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The Best Of Friends: Part 6

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As it turned out, that was the last time any of us had sex for several days. The high school football playoffs were in progress, and we’d made it to the semifinals in our Division B, which included mid-sized schools. We had a great coach, Bill Daniels, and a very good team, with several players being scouted by some major colleges, but it was still a little bit of a surprise that we’d gotten that far.Our semifinal game was in Grand Junction, the Saturday after that very memorable Thursday of our “first time” together, but we left on buses after a pep rally on Friday afternoon to travel, Teri promising that she’d see us there. It was an exciting time, but I think both Jake and I would have rather been naked in bed with Teri than on a football field at that point in our lives!We went through a lot of speeches and pumping up from our coaches, but when the game finally got underway it was all about football. The weather was cold but clear, and we faced a very good team from Durango.We were leading 17 – 10 late in the first half when Jake, from his linebacker position, nailed their tight end just after he’d caught the ball deep in their own end of the field, popping it loose; one of our defensive backs recovered the fumble, but amid the celebrations and high-fives, I was the first to notice that Jake was still down on the field. I grabbed Coach’s shoulder on the way by, pointing out at the field and yelling, “Jake’s hurt!” as I ran out to him.The ref got to him just seconds before I did and stood over him, waving his arms and blowing his whistle as he called an official’s timeout. Jake was curled into a tight ball, moaning loudly, in obvious pain; that scared me because I know how tough he is and knew he must be badly hurt.I dropped to my knees beside him and leaned in close to his face, my hand on his arm. “Jake! Jake, you okay? What happened, bud’?”Between clenched teeth, the pain obvious in his voice, he ground out, “That motherfucker kicked me! When he got up and nobody was looking, the fucker kicked me in the balls!”That pissed me off; hard play is fine, dirty play is bullshit, and when the ref looked down at me and told me I shouldn’t be on the field, I lost it. “You missed a personal foul! You should have called a fucking penalty, that guy kicked him in the nuts after the play was over! Call it, asshole!”He should have called an unsportsmanlike penalty and probably disqualified me, but for some reason he didn’t, maybe because he knew they’d screwed up. He simply looked down and said, “Careful, son,” and by then the coaches and our team trainer had arrived.Jake was still curled into a fetal position, still moaning, both hands clutched between his legs. This was clearly more than a simple blow to the ‘nads, the kind you can walk off; he was badly hurt, and I was furious and scared for him at the same time.They brought out a cart and took him off the field, straight to the locker rooms. We’d recovered the fumble at their fourteen-yard line, and when our QB hit me at the nine two plays later, my temper still at a boil, there was no way those dirty cheats were going to stop me; I lowered a shoulder and ran through one, stiff-arming another off his feet, driven by pure anger, leaving them on the ground and crushing my way to the end zone. At halftime, we were up 24 – 10, and I sprinted to the locker room to check on Jake.He was lying on a training table, his pants and jock on the floor alongside and a towel over his middle, a large lump beneath it. Our trainer was on the phone nearby, and the way that Jake looked scared me. He was pale and sweating, in obvious pain still, and he looked ill and miserable.“Hey, man, how you doing? You gonna be okay?”He moaned softly before answering. “I don’t know, I think I’m hurt pretty bad.” When he saw my eyes go to the large hump under the towel, he managed a wan smile. “Don’t worry, that’s not all me; it’s an icepack, mostly.”“Oh… well, that’s good, I guess. I was afraid your nutsack was swollen that big.”He nodded. “Well, yeah – check this out.” He lifted the towel and hoisted the icepack off his groin; while not as big as the mound under the towel, his balls and lower groin were still grotesquely swollen, his sack damn near the size of a softball and purple with bruising, the skin stretched so tight that his little penis had receded into the swollen tissues. “They think I’m bleeding into my nutsack, so we’re going to the hospital.”“Jeez, Jake… fuck!”He nodded again. “I know, right? Just when our sex lives were getting interesting…” He’d have gone on, trying to make light of a very serious situation, but by then our coaches and teammates were filtering in so he dropped the ice and towel back into place.Coach Daniels took over after that, first checking on Jake and telling him, to hang in there and try to get better, that we’d need him next week for the championship game after we finished beating these guys; uncharacteristically, he didn’t tell Jake to ‘quit whining and get up and walk it off’. He then turned to me. “I’m moving Tommy up to play Jake’s spot, so you’re in at safety after the half. You good to play both ways?”“Absolutely. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Tommy Larkin was our starting safety, but one of our best tacklers, and he was also the best remaining choice to take over at middle linebacker. My voice had sounded flat, even to me.He looked at me oddly. “I know what you’re thinking, but don’t do anything stupid, okay?”“Who, me?”“Heath, I swear…”I caught Jake’s eye and could see that he knew where my mind was as well. As Coach wandered away, he said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”“Fortunately, that doesn’t limit me much.”“Yeah, well. Don’t escort izmit get kicked out, the team needs at least one of us out there, and I can’t play, not with my nuts the size of a volleyball.”“And purple, dude. I hope Teri likes purple.”“She does. Shame it’s my balls that swelled up and not my dick, I could use a little more bulk there.”“Don’t think it works that way. See you after the game?”“Sure, if you can come to the hospital.” He looked at me. “Don’t kill him, okay?”“Paybacks are a bitch.”“You’re fucking scary when you’re pissed off.”“Not as scary as giant purple balls.” It was stupid, but I had to say something.He laughed weakly. “I suppose. Be careful, huh?”As we went out and warmed up a little for the second half, I spotted Teri at the front of the stands, and when she motioned to me, I ran over for a moment.“Heath, how’s Jake?”“Not good.”She nodded impatiently. “That I knew; they came and got his parents from the stands. What happened?”“He got kicked in the balls – intentionally. Dirty play… he’s hurt pretty bad, I think. He’s going to the hospital.”“Oh my god, poor Jake!” Tears sprang to her eyes as I reached out and put a hand on her shoulder.“I know – he could have brain damage, huh?” She shook her head, but I got a tiny smile out of her before I heard my name called. “Hey, look, I gotta go.”“Of course. I’m going to try to catch a ride to the hospital. See you later?”“Sure. Tell him I’m thinking about him.”“Heath? Be careful, okay?”I don’t know why everyone kept telling me that, but she blew me a kiss and headed for the exit as I returned to the field.The game stayed close, and they managed to pull within a touchdown. Their big tight end, the guy that had kicked Jake, made a couple of good catches, and he and I, fairly evenly matched, banged each other around several times when he was blocking on running plays; my opportunity came late in the third quarter when he caught a short pass right in front of me and began to turn to run. As he began to tuck the ball away and turn, I blew him up, hard and vicious.I drove my shoulder into his chest even as I punched down on the ball, which left his hands at the same moment I shot upwards, my shoulder riding up his pads and into his chin, beneath his face mask, rocking his head backward. He hit the ground like a sack of wet cement, unconscious before he landed, and his head took a second bounce off the hard turf.It was a brutal hit, much harder than necessary, and pretty awful, and I should have felt bad about it but I didn’t. He’d intentionally put Jake out of the game, and now he was out of the game; symmetry, you know? Paybacks are a bitch like I said.I got flagged for unnecessary roughness but was surprised I didn’t get kicked out of the game. They got the ball back on the penalty even though we’d recovered the fumble, but we went on to win the game and advance to the state championship game. I heard later that I’d caused him a serious concussion and a couple of broken teeth. To this day I’ve never felt guilty about that, which maybe says something bad about me, and I’m okay with that; it was something that needed doing.I didn’t stay to celebrate with the team – or to get yelled at for long by Coach for the cheap shot and penalty. Even he quickly relented and let me go shower and find my folks so I could get a ride to the hospital.I found Teri with Jake’s parents in a small waiting room, both her and Jake’s mom with tears on their faces while his father looked grim. My parents went to his, asking about Jake and offering words of comfort, which left Teri and me together.I put an arm around her and asked what was happening.She wiped her eyes. “He’s in surgery right now.”“So he was bleeding in there, huh?”“Yeah, that… but also, they have to do an orchiectomy.”Whatever that was, it didn’t sound good; it wasn’t. In response to my blank stare, she said, “They have to remove one of his testicles, Heath. They said it was ruptured, damaged beyond repair.”“Oh. Well, shit… no wonder he was in so much pain. Fuck! How is he?”“Upset, sick… scared. You can imagine.”“Yeah.” I was sort of glad I hadn’t known sooner about him losing one of his balls, or I might have really hurt that guy. “What does it… I mean, is he gonna be okay?”“The doctor said so, yeah. His parents let me stay while he was talking to them. According to him, one can do what both used to, it just takes a little while to kick in, pick up the slack.”“Which one do they have to remove?”“The right one. Does it matter?”I shrugged. “No, I guess not. Either is just as awful.” I hesitated, then asked, “So… you know, kids and everything? Jake loves kids, I know he wants to have some.”“I know, we’ve talked about it. Me too.” There were tears on her cheeks again, and I realized that she was maybe just as scared as he was.Her words rocked me a little; I suppose I’d never realized they were thinking about and planning a future together, not that seriously. I tried not to show how that realization left me with a hollow place inside and put my arms around her. “So he won’t need testosterone medicine, nothing like that?”“They said that as long as his left one is okay, he shouldn’t miss the right one… you know, except cosmetically.”“Well, that’s good, right?” She nodded silently, and I went on, “You suppose he’ll mind if I start calling him ‘Lefty’?”“Oh, Heath!” She buried her face in my chest, but I got a tiny giggle out of her first.“Too soon, huh?”“Way too soon. Don’t do that to him.”“Nah, of course. I was kidding.” Well, half-kidding, at least. I knew I’d use it at some point because I knew he’d do the same for me. Besides, ‘Lefty’ was way better than “One-ball’ or perhaps ‘Half-sack’. izmit escort At least it was ambiguous, while the others were anything but.~~~~~~~~~~  In the end, he was fine. They kept him that night and the next, and his folks stayed there in Grand Junction until they could bring him home. I rode back with the team, while the friends Teri had come with had already left, so she rode home with my folks.She and I hung out most of the next day, our mood somber as we worried about our friend and her lover. I wanted her, which made me feel incredibly selfish and small when she was clearly worried sick about Jake, but I couldn’t help it. The feel of her warm body against my side, my arm around her, the soft scent of her hair, the knowledge of what she felt and tasted like and how her lips so lovingly sucked my cock, the image of her, eyes closed and her face flushed with arousal was ever-present in my mind.I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about how sweet it felt to slip into her welcoming heat and feel her close around me, her pussy wet and slick and my balls pressed to her perfect ass, and it made my cock swell and throb with need. She knew I’m sure; she couldn’t miss my persistent, unrelenting bulge, and she seemed to have a sixth sense about when either Jake or I wanted sex, but she didn’t acknowledge it and I didn’t pursue it.It would have felt incredibly disloyal, but I know that if she’d offered, I’d have accepted. Once, at some point in my life and even if only for a day or two – or even an hour – I desperately wanted to be able to have Teri all to myself, to truly make love to her rather than merely have sex. To be able to pretend, just for that moment in time, that she was mine. ~~~~~~~~~ When he came home he was still a little pale and weak, and in considerable pain, and he walked very gingerly, able to wear only baggy sweatpants for a week or so. Icepacks were still part of the regime, and his mom had to change the dressing each day, something I knew he found horribly embarrassing.Teri and I hung out at his house when we could, around school and football practice, and I kept him informed on team things and passed along the well-wishes of the guys. About five or six days after his surgery, just the three of us were at his house when he asked, “Do you guys want to see it?”I didn’t, particularly, but Teri gave the answer he was looking for, and he got up and stood in front of us, opening his robe and dropping his sweatpants. He had a couple of small square bandage pads taped up into his groin, one of them on his scrotum, and he carefully peeled back the tape.I thought it looked terrible, his groin shaved bare and his wrinkled sack still badly bruised and somewhat swollen, a row of black stitches up the loose skin on the right side where his testicle used to be, and another small set of stitches low on his groin, where they’d gone in to repair the bleeding. At least the swelling had gone down enough that his cock had resurfaced.Fortunately, I didn’t volunteer my opinion before Teri said, “Well, that doesn’t look so bad!”He looked at her hopefully. “Really?”“Yes, really. I mean, you’re bruised and all, but it looks like you’re healing up good and the swelling is way down.”“It doesn’t look weird because I only have one ball?”I thought it did, a little, but I let Teri take that one too. “Not at all. Besides, as much as I love playing with them, that wasn’t really my favorite part.” To emphasize her words, she reached out and gently took his limp little cock between her thumb and two fingers. We both saw him wince.She pulled her hand away. “Oh, sweetie… did I hurt you?”He shook his head. “No, not at all. I guess I was expecting it to.” She once again took him carefully in hand, and he looked down at where she was gently stroking him. “Actually, it feels nice to have someone besides my mom touch me there.”Teri giggled and I laughed out loud. “Fuck, man, don’t go there!”“Well, it’s true.”Teri, biting her lower lip, looked at me and then at him. “It must be – you’re starting to get hard.”“Yeah, that doesn’t happen when my mom touches me either.” He laughed. “In fact, I think this may be my first hardon since I got kicked unless I maybe got wood in my sleep. I wonder if it will hurt.”“You want me to stop?”“No…”I laughed. “Would you want her to stop and grab an extinguisher if your ass was on fire?”He grinned. “No, probably not. It really feels good.”His cock had grown and filled and become totally upright, straining in readiness. Other than a little bruising around the base, it looked like it always did, except maybe a little bigger and extraordinarily erect.Teri grinned playfully. “You’re very hard!”“Thanks to your talented fingers. Look at that, it still works!” He was trying to joke about it, but the relief in his voice was evident. He took his cock into his own hand, his joy palpable as he felt how hard he was. For the first time in years, I heard him giggle. He actually giggled! “Wow, that’s one crazy-hard little cock I’ve got here! Feel this thing, bud.”I looked at him. “Thanks, but I’ll take your word for it.”“Oh come on, it won’t bite you!”I glanced at Teri and saw her watching me, a questioning but hopeful look in her eyes. I thought then, and think still, that she was judging me, waiting to see if I was too uptight to do this simple thing, to share in my best friend’s obvious joy and relief.I sighed and put one hand on his shoulder, then carefully took his hard cock in my other, being careful to avoid the stitches on his groin. He was rock hard, almost unnaturally so, and I laughed as I squeezed his rigid shaft between my thumb and fingers. “Jesus! izmit kendi evi olan escort What did they do, put a steel bar in this thing? That’s insane, man!”“Well, I haven’t had any kind of sex in days, so that’s probably part of it.” Almost of their own volition, my fingers slowly stroked his slender shaft; it felt natural and sensual, and I didn’t really think about it until he moaned softly. “Mmm, that feels so good.”I stopped. “It doesn’t hurt?” I was a little embarrassed about enjoying the feel of his rock-hard cock in my hand.“A little, but it hurts good. You don’t have to stop.”“That’s okay, I’ll let Teri take over; she has more expertise in these matters.” I could tell he was mildly disappointed when I released him, but Teri immediately taking my place, her hand on his cock, was a fine consolation prize. I was hard too – I’d gotten hard while watching Teri fondle him in the first place, although not nearly as hard as he was – and the sensation of his hot, throbbing dick in my hand had done nothing to diminish my erection.Teri was idly stroking the head of his cock, tickling the little slit with a fingertip, and he gasped, his hips moving as he thrust into her touch. She looked down at him and giggled. “Horny boy! I thought you said the doctor told you no sex for at least ten days.”“He did… but god, that’s like forever! I can’t go ten days without getting my rocks off.”“Well, I’m not going to help you disobey the doctor and hurt yourself. You could tear something.” She released him abruptly, and he stood there, robe open, pants around his ankles and his cock staring up at his chin.He groaned. “Well fuck! It’s not fair that I have to have blue balls and bruised balls all at the same time…” He stopped himself suddenly and looked down at his damaged and diminished package. “Huh. I guess I’ll have to get used to using the singular form. I have blue ball… getting my rock off… jeez, that sounds weird, doesn’t it?”I nodded. “A little, yeah. I guess we’ll all get used to it.”“I guess. Are you guys sure it looks okay? I don’t look deformed or anything?”Teri touched his face. “You look fine, baby. You’re still healing, so you’re a little bruised and swollen, but once the stitches are out, you’ll look fine.”He looked at me, knowing I’d be honest with him. I shrugged. “Yeah, Jake, it looks okay. I mean, if I was going to have my balls decorated, I’d probably go with a tattoo or something rather than having them embroidered like that, but it’s a bold choice. Fancy, even.”He and Teri both laughed, and he replied, “You’re an idiot. You’d tell me if I looked bad, unbalanced or anything, right?”“Jake, who sees ‘em – I mean, you know, except you, me, and Teri? We’re fine with it.” It was a cop-out, and he knew it.“I guess. Thing is, the doctor said I can get a transplant. You know, if I choose.”I stared. “Who the hell is going to donate a healthy testicle? Not me… I mean, I’d give you a kidney any day, or part of my liver, but I have a more emotional relationship with my balls than I do with my liver. Fuck, do they even do that, transplant balls?”He shook his head. “No, no, not a real one. A fake nut, you know, a whatchacallit…”Teri offered, “Implant? Prosthetic?”He seized on it. “Yeah, that. That’s what the doctor said, for looks only. What do you think?”Teri said, “I think it’s silly. I mean, you look fine, and look how hard you still are! You obviously don’t need a fake one, but if it’s that important to you….”He looked at me, knowing I’d better understand the emotional impact of losing a nut since we were both male and seemingly psychically linked. “I dunno, Jake. Is it dangerous?”He shrugged. “Not really. I guess you can always get an infection or something, possibly reject it, but it’s an outpatient surgery, nothing complicated. It’s a little expensive, but my dad said we could do it if I wanted.”“Then why not? I mean, if you were seventy or something, no big deal, but we’re only eighteen. You don’t want to be walking around all off-balance the rest of your life.”Teri laughed. “That doesn’t happen. You guys and your dangly bits… I mean, I’m fine with it either way, but I don’t see how it matters much.”I looked at her. “It matters. Besides, don’t you want your boyfriend to be the bionic man?” ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’ was still popular in reruns at that point, so it was a semi-timely reference. “Just think, a bionic ball; he’ll be able to come faster, shoot harder…”She shook her head, still laughing but now looking at Jake. “I don’t need you to come any faster, so forget it if that’s one of the side effects, and if you spurt any harder I’ll have to stop giving you blowjobs or it will shoot out of my ears and nose! You come plenty just as you are.”“Babe, I think I’d like to get one. It’s weird only having one, you know?”“You’d probably adjust to it pretty quick.” She saw the look on his face and softened. “I can see it’s important to you, so do what you think is best. I’m behind you all the way, and I’ll love fondling you whether you have one or two. Or even three for that matter, if they’re having a buy one/get one free sale.”He laughed, clearly relieved now that his mind was made up and she was on board. “I think I’ll stop at two, thanks. In the meantime, what am I supposed to do with this?” He slowly stroked his upright cock, which was still obscenely hard.I said, “Don’t look at me when you say that,” and Teri politely declined as well, again claiming that she didn’t want to risk hurting him.He continued to gently masturbate as he looked at us. “You know, just because I’m riding the bench it doesn’t mean that you two have to abstain.”I was surprised to the point of being shocked. “Yeah?”“Well yeah! I mean, you didn’t get kicked in the balls, and if you wait any longer, that thing that’s stretching your pants all out of shape is likely to burst out and go pussy hunting on its own. I’m glad that stroking my little stiffy gave you such a huge boner, by the way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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