May 31

The Booth Babe

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“I love your hugs!”

They’d known each other for 18 years. She was a product rep for a national medical device company.

She was petite, attractive, outgoing (as most product reps are). ‘Booth babes’, that’s what they’re called. Go to any medical or surgical conference and you’ll find them. There’s always a vendor hall with booths. The biggest companies spend hundreds of thousands on some of these booths. They’re flashy, exorbitant, full sized ads sometimes bigger than a two car garage where the vendor can display their wares, ‘educate’, and entertain (emphasis on ‘entertain’) their customers and potential customers about why their product is better than that made by their competitor’s. And, let’s be honest… sex sells. This is not the setting for nerds. Oh sure, you’ll always have the obligatory engineer for the geek doctor that is truly interested about what makes their product special. More importantly though, you’ve got to have ‘booth babes’… great looking women (and these days, for the female surgeons, men) to draw them in, flirt with them, hold their attention long enough to actually get the product in front of them. Now, don’t be misled. In the old days, booth babes were only that… window dressing. These days however, the product vendors want educated reps, college graduates that can read published studies and actually talk shop with the surgeon, while still looking sexy as hell. That’s what draws them into the booth, and that’s what puts a smile on the surgeon’s face every time they visit his OR. And, Cindy was one of the best. She had been at this for years, built herself quite a little cadre of surgeons that used her products. That meant lots of time on the road, lots of entertaining, lots of sales, and lots of commissions. Keep your surgeon happy and keep yourself well employed. That’s just how the game is played.

Now, I mentioned that Cindy had been at this for years. She started out as a hottie in her twenties, fresh out of college some 25 years ago. She worked hard at her job, learning her products inside and out, studying her surgeon’s techniques, knowing their desires, in and out of the OR; what wine Dr. Smith likes, what type of food Dr. Jones likes, Dr. William’s favorite golf course, and keeping track of who Dr. Johnson’s wife is, this year. She was like a major league catcher, who studies the scouting reports of every batter he and his pitchers will face. Like that catcher, she knew how to call the game. But, as she got older, she found it increasingly hard to keep her hotness and fend off the new twenty-something hottie bitches trying to woo her surgeons away. She exercised daily, swimming, bicycling, running, doing mini ‘Iron Mans’ to keep that girlish figure. But, it was actually her homework on her surgeons, her outgoing personality, her in-depth knowledge of her products that fostered respect and a good working relationship with her surgeons. The fact that at 50, she was still easy on the eyes, certainly didn’t hurt.

She had known Gary for years. They first met when he was new to heart surgery 18 years ago at a small community hospital in central California, which was part of her sales territory. Gary was a surgeon, of a sort, a physician associate, or ‘PA’. He was trained and licensed to act as an assistant surgeon, harvesting conduit used in coronary artery bypass (an operation unto itself), assisting across the table from the primary surgeon during the surgery, sometimes opening or closing the chest, performing invasive procedures, and caring for the patients pre- and post-operatively, mostly in the ICU. For the product rep, PA’s were a second-tier customer, certainly not as important as the primary surgeon. That said, a seasoned and well respected PA had the ear of the surgeon and could help influence decisions on which products the surgeon chose to use. Additionally, the PA’s themselves used products and equipment for their portion of the operation and the procedures they performed themselves, and they had say over what products were used in their practice as well.

Gary was well educated with an undergrad from Boston University, PA school at Stanford, a post-graduate residency, and a master’s degree in cardiothoracic surgery from the University of Nebraska. Over the years, he had become a leader in his specialty. He lectured both nationally and internationally, operating and teaching surgical techniques to PAs and surgeons alike in several countries around the world, and published pivotal research. Several years ago, he left California for two years to help start a new heart surgery program at a major hospital on the East coast and he and Cindy lost track of each other. But her returned and was now the Chief PA for busy heart surgery program at a major university in Cindy’s territory, and that was just fine with her.

Right from their first encounter, Cindy liked Gary. It wasn’t that she needed to like him for business. He was generally a nice guy who believed in her products and was always willing to sing her and her company’s praises canlı bahis to his surgeons. He had helped her get her products in front of his surgeons and, unlike some of the surgeons, never expected anything in return. Even as a fledgling PA in the specialty, Cindy could tell he had a big future, and she made sure that she kept in close touch. When they met, he was married with two small children and she was recently divorced. She would invite him to dinner but he would rarely take her up on her offers. Instead, she would bring in bagels, or lunch for the OR crew and always make it a point to spend some time with him. Being a PA was an answer to a mid-life crisis for him. This was his second career and they were pretty close in age. They found each other attractive and they just seemed to click. She would always begin and end her visits with him with a big hug. She would often think of him and wonder what he might be like as a lover. But, he was married.

As a side bar, you might wonder what happens to ‘booth babes’ sexually during their careers. Let’s be honest, most doctors are players and, as we’ve previously established, there are no homely ‘booth babes’. More often, conferences are a chance for surgeons to get away from very stressful practices and to blow off a little steam in a nice hotel. And, companies are only too happy to help that happen. There are dinner meetings where several surgeons and the ‘booth babes’ have a great meal at some of the finest restaurants and listen to an ‘expert speaker’ hired by the company to hawk their product. Booze is free flowing and there are many opportunities to put your hand on someone’s thigh under the table. Often is the case where a ‘booth babe’ would have an affair with a surgeon, sometimes sleeping with more than one at a time. Hey, you’ve got to build a client list somehow! If you’re not selling, there’s another ‘booth babe’ waiting to take your business. The key is to walk a fine line and not become a ‘booth slut’ in the process. Cindy had been very good at walking this line throughout a long and stellar career. Oh sure, she had gotten involved with a surgeon from time to time, but never (Ok, almost never, at least not knowing in advance), with a married man. Indeed she was married to one of her surgeons until he blew off steam with another ‘booth babe’.

Gary, too, would think of her. Though married, things at home were never as rosy as one might think. His spouse was, shall we say, less than impressed at his change of careers. Oh, sure, he was making more than he used to, but at what cost. First there was the residency. Eighty hour work weeks left him with little time, or energy, to look after the five and three year old daughters, much less meet her needs. And, residency paid for shit, which left her, just like she had done while he was in school, working her ass off to support the family. But, even after residency, it seemed like work was always more important than she and their daughters. They had moved three times in four years, all for his career. She was constantly giving up her friends. He was never home to help. Eighty hours a week became sixty-five. When was it her turn?

There’s a saying: ‘Happy wife means a happy life.’ and his wife was anything but happy. That translated to no sex and lots of self-pleasure and visions of Cindy were a frequent object of his satisfaction.

The timing never seemed right for them though. He returned from the east coast after his spouse threatened, and then went through with, divorce. While he was away, Cindy had met a guy. Not a surgeon, mind you, a civilian. He was an older man, and a moderately successful entrepreneur. She met him jogging one day and he instantly fell in love with her. She, seeing her years pass before her eyes, thought ‘I don’t want to be alone in my old age’ and went through with the wedding. He had retired early after selling his under-valued company and bought a local pub. They became lovers first, then best friends, but like all relationships, time eroded the passion between them. She had thought about retirement… about running his pub with him. The truth is though, she enjoyed playing the game, walking the wire between ‘booth babe’ and ‘booth slut’. When Gary retuned from the east coast, single, Cindy was ‘happily’ married.

The one day, they ran into each other in the hallway leading to the OR.

“Oh my God!,” she exclaimed. She ran to him and they embraced. The embrace seemed to go on forever, each of them enjoying the sight, the scent, the touch of the other. He firmed at the warmth and touch of her. She, unconsciously feeling his growing bulge pressing into her, moistened.

“I love your hugs! How long has it been?” She asked.

He stepped back and looked her over.

“Two years. No, almost three. Far too long.” He replied. “You look spectacular.”

They were both a few years older but she looked as hot as her remembered her.

“We have to catch up!,” she quipped. “Let me take you to dinner.”

“You know, I can afford to buy you dinner.” bahis siteleri He said.

“You know the company is buying. You don’t have to do that.” She replied.

He contemplated this for a moment. ‘How do I read this?’ He thought to himself. If he was buying dinner, then the dinner had certainly more of a personal note than if the ‘company’ was buying. He was hoping for that personal note, but maybe she wanted to keep this formal, business like. He was disappointed but relished the chance to spend the evening with her, nonetheless.

“Ok then. I’m off call on Thursday. Does that work for you?”

“Absolutely!” She replied. “How’s ‘Seasons’ sound?”

Thursday afternoon she cleared her calendar. She really liked Gary. Her husband seemed pre-occupied with his pub and was even spending nights out-of-town scouting new sites to open a second. This was one of those nights.

She decided to treat herself and made a day of it. A nice, long cycle ride in the early afternoon, followed by a swim left her in need of a good massage. She had been going to Mario for massages for a while. He was the perfect masseuse, great body, talented hands, and a quiet demeanor. Friends had told her of his special ‘talents’ that were available for the asking, but so far she had resisted. She always left his parlor relaxed, fulfilled, and yet, wanting.

Next stop, a mani-pedi and Brazilian waxing. If she wasn’t relaxed walking in, she certainly was walking out.

Finally, to her makeup girl at Nordstrom’s. She had been buying her makeup and perfume from the ‘twenty-something’ Stacey for the past couple of years and could walk in anytime for a ‘buff and polish’.

“Big night tonight love?” Stacey lengthened her lashes.

“Just meeting an old friend for dinner.” She replied.

“Hhhmmmm. Well let’s make sure you look edible.” On went the blush.

“Stacey! You do know I’m married.”

“Listen, if you came to me before you go out with this guy? He must be something special.” “I’m just saying. ‘YOLO’ yo.” Stacey said, as she was applying lip gloss over a stunning shade of red.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She got home about an hour before their dinner reservation and took a look at herself in the mirror. ‘Still got it!’ She said to herself.

This was only supposed to be a ‘get-reacquainted-business-dinner’ yet she found herself putting on stockings and a garter with French-cut lace panties. She selected a skirt cut just above the knee and a red silk blouse that matched the color of her lipstick. She was a petite woman with 34 C breasts but that only emboldened her to show them off by not wearing a bra and leaving the top three buttons of her blouse undone. Some four inch Manolo Blahnik ‘Pigidi’ sandals, four inch gold hoop earrings, a Tory Burch ‘Reva Mini’ watch, and she was complete.

She ran a brush through her platinum blonde, shoulder length hair, spritzed her neck, her wrists, and of course her cleavage with Acqua di Gio’ and she was off.

She arrived at the restaurant ahead of him. She slipped the hostess a twenty and asked for a nice quiet table away from the hustles and bustle of this popular eatery.

He arrived, dressed in black dockers, a black shirt, and black sport coat. She smiled and leaned in for an embrace.

“You clean up nice, as always.” She said. “And, you smell great.”

His nostrils flared as he pulled her to him and was seduced by her perfume. “Wow! We’re both wearing Armani.”

“Yours?” She asked.

“‘Code’. And, yours would be ‘Gio’.” Gary replied.

“Wow!” She said. “I’m impressed.”

“I’ve always had a great nose.” Gary said. “You should see me with wines.”

“We’ll just see about that.”

The embrace lasted a good thirty seconds with scarcely a word between them. Their hands, however, communicated their affection for one another as they rubbed each other’s back. She could swear she felt his erection pressing into her groin and rather than shy from it she pulled him in even closer.

Eventually, they released one another as the, very attendant, hostess approached and offered to show them to their table. As she had asked, they were guided to a secluded table at the back of the restaurant.

“I hope this will do.” Said the hostess.

“This is perfect.” Said Cindy.

They exchanged pleasantries while she perused the wine list. The sommelier came by and asked if he could get them something. She motioned to him and whispered into his ear.

“Very good miss.” He said, and then retreated.

A few minutes later, he returned with a bottle, the label obscured by a napkin, as she had requested. He poured a sample into Gary’s glass.

“A challenge.” Cindy said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Gary took the glass and swirled it to expose the fruit to the air and unleash its flavor. He raised the glass and looked through the wine into the light. He brought the glass to his nose and inhaled deeply.

“Bold, earthy, even a little musky.” Then, he took a sip and let it roll on his bahis şirketleri tongue while he pursed his lips slightly and drew his breath, allowing the air to gurgle through the nectar. He seemed pensive for a second then spoke.”A zinfandel, but not from Napa. I’m thinking central coast. Maybe Montery County, maybe farther south, Paso Robles.”

“Impressive.” Said the sommelier.

“Bravo!” Said Cindy. She clapped as the sommelier unwrapped the bottle of zinfandel from the San Luis Obispo area of central California.

“Wow!, I almost went with Amador County.” Said Gary.

Cindy grabbed his hand. “My God! What a pallet.” She said as the sommelier retreated once again. “You have a very talented tongue mister.”

“You have no idea.” Said Gary, as Cindy smiled and blushed.

They ordered dinner and began reminiscing over appetizers. She caught him up on all the gossip occurring during his absence. Which surgeon was sleeping with whom, which one had was working on wife number three, which one was asked to move on by his hospital. They laughed as he recalled once being hired up in Oregon to replace a PA that was caught screwing a nurse on the surgeon’s office desk.

“How are things with Ron?” Gary asked.

“Ok… ya know?”

Gary knew. He attended their wedding. He had never thought that they were the perfect couple. But, he knew that she was alone and needed someone to keep her focused, make sure she didn’t stray, and Ron was her moral compass.

Dinner ended and he walked her to car. Another long, close embrace, and another impression of an erection reaching out to touch her. This time, though, rather than a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, Cindy kissed Gary’s lips. A short kiss, a friendly kiss, but definitely more than she had ever allowed herself in the past.

Driving home, she recounted the evening in her head and a smile came to her lips. But, she noticed something else as well. She was moist, achy, and definitely horny.

As she undressed for bed, she reached into her drawer and retrieved her favorite tool as she had done a hundred times before when she and Ron were apart. She started out slow, letting the vibrations tease her pussy, running it up and down her slit, rimming herself, stimulating her clit, working her pussy with ever increasing fervor until she was full on fucking herself. Flashes of Gary’s eyes, his lips, his smile, his erection pressing into her filled her thoughts. His words “You have no idea” echoed in her brain as a thousand points of light flooded her consciousness and she released a flood of her cum upon her toy.

As she came down from her orgasm, she withdrew her dildo and cleansed it of her cum with her tongue, her eyes still closed, imagining the taste of her cum on Gary’s cock. She soon drifted off to sleep but not before she committed herself to seducing this man of her fantasy.

About a week went by before she saw him again. She was coming out of the OR and ran into him outside the ICU. They enjoyed an embrace, making sure to keep it ‘professional’, in this setting.

“Listen.” She said. “Saturday I’m running a mini ‘Iron Man’, helping to raise money for the children’s surgery program. Come by. Sponsor me!”

“Sure. I’d be happy to.”

Gary took down the particulars. “I’m on-call and expect to operate that morning but I’ll be there at the finish line.”

“Great. See you then.”

Early Saturday afternoon, Gary kept his promise, and when she crossed the finish line, he congratulated her on a better-than-average time.

“Sweetie, I need a favor.” She said.

“Anything.” Gary replied.

“Ron’s out of town and I drove over here with a girlfriend but she got a flat tire about five miles into the cycling portion and I don’t expect she’ll finish for a while yet.”

“I’d be happy to give you a ride home.”

“Are you sure? I’m really sweaty. I’ll stink up your car.” Cindy said.

“Absolutely. You’ve earned it.”

Cindy retrieved her bicycle and they headed for his car. While he was loading her bike, she texted her friend to let her know she had found other transportation home.

On the way home, she decided. This was the opportunity she was looking for. She was going to fuck Gary, or pass out trying she told herself with a smile.

Upon reaching her house, they unloaded her bike.

“Care to come in?” She said. “I have a nice cold Sauvignon Blanc!”

“Love to.”

“Listen sweetie, I’m gonna jump in and take a quick shower. Is that Ok?”

“Of course. I’ll be right here.”

“Would you mind getting us that wine? It’s in the fridge. There are glasses and an opener in the cabinet just to right of the fridge.”

“I’m all over it.”

She turned on the shower and waited for it to warm. She looked at herself, naked, in the mirror. ‘OMG! What a mess!’ she said to herself. Several years ago, in a drunken stupor during a girls night out, she and two of her friends had their navels pierced. A couple of years ago, she treated herself to a small, navel charm with three small diamonds each on their own silver chain. She toyed with it now, the diamonds sparkling in the light from her vanity. This was meant to show her wild side, a side she intended to explore this evening.

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