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The Cedar Chest Ch. 01

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I know it has been a while since I posted, but I have been very busy at work. I had several requests from loyal readers, so I have been working on this one for several weeks off and on and finally have it finished. Like so many others, I think it begs a sequel, and I will do them all as time permits. Thanks to everyone who sent emails with comments. This is another in the mother/son genre, so if you are offended by this kind of story, you should probably pass this one by.

I’m not sure when I first noticed my mother was a sexual being and not just the messenger of all things wrong in my life, but I think it was when she bent down to straighten my little brother’s shirt before we went out to eat when my older sister graduated from high school, and unwittingly flashed her white, almost transparent nylon panties at me in the process.

At first I felt my face go red thinking she might see me looking up her skirt, but she was so absorbed with what she was doing that I was a complete afterthought. I was almost 14 at the time, and I must have jerked off a hundred times to the image that was branded in my mind over the next year. I imagined running my hands up her soft legs, and her grabbing my hard cock and stuffing it into her mouth, all the while looking helplessly into my eyes just before pulling my cock out of her mouth to allow it to spray ropes of cum all over her face and hair. In my fantasies she would then give me this bad girl look before licking the last dollop of cum off my cockhead and planting a big kiss on the tip of my dick leaving the red outline of her lipstick like a royal wax seal of approval.

Interwoven with my fantasies though was the real world, and in it things were always a little tense around our house, and as I grew older, my mother’s testiness and my raging hormones made poor bedfellows, causing our already not overly close relationship to grow even further apart. Even in the tensest of times though, I was always looking to get a glimpse of her in something flimsy.

Mom was exceptionally beautiful, so no one could blame a guy for having incestuous thoughts. She had auburn hair and almond eyes that coupled with her white teeth made her face sparkle when she laughed. She wore her hair pulled back from her face, revealing dainty ears, gold and pearl earrings and high cheekbones, which with the slightly darker hue of her face were about the only evidences of her 1/16 Native American heritage. She was slightly taller than average at a little over 5′ 6″, and was a somewhat on the thin side with 34B breasts and a 24″ waist. She had many good features and looked so elegant when she was dressed up that it was hard to select a particular one, but if you penned me down, I would have to say that her legs and ass were just amazing. She had long legs with shapely calves and soft, light caramel-colored thighs and an ass that showed no sign of fat, or aging. When she dressed in a plain blouse, jeans and tennis shoes she looked amazing; when she lost the tennis shoes and slipped on a pair of heels, she was every man’s wet dream.

By the time I turned 18, I had already graduated and been a year out of high school and was still unsure about what I wanted to do with my life. As it turned out, it was decided for me when my cousin and I went out a week after my eighteenth birthday and got shit faced, and later that night got picked up for disorderly conduct. I had grown up in a small town and was totally ignorant of the ways of the world, and the Chief of Police had no problem convincing me and my cousin that it was either join the Army, or face charges and go to jail. So, sitting in his office the next morning, the Army recruiter came in and before either of us sobered up enough to know what was happening, we were in the Army with orders to report within a matter of a few days. I think mom always felt a little guilty about not intervening, because after I had signed the paperwork, her demeanor toward me seemed to change dramatically.

But, what was done was done, and it was almost five months later after basic and then airborne training, that I was able to take my first real leave and go home. After her divorce many years earlier, my mother had begun the practice of taking all the kids to stay at our grandmother’s house for several weeks during the summer, and this summer was no exception. My mother’s sister Sarah lived with my grandmother and since she had no children of her own, she always doted on her nieces and nephews. Since I finished airborne training at the start of June, when I arrived home, I found my mother there by herself. As much as I love my younger siblings, I needed some peace and quiet to calm the frayed nerves arising from the frenetic pace of training I had just went through, and for once was not disappointed that they were not home. Besides, I would see them over the Christmas holidays if all went according to plan.

The quiet seemed to have a calming effect on my mother as well, and we settled into a comfortable routine where we enjoyed a pleasant dinner that I prepared, a few glasses etlik escort of wine and some real conversation in the evenings after she returned home from work. Our household had always been so loud and busy that we had never really talked to one another, and we both agreed that we were enjoying the time together. I noticed that mom was now always seeking to make physical contact with me, much more than ever in the past. When we were together, she never missed a chance to touch my arm, or rub my bare leg, or kiss me on the cheek, or give me a hug. My mother still looked like a goddess, so that was great with me.

Happy with this new, better relationship with my mother, after four days of being home, I was starting to feel normal again and when Saturday arrived, I decided to go into town and see some old friends. Mom said she was going to clean the house and do some shopping and would see me later.

I hung out in town with friends for several hours, but somehow they seemed young and immature to me, and after a time got bored and decided to go home and catch a baseball game on television. When I pulled up in my old Chevrolet truck I saw mom’s 2006 BMW in the drive, and for some reason my whole demeanor brightened at the thought of sharing some more time with her.

I walked in the door and wandered around the house, but did not see mom, so finally I called, “Mom! Where are you?”

“I’m down here in the basement!” she called back.

Years ago, dad had redone the basement and made it into a game room/storage room. I followed mom’s voice and opened up the door and walked down the stairs. She was sitting cross legged on a thick rectangular rug in front of an open cedar chest full of clothes.

“Hi, what are you doing down here?”

“Hey, sugar, I didn’t expect you so early. I was just looking through some old clothes of mine from high school and college. I was just killing some time. Besides, I thought you might make up with Mandy and do something with her.” Mandy and I had broken up before I went into the service, and she had already found someone new: so much for true love.

“I think she and I are history. Hey, what did the styles look like back then?” I said quickly changing a sore subject.

“Well, for one thing, everything was a lot shorter,” she said holding up a miniskirt that clearly did not run the skirt maker out of material.

“Wow! That looks like a tube skirt without the tube!” I exclaimed. In my mind’s eye, I drew the skirt over mom’s sweet ass and I immediately sprouted a hard on.

“Check this one out!” She said and pulled a pair of pink hot pants from chest.

“Gosh mom, you were a bad little girl,” I said smiling.

“Me and just about everyone else that could fit into a pair!” she joked back.

Next out of the chest was a wild paisley colored blouse and a pair of faded bell bottom pants; something straight out of the late 60’s. “Mom, you weren’t born until 1971, I thought these were the rage during the 60’s.”

“They were. These actually belonged to your grandmother. I thought this outfit was so cool that I nagged her until she gave them to me when I was about 14.”

“Let me see it on you.” I said.

“Don’t be silly, Rob! I doubt I could get into them anyway,” she added pensively.

“I’ll bet you could. They look like they will still fit you,” I insisted.

We went back and forth for another couple of minutes and finally she gave in and went to the bathroom to change. A few moments later she emerged looking like she could have fit in on one of the videos I had seen on some documentary that was taken from Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco over a quarter century ago. She twirled around with her arms out, hair flying, bell bottoms flaring with a big smile on her face.

I laughed and called her a hippy and then asked what else she had in the chest.

Mom appeared happy with this new game and skipped to the chest and plopped down in front of it.

She pulled out a skimpy looking yellow bikini and twirled the top around her finger. “I haven’t seen this in ages.” She exclaimed.

“Let me see you in that!” I begged.

“Not a chance!”

“C’mon, mom, it isn’t like I haven’t seen you in a bathing suit, you know.”

“You haven’t seen me in anything this tiny. Besides, I wore that when I was your age. I have gotten older you know. What might have been appropriate twenty years ago would not be appropriate now.”

“I am not asking you to put it on and wear it to the beach, you know. I just want to see if you can still fit into it, and I want to see how girls looked back then.”

“Okay, but it’s against my better judgment, and if you breathe a word of this to anyone I will disown you.” She threatened with an evil look.

She again retreated into the bathroom and moments later came out holding her hands over her breasts and acting generally like she did not know what to do with them.

“I can’t see it if you have it covered,” I complained.

“I feel so self conscious – this etlik escort bayan suit is really revealing,” she protested.

“Oh, mom, it really isn’t that bad. Heck, today all the girls wear thongs. You have on a dress compared to them.”

“I see your point,” she said and moved her hands away from her body in the palms up position that said, “Okay, now what?” Mom did not have particularly large breasts, but if there was any sag, I sure couldn’t tell it.

I twirled my finger indicating that she should turn around. She blushed furiously, but did as I asked. My cock hardened instantly and I whistled in admiration. The bikini bottom fit like O.J.’s glove clearly showing her smooth ass cheeks.

“You look fabulous! What did you do with my mom, and can you stay with me for a while?”

Mom blushed again, but her eyes danced in enjoyment at my compliment.

“You crazy thing, where are my clothes so I can get out of this?”

“Just one last thing: I want to see you in the skirt. You can put it on over your bikini.”

“You are really enjoying this, aren’t you, watching your old mother make a fool of herself,’ she asked almost rhetorically.

“If that is what you really think, you could not be more wrong. You are the most beautiful woman I know, and you would look good in anything.”

Mom’s eyes softened. “Toss me the skirt, baby.”

I did as she asked and she bent over showing a good bit of tit and stepped into the skirt. As she wriggled into it my dick grew to its full and fat 7 inches, pressing hard against my loose shorts.

The skirt came well above mid-thigh once she had it on, and her gorgeous legs were on full display. I know my tongue was hanging out of my mouth, and I rolled my eyes up in complete surrender. Mom couldn’t resist a huge laugh. Her hand ran to her thigh and she pulled the skirt up her leg until the yellow of her bikini bottom flashed. “See something you like, soldier boy,” she teased.

“You’re killing me,” I blurted.

Mom laughed again and could not resist letting her eyes wander over my bulging crotch. She did a double take, and blushed deeply when she saw that I had caught her staring. “Well, I am glad to see that I still have an effect on men,” she muttered. “I think we should go upstairs and get a bite to eat before I forget you’re my son.

“That would be fine with me,” I said with a smirk.

‘I bet it would, although God only knows what you see in your old mom.”

“More than you will ever know,” I replied.

Mom didn’t answer, turned and headed up the stairs, he fine ass swaying, and I got the impression she was moving it in a little more exaggerated way than normal, teasing me whether consciously or subconsciously. I stayed just enough below her to look up her skirt at the yellow bikini bottom she still had on.

After dinner, we sat around for a while talking, her with her bikini top still in place, nipples evident through the thin material. Finally, mom rose and said she needed to get out of the old clothes. I gave her a hang dog look, and she just smiled and shook her head before rising and heading for her room.

The next day we hung around the house and watched television most of the day, carefully avoiding conversation about the dress up party from the previous day. Suddenly around 6 as though having arrived at a decision, mom popped up from the couch and said she was going downstairs to put her old clothes back in the cedar chest.

‘Before you do that, can I see what else is in the chest?”

“Why on earth are you interested in those old clothes?”

“I don’t know. I guess I just want to get a peek at your life as a teenager through them.”

“Okay, but no dress up tonight, okay?”


We went down stairs and mom started pulling some of the clothes out of the chest. Finally she pulled out a little blue silk dress with tiny white polka dots. The dress was very short. “I know I said I wouldn’t ask you to dress up, but I have to see if you can still wear that one!”

Mom looked at the dress pensively as though mentally trying it on in her mind. “This dress is one that I got for my birthday when I was seventeen, I think. Even though I have only gained about 5 pounds, those pounds might be distributed a little differently and I doubt if I can still get into it.”

“Please try it on. It is really a nice looking dress.”

“Okay, but this is it – no more today.”

She did not return for several minutes, and when she did I almost came in my pants. Since it had spaghetti straps holding it up, mom must have taken off her bra because the shape of her breasts was noticeably softer and more natural.

The dress was very short, very silky, and very slinky. It was one of those that would slide soundlessly off her body if she removed the straps. I did a double take and mentally had to check to be sure my tongue wasn’t hanging out.

Mom must have seen the raw lust in my eyes, because her face flushed red. I immediately noticed that my suspicions escort etlik about her having taken her bra off were correct, because her nipples hardened and popped out like quarter inch erasers.

“Mom, you look like you just turned 20 years old!”

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Mom, not only do you look 20 in that dress, you look a thousand times hotter than any of the 20 year old girls I know.”

“Don’t be silly, Rob.”

“I’m serious!”

“So, you like this, eh?’ she said making a little twirl. The dress swished about her legs and hips giving me a flash of pink panty.

“God, yes,” I moaned. “There is something though: could I get you to put something else on with that?”

“Like what?”

“Wait right here. I will be back in a minute. Don’t move.”

I bounded up the stairs and into mom’s bedroom. I went to her chest of drawers and opened up the top drawer. I didn’t see what I was looking for, so I closed that drawer and opened the second one down. Right on the top I found a pair of flesh colored thigh high Hanes that were still in the package. I took them and went quickly to her closet. I found a pair of patent leather navy blue pumps, which I grabbed as well. Everything in hand, I sprinted back down the stairs and handed the items to mom. She looked at me a little skeptically.

“These would make the outfit complete. Please, mom,” I begged.

She looked at me a little curiously, but then went and sat down in a chair. I sat on a chaise lounge directly across from her.

When she sat down the dress had no choice but to ride up her legs showing them well up her thigh and just below her panties. She took the hose out of the package, rolled them to get them on easier and lifted her right foot to pull one leg on. She tried to keep her legs together, but there was no way to do so in a dress that short. I was getting a great view of her panties, and making no effort not to look. Mom noticed that I was looking up her dress, but after a second or two made no real attempt to block my view. She kept her head down as she rolled the left leg slowly up to her upper thigh. She pulled the pumps on one after the other, again showing me her panties.

My cock was as hard as a brick and was pulsing pre-cum. Mom was now staring unabashedly at my crotch. When I caught her staring, she flushed pink, but her eyes immediately returned to my bulging dick.

“Well, stand up and let me have a look,” I commanded softly.

I had been taking orders for several months, and it felt good to feel like I was in charge for a change. I knew I had changed both physically and emotionally, and I felt a certain confident air of having survived something very challenging. I had long been confident in sexual matters because I had always had girlfriends who were older and more experienced to guide me, but I surprised myself at how completely in charge of the situation I felt.

Nevertheless, it surprised me how quickly mom complied and stood. Her legs atop the high heels ran forever, soft curves of her calves and thighs begging to be kissed and touched. I looked on in wonder. Neither of us spoke as she walked toward me. When she got to where I sat at the end of the chaise lounge, she stopped and slowly pirouetted, showing me the tops of her hose and the creamy skin just above them. She was just inches from me when she turned back to me and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

Looking up at her I said, “Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful: I have the most beautiful mom in the world.”

Mom smiled down at me.

“Your hose are a little crooked,” I said and put my hands around her right thigh just above her knee.

“They don’t look crooked from here,” mom said.

“You can’t see them like I can. There is just a little twist in both of them.”

I slowly ran my hands up her thighs pretending to straighten her hose as my hands rose. I kept going up her legs until I reached the lacy top of her hose. I hesitated for just a moment and then moved my hands up onto her bare skin. Mom let out a small gasp when my hands made contact. “Rob?” she questioned.

“Um hmmm,” I murmured, but continued moving up her thigh feeling the soft, slightly damp texture of her thigh. I kept moving ever so slowly until the flat of my forefinger came into contact with the swell of her small ass and a second later, her panties. My left hand came to rest on her slit and my right hand cupped her sweet ass. Mom’s panties were soaked with fluid, and I could feel her lightly shake against my touch.

I took my hands away, but I did it slowly so as to run my fingertips from her rosebud to her puffy clitoris. Mom groaned involuntarily and pressed gently back against my hand.

“The other side needs to be straightened too,” I whispered.

“What are you doing to me Rob? I am your mother, and you know this is not right.”

“Lift you dress. I want to see your panties,” I said, ignoring her question and abandoning all prestense.

“Rob!” she exclaimed, but it sounded more like a question than a recrimination.

Again, I ignored her and put my hands on her left leg just as before, slightly above her knee. In slow motion, mom ran her hand up my forearm and then started raising her dress in excruciating slowness until the bottom of her pink silk boy shorts were exposed.

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