Haz 03

The Block Party

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The Block PartyEvery summer my neighborhood has a huge block party. The k**s run amuck and the adults get totally wasted. There is always plenty of food and it is fun to watch the bikinis and see people get drunk. This summer was different as I was now a man. I had hit puberty and was sporting hair on my balls and could shot a good load of thick hot cum when I masterbated. I was ready to fuck. The party got started and I ditched mom and dad to find a girl hoping to get my first taste of pussy. There were alot of people there and as the night went on many were getting plenty drunk. Some lady lost her bikini top and bottoms diving in the pool. Then I was heading into the kitchen to grab a snack when one of the women hosting the party nabbed me. She said that my mom was totally drunk and she was flirting with some men and she was worried that these men may take advantage of her. She said I should take my mother home as they could not locate my dad. I went and found mom and sure enough she was wasted and those two guys were ready to take her off and fuck her I would guess. They were none to happy when I took off with mom. Mom could hardly walk hiltonbet giriş the block home and she was sluring her words real bad. She was even flirting with me telling me we could have a good time. Mom seemed to not recognize who I was. When we got home I had to almost carry her up the stairs and she went straight to the bathroom to pee. When she came out she was naked and started to dance around asking me to come and get her. I had not really seen mom like this, drunk and naked. Her tits were nice, nice hips, a little pot belly and nice ass. Her beaver was neatly trimmed. She gave me a boner. She came up to me and pulled my shorts down and before I could react she had engulfed my cock into her mouth. Mom worked my cock over pretty good before I stopped her, pulled my cock from her mouth. I pushed mom onto her bad and told her she needed to sleep. She spread her legs wide and and said for me to get a quickie as she wanted to fuck someone. Mom’s pussy was dripping wet and I could smell it. My pants were still down and my cock was still hard, I thought for a minute but I could not fuck my mom. Then mom said I should hiltonbet yeni giriş jump into her nice wet pussy, no one would ever know. I thought for another minute, mom was right who would ever know. Then mom said please and begged for me to fuck her. She even said for me to hurry before her husband and son get home. Wow, mom still did not know it was me. I kicked my shorts the rest of the way off and climbed onto the bed. Mom pulled me over on top of her and guided me into her tight wet pussy. No fore play here. Her pussy felt great and I started to fuck her just like I had seen on some porn videos. I did not make it very long at all before I felt my cock ready to explode. I buried my cock as deep into mom’s cunt as I could get it and let loose a huge load of sticky cum, rope after rope shot into mom’s womb. Mom screamed out that she was cumming also and she started to buck and quiver.I could not believe that I just got my mom off nor could I believe that I just drained my balls in my mom’s cunt. Mom told me that was an amazing fuck her and I thought so too. I pulled my cock ffrom mom’s cum filled cunt hiltonbet güvenilirmi and it was still hard. I slammed it back into her and proceeded to fuck her again. This time I showed her cunt no mercy as I banged away good a forcefull. Mom’s tits were shaking to my rythum. She was moaning and telling me yes as my balls prepared to blast another load. I mad ea few more thrust and then blew another huge load into her. Mom screamed out as my sperm filled her body. I decided I better out of there before dad got home. I pulled out of mom and she went right to sleep. I went to my room and waited and thought about what had just happened and fell asleep.The next morning I awoke and went to the kitchen. Around noon mom finally got up and came into the kitchen and asked me what had happened last night. Mom said she drank way too much and can not remember what happened, how she got home or anything. She told me dad was still asleep. I fixed her something to eat to help with her hangover. Mom said she was having some drinks with the ladys and then bam! She cannot remember nothing. She asked me if she did anything to embarrass herself or something she should not have done? I told her she was fine. Mom went to lay on the couch. As I cooked I thought to myself that she does not remember fucking me. I dumped two huge loads of spunk in my mom’s pussy and made her orgasim and she does not remember a thing. WOW! I can’t wait for the next party!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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