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The Bigger Picture

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The Bigger PictureThe taxi pulls up outside the old cinema – it has seen better days. The air is damp and cool – autumn is definitely upon us. You get out of the taxi first and offer me your hand to help me out onto the wet pavement. It is only a short hop across the paving to the entrance of the slightly seedy looking foyer. The carpets are worn, the attendent is looking decidedly like he’d rather be anywhere else but here on a dreary Thursday night. You ask for 2 tickets – you don’t bother asking for adult tickets as this isn’t exactly the type of place that is going to let under-16s in! The attendant grunts incoherently as he hands you the tickets. We turn and head up the stairs. I feel the gaze of the young lad in the ticket booth follow us up the stairs – I can only imagine his eyes are firmly riveted on the seamed stockings running up to the extremely short skirt I’m wearing. I consider pulling down my coat to cover the fact that he will definitely see the stocking tops and suspenders, possibly even the soft curves of my bottom – but why bother; he looked like he needed some excitement in his life!The old wooden fire doors creak as they swing open and we go inside. There is a somewhat nostalgic flicker of the projected film which illuminates the dark stalls. There are a few people sitting watching a giant 20 foot high closeup of a pair of bouncing breasts projected onto the screen. I don’t pay too much attention as I am more focused on not falling down the stairs to the seats you are leading me to. When we sit down I look round a bit more. There are probably no more than a dozen people in the stalls. They are all men, although there is a small cluster of people up in the top corner of the seats and I esenyurt escort suppose that there could be a girl somewhere in the melee. You notice me glancing around – is it in excitement or in nervousness you wonder? You squeeze my thigh reassuringly and I smile at you. We both try to watch the film as if it something that we actually came here to do. It only takes a few seconds before we both look at one another and giggle knowing that we really did not come here to watch the “classy” vintage porn flick that is currently showing. You kiss me. Your soft hot tongue delves deep into my mouth and I reciprocate voraciously. Your hands are instantly in my blouse, grasping my tits, tweaking my nipples and massaging the soft white flesh in your hands. Before I know it they are up my skirt, caressing my thighs, stroking my labia and wondering whether to seek to split my lips and see how wet I am. My hands are fumbling with your belt and fly – I want your cock to be released and to get my mouth around it without another second wasted. I am just so horny – a surge of lust and wanton desire runs through me. My nipples are rock hard, my cunt is now dripping and I’m writhing on your fingers which you have plunged in me.Your cock almost springs from being restrained in your trousers. It is swollen and engorged. I put my mouth around it and take you immediately up to the hilt and work the shaft with my tongue. It feels wonderful to have it filling my mouth and throat – I hear you moan softly above the raucous fucking that is now going on on the screen behind me. I can sense that others are now looking on at me sucking you off in the middle of the cinema. It only makes me want avrupa yakası escort to be naughtier and filthier with you! To put on a good show so to speak….You bring me up off your cock. You sit me on your lap, taking advantage of the fact that I followed your instruction to not wear any panties tonight – your cock disappearing straight up my sodden cunt and deep inside me. I lean back against you and you unbutton my blouse, exposing my tits to the world. A few guys have moved over to in front of where we are sitting (or should I say fucking) and they are all facing us and beginning to wank off at the sight of me impaled on you, my tits jiggling as I fuck you. You are grasping and squeezing them – I bite my lips and wince when you are rough but you know that I like it – that’s why you do it. I stand up from off your cock and turn round, bend over and begin to suck your cock again. My arse is now bared to the guys wanking furiously. I hear one of them ask if they can touch me – you say yes. I swiftly feel some rough fingers on my wet pussy – rubbing hard and working their way inside me. This simply makes me suck you harder and deeper and I can taste your precum in my mouth……mmmmm…… the guy has his fingers rubbing my clit hard and I can feel an orgasm building. All I can focus on is making you cum for me – I’m not bothered about the gratification of the others around us – just yours and my orgasms and enjoyment. My lips and tongue work hard on your cock, rising and falling as fast as I can muster. I’m drooling all down your cock. I can feel it running down my chin and it is cold when my chin bounces of your anadolu yakası escort balls. My cunt is dripping from the fingering that it is getting from the stranger behind me. Your cock is pulsating, the salty taste is diluted in my mouth. You pull me up once again and sit me on your lap – I’m now staring at the guy who seconds before was fingering me – his cock in his hand facing me. Your cock is rammed up my cunt and I know you are on the verge of cuming. I begin to finger my clit with one hand and with the other I jerk off the guy in front of me. You are talking filth in my ear – you’re a hot dirty little slut aren’t you? I hear you ask me. Yes I am…… The guy doubles over as he cums from me wanking him. There are several other guys around and about us but none of them close enough for me to get to without disrupting our own energetic and frantic fucking. I feel my orgasm want to peak from the pressure of your massively hard cock rubbing against the front of my vagina and my g-spot, and also from frigging myself – I am also massively turned on by the presence of others watching us. It doesn’t take long for my body to begin to shudder, my toes curling and my body grinding itself down hard on your cock as I climax. I know that you are not far behind me so i take pleasure in you continuing to fuck me as my insides are doing flips and my pussy is throbbing around your cock. My wetness lubricating you as you fuck me the full length of your cock. The slapping noises of my wet cunt against your balls is audible. I feel your thrusts begin to change – desperately close to cumming. I lean forward using the old cinema seats in front of me for support and I lift my arse so that you can get as much thrust as you want. When i feel you climax you put your hands around my pelvis and pull me back hard onto your cock and hold me there. The guys are in varying stages of cumming, wanking or mopping up but all of them are watching you fill me with your hot creamy spunk deep up my pussy. Every single one of them wants to be where you are now. Every single one of them wants a slut like me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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