridge. ‘shall we go somewhere…quiet’ she asked gently. He turned to look at her and her eyes dropped and he thought she blushed slightly. ‘sure, where do you have in mind?’ he asked. ‘breakout room two is probably the quietest, we won’t get disturbed in there’ she said as she picked up her cup and walked towards the door. ‘I’ll meet you in there in a moment’ he said after her, watching her walk slowly across the kitchen. Without looking back she left and he let out a huge sigh. Jesus that felt tense. Was it just him? His heart was hammering out of his chest.Walking into the breakout room he couldn’t see her until he walked in further and she was stood near the projector equipment, bent over pressing keys. He walked over and she looked behind her but didn’t change position. He stared at her round little arse, framed perfectly in her tight jeans. Her top raised slightly at the back exposing the bottom of a tattoo and the top of a pair of white slightly laced knickers. As he approached she looked again and subconsciously stroked her hand over her arse ‘this is making a beeping noise’ she said as he stood beside her. He was close enough to keep checking türkçe bahis her out but not so close for it to look bad if anyone came in. ‘sounds OK now’ he laughed ‘well it would do now you’re here’ she laughed and stood up playfully slapping his arm. ‘I don’t actually need anything specific’ she started, looking down and away, anything but look at him ‘I just wanted to get out of that office and chat’ she finished, looking up at him nervously. ‘oh OK….’ he replied, a little flummoxed for what to say. ‘I noticed you have a tattoo’ he blurted out. Idiot! Now she’ll know you were looking! he thought. ‘yeah it’s hidden a bit’ she said ‘i have others too’. ‘cool, I like tattoos, but I’d be too scared to get one myself’. ‘do you want to see all of mine’ she said looking into his eyes. ‘all of them…?’ he stuttered ‘all of my back one…’ she giggled. He flushed bright red, ‘I’d love to’. She stood from the chair and turned away from him. She lifted her top as far up as her bra so he could see it all. For a moment he drank in the view. Her hips, the little dimples on her back, the way her skin looked, every mark and mole imprinted into his mind. She looked over her shoulder ‘like it?’ she asked ‘yeah it’s stunning’ he replied a little short of breath. ‘you can look closer’ she smiled. He shuffled his chair closer and carefully reached his hand out. As his finger touched her skin, beginning to trace the outline of the tattoo she flinched ‘sorry, I didn’t mean to… ‘ he started. ‘no it’s fine’ she said ‘I just didn’t expect it that’s all’. Her back tensed as he moved his finger over. ‘are you ok?’ he asked. ‘yeah, don’t stop’ she breathed. He extended another finger out and gently pressed around her back. She flexed forwards and he extended his full palm onto her back. He could feel her breathe out and move back against his hand. ‘this ok?’ he checked with her ‘yes, please don’t stop’ she breathed. His heart raced as he brought his other hand up and güvenilir bahis siteleri gently rested on her hips and moved on the opposite side of her back. Her head tilted back and she moaned lightly as his thumbs began to massage her lower back. He was lost in the moment when she suddenly turned to face him, his fingers tracing her stomach for a split second before she stepped back. Her eyes were serious and focused. ‘shit, what if someone walked in’ she exclaimed and ran a hand through her hair. ‘good point’ he said, trying not to sound dejected. ‘wait’ she said striding to the door. She popped the key into the back of the lock and turned it, she turned to face him and flipped the lights off. Pitch blackness for a moment. Silence except for movement coming from near the door close to him. He stood up and began to speak ‘what…’ but she came close to him, putting a hand on the small of his back and putting a finger to his lips. ‘shhh’ she said ‘keep going as you were’ she whispered softly. His eyes slowly acclimatising to the darkness he could see her in front of him turned around. His hands quickly went to her lower back and he began to work. From his standing position he moved closer and she again dropped her head back, resting it on his shoulder. He gently pressed up and down her back, onto her hips, gently moving further up, being careful not to go too far. She exhaled deeply and her hands wrapped back over and rested on his arse. He jumped slightly which moved him closer to her. ‘relax’ she breathed and looked up at him. ‘do my tummy’ she requested. He moved his hands slowly and gently around to the front of her body. By now he was rock solid and the gentle sway and movements of their bodies was surely giving away this fact. As his hands gently caressed her tummy she bent slightly and ground her arse into his crotch. She giggled ‘someone is excited’. ‘do you blame me?’ he said, his voice laboured breathlessly. One hand reached up and caressed the back of his hair and in one swift movement she turned, pulled his head towards her and kissed him deeply. Her hands now gently touching both sides of his face, his on her hips. Facing each other now was there any going back…? TBC.

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