May 25

The Corner Office Ch. 03

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Time passed, and so did the passion that William and Olivia shared. Abruptly, Olivia became distant, basically ignoring William. She stopped calling him, returning his calls, and always had an excuse why they couldn’t make love. After several months, William confronted Olivia to have her explain what was going on in their relationship. To his dismay, she avoided him and finally when they did talk, she told him that they never had a “relationship” at all. William was crushed. He always knew that some day their affair would end, but not like this. William, being hurt, confused, and pissed, ended their affair and friendship of 15 years. Olivia appeared to have lost all respect for him, and he could not be played anymore.

It was two months since he stopped speaking to Olivia. Unless it was job related, William had no words for her, not even good morning. They passed each other everyday as if the other didn’t exist. That was William’s way to cope. Olivia was upset, but she didn’t make any attempts to patch things up.

“It is what it is.”, William thought, as he settled in for the day. His phone rang. It was Tanya. She was calling from the front office.

“Hi Tanya”, William said.

“Good morning Boss man. How are ya doing?” She answered.

“I’m ok.” William said.

“Just checking. I’ll be back in a few. I have some reports for your signature.” Tanya said.

“Fine. I’ll be here.” William said, putting down the receiver.

Hearing the line go dead, Tanya hung up her phone. He sounds so depressed, she said to herself. Tanya, like everyone else in the office, had noticed the friction between William and Olivia. They both weren’t speaking to each other, and the gossip and speculation swirled like milkshake. Tanya didn’t know what happened. She had tried her best to find out. She tried to talk to Olivia, but she wouldn’t discuss it. Olivia said her and William had a “disagreement”, and she was upset at him. A disagreement about what, Tanya thought. Tanya felt like she was in the middle. Olivia was her friend, and so was William. Tanya had felt close to William ever since the threesome she had with both of them. She really enjoyed her adventure with them, and she wanted more of William’s cock, but she never pursued him further because of Olivia. Even though Olivia denied having anything current with William other than the threesome, Tanya’s woman’s gut feeling told a different story. Tanya truly felt that Olivia and William were fucking steadily. After their threesome, Tanya one day had hinted to Olivia about fucking William some more. Olivia gave her a cryptic response and a strange look, as if to drop the subject and leave things as is. Tanya obliged, only because they were “girls” and were in the same office. William was a real nice guy, plus a fantastic lover. Olivia must have really fucked up to have him like this. Well, she thought, if Olivia ain’t taking care of business properly, then someone should. William was too nice to let suffer like this. Girls or not, Tanya was going to step up to the plate. She would move in to lift William’s spirit, and a few other things. With that in mind, she checked herself in the mirror on her desk, picked up the papers she needed signed, and headed to the back office.

As she walked to William’s office, Tanya passed by Olivia’s desk.

“Hey” she said to Olivia as she passed by. Olivia looked up and gave her a half-smile.

“Hey”, she said back to Tanya.

Tanya felt the somewhat cold response. Olivia gave her the “What do you think you’re up to Bitch” look. Tanya didn’t let it faze her.

“If you were doing the right thing, I wouldn’t have to.”, she thought.

Tanya knew that Olivia was having problems at home with her husband and son. She also suspected that Olivia was seeing another man that worked in the building. Tanya just shrugged it off as she went into the back office.

William heard the distinctive rapid set of knocks on his office door letting him know that Tanya was outside.

“Come in” he said.

The door slowly opened and Tanya walked in. William looked her up and down as she came in. He had been such a horny dog these last couple of months. Since his breakup with Olivia, William hadn’t had his freak on, and it was taking it’s toll. Tanya had been very bahis firmaları supportive recently. She would bring him the reports each day and sit with him to tell all about her adventures. William would talk to her indirectly about what was happening with Olivia, making it seem that he was discussing a girl he was dealing with on the outside. He didn’t know if she believed him or not. He didn’t care one way or another. It was helpful to get some of this off his chest, plus he knew their repeated talks were not going unnoticed by Olivia. He was sure Olivia was pissed that Tanya was spending more time with him. He didn’t care. After the treatment she gave him, he wouldn’t feel bad if he fucked her friend. She was still a big freak, and when he looked at her, he thought about that night the three of them had together.

Tanya closed the door and walked over to his desk. She gave William a quick overlook. William was a very attractive brother. Five foot eleven, medium build, light skinned with big penetrating brown eyes. He dressed impeccable everyday in his nice suits. His main trait is the bulge he carried in his pants. When she approached him, he took a long look at her.

“I wonder what’s going through that brain of yours?” She said to herself.

William felt some blood flow to his cock as she came closer. Tanya was 5′-4″, big brown eyes, wearing all black. She had on slacks that were tight, showing off her big round ass and wide hips. The pants went down to a pair of black three inch high boots. She wore a black low cut blouse, tight to her small waist, barely able to contain her tits. When it came to cleavage, Tanya ruled in the office. He could just hear her tits screaming in her bra.

“Thanks Tanya”, he said, as she put the reports on his desk.

Tanya sat down in the chair next to him, and looked at him intensely.

“Boss, how are you really doing today? You look like you need cheering up. What can I do to help?”

“I’ve been better. I could use a good hug.” He said.

William couldn’t help it. That just slipped out of his mouth.

Tanya stood up and said, “Well, you’re lucky I’m here.” With that she reached out with her arms.

“Fuck it!” William said to himself. He got up and embraced Tanya.

“I hope this makes you feel better”, she said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his.

William grabbed Tanya by the waist, pulling her thick body close to his.

They embraced each other for several seconds, neither one wanting to be the first to let go. William couldn’t deny how good Tanya’s body felt. It has been too long for him. He looked into her eyes and then lightly kissed her. Tanya responded by returning his kiss with a French kiss. William held her tighter as their tongues entwined in heated passion. William’s hands moved down and grabbed Tanya’s fat ass. He pulled her so, that she felt his hard dick pressed on her groin. Tanya’s pussy became moist from the pressure of William’s hard cock. She flashed back to their past adventure and wanted him right now. Tanya took her right hand and massaged William’s dick through his pants. William felt the shock through his dick as Tanya rubbed it’s head through the fabric. He finally came to and broke the embrace.

“Look, I’m sorry.” William said.

“Don’t be baby.” Tanya replied. “You need some time with a good woman. I see you every day, upset over our “friend”. It’s not fair. I want to be with you and I want you to have me however you wish.”

“You’re right. It’s not fair at all.” William said. I want you too. I need you. Can you get away after work?”

“Yes I can.” She said. “I’ll see you at four.”

With that, Tanya walked out of his office, making sure William got the full effect of her ass in motion.

Four o’clock came quickly. William and Tanya discreetly left the office separately, and meet up several blocks from the building in their cars.

“Just follow me” William said.

They both sped off to a local motel that William knew about. Once they got settled and had a drink, they began to strip each other naked. William gave Tanya a quick look over. Tanya’s body was designed for hard fucking. She was packing large tits, small waist, which opened up to wide hips, strong healthy legs, and a kaçak iddaa big ass. Exactly what a brother needs. William’s dick throbbed in anticipation. William began peeling Tanya out of her blouse and pants.

“Damn baby, you must have used Crisco to put these on!” William said.

Tanya just looked at him and giggled. William reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, releasing her tits from their prison. William began to suck on her large nipples. Tanya held his head there, then slowly pushed him downward towards her crotch. William caressed her with his tongue as he reached the top of her black thong. He stuck his tongue between her and the elastic, and licked from side to side. He inhaled the pungent sent of her pussy. The scent radiated through his body, eventually settling in and stirring his balls. William grasped the sides of her thong, and with one motion, pulled them down to Tanya’s feet. He could see that they were soaked with her juices. Tanya stepped clear of her wet garment.

“Now for you boss man.” She said.

Tanya undid William’s tie, unbuttoned his shirt and threw them to the chair next to the bed. She removed his undershirt, then kneeled down and unbuckled his pants, which fell to the floor. She grabbed his boxers, and slowly pulled them down to let his cock free. Tanya licked her lips as William’s cock sprang a loose. She grabbed his thick member, causing more of the pre-cum to escape. She released him so that he could clear his downed clothes. William sat in the other chair.

Tanya knelt between William’s legs. She immediately grabbed the base of his thick cock and engulfed his member in her mouth. William threw his head back as Tanya devoured his dick. Tanya sucked his shaft from his balls all the way to the head. She used her lips and tongue to massage William’s cock head so intensely that William could feel the ridges of her tongue on the tip of his dick. Tanya rotated her tongue around the head of is dick, knowing that was the most sensitive spot, causing William to ooze pre-cum into her mouth. She sucked it out and swallowed the sweet nectar. William started loosing his mind. Spasms and electric shocks traveled from his groin throughout his body. He felt his cock becoming hard as a rock.

“Let me taste you too, baby”, William moaned.

Tanya let go of his cock and they both moved over to the bed. William lay down on his back, and Tanya got on top in a 69 position. She then continued her assault on his cock. William grabbed Tanya’s ass, spreading her cheeks to reveal her dripping cunt. William went for her clit, grabbing it with his lips. Tanya shuttered, clamping down on William’s dick. William used his lips to pull her clit further out than it was already, and began massaging it fiercely with his tongue.

“Aaaagh!” Tanya yelled, releasing his dick.

William continued on her clit, while inserting two fingers into Tanya’s engorged pussy. He worked his fingers into a rhythm, while he flicked her clit with his tongue. He felt Tanya’s body begin to shutter. She began to moan softly, then started to suck on his balls. William felt her pussy contracting on his fingers. He bent them and then massaged her g-spot.

Tanya began to shake yelling, “Oh God! I’m cumming! Ohhhhh shit!”

William kept up his pace while the contractions engulfed her body. After a minute, Tanya rolled off his body.

“Fuck me with that dick!” she commanded.

William wasted no time at all. He spread her thick thighs and rammed her swollen pussy with his nine inch curved cock. Tanya had made his dick so hard with her tongue assault, he felt as if the skin on his dick was going to split.

“Aaagh!” he said as he buried himself to the hilt, the head of his cock impaled in her cervix. Tanya’s pussy was on fire, and William quickly started pumping her juicy snatch. William fucked Tanya relentlessly, for quite some time with long deep strokes like a piston in an engine.

“Yes baby. Fuck me hard! Tear this pussy up!” Tanya screamed.

She wrapped her legs behind William’s back, driving him deeper into her body. William leaned down and took one of Tanya’s nipples in his mouth, nibbling on her flesh. Tanya moved her head side to side as she felt his curved cock hitting places inside her that have never been touched. kaçak bahis William then pulled out and flipped Tanya on her stomach. He then continued to fuck her pussy from behind, watching her pussy lips appear and disappear with each stroke. William was mad with desire, pounding Tanya so hard that her ass rippled like water in a pond. He reached down and massaged her tits, holding on to them for better leverage. Tanya had lost count of the orgasms she had. She buried her face into a pillow to muffle her screams of ecstasy. Her pussy was in a constant state of flux, throbbing, contracting, and flowing with juices to keep it well lubricated. All William’s pent up energy from the past few months was being released on her. Tanya couldn’t remember the last time she was fucked so hard. William’s dick felt as if it was getting harder by the minute, and as if his dick would split open her womb. She had lost track of time, and didn’t know if William was ever going to cum….

It seemed that he would go on forever, but soon William began to feel the tingling sensation on the tip of his cock, nature’s cum alarm. William quickened his pace, as the sensation traveled up his dick and to his balls. Tanya felt William’s change of pace. She also felt his cock begin to expand ever more. She knew he was just about ready.

“I want your cum in my mouth.” She said.

With that, William withdrew from her battered cunt, his cock covered in her cum. Tanya slid off the bed onto the floor and grabbed his dick and began to stroke it quickly, while licking the slit in it’s tip.

“Aaaaaagh! Yes!” William yelled.

Tanya massaged his balls as she felt them tightened, and turn inward. William’s cock expanded and contracted as his sperm started it’s journey towards the outside world. William’s body began to jerk repeatedly. His balls felt as if they were 200 degrees and were being sucked out through his dick. He felt the explosion in his prostate, radiating throughout his body as his sperm and seminal fluids mixed together, forming a massive load of thick cum. William’s cum felt like magma as it was pushed, burning, through his nine inch shaft.

Tanya opened wide. William’s cock ballooned and blasted load after hot load of cum on her face and in her mouth. It seemed as if William blew a gallon of cum at her. Tanya swallowed every drop in her mouth. What she missed ended up on her face and dripped over her tits. Tanya stroked his dick harder and harder, pulling his cock skin over the head of his dick, making sure she got every drop. Once his dick stopped firing cum, she quickly began to suck his dick head, knowing that it was at it’s most sensitive moment. As Tanya sucked and nibbled the head of his cock, paying close attention to the glands on the underside of the blood filled head. William almost collapsed in violent spasms of orgasm. Her lips on his sensitive head sent his body out of control. Tanya was amazed how sensitive William’s dick was after he came. She remembered how he reacted during the threesome. Tanya continued to give William “seizures”. Payback for the great horse fuck she just got. William kept seizing for three minutes. William collapsed on the bed, panting heavily. Tanya worried if he had passed out from the orgasm. Tanya lay down beside him. Both of them were speechless, their bodies covered in sweat, so wet that you would think they just crawled out of a swimming pool. Tanya lifted her head up, looking into the mirror opposite them on the headboard.

“Damn.” She said to herself.

Tanya could see her pussy in the reflection. It was about twice its normal size and red like an apple. Her lips were pulled outward and glistened with cum.

“Damn this man is good. “Olivia, I must thank you so much.” She said to herself. Tanya sat up and looked over at William.

William was laying on his back with his eyes shut. She looked at his cock. Although it was not as hard, William’s dick was still semi-erect, red as a beet, with it’s downward curve. It twitched back and forth, still oozing some load, and shining from a mixture of his cum and her saliva. Tanya leaned on William, placing her large breasts on his chest. She gave him a soft kiss on the lips as if to awaken him from an evil spell.

“You know what baby?” she asked.

“I’ll bite.” William answered with his deep sexy voice.

“I believe this is a start of a new beginning.” Tanya whispered.

“Damn right!” William said as he held her and began to kiss her passionately again and again.

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