Haz 02

The Breakwater

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All characters are eighteen or older.


It was impossible to concentrate with Laura sitting right beside me in biology class. She was the hottest member of my university cheer-leading squad. How could I focus on my studies with her perfect tan legs distracting me? Her blond hair hung down over her flawless skin. It was enough to drive me out of my mind.

I kept sneaking peeks at her out of the corner of my eye while she looked at her phone. Her perky breasts filled out her sweater nicely. She had to be the most perfect girl I had ever seen. My eyes ran over the curves of her calves and up past her knees to the sweet mysteries hidden under her short plaid skirt.

As I gazed at her my cock swelled up to epic proportions in my sweatpants. It would be tough to get out of my seat when the class was over. My cock was sort of embarrassing. It was bigger than average and I was always teased in the shower room in my dorm. My cock just lay there trapped and throbbing against my thigh. When I looked up at the clock I discovered Laura had looked up from her phone and knew I had been checking out her body.

“See anything you like?” Laura whispered as she glanced discreetly at the bulge in my sweats. “I umm…umm” I mumbled foolishly. Laura just smiled at me and I found myself paralyzed in her twinkling brown eyes.

Professor Smith, whose lesson we’d both been ignoring, then announced. “Everyone will partner up with the person sitting beside them and go to the seashore this weekend to find some marine life to do a presentation on. Email me if you need any further ideas on this. Good luck and have a good weekend.”

There was a lot of grumbling in the classroom-except from me, because I was sitting next to Laura.

She smiled at me leaning over closer than she should have and scratched her cell number on my notebook. “Call me later; I know a great little secluded beach we can go to.”

“Sure sounds like a good plan, thanks.”

“Oh so you talk,” she giggled mischievously.

She turned and walked away out the door. Even old professor Smith watched her ass sway through the door. She was a walking wet dream.

I couldn’t sleep all Friday night as I pictured us together. I don’t know what I dreamed, but I woke up with a huge sticky tent in my pajamas. I tried to get some homework done but all I could think about was our date on the beach.

Wait, it’s not a date; it’s just a stupid project, I thought. But I will get to be with her for a couple hours anyway. It was going to be the best weekend so far this year. I had not been with a girl on a date the whole semester. I sure hoped my luck was going to change tomorrow.

I finally built up the nerve to call Laura later that morning.

“Hi, Laura this is Dave from science class. What time did you want to get together for the project?”

“Hi Dave, I was just thinking about you, can you pick me up at my sorority house this afternoon?” She asked. “We can go to the beach and maybe hang out after.”

“Sounds great, I’ll see you in two hours.”

“Okay, see you then.” Laura whispered huskily into the phone.

It took a while to sink in. Thinking of me, Hang out? And her voice was so suggestive at the end I felt a twitch in my shorts. I just brushed it off as my imagination. Why would a hot girl like that want me?

Just then my phone vibrated with a text. It was a message from Laura. I opened it and I was rewarded with a selfie of her in a bikini and a message. “Getting ready for the beach, are you? See you soon.”

It seemed to take forever for those next two hours to pass. I daydreamed of grabbing her in that bikini and kissing her on the beach. I imagined running my hands over her chest and squeezing her shapely butt under that short skirt güvenilir bahis she always wore. I pictured her perfect lips sucking my cock.

Once again I had an enormous erection tenting out my pants. I hoped I wouldn’t have that all afternoon. I thought of baseball and anything else to get my mind off her and let the swelling go down. The mushroom head was swollen and forcing its way down the pant leg of my shorts. I took my shorts off to let it free and it bobbed up and down for a while. Eventually it subsided as I thought about batting averages.

I got to the sorority house about fifteen minutes early. I saw Laura looking out the window and moments later the front door opened and she bounced down the stairs.

When she walked out to my car I had to catch my breath. She wore a clingy tight orange beach cover up over her bikini that barely made it past her ass cheeks. She had little flip flops on. Her toe nails looked like they had been freshly painted.

I never considered myself a gentleman but I got up for some reason and ran around to open the door for her. I took in her long shapely legs as they climbed into the car. All I could do was suck in my breath and try to act normal as I shut the door.

Laura told me how to drive to the beach as she slid over close beside me in the seat.

“Thanks for opening the door for me. I don’t go out with too many gentlemen like you.” She whispered in my ear. “I’m a lucky girl today.” She leaned in and nibbled a little light kiss on my neck and slowly moved away.

She then put her hand on my thigh and ran it up and down slowly.

I just smiled and tried to think about baseball again to stop my cock from rising in my loose shorts. She smelled so good it was difficult to concentrate. It was all I could do to focus on the road with her sitting beside me.

We got to the beach and I parked the car. While I locked the door I watched her run ahead and take off her flip flops once she got to the sand. She ran down to the shore and tested the water. It was late summer but the ocean was still warm as I watched her long tan legs run through the shallow water as she kicked and splashed it ahead.

Laura was looking around for something to study for class. I was busy studying her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked up at me and said.

“It is so hot when you look at me like that. It makes me tingle all over.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless.

“Can we go up there on the rocks on the breakwater and talk?”

“Sure,” I replied.

I followed her up on the large granite blocks that sheltered the houses above. “I see you checking me out in class, why don’t you ever ask me out?”

“I thought you probably already had a boyfriend, cheerleaders usually date football players.” I said sheepishly.

“I don’t,” she said. Then she looked me in the eyes and whispered, “I fuck one now and then but that’s all. Girls do get horny you know, like I am now….”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I grabbed her and pulled her in closer as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I felt as if my whole body was on fire. My heart was racing and pounding in my chest. I guess it really wasn’t talking that she wanted.

My cock grew quickly in my shorts. The tip slipped right to the edge of my shorts and I was afraid the head was poking out again. She brought her hand up to balance as we kissed and her hand brushed over the mushroom head of my cock.

“Oh my god Dave, you have a really big cock hiding in those shorts don’t you?”

I just gulped as she brought her hand up and stroked my dick through my shorts. She pulled the leg up and revealed my cock head in all its glory.

“Please let me see the rest of it! I’ve been waiting all day. türkçe bahis Lift up a little so I can get these shorts off.” She whispered.

She pulled down my shorts and my cock sprang free from its confines. I am not a big guy but I am well endowed. I was a little embarrassed by it, it scared some girls away. In the present situation it swung out lewdly like a club. Its big mushroom head began to swell even larger and turn purple. I felt even more exposed out in the daylight. It didn’t seem to scare Laura at all.

“Wow it’s so big! Let me take a scientific look at this cock.” Laura said.

She pulled out a ruler from her backpack and measured it. “This cock is ten, no maybe eleven inches long. And it’s all mine! Wow it feels so thick too.” She said as she grinned up into my face and mimicked our professor’s voice.

“I know from my research in science class that this cock is in the upper five percent of male length. “

Before she flipped the ruler away she took out her phone and snapped a picture of it beside my cock with her phone as her hands gripped it.

“That is proof for the girls back at my sorority. We now need to fully scientifically explore and examine the capability of this beautiful specimen with a little experiment I have in mind.”

Laura reached for the bottom of her cover up and pulled it off to expose her beautiful bikini body.

Then she wrapped her little hand halfway around my thick cock and began a slow hand job as I reached behind to steady myself on the rock.

“Just as I thought in my hypothesis, this cock is much thicker than most, my hand doesn’t fit around it. Do you mind if I play with it for a little while?” She said in her teacher mimicking voice again.

I gripped the rock I was sitting on so hard I thought it would crack. Laura then grabbed my hand and eased it between her thighs and I palmed her pussy through her bikini bottom.

Laura slid the material aside and I first felt her smooth warm skin and then her soaking wet pussy. I slid my finger between her wet pussy lips and then into her tight hole. Laura moaned as I slid my digit in.

It was not my first pussy but it was by far the best. She was soaking wet. Playing with her snatch took my mind temporarily off the hands that were caressing my throbbing cock. I loved the feel of her shaved pussy.

Her hands were now both wrapped around my meat. It felt so good I knew I wouldn’t last long. I tried to concentrate on her and how good her snatch felt. I took in her beautiful tan now revealed by the contrast of her skin under her bikini bottom.

As her lips began to brush lightly and peck on my neck I couldn’t take it any longer. I felt a slow steady pressure building in my body. I tried to hold back so I wouldn’t surprise or shock her, but I was totally in her control.

“Let it go anytime you want big boy.” She whispered.

My hips began to involuntarily pump up and down with my need to cum. I didn’t know if she expected me to blow my load so quick or not. But it was too late for that, cum began to arc out of my cock and fly through the air.

The initial explosion must have gone fifteen feet down to the sand. Laura just moaned as she watched it fly. This was followed by other bursts that slowly decreased in power and volume.

“I love your cock Dave.” She said as she looked hungrily into my eyes. She kept on holding my dick as the last of my load spilled onto her hand. I didn’t know if I would ever get my cock back. She seemed to really like it. It stayed hard as algebra in her soft hands.

I began to explore her pussy more with my fingers and she pulled my hand out and put it up to my lips. I never smelled or tasted anything sweeter. Laura then gave me a gift I’d waited for my whole life güvenilir bahis siteleri when she tore off her bikini bottom and lifted up and threw her leg over my lap. Then she centered her dripping pussy above my cock.

“Are you ready baby?” She asked. “Not sure if this monster will fit, but I’m going to try to get it inside me anyway.”

I might have just cum but I never wilted one bit. I tried to cover us up with a towel but she just brushed it aside. She didn’t care if the whole world watched. That just made everything even more exciting. She reached down and fingered herself for a minute to get ready before she started to lower her hips.

As her pussy lips parted over the head of my cock we both moaned. It took a while for her pussy to stretch out to accept my girth. She was no virgin, but she apparently never had a cock like mine inside her.

She got about a third of it inside her tight wet pussy. I Felt her juices running down and onto my thigh as she forced more inside. After a dozen times up and down my cock I felt her body begin to shake. I asked her if everything was okay.

“I’m coming already baby. Your cock is like a magic wand. This is the best fuck I’ve ever had! Ahhh…”

Her convulsing began to affect me and I felt another load boiling inside and rushing to the surface.

I managed to fight off the urge to cum and it took all my self-control to hold on. I grabbed her slim hips and guided her as she rode up and down on me. I wanted to get her all the way down on my cock but I didn’t want to hurt her either. I think I got a little deeper as she shook again.

Laura buried her head into my shoulder and cried out again as she had another orgasm. “FUCK IT IS SO BIG!”

“I never want to stop riding you Dave! I never want to get off this cock! My pussy feels so good and full.”

Just then I felt myself starting to erupt.

“I think I’m going to come again, Laura.”

“Not in my pussy, I want it in my mouth!” She demanded.

She jumped off me and took the head of my cock between her beautiful lips. I came hard once I felt her lips go over the head. She kept my cock in her mouth and swallowed every drop as the sperm throbbed up my length.

It was explosive. I had never experienced anything more intense. I looked down and saw white globs of cum sliding over her lips and down her chin that she had missed. She couldn’t swallow my seed fast enough.

She stroked me with both hands as my dick continued to pulse out my load. She caught this overflow with her finger and slurped it into her mouth. My cock was covered with cum and spit.

I looked up at the house above and saw a dark haired woman in a red robe watching us through a window. If Laura saw her watching us she didn’t seem to mind, she kept licking cum and her own juices off my cock shaft while she buried her fingers between her own legs.

When Laura was done she reluctantly pulled her cover up back on. Her bikini bottom was destroyed and her cute bottom was barely covered by the orange pull over. She tucked my cock back in and pulled up my shorts. Then we walked back down off the rocks.

“I want to see you tomorrow so we can work on the project and fuck some more. Can you come by the sorority house maybe?” Laura asked.

I just smiled and said I’d be there any time she wanted.

We then held hands as we walked back to the car. More than one person on the beach gave us a curious look. The rocks were pretty secluded so it was probably just my imagination that they had seen anything.

“If we get an A on this project Dave I will make it worth your while.”

As she said that she reached down under her cover-up and began to run her hand over her bare pussy again. It was then I remember I had never gotten to see her tits. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

I just smiled back at her. What an afternoon this was! She reached over and began rubbing my leg and sliding her hands under my shorts. This was going to be an interesting ride home.

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