Tem 26

The Bet Concludes

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Pt 3

As if this was a play put on by a local theater group and mom was the leading lady, the entire house was entranced. None of us could look away, she was magnificent, and if I’m being completely honest, a little bit frightening. My father’s personality was strong, when he entered a room, his mere presence was enough to draw focus to him. The scene we just saw unfold before us supported that, he had taken control immediately after the door shut. He told mom what to do, forced her at times to do what he wanted, took what he wanted, when he wanted, without asking or remorse. She was his slave and he the master, his slut, his toy, his woman. By all accounts and at varying degrees that’s how the house was outside this room as well.

However, Allison and I just realized that we were mistaken. Sorely so.

All the energy, the focus, the ‘ownership’ of the room had shifted dramatically. Mom owned it… and she took ownership easily. Not just through what she said and how she said it but with everything about her. There are strong “Alpha” women I’ve known that always take charge, are always in control. I’ve never seen a (what would you even call it? I wondered) person who was clearly subservient to others, in and out of the bedroom it seemed, but by choice. She allows my father the illusion of control and dominance, until she doesn’t. He takes it, until it’s no longer offered. Then they switch roles completely, unabashedly and what felt like, excitedly.

The world had fallen away from Allison and I. What we thought we knew for sure we no longer did. With every moment we were learning more, our beaks were wide open and squawking, waiting for momma bird to feed us.

My cock was no longer hard, but it wasn’t in the ‘just got out of a cold pool’ phase either. It hung there, half engorged, free. I could feel the cool air around it, the juice from my sister still on the shaft causing it to feel even cooler. My shorts were still in a puddle around my feet. In front of me Allison’s ass was bare, the round soft cheeks leading down to long beautiful legs. Her shorts were also in a puddle at her feet. We both still had our shirts on though, I guess that was something.

I wrapped my left arm around her waist and pulled her close (feeling her ass cheeks press against my crotch) and wrapped my right arm loosely around her neck. She leaned her head back again and laid it on my chest. The smell of lavender shampoo tickled my nose, wafting up from her auburn hair (that she had deftly pulled over one shoulder). We both continued intently watching.

Mom gracefully glided across the carpet, curved hips swaying slightly, large breasts with their small pointed and pierced nipples barely moving. I noticed she had replaced the studs in each nipple with larger ones, each with a jewel of some sort that glinted in the light on either end. Her huge strapped on cock swayed as well, the arc traversed by the tip was wide and lazy. Her eyes were locked on to my dad the whole time.

I looked at the cock trying to determine the size but was unable to from this distance. Big I thought. Really big. I couldn’t tell how big though, there wasn’t quite enough light between the bathroom and their bed, and the black color of the dildo helped it to melt into the darkness.

When she reached the bed, she came over to the side closest to us and to our shock and utter terror she opened the closet door. Lucky for us she picked the side with her shelves, not the side with her kids. From our vantage point all we could see was the outline of her face, the profile of her right tit and her cock. If she turned her head and really looked, she would see us, clear as day. We both held our breaths and stayed as motionless as possible, hoping and praying she didn’t look.

As she rummaged around on a shelf, we got a closer look at the manhood sticking out from her waist. What I saw caused me to stiffen slightly in surprise. It was huge, definitely bigger than me both in girth and length. It had to be 10-inches long and very realistic, with plastic veins running along the side and a fat head to top it off.

When Allison noticed it, I could feel her body stiffen even further and a very slight, almost imperceptible noise emitted from her throat.

Everything seemed to freeze right then (even time) while we waited to see if Mom heard it. I thought I saw her eyes flicker from side to side for a second and her nose wrinkle a bit, but thankfully she continued to rummage around. She finally found the bag she was looking for, stepped back and closed the closet door.

Allison and I simultaneously (but silently) breathed a sigh of relief and slumped a bit, the tension leaving our bodies.

“Ready bitch?!” She spat at our father who’d been patiently waiting on the bed this whole time.

“Yes Ma’am” he replied, shifting uncomfortably but with an unmistakable look of longing and something else, trepidation maybe?

“Good answer,” her voice softened quite a bit, almost maternal now. “Now assume the position like a good little toy.”

“Yes güvenilir bahis Ma’am” he replied again as he stood up, towering over her but appearing smaller at the same time. He turned around so he was facing the bed, moved his legs forward, right up against the edge of the bed. Then he grabbed the tube-shaped pillow, put it against his thighs and bent over it. Finally, he reached up with his hands and grabbing a handcuff in each.

“Ready,” came his slightly muffled voice from the bed.

The pillow raised his hips and ass enough so we could see everything. His ass cheeks had spread enough so his asshole was on display (hairless as well), the little strip (taint) that ran from his asshole to the base of his balls showed clearly. His shaved balls were next, full and tight against his body and below that his long thick cock pointing straight down.

Mom pulled a riding crop out of her bag, walked slowly over to my father and let the tip of the crop softly caress the top of his ass, down the crack and paused to tickle his asshole a bit. Then she moved it down to his balls, using it to lift his sac and wiggle it back and forth, then finally softly caressed the sides of his shaft. She gave each cheek one light tap and walked around to his left hand. She put the cuff tightly around his wrist and moved around the bed to do the same to his right.

Mom moved back behind my father, faced his ass, reached between his legs and grabbed the end of a rope we had not seen yet. She pulled it tight and as she did, we saw our fathers’ arms stretched taut and heard him grunt a bit.

Damn, she’s not playing.

Mom fiddled with the rope a bit the wrapped an end around each one of my father’s thighs, close to each knee.

With a resounding SMACK! Mom whipped Dad’s right ass cheek with the riding crop and sweetly said, “try and pull your arms out snookum’s.”

“Ok,” we heard our father’s very muffled voice say.

We saw the muscles of his back bulge a little and the ropes holding his arms became very taut. Simultaneously the ropes leading to his legs were pulled which forced Dad to spread even wider.

I heard and felt Allison’s breathing increase, and my arm tightened around her throat unconsciously.

“Mmmmm,” Mom purred, “Mommy like.”

Dad raised his head up, “Yes Mistress. Whatever you…”


Her riding crop cracked across the same ass cheek so hard it sounded like a shot from a gun. The sound startled Allison so much her head jerked slightly and she took a small step backward (as if to escape the situation). When she did that the back of her head connected briefly with my jaw and her heel stepped on my toe. Pain shot upward from my foot and downward from my chin, meeting somewhere in the middle.

I grimaced and tightened my arm even more across her neck, bringing her ear right next to my mouth. I intently whispered, “stop moving!”

Allison nodded her head almost imperceptibly and I felt her body relax a bit.

“Shut. Your. Filthy. Mouth. Bitch!” Mom said, emphasizing each with the business end of the crop.

Admirably dad just flinched but didn’t make a sound. We could see red start to blossom on both cheeks, but the right one was a bit angrier already.

Mom reached back in her bag (every time she bent down her huge cock bumped into her face), rummaged around a bit then clearly said, “Fuck it.” With that she grabbed the bottom of the bag and upended it, spilling the contents on the floor. She searched for a second then grabbed a candle and lighter, walked to the end table and lit it. Then she returned, grabbed a soft piece of cloth and what looked like a small cue ball, or solid wiffle ball. It was green. Don’t know why that stuck out in my mind but it did.

Mom crawled on the bed, took the cloth (which turned out to be a blindfold) and wrapped it tightly around dad’s eyes. Then she fiddled with the wiffle ball thing for a sec until we saw two straps unfold from within it. My eyes widened even further (if that was possible) as I watched her fit the ball gag into dad’s mouth and fasten it around his head.

With each piece of bondage equipment used mom’s smile grew more wicked, her steps got a bit lighter and her breathing increased in volume. Slight but noticeable.

As she rummaged through the stuff on the floor she said in a clear, almost professor like tone. “I know what you’re thinking slave. How can I use the safe word if I can’t speak? Well, I warned you earlier I was going harder this time, didn’t I?”

A low growl could be heard from dad.

Mom immediately stopped rummaging, grabbed her riding crop and swung.

CRACK! And a backhand. SMACK!

“I’m sorry, what was that?” She pointedly asked the back of my dad’s head.

Only a mumble could be heard from Dad but this time there was a lot less bass and a lot more tenor.

“Better,” she said and smiled as she walked back to her pile. “Ahh, here it is,” she said, snatching a small pair of over-the-ear type earphones from the pile and a small black tube that looked güvenilir bahis siteleri like it held a cigar.

She walked over, lazily ran a few fingers into the jar of coconut oil and slathered it around my dad’s asshole. She dipped her index finger back in the coconut oil then slowly stuck it in his ass as far as she could. Dad never made a sound. We could see her hand wiggling a little, moving her finger inside him, playing. Pulling it out she grabbed the black cigar tube, pressed a button on the side and we heard it start to softly hum. Each time Mom pressed the button the humming got a bit louder and the tube vibrated a little harder. When she found the speed she wanted, she put one end in her mouth, used her hands to spread him as wide as she could and pushed the tube into my dad’s ass using only her mouth. When she got it all the way in, she released it, lightly bit each ass cheek in turn, stood up and grabbed the headphones she dropped. We heard Dad moan slightly and wiggle a little as the vibrations traveled through him.

I wonder how that feels, I thought briefly.

Mom flipped a switch on the headphones and said, “Now, you can’t see what I’m doing, you can’t tell me to stop, and now you can’t hear anything that’s going on around you. You are nothing but the senses I’ve left you.”

With that she clamped the headphones over dad’s ears, closing him off from the world.

Allison and I were breathing in unison, one of my arms was still tight around her neck and the other across her waist. To say we were shocked would be an understatement but surprisingly, I was also getting quite turned-on. I felt the familiar warmth flooding my cock making it grow. Allison’s firm, sweet ass (quiet for a bit) was starting to whisper to me again, telling me how warm, soft and inviting it was.

I wonder if she feels anything close to what I do right now, I thought.

Deciding that whispering was too risky and less fun I let my hand slowly trail down her soft, flat stomach until I felt her belly button and stopped, waiting to see her reaction. To my delight she pushed her ass back against my growing manhood and used her hand to guide my hand down. She moved it down slowly, following her soft, warm skin until I felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair start. I took over from there, letting the auburn strip of hair guide me to my destination. Once I reached the top of her pussy lips, I used two fingers to gently spread them open and dipped my middle finger in to softly caress the sides of her hidden, pink softness. She pushed back against me even more, encouraging me, and I smiled.


I moved my finger lower until it reached the outer rim of her entrance and slowly circled it. She was wet, not just wet but drenched. Allison was extremely turned on by what she saw and felt and her pussy was responding. I saw her close her eyes, and I closed mine as well, letting the feelings flood through us. Slowly and deliberately, I dipped my finger in to the second knuckle. I let it sit there, feeling the walls of her pussy grasp my finger as tight as it could being as wet as it was. Allison reached behind her head, to the back of my head and pulled me even closer to her

We were becoming one again, our bodies melting into each other. In the darkness, our eyes closed, our bodies were on fire and we basked in the warmth.

As if on cue, we opened our eyes at the same time and looked out between the slats of the closet door, directly into the eyes of our mother.

Nothing was said, she just stared at us and we stared back. Who knows how long she had known we were there, but she knew. I gently pulled my finger out of Allison’s pussy (Mom couldn’t see my hand, the slats went to waist level then become solid wood again) and put it at my side. My cock immediately stopped growing and we both froze, unable to think of anything to do or say.

We looked at her. She looked back at us.

Mom stepped back slowly and raised her riding crop. She turned it around, put the end with the handle at the top of the slats and slowly slid it down making a clicking sound with each change of slat.







Once she had reached the last slat, she moved the crop over to the side of the door and moved it around for a second. Then the door started to slowly open, she had looped the leather wrist strap around the knob and pulled.

Shit! What should I do? What the… what can… my shorts!

My mind was going crazy, thoughts firing off seemingly at random. Allison just stood there, apparently indifferent, as if to say, ‘Well whatever’s going to happen is going to happen, no use getting all crazy about it.’

But there was nothing to do, time was up. The closet door was wide open and our mom was standing there looking at us, an unreadable expression on her face. She took the crop and put it in-between Allison and I, twisting it slightly so we separated. Then she looped the end around my head and pulled me into the bedroom. I tried iddaa siteleri to cover my cock and balls with my hands but she quickly (but lightly) smacked my hands, making it known that modesty was not an option. Still without a single word Mom walked slowly around me, looking at every inch. She turned the crop around and using the flat edge of the whip she lifted my shirt up indicating I needed to take it off.

I obliged without hesitation.

Mom made one more circuit around me then moved me to the side. She repeated the process with Allison (although Allison had seen my mistake, she still tried to cover her pussy and received the same admonishment) and after her second circuit, she pushed Allison toward me and stood directly in front of us. Lightly smacking the crop in the palm of one hand, she stared at us as she thought about the situation.

“When I talk to you,” she said calmly, “you will address me as ‘Mistress’. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Allison and I whispered in unison, glancing from her to dad.

“Louder!” She snapped, lightly slapping Allison on a tit and me on my shaft with her riding crop. “He cannot hear a damn thing, specifically so we could talk.”

She’s planned this out, I thought with a mixture of fear and excitement. She must’ve known we were there for a while.

“Yes, Mistress!” We both said, louder this time but not as in synch.

“It’s time we spoke frankly, all the cards on the table so-to-speak,” she said as she slowly started toward us again.

“I think that’s…” I started to say and pain blossomed across my left ass cheek.


I winced and held my breath in case another was on its way, but when it didn’t, I let it go. I wanted to reach behind and rub my ass but I didn’t, just in case.

Mom started to say something but glanced down, and what she saw made her pause for a second. Then we saw her eyes glint and she smiled. Confused, Allison and I looked down and saw, to my amazement (and Allison’s as well I think) that my cock was starting to grow again. It was not hard but halfway there, thick and long, swinging a bit. And as usual, a small droplet of pre-cum was resting on the tip.

Mom reached out with her left hand and before anyone could say anything, she had deftly slid her finger between Allison’s pussy lips and (I assume) inside her. Nodding her head, she pulled an obviously wet finger out of Allison’s pussy, used the index finger on her right hand to gather the drop from the head of my cock, and held them both up for us to see.

“This tells me everything I need to know,” she purred, lust coloring her cheeks. She looked deep into my eyes first, then into Allison’s before putting both fingers inside her mouth and closing her eyes.

“I have three simple rules you need to follow,” Mom (er Mistress) said, sliding a chair over, sitting down and spreading her legs slightly. Her huge cock pointing toward us as if to emphasis her point.

“They are: what happens in this house stays in this house, outside of here we are as we always have been, no better, no worse; Second, you do everything I say, exactly as I say it, when I say it, no questions asked; and finally, we will have a safe word. The safe word is ‘Mooshi’.

“Those are the rules and they are non-negotiable. If you say the safe word there will be no repercussions, no hard feelings and no issues what so ever. You can grab your stuff and go to your room. Life will be as it always was, no judgement, no worries. Are these rules understood? “

“Yes, Mistress,” we both answered.

“Good,” she said. “Now, let’s see how well you listen. Both of you, on your hands and knees.”

I glanced at Allison to see how she was taking all this and noted that her cheeks were flushed, her nipples were very hard and she had eyes only for her mother.

She seems more excited than I’ve ever seen her, I thought as I dropped to my hands and knees in unison with Allison. Allison’s beautiful tits swung beneath her erotically, her hair draped over her shoulder and down almost to the floor. She briefly returned my gaze, running her eyes across my body, then looked ahead.

“Crawl to me,” Mom softly demanded, locking eyes with each one of us in turn. As we crawled toward her, she put the crop in her left hand and started stroking her big, black cock with her right. Slow, deliberate stokes, from the base to the tip then back down.

When we both got to where she was sitting, Mom spread her legs even wider giving us room to get a little closer. When each of us was mere inches from her, she used the crop to raise both of our heads so we were just on your knees in front of her.

“Suck it,” she softly growled, the sound continuing even after the words were gone.

I was just about to ask ‘who mistress’ when I realized my mistake and stopped. Allison had already obediently bent down and started sucking softly on the head, her lips wet. I hesitated for a second not really knowing what to do, then bent over and started licking the shaft. I licked it up and down, trying to wrap my lips as far around it as possible. We stayed that way for a little bit, with Allison working her mouth and tongue all over the bulbous head, her hair dangling down and me licking the ridges and following the vein with my tongue.

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