May 24

The Concert Pt. 01

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Background – Just a little info about this story and some of my previous submissions, some folks have noticed that a lot of my stories feature a little red head that I always describe in some detail, there is a reason for that, I use as the template for that re-occurring character my own wife. She has been my muse for nearly all these stories as she is the hottest and sexiest woman I know, plus I know her body very well so it is easy to describe and I am can incorporate encounters we have had together into my stories making it easier to paint the picture of the sex in question. I know that many of my stories are ones involving infidelity and people may wonder why I would want to write about my wife having sex with other men, even if the character is imaginary and she is just the template. I want to say right up front I’m not a cuckold or into that kind of thing at all, I just think that if I was going to watch a pornographic movie I would want it to star the hottest woman possible and my wife is the hottest one I know so watching her have sex would ultimately be really arousing. Well, at least it is in my head, I imagine in real life I wouldn’t want to see her with someone else. Anyway, this story takes place at a time before the morning after pill when drunken casual sex could have consequences that are were not so easy to avoid and features a young wife getting herself into all kinds of trouble, enjoy!



As Jo stood in the middle of her bedroom staring at the flowered blouse laid across her bed the voice of her best friend Mindy echoed from the doorway.

“Please tell me you’re not wearing that to the concert!” said Mindy with a raised eyebrow.

Jo glanced over at her friend of many years, a tall blonde with short, close cropped hair and a bright pair of hazel eyes she stood a good full head taller than Jo who barely came above five-foot five. They were actually quite a contrast with Jo a petite red-head with dark chocolate brown eyes and a small, boat shaped mouth now split into a pained smile, she was often compared looks wise to a young Susan Sarandon. Mindy, on the other hand, was close to six foot tall, a big Amazon of a girl though not fat she sported a pair of large DD breasts and long athletic legs and facial features that pegged her as a Helen Slater look alike.

“What’s wrong with it?” asked Jo innocently.

“It’s a rock concert and your supposed to be my wing man, or person I guess, can’t you wear something a bit more…alluring,” finished Mindy.

Mindy strolled over to Jo’s closet and began to fish through Jo’s outfits as Jo looked on with a bit of consternation; she was still feeling a bit nervous about having agreed to this outing. Mindy had been through a painful divorce that had just been completed a few months earlier and she was desperately ready to put it behind her and get back into the dating game but she was scared to try on her own so she had asked Jo to go with her “man hunting” as she put it. The problem was Jo was happily married and had been for almost four years now and she was not in the hunting frame of mind anymore.

“How about this?” said Mindy finally pulling a dress from the back of the closet.

The garment she had chosen was one of the few rather racy ones Jo owned, a black and gold short silk dress with a plunging neckline and short hem that showed a bit of leg and quite a bit of chest, she had never actually worn it before. Her husband had convinced her to buy it but she thought it was far to revealing and had buried it in the back of her closet.

“I couldn’t possibly wear that, it would make me look like a slut,” admonished Jo.

“Sweetie for this one night that is exactly what I need you to look like, were trying to attract men and this would definitely be the honey to do that, please…just try it on,” coaxed Mindy.

Reluctantly Jo took the dress from Mindy’s hand, to get into it she realized she was going to have to go without a bra, something she never did in public but the tiny straps on the dress precluded wearing one. She quickly shed her heavy beige cotton bra revealing her perky C-cup breasts, fair skinned and roughly navel orange sized mounds supplanted by a pair of light pink areolas and dime sized round nips.

“Hmmm…I’ve always admired your breasts Jo, I wish mine stood up so nice and perky like that…” commented Mindy.

Jo blushed slightly in response, “Well I think guys like your breasts just fine, their so much bigger than mine,” she replied eyeing Mindy’s substantial DD cannons barely contained in the top of her low cut black party dress.

“Yeah but mine are definitely succumbing to gravity,” laughed Mindy.

Jo finished placing the dress on and tied it behind her neck with a pair of strings, she turned to look in the mirror, this was certainly a daring look for her with her breasts plainly on display and the skirt barely reaching the middle of her thighs.

“Jesus Mindy, I don’t know,” started Jo.

“Come on don’t worry about it, we need to head out or were going to be late…ohh and ditch the wedding band o.k.,” said Mindy.

“God lord Mindy this is just asking for trouble!” said Jo warily.

“Please Jo, I really need this to go well, just for one night be my hot single friend, o.k.?” begged Mindy.

Reluctantly Jo removed her wedding band placing it in illegal bahis her purse as the two women headed for Mindy’s car.

The concert venue wasn’t far and they arrived after a short drive, it was an outdoor amphitheater vaguely bowl shaped with a long lawn that ramped up to a high wall at the back, a crowd was moving inside and the girls fell in with the rest. The opening act was already taking the stage and the girls stopped to get beers before they made to stand on the lawn. The first band ran through a quick set of maybe eight songs and by the time they were done, Jo needed to use the ladies room and the girls hurried back down the hill together. It took a while for Jo to get through the long line for the women’s restroom and when she returned she found Mindy running up to her with a grin.

“Jo! while you were taking care of things I met the most awesome pair of guys, time for you to earn your wingman status,” she gushed.

“Crap Mindy I still don’t know about this, it seems dishonest to lead some guy on like I’m interested when nothing is going to happen,” complained Jo.

“Please Jo! I really need this and I just can’t do it alone, I’m too nervous and very out of practice and this guy has a friend and I can’t ask him to ditch him so…” pleaded Mindy.

Finally with a nod Jo followed Mindy back toward the bar area and toward a pair of men standing near the beer stand.

“Hey guys this is my friend Jo, Jo this is Tyler and Kevin,” said Mindy by way of introduction.

Tyler nodded perfunctorily toward Jo and then immediately turned his attention to Mindy signaling where his interest lay and Mindy grinned at him making it obvious who she was gravitating towards, that left Jo with Kevin who stepped toward her offering his hand.

“Hi, Jo it’s nice to meet you,” he said.

Jo had to crane her neck to stare up at the man before her who must have been close to six-foot three, she had to admit he was a very good looking guy with short sandy brown hair around a high cheek boned face with dark green eyes and a wide generous mouth. He was very lean and athletic with the build of a runner, had she been a single woman Jo had to admit to herself that she would have found him quite attractive, but she was far from single.

“Umm nice to meet you…Kevin,” she replied her tiny hand vanishing into his, his palm was warm and she could sense the strength in his grip.

They stood talking for a while, though Tyler seemed very reserved Kevin was quite warm and funny and to Jo’s consternation she found herself enjoying his company as he made her laugh with quick witted repartee. When the sounds of music began to come from the stage, the group realized the concert was starting up again.

“Looks like things are firing up we best get seats,” commented Tyler.

“Let’s grab some drinks first, try these ladies, their called apple ales…really awesome stuff,” said Kevin.

Jo took the drink Kevin offered her but nearly choked on it, as it possessed way more alcohol than she was used to.

“Yeah you might want to drink slowly, they can be a little harsh,” laughed Kevin.

“No kidding!” laughed Jo in response.

Darkness was falling as they made their way back to the lawn, for the next hour they enjoyed the music and the company, Jo found herself having a surprisingly good time though she did feel guilty about feigning interest in Kevin for Mindy’s benefit. Tyler and Kevin kept a steady flow of apple ales coming up the hill and after a while, Jo began to feel herself getting more than a little tipsy and admonished herself to slow down. As the band struck up a slow ballad, she started to sway to the music but slipped slightly in the grass of the hill and staggered, almost immediately a pair of strong arms wrapped around her.

“Maybe you should lean on me for a bit,” said a masculine voice in her ear.

Kevin grinned down at her as he kept his arms wrapped around her middle pulling her tight to his muscular chest. Jo was caught off guard both by the move and the fact that it actually felt really nice to be held like this, she knew she was walking on dangerous ground but she didn’t want to mess things up for Mindy so she didn’t protest but let Kevin hold her as they moved together to the music.

“You know Mindy didn’t mention just how beautiful you are Jo…” whispered Kevin in her ear.

Jo blushed at the complement, “that’s very nice of you to say” she managed, enjoying Kevin’s attention perhaps a bit more than she should have. In her head Jo felt a pang of guilt again, both at the thought of what her husband would think if he could see her now and at deceiving Kevin as to her intentions but at the same time the alcohol and the music was making it awfully easy to ignore things and play along.

“I hope you liked that song folks, if you’re here with that someone special let them know how you feel…give them a kiss,” intoned the singer on stage.

Jo glanced over and was surprised at the sight of Mindy looking like she was trying to swallow Tyler’s tongue as they locked in a hot embrace not two feet from her. Yet things were about to get even more off kilter for Jo as she felt Kevin turning her with one hand so that she was facing him.

“I hope this is o.k., I don’t think I could forgive myself if I didn’t kiss you right now,” smiled Kevin.

Whether it was the alcohol illegal bahis siteleri slowing her senses or maybe a bit of attraction she wouldn’t have wanted to admit to herself Jo found she could not react to stop what was happening as Kevin leaned down and pressed his warm firm lips to hers in a soft kiss. For a moment, she did not react but then her body seemed to take on a mind of its own as she slowly slid her arms up around his neck and started to rub her soft pink lips back against his. The kiss lingered for quite a bit of time and Jo found herself falling deeper and deeper into it until she even opened her lips slightly and let Kevin slide his tongue just into her mouth adding a bit of sexiness to the forbidden contact. Jo seemed to feel like she was floating as her and Kevin kissed on the grassy hill and to her shame her body started to react even more. Her nipples hardening inside her dress as blood rushed into her chest and a bit of dampness started to spread between her legs as her arousal grew. For just a moment she felt herself giving in even further pressing her tongue back against Kevin’s and opening her mouth even wider as she started to kiss him with fire and passion but only for an instant, before her brain kicked back in and she realized what she was doing. With a start, she broke the kiss staring first at Kevin and then over at Mindy who was eyeing her with surprise then she quickly excused herself and fled down the hill toward the ladies room. Inside she stopped to throw some water in her face as she gazed in the mirror.

“Are you o.k.?” said Mindy’s voice from behind her.

“Jesus Mindy…I was…oh my God I was kissing him…he was kissing me…shit…this…I can’t…shit,” stammered Jo unable to put her feelings into words.

“It was just a kiss Jo, a pretty good one from the look of it, just enjoy it and move on nobody has to know,” replied Mindy.

“I’m married Mindy, I’m not supposed to be kissing other men, let alone enjoying it!” said Jo.

“Just come back to the concert, once this is over you never have to see him again,” said Mindy.

Jo waited a heartbeat until her breathing slowed and then she joined Mindy in returning to the hill; Kevin eyed her with concern as she fell in next to him again.

“Are you o.k.?” he asked.

“Sure…I just…got a little overheated that’s all,” said Jo.

“Yeah, me too,” replied Kevin with a seductive smile, Jo trembled slightly at the obvious look of interest in his eyes, she had to admit it was very flattering to have such a handsome and sexy guy coming on to her but she couldn’t let things go too far again.

The concert continued and so did the apple ales as the foursome continued to rock out to the finale, as the band made their goodnights the girls started down the hill with the guys in tow. To Jo’s surprise Kevin insisted on holding her hand on the way down and she found her fingers wrapped in his as they walked like a couple. When they hit the bottom Jo excused herself to the restroom again leaving Mindy with the guys, she knew things were coming to a head and she hoped that she wouldn’t have to admit to Kevin that she was married and ruin things for Mindy, perhaps she could just give him a fake phone number and be gone. Things took a very different swerve though as she came out of the restroom to find Tyler and Kevin arguing quietly and Mindy bent over and retching loudly into a flowerbed.

“Oh CRAP! Mindy are you o.k.?” asked Jo worriedly.

“Chick can’t hold her booze,” commented Tyler dispassionately.

“Be nice Tyler, like you’ve never had too much to drink,” shot back Kevin.

“Whatever man, I’m not dealing with this mess, I’m out of here,” replied Tyler and he set off into the crowd.

“Shouldn’t you go with your friend?” asked Jo.

“We didn’t come together, and I think we should deal with Mindy first, let’s get her sat down,” replied Kevin sympathetically.

Kevin was very nice about the whole thing finding a seat for Mindy at a table and bringing her some ice water and a wet cloth from the bar, it became quickly obvious that she was very out of it though and couldn’t possibly drive.

“This is just great, Mindy drove us and she has a stick shift car, I can’t drive it…I guess we could get a cab,” commented Jo.

“You would never be able to move her on your own, how about this I could drive you guys where you need to go and tomorrow you could bring Mindy back to get her car…you have transportation of your own right?” asked Kevin.

“Um…yeah I guess that would work,” said Jo, the alcohol was clouding her thinking enough she couldn’t think of a better plan.

Her and Kevin worked together to get Mindy into the parking lot and into Kevin’s car, a very nice silver Lexus, with Mindy poured into the back Jo navigated as Kevin drove to Mindy’s apartment. Once they arrived Kevin had to practically carry the past out form of Mindy into the house and place her in bed, he politely moved into the other room as Jo worked to undress her friend and get her into bed. She covered Mindy in a blanket and headed into the living room shutting the door behind her, Kevin had not been able to find the light switch so the living room was bathed in shadows, just the light from over the kitchen stove served to illuminate the surroundings. Mindy had left the stereo on when she had left home canlı bahis siteleri and on the radio they were doing a post-concert feed, playing songs from the bands that had been on earlier, as Jo entered the room they started playing the same love song that had been on earlier, when her and Kevin had kissed!

“Hey their playing our song…,” said Kevin as he moved to pull Jo toward him raising one hand to move her into a dancing pose as he started to waltz across the rug, Jo was caught off guard and stumbled into his arms and found herself pulled into the dance. She realized that among his talents not only was he a good kisser and a funny conversationalist but he also could dance, something her husband with two left feet struggled to do, for a moment she gave in and moved with him as he swayed her around the room. As the song wound down, she found herself staring up into Kevin’s handsome face as they came to a halt where they started.

“I’m glad I met you tonight Jo, and I meant it when I said, you’re very beautiful…” he whispered.

Jo saw what was coming and she made to stop him but found her mouth covered by his before she got the chance to make a peep. Just like before she had to admit he was a very good kisser and whether it was the alcohol or something else, she found herself giving into the kiss, letting him gently slide his warm full lips across her soft pink ones. As the soft music continued Kevin started to kiss her with greater hunger, his tongue sliding into her mouth as his arms wrapped around her back, with a low moan Jo opened her lips wider to accept his tongue pressing hers back against his as they French kissed each other. Her thoughts were in turmoil as Kevin kissed her deep and long sending a wave of pleasure crashing through her. She was getting turned on very rapidly, her nipples hardening into knots on her chest, blood pouring into her aroused breasts as her pussy grew quickly damp if not downright wet between her legs. She couldn’t remember ever getting aroused this fast around a guy before and it left her breathless. Jo knew it was wrong but she couldn’t make herself stop as she not only gave in to Kevin’s advance but started to kiss him back, sliding her lips against his and pressing her tongue back into his mouth to flick it against the flat of his with soft touches.

The heat seem to be growing in leaps and bounds between them as Kevin started to move his arms up her back, Jo could feel his fingertips near her neck and at first she was confused at what he was doing but a second later realization dawned as she felt him loosening the knots holding her dress on.

“Oh my God…he’s trying to undress me…he wants me…oh Jesus!” thought Jo.

Jo broke the kiss wanting to tell Kevin that she couldn’t do this, that she was married and it was wrong and everything but once again in her alcohol addled state she was a step slow. Before she could form the words, she felt her dress sliding down as Kevin pulled the strings free, with no bra to halt the slide it slipped easily from her body leaving her half-naked in his arms, her breast free to the night air.

“God Jo…you’re so beautiful…I’ve wanted you since I first saw you…,” breathed Kevin and with a quick dipping of his head she felt his mouth wrapping around the soft warm flesh of her right tit. Her nipples were so aroused that they had darkened from a light pink to a brick red, her silver dollar sized areolas shrunk to roughly the size of a quarter while her rock hard nips stood well up off her breasts. Jo gasped and let out a low groan as Kevin’s tongue rolled a crossed her hard nipple and he licked her soft areola before he sucked her entire tit into his mouth pressing her nip into the roof of it with his tongue and sucking hard on her pale soft flesh.

Jo felt as if she was caught in a tidal wave of sexual desire, pulled along and helpless to fight, Kevin was sucking her tits, squeezing them in his hands as he licked, kissed and bit her hard nipples and she was enjoying every second. Now she was grabbing the back of his head and guiding him from one breast to the other as he worked her flesh. Her whole body was trembling, she was so turned on her pussy was absolutely soaking, the fluid running down the inside of her thigh. Between the alcohol and her arousal she had never wanted to fuck so bad in her whole life, she finally pulled Kevin’s mouth back to hers kissing him hot and hard as he continued to squeeze her tits. All rational thought was leaving her head and all she could think about was how bad she wanted this man to take her, how much she wanted him inside her. Kevin seemed to sense her need and he lifted her suddenly in his strong arms and carried her like a child to the couch placing her gently on the cushions. He quickly started to kiss his way down her naked body as Jo watched in wonder enjoying the feeling of his hot mouth on her chest, her stomach, against the inside of her thighs. Finally he reached the wet, warm spot between her legs and he started to roll her panties down exposing the red haired cunt beneath her pussy lips swollen and pulled back revealing the glistening pink flesh of her pussy and giving evidence to just how turned on she really was by what was happening. Jo reached up squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples as she stared down at Kevin’s handsome face poised just above her wet womanhood. As she watched, he smiled and leaned down running his tongue up her wet slit before pressing into her, into her aroused flesh, the feel of his tongue entering her tore a loud groan from her lips as he proceeded to eat her soaking wet cunt.

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