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The best sister ever part 5

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The best sister ever part 5Yes this is all true. please read from the first stories.The next morning I woke up and we had all slept in our parents room and my cock was still in moms pussy while i had dads cock up me as well. Me and my sister both went ownstairs and had a sandwich and another fuck before mom came downstairs to leave for work. When she came downstairs my sister came in my mouth and I came in my moms mouth nd we swapped cum as she kissed me goodbye.It is two years later now and we are all above age now so nobody could look down on us outside the family for having sex. I had taken a course in the local college and there was one girl who immdeiantly caught my eye. Over the next 2 months me and this girl started to go out with each other and a few more months later came the day when we first had sex (This can be a future story). 1xbet yeni giriş One night my sister came over to mine and was going to sleep over in my bed for the night. In the middle of the night I woke up and snuck out of the room and went to fuck my sister because she is the quietist of the lot and next to the bathroom. I went after to brush my teeth and while I was in there my sister had gone into my room without me knowing and this is what happened.”hey girl how you 2 gettin on” said my sister and my girlfriend said “yh were good better than ever,… can i share an idea with you?”. “yh sure”, “well me and ur b*o are getting on fine and thinking of moving in together somewhere but he said that you were looking for a house too, well we could share the rent between us. my sister paused ad smiled and said “no ill get 1xbet giriş in your way too often im sure and my b*o are busy when you 2 are alone and ill get in your way”.”what gave you that impression”, “Nothing”, “come on what gives it away?”, “so it is true then haha…because your shirt is always wet as if you been working or something wet has got on”. “you speak from experience then heh, its not sweat or juices though, its my milk” and a look of surprise and arousment on her face and said ” show me please i’ve tried to get milk out but it doesn’t work for me.Long story shotr she took of her shirt and started to milk her tits and after a few drops my sister had started suckling from her but at this moment I walked in. “ah thought you were having a shower k**do that was fast”, “no i was brushing my teeth so whats going on here, 1xbet güvenilirmi carry on girls dont mind me”. Both girls got naked not being in any way embarrised but then the moment my sister pulled her cock out was magical when my girlfriends eyes popped out of her head nearly.She looked at me and signalled if I knew and all i did was say “you’ll have fun fitting that thing inside your holes she widwer than me”. My sister got her up in doggy style and started fuckign her when I got up and walked over and took my sisters cock in my hand and started sucking and the night got more and more hot. “Wow anything else you want to tell me about your family before we go any further”, “not as good if I show tell you so come over again next week and we will show you”.After another 20 – 25 minutes i creampied my sisters ass and my sister cummed on my girlfriends tits where she told me to started licking her. We all slept in the bed for the night but I definately woke up from some shuffling in the bed later that night but didnt do anything (wonder what I missed out on).To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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