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The Cheating Geek

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The Cheating GeekThe first secret Gina Davis ever kept from her husband Mike was the fact that she was a major geek. This secret was hidden from him the moment they met. He was sitting next to her in a bar late one night and she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. She thought that he was sexy as fuck. He was tall and had dark hair, piercing hazel eyes and muscles for days. She normally got hit on a lot; she was fairly attractive with bright red hair, curvy hips, small waist and perky but busty tits but that night she was too horny to wait for him to make the first move. When she introduced herself, the conversation started with how his best friend had stood him up for a guy’s night out to see the new Justice League panel at the local convention center. He was knocking geeks pretty hard and Gina, wanting to get laid very soon, went right along with it even though it betrayed her very character. They talked about how stupid cosplayers were, no matter how hot they looked in those ridiculous outfits. They bashed on all of the new comic hero movies with each and every shot of whiskey and it paid off at the end of the night with Gina getting her brains fucked out. It wasn’t the best sex she had ever had, but it was definitely good and after that night Mike continued to call on Gina whenever he needed a good fuck. This evolved into a relationship after some time and eventually to Mike popping the question. A year later, Mike and Gina were married and Gina kept her secret locked away from her new anti-geek husband. This was the only secret that she had to keep from him until about a year later when she began cheating on him with another geek. It all started when she wondered into a new comic book shop on her lunch break one day. This was her normal lunch routine, the only time that she could let her inner geek come out and play. She would peruse the aisle’s taking in all the comic book heroes and super villains that graced the covers of the weekly releases. She would play with all the new action figures that were on display, and even chit chat with the employee’s about the new series on TV. This new comic book store however had an owner that was incredibly attractive to Gina. He had jet black hair shaved on one side and the top was longer and combed over like a prohibition style haircut, a scruffy beard, skinny but fit, tattooed sleeves on both arms, the left arm being covered in Marvel characters and the right being covered in DC characters. She thought they were the coolest and also made her a bit jealous. She had always wanted to get tattoos that showed off her favorite characters but now that Mike was a part of her life that was just not going to happen. She quickly became obsessed with this new store and the guy, Steve was his name. She began to spend all of her free time at lunch and after work at the store and became fast friends with Steve. She could talk to him for hours because he got her, and she got him. Her and Mike rarely had any lengthy conversations anymore and after only a year of marriage their sex life had become a weekly blowjob and a missionary fuck with Gina having to masturbate after to even bursa escort have an orgasm. One day Gina had told Steve everything about herself including her marriage and the big lie that it was built upon and he conveyed sympathy for her having to hide who she really was from the one person who was supposed to know everything about her. She admitted to him after several weeks of visiting the store that she had a huge crush on him and was ashamed of her body betraying her every time that she was around him. Steve paused at this confession and asked her to elaborate on what she meant. Blushing, she told him how wet her pussy gets when he talks about how misunderstood the Joker really is, how her clit tingles when he does an impression John Constantine, how she furiously fucks herself with her vibrator thinking about him in his Commander Shepard cosplay. Gina saw his adams apple bounce in his throat as he swallowed hard, and saw how instantly the crotch of his khaki pants began to bulgle. She took one step toward him and he immediately closed the gap between them, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into him. Their lips moved to touch and he held just before, both breathing heavy. He whispered a question to her, making damn sure she wanted to do this. With the look of lust in her eyes, a simple nod of the head was all it took for him to take her in a deep kiss, his hands running all over her back and grabbing at her ass. She ran her hands all through his curly hair, ironically making his amazing bed head look even better. He grabbed the back of her legs firmly and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, eliciting a surprise yelp from her lips. They giggled together while he carried her to the front door to put up the “Closed” sign, and then promptly carried her off to the back of the shop where they would be hidden from sight by the large racks holding comic books and table top games. Steve laid Gina down on to a table typically used by the Friday Night Magic crew to battle it out with creatures and spells bound to playing cards. He again, kissed her deeply, flicking their tongues together then he made his way down her neck line. Sucking and nibbling down to her revealing cleavage and then started to unbutton her dress shirt. With just a few buttons undone her perky tits popped out of the top and without finishing he latched on to one of her nipples and began to suck and bite at it. She moaned loudly and with much enthusiasm as his hand groped and pinched the other one. It wasn’t too long till he moved on and removed her pants in a flash, revealing her Batman themed panties. Smiling at the site, he opted to not take them off, but pull them to the side revealing the bare pussy underneath that was dripping wet. She knew what was coming and she couldn’t help the big smile that spread across her face. Mike hadn’t ate her pussy, ever and she was elated to finally feel a tongue inside of her. Steve dove in and began to immediately lick the juices already flowing from her. Gina arched her back and again ran her hands through his hair as he devoured her cunt. She could feel his tongue everywhere, bursa escort bayan inside, on her clit, up and down the lips of her pussy; her moans turned to screams as he focused on her clit and inserted two fingers inside of her and started massaging her g-spot. In what felt like an instant he felt her pussy contract on his fingers and her legs grip the sides of his head. She was starting her first orgasm and he redoubled his effort to flick her clit hard with his tongue as she rode high on wave after wave of the orgasm he conjured inside of her. She felt a great pressure inside of her she hadn’t felt before and she couldn’t contain the intense feeling and suddenly she was squirting all over his face. She had never experienced a feeling quite like it. Steve seemed to enjoy it though as his fingers began banging into her as he enthusiastically continued to lick her cunt. What seemed like an hour had only been a minute and her high began to subside. She couldn’t catch her breath as the feeling of euphoria engulfed her. Steve stepped back to look at her beauty as she recovered from her earth shattering experience. She opened her eyes to see him admiring her, his hair and shirt still dripping with her cum. She sat up and hopped off the table and kissed him while her hands went straight to his Green Lantern belt buckle which clanked on the floor as his pants fell. Immediately she dropped to her knees and was face to face with the largest cock she had ever seen. Easily nine inches with a bit of girth to go along with it, her heart jumped but she eagerly grabbed hold of it and put it in her mouth. Like a gentleman, he grabbed a hold of her hair to keep it out of her face, but he also didn’t want anything blocking his view of this fiery red head swallowing his dick. Gina had never tested whether or not she had a gag reflex, she had never sucked a dick big enough. Keen to find out, she continued to go deeper and deeper on his cock and happily bottomed out with her nose grazing his trimmed pubic hair. Steve was very vocal about how much he was enjoying the blow job. He dropped a lot of f bombs and god damnits and also told her to ‘suck that fucking cock’ which she was loving. When he told her he was going to cum, she pulled her mouth off and stroked him furiously. She looked up into his eyes and begged for him to cum on her tits. He grabbed his cock from her, and she leaned back anticipating her prize. He moaned and growled low as he began to breath quickly. Suddenly he inhaled sharply and the first shot of cum hit her square in the chest, she smiled and asked for more has he pumped his cock sending rope after rope of cum flying through the air, some hitting her chest, some catching her face. When he slowed down, she leaned into him and took him back into her mouth and swallowed he rest of his sweet and salty seed. Gina excused her self to the bathroom after giving him another kiss. She stood in the mirror looking at the reflection and asked herself if she felt any guilt at all. This was her last chance before going all the way with Steve and crossing that unforgivable boundary. She ran a finger along escort bursa her check wiping his cum up and then licking it. She answered her own question. When she came back out, she was completely naked and saw that Steve was too. She told him she was ready to be taken however he wanted to take her. She sauntered up to him, swinging her hips back and forth, her hair dancing around her face. His cock was still hard as a rock and she wanted it inside of her. They grabbed each other tightly for a moment, kissing and touching. Then he spun her around and pushed her down onto the table, her ass perked up in the air. She again told him to take her, begged him even. He positioned himself behind her and pushed the head of his cock to the lips of her pussy getting the head wet with her juices. He rubbed it up and down teasing her clit as well. She continued to beg for it until he pushed past the threshold. She immediately began to feel her cunt stretching out and she gasped loudly. It hurt her, a lot, but it felt so very good at the same time. He noticed this, and didn’t want to break her so he continued but just a little slower. With every inch that entered her, she felt like she was being ripped apart but she wanted more. By the time his cock was fully inside of her, she was pouring sweat and her heart was pounding through her chest. Steve waited at the bottom of her pussy, to let her adjust for a minute, but the moment she felt him stop she looked over her shoulder and told him to fuck her. He pulled his hips back and she felt the pain again as he pushed into her again. She yelped, and begged for more as his pace quickened with each thrust. Fuck’s and Yes’s filled the air as they both experienced the pleasure of the others sex. Steve reached forward and grabbed a hand full of Gina’s curly red hair and pulled, arching her back. His free hand began to smack her ass, and she told him to go harder after every hit. When he was up to full speed, she could feel his balls slamming against her clit everytime his cock thrust into her dripping wet pussy. She came on his cock so many times that she had lost count and when he told her that he was ready to cum she told him to keep fucking her and begged him not to stop. Steve didn’t hesitate at all when he thought about cumming deep inside of her pussy. She didn’t need to beg for it but it didn’t stop her. For the next few minutes she wouldn’t stop asking for his seed and he was more than eager to give it to her. His balls began to tighten and his cock began to swell, this alone sent Gina into another orgasm and Steves moans accompanied her screams as he exploded into her, filling her pussy with hot cum and dripping out the sides and running down the inside of her thighs. They both collapsed onto the table, his cock still inside of her, pulsating slightly as he began to soften. That day was Gina’s most memorable. She hadn’t ever came so hard or so many times as she had with Steve. That night, when she was at home with Mike, he asked for a blowjob after dinner. She smiled and laughed at herself when he fucked her after and she could barely feel him inside of her, and it actually turned her on quite a bit. She was transformed that day that she cheated on Mike. She liked the way it felt, to hide that secret from him, and for the first time she was happy about hiding her geekdom from him too.

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