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The COCO Club Gets a New Member

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. Apart from the characters named Olwen and Richard, all the rest of the participants are made up. Having said that, in order to comply with Literotica protocol, I want to state that all characters described below are over eighteen years of age, and all sexual acts are consensual. Be aware that this story contains details of full toilet training, so if this fetish doesn’t float your boat, move on and find something more to your taste. Having said that, if you do continue to read on, I hope you enjoy this tale. Comments are always welcome.

“You look very pleased with yourself,” I smiled as my daughter breezed into the smoking room of the house which I have shared for over thirty years with my cuckold husband. I put my dainty lady pipe down into the ashtray and opened my arms.

“Come and give your mother a kiss and tell me how your day has gone.”

Cordelia has never been too old to sit on my lap, and give me a kiss, although it is only since she turned eighteen that I have taught her to use her tongue as well. Her soft, warm lips met mine, our tongues mingled, and we kissed deeply and sensuously. When the kiss finally ended, her eyes were sparkling and she was breathing heavily.

“I got him off,” she said with a wicked grin. “You were right. Judge Clarke saw reason and directed the jury to acquit. You’re a bloody miracle worker, Mam. How the hell did you manage it?”

“Mary Clarke and I have a lot in common,” I replied with a wink. “We both cuckold our husbands, we both sip from the hairy cup, and we both like young, vigorous cock.”

“Your cup isn’t hairy,” Cordelia said with certainty. “At least it was perfectly smooth last night when we did that sixty nine in front of the cuckold!”

I smiled.

“It’s just an expression, sweetie. I’ve kept my cunt smooth ever since the midwife shaved me just before she delivered you. I think that bitch batted for both sides too. I’m pretty certain that fingering my clit wasn’t in the ‘How To Be A Good Midwife’ handbook!

Cordelia picked up my pipe and puffed it back into life. She took a deep drag and kissed me again. She’s so thoughtful. She knows how much I love smokey kisses. I gave her her first lady pipe for her eighteenth birthday, and she took to it like a duck to water. The cuckold has a huge smoking fetish, and it is so amusing to tease and frustrate him by smoking and kissing whilst he is wearing his chastity cock lock.

“Not long now,” I said with a smile, referring to Cordelia’s forthcoming wedding. She was marrying a fellow barrister in my cuckold’s chambers. Richard, my cuckold, is head of chambers, which, for those of you unfamiliar with the legal system in Wales and England, is where a group of barristers reside and work from.

Cordelia was going to marry a much older man, Clive Lloyd, who by all accounts had the same submissive tendencies as my own cuckold. It was a given thing that Cordelia would take a lover as soon as she was married, much in the same way that I had done when I married Richard.

I have a sadistic streak. I like to inflict pain. Richard is the yang to my ying. He adores being beaten, he has always encouraged me to fuck around whilst denying him any form of penetrative sex. I have lost count of the number of times that I have come home with a cunt full of stranger’s cum, and made him clean me up. One time, he obviously didn’t do a good enough job, and Cordelia was the result. I never bothered to find out who her sire was. I seem to recall that I was being fucked on a regular basis by at least three men at the time of Cordelia’s conception.

All three of them had, to my best recollection, lovely cocks, but all three were unsuitable as life-long lovers, as not one of them was in a position to keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed as Richard’s wife.

And now my darling daughter was on the threshold of marriage herself. I’d done my best to train her to enjoy the lifestyle that I and so many of my girlfriends lived. The lifestyle of a HotWife.

Cordelia had been coached by me and some of my friends in all aspects of Domination, Humiliation and Tease and Denial. To my delight, she grew up bi-sexual, and as soon as she turned eighteen, I took her to my bed. As much as I yearned to fuck her, I resisted that temptation. I taught her how to peg my cuckold though and she also used her strap-on to fuck me and a number of my friends.

To my delight, Cordelia’s classic beauty was matched by a fierce intellect. She graduated with a first class degree in law and then flew through the Bar exam, which meant that she could practise law as a barrister. I made my cuckold find a place in chambers for her, and Cordelia’s professional life had begun. Now all that was necessary was to find her a rich, submissive man who would marry her, sign over everything to her, and live the rest of his life in cuckold bliss. That man was Clive Lloyd.

We were still kissing and cuddling, smoking my pipe and fingering çankaya escort one another when the cuckold came home. As is required, he went straight upstairs and put on his maid’s uniform before reporting to be to be given his tasks for the evening.

Cordelia giggled as he presented himself a few minutes later.

“He’s got a hard on, look,” she tittered, creamy smoke drifting out of her mouth as she spoke. I tutted in annoyance.

“You really are pushing your luck,” I growled. “Go and get my rectifier. I’m going to make sure that pathetic little clit of yours returns to its’ required state. How dare you come in here with it sticking out so lewdly.”

Richard flushed, and hurried off to do as he was told. My rectifier is a broad, thick, leather strap, about nine inches in length. It is flexible, but it takes a great deal of effort to bend it. It was given to me as a wedding present by the aforementioned Mary Clarke, my best friend, my lover and a fellow HotWife.

When Richard returned, bearing the rectifier, I made him lie on his back on the coffee table in the smoking room.

“Display yourself,” I commanded, and he raised his skirt, exposing his pathetically small cock, which I kept shaved. It twitched and swayed and I sneered at the sight.

“Your self control is pathetic,” I said in a low voice. “What’s caused this disobedient display?”

“I heard that Ms. Cordelia won her case today,” he replied. “I knew she’d want to tell you, and I knew you’d congratulate her. I thought of you kissing, and I smelled your pipe smoke when I came in. You know how exciting I find seeing you both smoke.”

“Huh!” I grunted. “Well you’ve had your pleasure. Now get ready for some pain.”

Cordelia, the little minx, giggled and picked up my pipe from the ashtray where I had left it. She slipped the dainty stem between her lips and sucked, exhaling the smoke out of her nostrils. Richard watched, fascinated. His cock twitched again.

Cordelia knelt down at his side and smoked. She blew her smoke into his face.

“I love seeing Olwen rectify your hard-on,” she sneered. “When I’m married, I’m going to train my cuckold in the same way. I hope I get a rectifier for a wedding present.”

I tapped Richard’s tiny balls with my strap. It was our signal that his punishment was about to begin. He played his part too, as he knew he was required to do.

“Please beat my clit and balls,” he recited. “I need to learn to control myself.”

“As you wish, cuckold,” I replied, and without any warning I raised my hand and brought the rectifier smartly down on his cock.

It struck right on the mushroom head. Richard is circumcised, so he has no foreskin to protect his tiny, shiny end. There was a very satisfying slap, quickly followed by an agonised howl.

“Shut up!” I hissed. “Do you want the neighbours to hear you?”

Cordelia giggled.

“Hit him again,” she urged. “Make the sissy cuckold bitch cry.”

I smiled at her and winked. Then I gave him two really hard slaps, forehand and backhand, both of which landed dead square along his cock shaft. Richard howled again, but already his cock was softening. I nodded in appreciation.

“We’re getting there,” I told him. “but to prevent any further misdemeanours, I’m going to give you some deep bruising. That should remind you what I think of unauthorised hard-ons!”

Richard’s cock was completely soft now, but I continued to beat it, watching in fascination as it began to turn bright red as a result of being hit by my rectifier. I thought it made a lovely contrast to his balls, which were an exquisite shade of blue, thanks to my not having milked him in over a fortnight.

“I love watching you punishing him,” Cordelia said dreamily, leaning over to give me a delicious smokey kiss. “My cunt’s on fire. Can I sit on his face?”

“Of course you can, darling,” I smiled. “Make him worship you properly.”

Cordelia was wearing her court uniform. A crisp white blouse and a mid-calf length black skirt, but I knew that beneath that skirt she wouldn’t be wearing any underwear. I can’t recall the last time Cordelia or I pulled on a pair of knickers.

Clamping my pipe between her lips, Cordelia hoisted her skirt to reveal her lovely, smooth cunt. Her outer lips glistened as if to show just how much she was enjoying seeing Richard being beaten.

His cock twitched again at the sight, and I gave it three vicious slaps in quick succession. He howled again and his cock grew still.

Cordelia straddled his face and sank down.

“Don’t lick yet, cucky,” she instructed, her pipe waggling up and down as she spoke. “I need to piss first.”

Richard is a trained human toilet. He swallows any ladies golden rain that he is fortunate to be given, and he also is very good at arse cleaning after Cordelia or I have had a dump. I have always meant to train him to be fed direct from my arse, but I’ve never really got round to it.

As I continued cebeci escort to beat Richard’s cock and balls, Cordelia sighed, farted and then gave another sigh as she began to piss. Richard swallowed every last drop, and then began worshipping my daughter, who very soon began to grind her clit against his nose. She achieved her orgasm quickly, and motioned for me to come and kiss her.

Plucking the pipe from her lips, I mashed my own lips against hers, receiving her tongue and some lovely smokey saliva in return. We continued to kiss as she rode out her orgasm.

“I’m going to have to phone Julian” I sighed, referring to my current lover. “After all this I need to be fucked.”

Cordelia kissed me again, getting off my cuckold’s face as she did so. His face was red and sweaty and covered in cunt cream. My clit tingled at the sight. He might be a cuckold who was denied penetrative sex, and who was only good for cunt worship and clean up, but he was my cuckold, and I loved him.

“There’s always my strap-on if Julian’s not available,” smiled Cordelia. “You know how much I love to fuck my dear old mam!”

“Not so much of the ‘old’, you cheeky bitch!” I smiled, reaching for my mobile phone. Julian is on speed dial, so I only had to press one button. He answered almost immediately.

“If you’re ringing to ask if I’m available, the answer’s ‘yes’. I can be there in five minutes,” he said. “But I’ll need a lift home afterwards. I’m on my way to the garage. I’ve booked the car in for an MOT.”

I didn’t bother asking him how he could be here in five minutes if he left the car in the garage. I just replied, “Sounds good to me. I need your cock in me and the cuckold can run you home after you’ve fucked me. He can have his cream pie when he gets back here.”

I put my phone down and turned to Cordelia.

“Julian’s on his way,” I smiled. “So your strap-on won’t be needed, thank you.”

“I think it will,” she replied with a cheeky grin. “This little session has left me needing more. I’m off home to peg Clive. I can’t believe he’s going to be my very own cuckold in six weeks!”

This next bit is extremely painful to put into words. But put it into words I must, as it is all part of this story.

Julian was as good as his word. He knocked the door barely five minutes after our telephone conversation. I made Richard fluff him nice and hard. Then, with the cuckold in the corner, facing the wall so that he could hear and smell me getting fucked, Julian and I got down to the business.

He started off in my mouth, moved down to my cunt, pulled out and fucked my arse for a while then finished off in my cunt once more. I was a dripping, well satisfied mess by the time he pulled out of me and made the cuckold come over to clean his cock up before being driven home.

“Don’t be long, cucky,” I told him with a grin. “I’ve got a cuntful of cream pie waiting for you when you get back!”

He grinned at me and stood aside to let Julian out before him.

“Keep it nice and warm for me,” he said softly, blowing me a kiss as he left.

The port for the ferry to continental Europe is not far from my house. The articulated lorry that was taking a consignment of Scottish whiskey over to Poland had been on the road for almost twenty hours. When the driver fell asleep at the wheel, the huge truck made mincemeat of the crash barrier running down the centre of the dual carriageway and drove over the car coming in the opposite direction. Both occupants of the car were killed instantly. Those occupants were Julian, my lover, and my darling cuckold, Richard.

It was a shock, and a devastating blow, of course. My friends, those in the lifestyle and those vanilla ones who had no clue of my interests, gathered round and supported me. I wept more for Richard, who had been my rock, suggesting and encouraging me to become a HotWife, and never once complaining when I took up his suggestion.

But life must go on. Cordlia, seeing the way the land lay, encouraged her barrister colleagues to vote for her fiancé to replace Richard as head of chambers, and thus it was that when she and Clive said their vows in front of a small, very select group six weeks later, she was marrying the new head of chambers. All her colleagues knew that Cordelia and Clive had planned to marry, and only a few grumbled at not being invited to the wedding. Cordelia was not bothered. Her guests were exclusively ladies in the lifestyle, and they included Clive’s mother and her cuckold husband. Apart from the groom, he was the only male present.

Immediately after the ceremony, some photographs were taken at the Register Office. These were for the new bride and groom to show to their vanilla friends. Once that task had been done, Cordelia’s chosen Maid of Honour took charge.

“Right, ladies. That’s the legal bit done. Now we can move on to the real ceremony today. Everybody is welcome back to my house for the ceremony to welcome dear Cordelia into çubuk escort the COCO club.”

Everybody grinned on hearing Mary Walters’ words. All the ladies present were COCO members. It stood for Community Of Cuckold Owners, and all new members had to go through the same initiation ceremony. This ceremony consisted of the woman being fucked in the presence of her fellow HotWives and in front of her husband, thus making him a cuckold.

We all transferred to Mary’s house. I say ‘house’, but ‘mansion’ would be a better description. Mary’s cuckold was a High Court judge, who wore elaborate robes and a wig in his day job. When he was not sitting in Court, Mary kept him in a drab maid’s outfit, and he wore a different type of wig when dressed to serve.

His Honour, Judge Reynard Walters was ready to greet his HotWife’s guests with a tray holding flutes of champagne as they arrived. Clive, the cuckold-to-be, was given golden champagne, a mixture of the content of his new wife’s and his mother’s bladder. He was told to drink up, and not to worry if his glass was ever empty. There was, he was informed, an almost endless supply of his special drink.

Preparations for welcoming Cordelia into our community had been long made. As was traditional, all members submitted the name of a chosen lover to Mary. These names might be of a long-term lover, or merely someone who had been a one-night stand. All the names however belonged to men who had one thing in common. They all possessed huge cocks, and they all liked to be fluffed before they got down to fucking the new member. Once all the names had been submitted, they were put into a velvet bag, and the HotWife-to-be drew out one name, which she handed, unread, to the President.

This choosing ceremony had taken place during Cordela’s hen party. The lucky gentleman had been informed, and had agreed to volunteer his services. He was already present, sitting in the traditional place of honour in the room that we always used to conduct the initiation ceremony. Also traditionally, the new member’s lover was allowed to keep his anonymity by wearing a hood. Thus, only the President of the COCO club, Mary Walters, knew the identity of the man who was to fuck the latest recruit to the club.

When the time arrived, Mary picked up a small hand bell from the mantelpiece above the huge fireplace. She shook it and on hearing the silvery tinkle, everyone fell silent and took their allotted seat in armchairs and on sofas which were placed strategically around the centrepiece of a double divan in the centre of the large room.

As mother of the HotWife-to-be, I escorted Cordelia into the room. She was already naked, and I could see and smell her arousal when I went to collect her. Her nipples were hard and her cunt, freshly shaved that morning, glistened with juice. I kissed her and ran my finger along her cunt slit. I looked at my finger, which was now coated in her cunt juice. I sniffed, then licked my finger.

“You’re ready!” I told her with a wide grin. She took my arm, and side by side we entered the rom where she was to be fucked into membership of the COCO club.

On entry, I kissed Cordelia, and stepped aside. I went to my seat, and sat down. Cordelia was handed a dog lead by her cuckold-to-be’s mother. They kissed and then Cordelia led her new husband and soon to be even newer cuckold into the centre of the room. She lay down on the large double divan, and her masked lover came forward. He was bare chested, but wore a pair of loose fitting leather trousers.

As everyone watched, Clive unbuttoned these from his kneeling position, and tugged them down. The lover wore no underpants and his cock plopped into view. He stepped out of his trousers to murmurs of approval from the audience.

“My first instruction to you is to fluff the gentleman in front of you,” Cordelia said in a low, but firm voice. Clive immediately took the large cock in two hands, peeled back the foreskin and slipped it into his mouth.

In no time at all, the cock swelled in thickness and grew in length. Clive gagged on it, and the audience giggled and broke into light applause as he was skull fucked for a few seconds. Then there was silence as Cordelia spoke again.

“Put my lover’s cock in me and become my cuckold,” she said, her voice thick with emotion. “You may remain on your knees and watch as I am fucked. You will be required to perform clean up when the gentleman has finished.”

Everyone held their breath as Clive, with trembling hands, wiped the cock up and down a few times along the length of Cordelia’s cunt slit. This transferred some of her cunt juice onto the pale purple mushroom head. The young man nodded curtly, and Clive lined him up. He slid the cock into Cordelia and shuffled back.

There was a delicious wet cunt fart and he was in. Cordelia gave a low moan of pleasure, and wrapped her legs around her lover’s arse, pulling him deeper inside her. The lovers stayed still for a few seconds, and then they began to fuck.

Traditionally, there is nothing romantic or long-lived about an initiation fuck. It is merely a way to bring a new member into the group, and also to create a new HotWife/cuckold combination. So, true to form, the masked lover began to fuck Cordelia frantically.

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