May 24

The Colonial House Ch. 03

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Putting on her bathing suit was almost a complete blur as Erica got ready for another day at the beach. Looking herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but let her mind wander to the night before. The look on Mrs. P’s face when their eyes met, the look on her face at breakfast this morning. Seeing she still had that belt on…

“Oh my god, she still had that belt on” she whispered to herself.

Still in a daze walking down to the beach, a mix of wandering thoughts and lack of sleep had her sprawled out on her beach towel. Chris had obviously gotten a better night sleep . frustrated by her lack of energy during the morning application of sun lotion he had disappeared to occupy himself with some other beach activity as she dozed off to sleep. The images and sounds coursing through her mind even as consciousness slipped away.

Smiling to herself, the sun baking her skin, she spread her legs a little wider. Letting the warm tingles the sun’s rays provided spread a little further wiggling her hips with satisfaction. Wisps of cool breeze adding a shiver to the warm sensations, a long silent breath, imagining those wisps were the light touch of fingers tracing along the inside of her thighs. The intensely cold pool of lotion pooling on her lower back driving away all the other sensations. Thinking to herself Chris must be back.

Hands working up from her lower back, circling each bump as they worked their way up her spine until they found the base of her neck. Massaging the lotion back down her shoulder and arms sighing under the firm press of his palms, as awesome as yesterday was this was certainly nothing to complain about. Hands running along Erica’s sides, fingertips just brushing the edge of her breasts, she was sure they would have lingered longer there. They continued on, her hips, along the edge of her bikini bottoms, surely they would linger longer here… They didn’t. Instead the attention started fresh from her bahis firmaları feet, working there way up along her calves, the back of her legs. As the hands moved higher, she rolled her hips up, spread her legs just a bit more, yearning for a deeper touch.

No time was wasted as she felt her bikini bottoms deftly pushed to the side. The excitement they barely covered immediately evident as a prodding thumb eased her lips open and easily sunk to the hilt parting her lips and starting the stretch she ached for. The pad of his thumb found her g spot so quickly it startled her, muffling a gasp with her forearm as she squirmed into the beach towel. Fingers closed tightly over her clit starting a rhythmic massage simultaneously inside and outside. Her whimpers intensified to yelps as she struggled to keep quiet, all worry of being caught slipping from consciousness as the desire to cum took over.

Hips rocking feverishly against the relentless hand her orgasm building unsure if she could keep from screaming as she felt the sudden tug at her hair, arching her head roughly back as her orgasm took her. Mrs. P’s face just inches from hers, smiling wickedly as the shock of the orgasm overwhelmed the panic that the realization of her situation should have caused. She ground her hips back against those fingers shuddering through the last of her orgasm before she felt her head released, collapsing back to her beach towel, gasping.

Startled awake by her own gasp, Erica lurched up onto her elbows looking around the beach wide eyed, sorting out quickly in her mind what was dream from what was real. Her heart still racing at the dream she had just had, calming slightly as it appeared nobody was watching or too close by to notice. Rolling quickly on her back to sit up, she was greeted again by that knowing smile as her breath caught in her chest. Mrs. P just feet away. The calming gone, panic returning,

“had she made a noise?” she kaçak iddaa asked herself.

Her face burning in what could only be the deepest blush, “I think I need a break from the sun” was all Erica could manage as she gathered her towel and rushed for the house. The soaked bikini bottoms so obvious as she walked it seemed certain that the orgasm was more than just a dream.

The walk back to the Colonial House was a blur of panicked thoughts. Scrambling to interpret Mrs. P’s smile, the thoughts came in fast succession,” did I make noise? Did I scream!? Oh my god, how much was I squirming around. I couldn’t have, I couldn’t have said her name!?” Hips crashing down to the toilet seat, head resting in her hand s the smell of her own sex so strong it overpowered even the suntan lotion. Eyes cast between her legs, the obviously soaked bottoms…

“holy shit, so wet…”

Thinking back to that knowing smile, anger creeping into her thoughts, anger with herself for losing control like that. How could her mind sink so low as to dream about getting finger fucked by Chris’s mom! Shaking her head, mind swirling, the anger rising again, angry and Mrs. P, “She’s as bad as I am, look at the way she gets tied up and fucked silly.”

“I’m not the only one out of control”, Erica whispered to herself. The emotions so strong mixed with a desire to cum, horny and confused she plunged her hand into her bikini bottoms. Fingers pushing past her folds filling her pussy with no resistance, grinding deep swirling roughly over her g spot just as she had dreamed earlier. Palm grinding at her swollen clit, images of Mrs. P watching her filling her mind, thoughts of Mrs. P helping filling her thoughts. The orgasm sending her rigid against the seat gasping as trembling fingers refused her order to keep thrusting. More confused thoughts, masturbating thinking of another woman… What was going on!

So many thoughts that she had no choice but to kaçak bahis give up, making her way to the safety of her own room. Falling asleep sprawled over the sheets. Finding herself wanting the dreams to return as she drifted off again.

Erica found herself stirred awake by noise down the hall again, sorting through the fog of waking up. The fleeting dreams of sex brought abruptly to an end by a loud banging. Bolting upright in her bed, listening intently, not sure if these were the sounds that had woken her up last night as well. The realization that it was still mid day slowly taking hold.

Another knock on the door, Chris Voice, “Are you ok in there, we’re getting ready to BBQ outside, going to join us!?”

As she woke up she found herself feeling very refreshed, the nap was more needed then she thought! Climbing out of bed, standing in front of the dresser, looking herself in the mirror, as the door cracked open.

“OK if I come in?”

“Sure!” She replied.

Wearing just her bathing suit, “I have to find some time to wash these suits out! Both the suits I’ve brought are soaked” pausing, smiling at Chris, “In suntan lotion”, she winked.

Chris walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her stomach pulling her tight. Thoughts of the fucking she had gotten in the bathroom filled Erica’s mind. She could already feel the lump in his shorts pressed against her backside. Even if a little less obvious, she was just as horny as he was. His hands continued to caress her belly, lifting her hand to caress his cheek, she gasped as she felt it surrounded by his warm lips. Her heart raced ever so slightly at the feel of his tongue caressing her fingers, and the thought that those fingers had been buried in her pussy not even an hour ago.

He must have noticed, “been having a little fun without me?”

Erica blushed, trying to hide the nervous giggle.”We had better get ready for the BBQ, I definitely need a shower”

Chris scooped her breasts with both hands, they kissed, just barely letting their tongues touch before Chris swatted her ass sharply and Erica darted for the shower handful of towel flapping behind her.

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