Nis 08

The Birthday Present

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I woke slowly. Without opening my eyes, as the fog gradually cleared from my mind I realized that, first, I was not in my own room in my own bed. And I realized that my morning hard-on felt different. More than different, it felt much, much better than usual.

The fog cleared slowly. Eyes still closed I remembered that I was in the bed in my sister’s spare room. Bit by bit my mind cleared as I climbed toward the world of the awake. Today was my birthday, my eighteenth birthday. My sister had convinced me to stay over, promising that this would be the best birthday I’d ever had. And my morning hard-on felt different. More than different, it felt much, much better than usual. It felt — warm and moist.

Something moved. Something pulled gently on my cock. Slowly I opened my eyes. She was looking up at me with a smile in her eyes — and my cock in her mouth. Sucking gently she pulled her mouth almost to the tip of my very hard, very big, morning hard-on. And then, slowly, my very beautiful sister took my very big, very hard cock back into her mouth. God, it felt so good!

This had been my dream for as long as I could remember. I couldn’t begin to count how many times, before she had moved into her apartment, I had watched her through not quite closed doors. I had watched her dress and undress. I had watched her shower and I had watched her dry off. I had watched her stand nude in the bathroom and dry her hair.

She was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen — naked or otherwise! She had short blond hair that framed a sweet, angelic face. She was about five three, several inches shorter than I was. Her tits were small and very firm. Her stomach was flat and her waist was small. Her ass was incredible, small and tight. And at the top of the two most beautiful long legs was the world’s most perfect pussy. And she was slowly and gently sucking my cock in and out of the prettiest mouth I’d ever seen. God, it felt so good!

“Happy birthday, Bobby!” And then she slid her mouth back down the full length of my cock. As she pulled back, sucking just a little harder, I came. Head back, eyes closed again, I shot my cum into her mouth. And she swallowed it and sucked some more, and swallowed again. My eyes opened again and I watched as she licked the cum from the tip of my cock. “I told you this would be the best birthday ever, didn’t I.” She licked my cock again before she came to her knees.

She was totally nude. Her tits were even more perfect than they had looked through the not quite closed doors, her tummy even flatter and her pussy even more beautiful. Slowly she moved up until her cunt was rubbing the underside of my still throbbing cock. She rocked her hips gently against my hard-on for just a few minutes before I came again, squirting all over both of us.

“You like my pussy, don’t you, Bobby?” She moved slowly up the bed towards my face on her knees. “Did you ever think you’d get to see it so close?” She stopped just inches from my mouth. Her skin was soft and smooth, her pussy shaved totally clean. “Did you think I didn’t know you were watching? Did you think I left the doors opened by accident? I knew you were watching, little brother. I wanted you to watch. Did you know I watched you? Did you know I watched you in the morning when you woke up and stroked that gorgeous cock until you came? Do you know how often I was tempted to come into your room and suck on that big hard cock like I did this morning? But I knew you’d wait and I wanted your eighteenth birthday to be one you would never forget!”

I hadn’t been awake very long and I was already sure she had managed that!

“Do you know what your next present is going to be, little brother? You get to eat me out! You get to lick this pussy until I cum all over your face!” She rocked her hips forward and her cunt was right there. I pushed my tongue into her and closed my lips over hers and tasted heaven! “God, yes, Bobby!” She rocked and pushed her pussy tighter against my mouth. I pushed my tongue harder and deeper into her cunt. I had never imagined that her pussy could taste so good.

And then she came. “Yes, Bobby, yes, Bobby, yes!” And she came and she came. And I sucked her cum into my mouth and it tasted so good.

She rocked back and tried to catch her breath. “How do you like your birthday presents so far, little brother? Your first blow job and your first pussy eating. Now I have another first for you.” She moved slowly back down the bed, lifted her ass slightly and guided my hard on slowly çankaya escort into her pussy.

“God, sis, that feels so good!”

“Hmmm, it does, doesn’t it?” She started moving slowly up and down, back and forth, pushing her pussy all the way down on my cock and then pulling it almost all the way off and then slowly pushing it all the way back down. “God, Bobby, you have a great cock!” It seemed like a beautiful eternity before I felt my cock swelling and then I came again, filling my sister’s cunt with my cum. “Yes, Bobby, yes! Fuck me! Yes!” Her pussy was grabbing my cock and pulling the cum out of me like a milking machine!

Finally she stopped moving and just kneeled there with my cock still in her pussy until she caught her breath. Her pussy squeezed my cock for just a moment and then released it. But she didn’t move. My cock was still buried deep in her cunt. “What do you think, girls? Was I right?”

Oh, shit! Girls? What girls?

She watched the shock spread over my face and laughed. “You didn’t know we had an audience, did you, little brother?” She pointed to my left. “Bobby, I’d like you to meet Sindy. She spells it with an ‘S’.” As I turned my head to the left she stepped from the spot she’d been sitting by the head of the bed. She was about the same height as my sister with full, beautifully shaped tits. They were firm and her nipples were big and ready to be sucked. Her waist was a bit bigger than my sister’s and so was her ass, but the thing that got my attention was her cunt. The lips were puffy and wet, begging to be licked. She seemed to realize what I was staring at. She laughed and slid a finger slowly into her pussy.

“Hi, Bobby. Do you like this?”

Do I like it? The only pussy I ever saw that was nicer was my sister’s! Of course, truth be told, they were the only two pussies I’d ever actually seen.

My sister laughed again. “And this,” she pointed to the right, “is Sandy.”

Sandy moved into my field of vision from her chair at the head of the bed. She was a couple of inches shorter than Sindy with tits that were somewhere between either of the other girls. I was in heaven. Three of the world’s most wonderful sets of tits waiting for me to suck on them. She had short red hair that was a real turn on and a cute face with freckles across her nose and the cutest dimples in her cheeks. And where both my sister and Sindy had shaved their pussies clean, Sandy had left a small, neatly trimmed patch just above her cunt.

“Hi, Bobby.” She had a soft voice and I loved her dimples.

“Didn’t I tell you he was a stud?” My sister squeezed my cock with her pussy again.

“You were right, Sara! I can’t wait to get that cock in my pussy!” Sindy still had her finger moving slowly in and out of her cunt.

“You go ahead, Sindy! I want his tongue! Did you see how hard Sara was cumming in his mouth?” Sandy was rubbing her nipples with her finger tips.

Sara squeezed my cock one more time and then got up. “Did you hear that, little brother? You have two more pussies to satisfy. Think you’re up to it?”

Before I could answer, Sandy was lowering her pussy to my mouth and just seconds later I felt Sindy pull my cock into her cunt. I rocked my hips slowly, wanting this to last forever. I pushed my cock as deep into Sindy’s pussy as it would go and held it there for a few seconds before I slowly pulled it back out almost all the way. At the same time I teased Sandy’s pussy with the tip of my tongue, finding that sweet spot near the top that seemed to drive her crazy. It seemed like a wonderful eternity before I felt myself swelling again and then I blew a full load of cum into Sindy’s pussy. She and Sandy both came at the same time.

“Oh, yes, Bobby! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Oh, shit! Eat me, Bobby! God that is so good!”

I felt her cum all over my face. And then, as she moved back, my sister was licking her cum from my face and kissing me and licking and kissing. Sindy was sitting still with my cock still in her pussy.

“Did he fill your cunt with cum?” Sara looked at Sindy who was still holding my cock with her pussy.

“Um, yeah. I think he must have squirted at least a quart into me.”

Sara grinned. “Good! I want every bit of it!” She rolled over on the bed beside me and Sandy quickly moved her pussy from my cock to my sister’s mouth. “Yes, baby, you know how much I love your pussy!” And, as I watched, my sister began licking Sindy’s pussy.

“Oh, god, Sara! That is so escort çankaya good! I don’t know what I like most, your tongue or your brother’s cock!”

The shock must have been written all over my face, because Sandy laughed and began slowly stroking my cock with her hand. “You didn’t know your sister was bi, did you, Bobby? Why did you think she moved out of your parent’s home? What would they think if they caught her in bed with us?”

“Have you got him ready again?” Sindy asked.

“Hmm, I think so.” Sandy lifted herself up over me and slowly pulled my cock into her pussy. “My turn, Bobby! Fill my pussy with cum! I want your sister to drink it out of me now!” She started moving slowly up and down on me as Sindy moved in place to let me eat her. As I shoved my tongue into her pussy I could see Sara kissing her and squeezing her nipples. I wanted to go slow, but they had me so turned on, I couldn’t control my tongue or my cock. All three of us came way before I wanted us to.

“Oh my god, Sara! He has the most incredible tongue!”

“Really? Better than mine?”

“Hmm, at least as good as.”

“OK, I can live with that. Now move, so I can lick your pussy juice from his face! Sandy, you stay right there! Keep his cock in you until I’m ready to lick his cum out of you!”

Several minutes later, I watched as my sister drank my cum out of Sandy’s hot little cunt.

“I gotta tell you, sis, this is the best birthday I ever had!”

She pushed Sandy up enough to talk. “It’s just beginning, Bobby! We’re going to keep that cock of yours busy all day!”

“You know what I want?” Sindy asked.

“What?” Sandy was still perched over my sister’s face.

“I want to eat Sara’s cunt while her brother fucks me. I want to make brother and sister both cum at the same time.”

“Oh shit, that does sound hot!”Sandy agreed as she finally let Sara up.

“Just don’t expect to get any cum out of my pussy! Sandy was so greedy she drained me dry!”

“Hmm, I bet I can make you cum.” Sindy laid down on her back and spread those beautiful legs. “Put that big hard cock in me, Bobby! And you, Sara. Get that awesome pussy of yours up here where my tongue can work its magic.”

We both did as we were told. I wasn’t sure if I could possibly have another drop of cum left in me, but if I did, this was a sure way to find it! As I pushed my cock into her cunt, my sister lowered her pussy onto her mouth and Sindy started to work on both of us at once. Sara leaned back slightly and I took her tits in my hands and started rubbing her nipples as I rocked my cock in and out of Sindy’s pussy. I could see her tongue pushing deep into Sara’s cunt. It didn’t seem like it was nearly long enough before I felt the pressure building again. I must have pinched Sara’s nipples, because she screamed. And then I realized we were both cumming, Sara in Sindy’s mouth and me in her pussy. And from the way she was bucking and squirming under me, Sindy must have been cumming, too.

We rested for just a few minutes before Sandy took her place in the middle of the bed. Neither Sara or I needed any encouragement to take our places. She straddled Sandy’s face as I pushed my hard-on into her pussy. I was determined to take this fuck as slow as I could, to make Sandy wait as long as possible before I came. Sandy didn’t seem to have any desire to go slow. She pushed her tongue hard and deep into my sister’s cunt and pushed her pussy hard and fast against me, squeezing and relaxing until I exploded inside her. Seconds later I felt Sara stiffen and arch her back and I knew she was cumming in Sandy’s mouth.

I collapsed on the bed and just tried to catch my breath. I hadn’t been awake much more than an hour and I’d lost track of how many times I’d cum.

My breathing was almost back to normal when Sara rolled over and kissed me. “Hey, little brother, got any of that cock left for your big sister? You’ve been filling everyone’s pussy but mine! I think it’s my turn to get a good fucking!”

She rolled over and spread her legs. I didn’t need any further instruction. I quickly mounted my sister, pushing my hard-on deep into her wet pussy. As I set up a smooth rhythm, rocking my cock slowly in and out of her cunt I watched Sindy mount Sandy in a sixty nine position and they started eating each other’s pussies.

“I guess it’s a sister loving morning, isn’t it, Bobby? You fucking me and them eating each other.” I froze with my cock half way into her pussy. “Wait, you mean çankaya escort bayan you didn’t figure that out? Sindy, with an S? S-I-N-D-Y and S-A-N-D-Y. You didn’t get it? They’re not just sisters, Bobby, they’re twins! Not identical, but they are twins! Now get that cock moving! Fuck me, damn it!”

I started moving again, watching them eat each other as I pushed my cock deep into my sister’s cunt. And we all came together. And I kept fucking her and they kept eating each other and we kept on cumming.

When Sindy finally rolled off of her sister, Sandy took a deep breath and declared that it must be lunch time, she was hungry. Sara laughed and asked if she hadn’t just had enough to eat. Naked we all headed for the kitchen to enjoy egg sandwiches and orange juice.

“Eat enough to get your energy up, Bobby,” Sara instructed, “but not too much. We have a full afternoon of fucking ahead of us! I was serious about keeping your cock busy all day!”

“Oh shit! I know what I want next!”

“What, Sindy?”

“I want you to eat my pussy, Sara, while Bobby fucks my asshole!”

“Damn, sis! That does sound hot!”

“Okay, wait, you two! First of all, he’s my brother and if anyone is going to get his cock in their ass first, it’s going to be me! But have either of you ever had an ass fuck before? I’m not sure, but I think his cock is really big to be going into any of our assholes.” Sara sounded a little concerned.

“Hey, don’t I have anything to say about this?” I asked.

“No!” they replied in perfect unison.

“I think,” Sindy said, “from what I’ve seen in porn vids, if we just go real slow the first time we’ll be okay as far as the size thing goes. And from what I’ve seen and heard, having him cum in our asses will be a real turn on! I know I want to find out!”

“Okay”, Sara said, “let’s go do it! But like I said, my ass first! And I want you to eat my cunt, Sindy, while he’s fucking me! Sandy, if you lie down beside your sister, I can eat you at the same time and we can all cum together!”

Minutes later all three girls were taking turns sucking my cock. As I started to get hard again, Sandy began licking Sara’s asshole. That turned me on really quick. I had to pull my cock away from Sara and Sindy to keep from cumming too soon. Sindy moved to help get Sara ready, licking her fingers and then slowly working first one and then two into Sara’s ass. She moved her hand slowly, pushing her fingers slowly in one knuckle at a time and then slowly pulling them back out and then back in a little further. After a few minutes she added a third finger as Sindy began rubbing Sara’s cunt.

“Oh my god, oh my god! Now! I’m ready! Now!”

Quickly I moved behind my sister and as I saw Sindy slide under her to start eating her pussy, I pushed the head of my hard-on into her asshole.

“Oh my god yes, oh my god! Slow, Bobby, go slow!”

“Damn, sis! Your ass is so tight!” I rocked slowly back and forth pushing my cock deeper into her ass with each stroke.

“Oh my god, Bobby! Oh my god! I’m gonna cum! Fuck my ass, Bobby! Fuck me now!” Sara started pushing her ass back against me and I felt my cock drill all the way into her ass and then I exploded. “Oh my god, Bobby! Yes! Cum in my ass, little brother while Sindy sucks the cum out of my cunt!”

I pounded Sara’s asshole until I didn’t think I had another drop of cum left, then I rolled off. Sandy had my cock in her mouth in seconds.

“Get him ready, Sis. He’s gonna fuck my asshole next!” Sindy rolled over to let Sara start working her fingers into her tight little ass. It only took a few minutes for my cock to recover as Sandy moved her mouth up and down on it. By then Sara had three fingers in Sindy’s asshole. “Now, Bobby! Now! Fuck my ass!”

Sandy quickly slid under her sister and began licking her cunt as I pushed my cock slowly into her tight little asshole. I started to cum almost as soon as I got it all the way in. Ten minutes later I was pumping my cum into Sandy’s asshole as Sara ate her pussy.

I spent the rest of the afternoon moving my cock from asshole to pussy to mouth to pussy, from Sara to Sindy to Sandy to Sara. We broke briefly for a pizza dinner and cold beer and then resumed our fucking, sucking and eating — pussy, that is. I fucked each of their pussies, each of their assholes and each of their mouths while they each ate each other.

I finally collapsed, exhausted, unable to get my cock stiff enough to push into one more cunt.

“Okay, Bobby,” my sister agreed, “you can sleep for a few hours. You’re going to need some rest. I told Mom and Dad I’d have you back by eight tomorrow evening, so you have another full day of pushing that big hard cock into every hole the three of us have!”

She was right, it was the best birthday I’d ever had!

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