May 31

The Blue Room Pt. 01

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Las Vegas is a wonderful wild place to live. If you know the right places and people…

Karen’s life had been in shambles since her husband, Ted got laid off from a great job and fell into the bottle. He managed to do odd work for other companies but it hardly covered the bills. But he had great friends. And a lovely wife.

They’re sex life had been slipping for several years and was nonexistent the last two months. Even her vibrators were losing appeal. Things needed to change.

Karen was no beauty queen. More down to earth in looks. Sort of a cheer leader with a few extra pounds. Always smiling, medium height with dark hair, nice highlights and gorgeous green eyes, she was very attractive when she smiled. High round and pert breasts that sported puffy nipples that swelled and poked nicely out in front, maybe a 34C.I think she probably wore a sports bra to keep guys from seeing how firm and attractive they were, especially the nipples.. Legs that were made for dancing or to wrap around a lover when she was aroused. All in all perfect lady with a dynamite figure.

It was Friday morning and she was staring at another weekend at home with a husband that drank too much and loved too little. Whoopy.

Except for this weekend when again his friends offered to take him upstate to a fishing camp to try and help get him off the booze. They were to leave late Friday morning as the drive was six hours. Ah yes! The old fishing camp story.

Sounded bogus to Karen’s friend Ann, especially when she overheard her husband laughing into his phone.

“Hell Yeah! The girls are there for Friday and Saturday nights. Bring your best rod, ha ha! Man we gonna rock this weekend!” It’ll get you in a good mood!

Kissing Ann, he left shortly after packing to pick up Ted and head out.

Ann quickly got on the phone to her best friend Karen and related the news.

“Shit Ann, what the hell am I going to do? I thought he was too lazy and depressed to get a good job or take me to bed. Now he has energy to screw bimbos for money? Now he’s catting around while I dry up at home! What the hell am I going to do?”

“Well for starters you can clean and dress yourself up and come with me and Shelly to a new club called the Blue Room. We’ve gone a couple times and it’s fuuuuun girl! Come get plastered with us and just let go for a while. You need some fun girlfriend.”

“My asshole husband is going with yours, remember? I’m out for a good time tonight” Ann added slyly.

Sniffling a bit Karen replied. “What kind of club is it? Dance or dive or what?”

Karen enjoyed dancing though it had been ages since Ted had held her on a dance floor..

“It’s an upscale dance club with a very nice bar. Great sound system and DJ!”

“There’s an attached restaurant that’s said to be very good. Come on Karen, a lot of dancing goes on and a lot of women walk out with smiles from all the attention they get from club members.”

Karen was already drinking a white wine and murmured. “I don’t know Ann, I’m not…

Ann jumped in quickly and broke the wavering Karen.

“It’s that or stay home and drink alone. Hell I went last week and never bought any drinks for myself or Shelly and we danced til midnight. Between you and me Shelly left me for about twenty minutes last weekend when she got back with a shit eating grin said.” I know why they call it the blue room. Ann, you should dance with one of the club dancers.”

“Why did she say that Ann?”

“I guess she might have found someone to make out with. Come on, just do it, It’s a new experience, believe me.”

: Well, did you find out?” Getting curious Karen asked. “What was the secret?”

Trying to be coy Ann just said. “You’ll have to come and find out for yourself honey. Are you coming? And don’t forget, our loving husbands are six hours away having a party without us. And I don’t think it’s the first time either. This is about the third time this year they left for a weekend, supposed to raise the spirits of Ted. Hah! Bet that’s not all that was raised.”

Karen’s countenance darkened briefly and she seemed to make a decision.

Brightening up quickly she accepted and asked what time?

“Be by to pick you up at six sharp! I’m not wearing a bra, ha! Look sexy!

Ann hung up. Then quickly called and made arrangements’ for the girl’s night out. She had a card with a private number. She had been a frequent guest for weeks. She called it with a smile on her face.

They were all set for the Blue Room. They arrived, were seated and complimentary wine brought putting them in an excited mood from the attention and the good white wine.

That’s where I met the ladies, well I had met Ann weeks before and enjoyed her company for a brief time. It was nice. I liked women who were getting even for something at home. Most were separating or getting divorced and needed someone to make them feel like a desirable lady again. That’s where I come in.

I am a six foot blond with an athletic build from my personal trainer bahis firmaları days. I’m told by ladies I’m handsome and sexy in a mature way. I keep up at the gym three days a week and it shows.

I’m Jack and I am a co-owner of the Blues as we call it. My partners and I came up with the concept and so far we’ve had no complaints from any patrons.

It’s a private club except for the restaurant and all rules are strictly enforced. All members were vetted and upon acceptance, given a card and a small specialized remote. But I’ll get to that later.

“Good evening Ladies! Welcome to the Blue Room!”

“I’m Jack, your host tonight and I hope to make you feel welcome and happy with your visit. I’ve met Shelly and Ann before, but who is this lovely looking Lady?” Looking at Karen.

Karen blushed at the compliment. Looking left and right at her friends, I watched her tits jiggle in that manner that turns me on. The tan long sleeve sweater accented their sexy swaying. My dick started tickling.

“This is our good friend Karen, out for some fun and dancing.”

“Well, I will personally offer as many dances as she would like!” Karen smiled at the offer.

Looking at the other two ladies I asked, “Any questions?”

Eying me, Ann spoke up. I hope you have time to dance with us with us tonight too…Jack?”

What a sweet smile. “I’ll do my best.”

I couldn’t get the impression Karen made in my mind’s eye. Her hair was nicely shaped to frame her face and when she smiled, she was a different person. The sweater, her dark skirt ending mid thigh. Her shy smile completed a vision that left me wanting more.

Watching from the bar I saw several guys dance with Ann and Shelly. Karen appeared a little shy.

I waited until they were midway thru their second wine before I walked over and announced.

“Well my work is done for a while if any beautiful ladies care to teach me a thing or two on the dance floor.”

“Take Karen, Shel and I need a rest.” Ann smiled conspiratorial at me. “She loves slow music.”

Looking at Karen, I offered my arm and she rose and put hers in mine. I got a whiff of a subtle feminine scent

that rocked my senses for a moment.

“Well as soon as this fast number ends, maybe we’ll get a nice slow one.” I remarked.

We walked quietly to the dance area and began gyrating to a Rolling Stones number. It was obvious Karen hadn’t been dancing in a while. No matter her smile and firm jiggling breasts made up for her lack of rhythm. The two glasses of wine and the promise of dancing had her grinning.

The song ended and a slow love tune began. I smiled and nodded at the Dj and he gave me a thumbs up. Slow dancing til I left the dance floor.

The two glasses of wine obviously were loosening her up. Ummm! I wanted to hold this sexy lady.

I opened my arms in invitation and Karen moved forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and I around her waist. We danced like this for a minute and as she relaxed I could feel first her boobs and then her hips move closer.

Not quite touching, more of a shy attempt of intimacy by an aroused woman.

“You do dance slowly better than fast.” I whispered in her ear. “And your cologne is perfect for you.” I nuzzled her ear and felt her shiver in pleasure. Oh! This was happening faster than I had hoped.

“Thank you sir! I haven’t worn this fragrance in ages. It’s called “Inferno II. I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it Karen! It’s my new favorite scent.”

I pulled Karen a tad bit closer and giggling, she easily molded herself against me.

“Oooh! The wine is making me feel free and sexy.”

“That’s not the wine. You are free and sexy. That’s why the Blue Room is here. Let’s us be us.”

My light weight shirt was feeling her nipples tighten and press gently against me. I slowly massaged her back as we danced. Women love that. So relaxing. Very disarming

Snuggling her face to my neck Karen sighed and remarked. “That feels fantastic Jack! I could do it all night.”

Moving my hand to her neck, I softly massaged there and kissed her neck.

Karen responded by returning the neck kiss and sensuously letting her tits rub across my chest. They slowly hardened fully and aroused me almost fully.

I moved my lips from her neck to the corner of her mouth and gently kissed her there. I again nuzzled her ear with my tongue. Karen moaned

Moving her head slightly Karen’s lips slipped over mine and we gently swapped tongues for a moment. We both shivered and sighed at the joy. We kissed deeper and pulled one another closer. I felt her mons pressing against my hardening cock and knew we both wanted more.

I took the chance and grabbing her nice firm ass pulled her to me. We both groaned softly in delicious erotic naughtiness.

I hated to break the moment but as I had to pee something serious maneuvered us to the hallway for the restrooms.

Stopping for a second still holding on to one another, I asked.

“Need to use the ladies room? I do, well the kaçak iddaa men’s and I’ll meet you at the table for another glass of wine- because I need one.”

We reluctantly eased apart with another gentle kiss, breathing deeply.

“Okay hon. But I want another dance or two like this one!” Karen whispered, then took a step turned to me and asked.

“Jack what are those blue lights I saw around the dance floor? I saw several couples go behind them and the light went off.”

I thought quick and decided to answer honestly.

“Those are the blue rooms Karen .It’s a unique approach to an old problem I can tell you more at the table if you want. They are a very special feature of the house.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll see you at the table.” Karen went to the ladies room. And I the men’s.

When I arrived at the table I sat and watched her grinning and walking towards me. She moved with purpose and sat right next to me with her left thigh touching my right. Leaning over she kissed me on the lips for a moment, then almost drained

her new glass of wine.

“Okay Jack, I just saw a couple dancing and kissing away. Then they danced close to one of the blue lights and disappeared! Then the light went out again. What was that all about?”

Karen looked curiously around the table as Ann laughed and Shelly just looked innocent.

With a smile on my face, I gave her the clean version.

“The blue rooms are private areas for members and guests to take their fun when it threatens to be overwhelming. Then they are out of sight of other guests. It’s a very exclusive room. Lots of kissing and other fun goes on in there, right Ann?” I grinned at the now embarrassed lady. She had been in the blue rooms, I know.

Ann blushed and looking at Karen murmured. “Uh Huh!” Then quickly drained her wine glass.

A member brought a bottle of wine to the table and sat between Ann and Shelly.

“Oh good, it’s Eddie with more wine!” Shelly exclaimed.

“Who wants more ladies? Then another dance or two?”

I knew him as regular and in demand with the ladies. A nice professional guy.

Both ladies kissed his cheeks and sat closer.

I wonder which one he was after. Maybe both? It’s not unheard of at the Blue. I noticed his hands moved down to Ann and Shelly’s thighs and gently squeezed, rubbing then both high up.

Karen drank from her glass and poking me lightly in the ribs. Looked intently at my face she sweetly asked. “Well Jack, are you going reveal more the secret of the blue lights or should I go dance with someone else and get the info?”

I almost choked on my wine. She crooked her head and made to get up and make good on her promise. She was drinking a third glass of wine and had a nice glazed look about her. Actually more of a hungry look.

“Oh no honey let me catch my breath and we’ll go dance and I’ll tell you all about them.” I put my arm protectively around her shoulders to keep her from straying to the dance floor. I raised my eyes in Ann’s direction.

She looked pleased as she smiled and nodded in Karen’s direction. I took the hint and started getting that delicious tickle in my loins. You know, that erotic glow that spreads over you when you absolutely know you are going to get fucked by someone you know wants you..

The next song was slow and I stood up with Karen’s hand in mine and we moved to the dance floor. Her arms again embraced my neck and fingers ran thru my hair.

My hands again found their way to her hips so I could guide her around the floor.

Gently kissing my mouth Karen spoke. “I overheard two girls saying the blue room was erotic and very satisfying. She wanted to do it again but needed to clean up as she was still dripping! They both laughed and walked out..”

Must be one of the female members I surmised.

“Tell me what it is! It’s sex isn’t it? They went in there to screw I bet.” Karen turned her head sideways, smiled and said.

“They go in for sex.” Her eyes glowed with excitement.

“Okay Karen, you’re right. The rooms are for members and their guests who get aroused, excited, or just so hot they need immediate release. If both agree they merely dance close to the blue light which is a small soundproof room. The member has a small remote that opens the side door and they kiss, walk or dance their way inside. The door automatically closes and the blue light goes out signifying occupied. They then do what they want to do.”

“What else Jack?” Karen was shivering as she held me close and danced in a provocative way.

“Well the lights are easily controlled and there are tissues, towels and whatever you need to clean each other up. There’s an ingenious vinyl bed that tilts from straight back to horizontal, and anywhere in between. It has stirrups for your feet so there’s no slipping. And it’s thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between users. It’s usually a fantastic sensual experience.”

. After mutual satisfaction they walk out the other door to the restroom area where they can refresh themselves. kaçak bahis Discrete and happy, they can reenter the club with no one any wiser-except their friends.” I paused.

Karen was silent for a few moments obviously digesting the info.

“Wow Jack. So instead of running to the back seat of a car or hotel they can do it while they are at their horniest. Wow Baby, thanks for being honest.”

Karen then kissed me deeply and I pulled her closer. I could see a needy look in her eye when our lips slowly pulled apart.

“Just curious Jack, how do you know when your partner wants to… You know…enter the blue room? It sounds so sensual. Can you get in one of the rooms?”

I danced us into a darker area kissing her neck and ear said. “If we dance close, kiss and rub certain areas together and it gets better and better one of can suggest we enter the room for more. I’ll show you.”

My left hand moved up from her hip and gently traced her side boob. I then rubbed my thumb over her erect nipple. Karen sighed. “I like that Jack, my turn.”

Karen kissed me, then pulling my ass cheek towards her gently rubbed her pussy against me. My cock instantly hardened to its full seven inches.

Karen moaned into my mouth as she pressed and rotated her cunt more forcefully against her pussy. Precum was soon to be a wet problem. She reached down and began a slow rubbing of my cock. I was nearly overcome with the pleasure.

“Karen.” I said whispered softly into her ear, “If you would like to pull my penis from my shorts and guide it to the entrance of your vagina. I will gently insert it fully and fuck you until you say enough.”

“I promise to give you pleasures and orgasms beyond your wildest expectations. I will then cum in the deepest most sensual area of your pussy then you will again orgasm hard. You decide if that’s what you desire.”

I kissed her neck and pulled her hard against my dick. Karen shuddered and responded.

“Take me there! Now Jack!”

Without breaking our embrace we moved closer to a blue light room. Another three of four steps and the door would open and we would be totally alone inside, Free to consummate our new relationship.

I softly touched her breasts, caressing them, squeezing and fondling them. So soft and round yet firm enough to mimic a young woman’s. Karen moaned which encouraged my fingers to gently rub then pull on the sweetest nipples ever. I loved the eraser sized tips with the puffy flesh just below.

“I’d love to suck on your nipples and breasts Karen”

I’d love that Jack.” As she ground. Harder against my dick .I want to taste you.”

We were closer to the blue light.

We kissed. We humped. I made love to her tits. We weren’t dancing anymore. We were carrying foreplay to extremes.

We got even closer to the blue light.

One step separated us from the blue light room. The light went out. Still we kissed and I felt Karen’s small hand reaching into my pants and fondle my dick.

“Ooh my Jack! Is this for me?” Her thumb rubbed over my glans. “Oh it’s getting wet!”

I groaned and reached up under her skirt. There were no panties and so I fingered her drenched pussy. It was like touching an over ripe peach that had split open, where the pit would be was a vagina. I felt her body tremble.

Her stiff pubic hairs were shaved except for a hairy circle around her labia. It felt like a wet bullseye to me.

“You are very wet yourself honey, Can I help with that?”

In answer Karen kissed me passionately while rubbing my dick. I inserted two fingers up to the second knuckle and rubbed her G spot. She hissed in ecstasy and the need for more.


“Yes Honey.”

Would you please take me in the blue room so we can… fuck…I’m more than ready.”

I was too and waltzed us into the room. The door closed with a whir and we were there. The lighting automatically rose to a soft, dim reddish pink. Perfect for naughtiness.

I maneuvered Karen against the leaning table making sure her feet were in the widely spaced stirrups. The bed automatically tilted back forty five degrees.

Removing my hand from her cunt I began to hump her pussy. I pulled the front of her skirt up.

“Drop the shorts baby and I’ll guide you into something that’s dying to fuck you!” I did, she did too.

First Karen took my cock in hand and rubbed the tip in a circle against her stiff cunt hairs. I shivered in succulent waves of pleasure.

“How’s that Jack?

A goddess whispered into my ear.

“Jack I’ve wanted to do that since you first sat down. There’s been no real sex in my life for over a year and I’ve been fantasizing the last half hour of guiding you into my pussy and fucking you senseless.”

“Me to!” I managed to squeak.

“You want to fuck this married pussy, don’t you Jack? Say it for me.” Karen had a nefarious look on her face and a devilish gleam in eyes. Her hand rubbed my glans all over her wet pussy.

“I want to fuck your married pussy Karen, I want your married pussy so badly I’m shaking.” And I was.

Her hand pulled my cock to her inner lips and swirling it around her steaming hole. Her cunt hairs tickled my shaft in a delightful way. I groaned in passionate want.

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