May 25

The Countess Ch. 05

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I do not know what happened other than I must have gotten looped and made a fool of myself at Sara’s father’s house Sara’s mother and sister were there along with her sister’s husband. Including Family and other guests there were about fifteen people at the gathering.

I must have been an ass because after dinner Sara grabbed me and we got in the car for the ride back to my rental. Sara surprised me by saying that she needed to be at the office early so William would be dropping me off and she would be going to her flat in London. The car pulled in and I got our giving Sara a good night kiss. I watched it pull away, knowing that I might not see her again.

“John Paul Rogers you can be an idiot at times!” I said to myself as I watched the car pull away.

The next morning I packed up some things that she left and called her. I got an assistant and explained that Sara left some items with me. I explained that someone could pick them up and gave her the address. There was a beep out side the house telling me that my car was there to take me to the edit suite.

The director emailed some instructions on changes he wanted before the move back to L.A. The car took me to the office that I was using and quickly edited the changes. That done I backed up all the files and contacted the production security company about getting the material transported back to California. The editing machine and the backups would be shipped by different carriers but should arrived in about a week.

The car picked me up and drove me to my rental and I started to box my clothing and other possessions that needed to be shipped home. Mrs. Fields was a wonderful host but I dodged her questions about Lady Jane. I confirmed my flight for the next day and hit the rack. I resolved to get Mrs. Fields something nice for putting up with me.

I was up at six and saw my ride to the airport was waiting. Flight check-in was frustrating but I got through it and found my seat in business class. I tried to calculate what time it would be in New York when the plane arrived but I could not make it work.

We got in the air and the attendants circulated with glasses of Champagne. I was seated beside a nice young woman who was going home to get married. She was a management consultant and was doing a stint in Europe. She and her husband to-be would return to finish her assignment. We chatted off and on through out the flight. We sampled some of the best airline food I have been served; and I tried to nap. I still wondered if Sara and I would get together again.

There was a bong and the pilot announced that they were beginning the decent to Kennedy. The attendants began to clear the cabin and make sure that seatbelts were on. I was sorry about the way Sara and I ended our visit. I planned to go back later in the year to see if I could repair the rift.

We landed and I got through customs and made my way to my LA flight. While I was waiting for my LA Flight I called Sara’s phone but all I got was the answering system. I left a message and hoped that she would call me back.

My friend Bret Robinson said that the family would meet me at the airport. The flight was uneventful and we landed just as the sun was coming over the Sierras. Bret and her husband drove me home and I quickly got use to cars on the right side of the road. I begged off having them come in but thanked them and promised them dinner and a full report.

The next three and a half months was a blur as the director and I hurried to finish the editing. He and the Producer blessed the edit and I considered it a lock. The sound and color guys would finish but I would be available if they needed any touch ups. Shortly after finishing the film I started to edit five commercials and a fifteen-minute industrial. I owed a favor to a friend and the money was good.

I was standing in my kitchen opening a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the finish of the project when I heard someone come in.

“Bret that you?”

There was no response and I chalked it up to wind. I turned away to get a glass.

“No Darling I am not Bret,” said Sara in her upper crust accent

I turned around with a very surprised look on my face.

“Close your mouth, darling you look like you see a ghost. And how many times to I have to remind you to lock your door!”

I turned around again to get a second glass and poured the wine in both glasses and handed one to Sara.

“What are we celebrating?”

“I finished a project, and wanted to celebrate”

“You left without saying goodbye.”

“I called your office but was switched to an assistant, I thought that meant that you did not want to talk to me,” I said as I poured more wine. I called you when I got to New York but got your voicemail.

“You should have called back. You need to be more forceful,” Sara responded

“When we were last together I got the message that you were pissed at me!”

“Darling, you were too pissed to understand anything that night.”

“I don’t recall that illegal bahis I drank that much that evening, and I didn’t feel too intoxicated when I got out of the car.”

“Darling, halfway through dinner you got a weird look on your face and after dinner you started hitting on my sister and Mother. I will admit that you returned to more normal on the way back to your quarters.”

Something clicked in my mind when Sara described my actions at the dinner. I took a pill before dinner and I think that it reacted with the booze.

“If you want me to write a letter of apology I will,” I said.

“Don’t be silly, what’s done is done.”

I finally noticed what Sara was wearing; tight western style jeans, tailored western shirt, and very sharp pointed boots with a long heal.

“You must be going out to the ranch.”

“Yes two vets are coming in the next few days to check the heifers to see how many are pregnant. Father asked that I come and supervise. Are you up for a trip to the desert?”

I stepped around the counter and before she could protest I embraced her and our lips met. It became a long wet kiss with lots of tongue. My hand moved from her butt to her neck. I felt her breasts thought the shirt. Sara tried to move away but I kept her close. My hand went in the back of her jeans and massaged her flanks. All I wanted to do was get her undressed and my cock in her pussy.

Sara finally broke free and almost smacked me with her hand but I got my arm up before she could connect. I again embraced her and our lips met.

“Mr. Rogers what are your intentions?!”

“Get you in my bed and put my cock in your pussy,” I said as I kissed her again.

“Would you mind I I got your cock in my mouth?”

“Yes madam, because you are a lady and ladies do not suck men’s cocks!”

“What kind of trollop is that sir, I have sucked some of the best cocks in England.”

I embraced her again and kissed her. We then started to laugh at each other. I got on my knees, loosened her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her panties down exposing her luscious pussy. I kissed her vulva and placed my tongue in her love canal.

“Paul please get up and lock the door now please.”

After a few more licks I reluctantly got up, walked to the door and fixed both the dead bolt and knob lock. When I returned she was in my bedroom getting undressed and climbing in to bed.

“John Paul Rogers, I need a fuck and I need it from you, now mister.”

I started to move to my bedroom when the phone in my pocket started to ring. I pulled it out of my pocket looked at the caller ID and swiped to answer.

“Can’t really talk now Bret,” I said.

“Ok call me tomorrow,” she said.

After promising to call her in the morning I put the phone on the charger, and walked in the bedroom.

“She is a good friend always checking on you, darling. But her timing can be strange,” said Sara as she started to work my cock over through my pants.

I dropped my pants and shirt, pulled my briefs off and slipped into bed. I could feel my cock start to get hard and Sara’s hand made sure that I would get into fighting trim. She moved down, and I felt her warm mouth take my cock. I brought her up to my lips. We kissed but she kept my cock in her hand.

“I need to keep a little control, darling.”

“So if I need to use the bathroom I will need to ask permission?” I asked.

There was a slight pain and she increased her grip on my cock. “Darling, you will not be permitted to leave the bed unless I say so,” said Sara and her grip on my cock increased again.

I slipped on top of her and was able to free my cock and find her love hole. Our lips met in another wet kiss. I used my tongue to probe her mouth. I continued to fuck my beautiful lady. We continued kissing, her arms wrapped around my head not allowing it to move. It seemed that we were trying to make up for four and a half months of separation. I made one large thrust and felt my cock let go. I continued to move in and out while we were locked in a kiss.

We both relaxed, my hand continued to massage her pussy. “Darling, I was wondering, where’s William? Is he outside in the car?”

Sara moved on top, and kissed me; “He is not here, sister is touring Honduras and Guatemala, inspecting our properties there. Daddy wanted William to watch over her.”

“So Maria drove you tonight?” I asked.

“Maria was dismissed when she was found with several ranch hands, I drove myself. So I am looking for a new driver,” she said as she kissed me.

I felt Sara’s hand manipulate my cock and guide it into her pussy. She kissed me again and used a lot of tongue. My hands started to play with her breasts, concentrating on massaging the hard nipples. It felt so good to have her in my bed.

“Mr. Rogers, in England you said something to the effect that you were sad when we are apart; is that still true?”

“I forgot you’re a lawyer, you never miss anything. Yes darling, that is truer now then when I said it. illegal bahis siteleri I thought that you would find some reason to break off the relationship, after I said it.”

“It was a surprise but I knew that you meant it, sir I am getting tired of the conversation and need a fucking.”

“Yes Countess.”

I kissed Sara and again began to work on bringing her to a climax. I could see her breathing began to deepen. I felt her vagina begin to clamp on my tool. I attacked one of her breasts with my mouth, as well as continue to fuck my lovely lady.

When I woke up I heard Sara shutting the shower off. My head was under the covers and I could make out the odor of our sex and sweat. Sara stood over the bed dripping on my forehead.

“Darling is is nice that you kept a set of towels ready for me.”

“I never know when I will have a lady over so I am always prepared.”

I suddenly felt her hand on the side of my head just below the ear, which started to ring. The pain radiated from my cheek as Lady Sara slapped me.

“What was that for?!” I asked.

“One for being a boor at my father’s dinner, for being late more times than I can remember, and finally mentioning that you might have other women with you.”

I lifted myself out of bed and stood eye to eye to her. I suddenly embraced Sara and we kissed. Her naked breasts, rubbing on my skin caused an erection. Sara forced me back on the bed and lay on top. Her hand guided my cock into her pussy.

“Paul I am so pissed at you now; I will have to clean up again,” she said between kisses.

“Countess, we need to come to an agreement. I never laid a hand on you in anger; I do not want you to assault me again. Do we have an agreement.”

“Yes I agree, and I am sorry, I will just yell at you,” she said.

She was about to speak again when I covered her mouth with mine. We tongue fought for what seemed like ages. She tried to get up but I locked my legs around her. I felt waves of pleasure go though her and I let go with another climax. We both relaxed and I played with her nipples that caused her to laugh.

“Darling, I know when you are mad at me when you use my title or call me Lady Sara.”

I rose from the bed and helped her to her feet. I pointed her back to the bathroom and we both showered. We were dressing when she moved over to me and asked if I could help with her bra. I clipped the garment in the back and she started to put on her shirt.

“You will need some extra clothes if you are coming to the ranch with me?”

I went to my closet and got some jeans and shirts a few pairs of briefs and a few t-shirts. I also found a Polo and a pair of slacks. I picked up a pair of work boots, loafers and stuffed them in a duffel bag. I went into the kitchen and found some bread and loaded the toaster. When it finished I gave Sara a slice and I took the other. “We can get something on the road.”

“To bad you don’t have Mrs. Fields to prepare breakfast for us,” said Sara.

“I don’t think that I could afford that luxury, madam.”

“It is amazing how quickly you get use to snapping your fingers and things happen,” said Sara.

“Unlike you I never had that opportunity,” I said. I looked at Sara and saw that I touched a raw nerve. “What do they say in court “The jury will disregard the last statement?””

“Ok for that you get to drive us. I will determine other punishment on the way,” said Sara as she kissed me.

She did not bring in any luggage last night so my duffel was the only bag. We walked out and I saw the car that we were going to us. A gold Land Rover Discovery was sitting in my driveway. That was a major step up from my Ford. Sara handed me the key and the car opened when we got close. I put the key in my pocket and sat in the driver’s position. Sara instinctively started to sit in the back seat but changed and joined me up front.

My phone beeped again and I swiped to answer. It was Bret again. The conversation lasted about five minutes but the main take-away was that our project got a green light from a streaming service and we needed to meet with them to nail down the details. I told her to contact her attorney and make sure that he/she was at the meeting. We agreed to meet at the end of next week and I signed off.

“If you need a lawyer I’m available, ” said Sara.

“If you’re here I would like to have you sit in on the meetings.”

“I hit the starter button and put the truck in reverse and backed out of the driveway. I pointed the car out of my neighborhood and the car started to talk to me.

“I programmed the navigation system yesterday, so follow the directions, darling. It will be like listening to me but with less sex.”

I followed the system’s directions and fought off Sara’s attacks. Sooner than I thought I was pulling up to the ranch’s guesthouse. Sara got out and took control of the situation. The staff snapped to attention and pulled our luggage out of the car and placed it in our room. Sara ordered lunch for us and grabbed canlı bahis siteleri my arm and directed me into the house.

“Darling, we can eat in a few minutes, I need to talk to the manager to see if the cows are ready for the health check.”

Sara went off in search of the manager and I was offered a cocktail but I declined. I was sitting on the veranda sipping some water when Sara came walking up. I knew most of the time what she was thinking; but the look on her face was something I never saw before.

“That stupid man, we have two expensive vets coming tomorrow and they have not separated the cows from the bulls and steers. The herd is not in the corral yet and I am contemplating canceling the vets.

Her phone beeped and she answered the call. “If you and your crew can move the cattle great. Listen if there is a hitch tomorrow my father will hear of it and the vet bill will come out of your salary. You have known about this for a month. And where are the horses that I ordered,” said Sara.

Sara turned to me “Don’t piss me off Rogers.”

“That is not fair I am not one of your employees, you need to calm yourself and don’t take problems out on your lovers.”

At about the same time a ranch hand walk up leading two fully saddled horses. He stopped and stood waiting for Sara to make a move.

“I made the assumption that you can ride a horse,” said Sara as she started to mount one of the two horses.

“Countess, you thought that I have no experience with horses, this is where you are wrong,” I said as I threw my leg over the animal.

I followed Sara down a trail into a hilly area. From the top of a hill we looked down into a natural bowl. As far as the eye could see cows covered the place. Sara guided her horse down toward the herd. While we were on the trail Sara calmed down and started making sarcastic comments about my riding techniques. She recognized that I did know how to ride.

“These cows do not see humans that often so do not get off of the horse,” she said.

We moved half way around the herd then Sara started to climb up the hill. The sun was moving off to the west as we got to the summit. Sara moved down the trail and finally got back to the guesthouse. She flagged one of the cowboys and we left the horses with the man. Sara got in the passenger seat of the SUV and waited for me to get in the driver’s position.

“I will tell you where to go, darling,” she said finally.

I started the SUV and pointed out of the ranch back to the highway. I followed her directions and we stopped at a log house that I discovered was a restaurant. I popped out of the driver’s seat and got to the passenger door before Sara could get out. I held the door for her.

“You might be better than William,” she said as she kissed me. I put my arm around her waist and we walked up to the entrance. Despite the outward appearance the place was quiet, every table had a white tablecloth and full set of silverware. I declined a cocktail when it was offered. Sara had a martini; she seemed to calm down more after she had the first one.

Dinner was good but a little weird for me to decline booze. Sara’s hand strayed to my knee and she began to rub up and down my thigh. She was working on her third cocktail when the bill arrived. I was quicker with my credit card and picked up the check. I stood and wrapped my arm around her as we walked back to the SUV. I helped her in to the passenger seat and got in the driving position. I hoped that we would not be stopped by law enforcement. The route back was easy and I pulled into the guesthouse parking area and helped Sara out of the seat. She was beginning to sober up when we arrived.

“Darling, I’m sorry about my behavior. I was really pissed about the situation with the herd.”

I kissed her as we walked into the guesthouse. I thought about fixing me a drink but decided that I needed all of my faculties. Our luggage was already in the bedroom. There was a knock on the door. I opened the door and a young woman came in and introduced herself to us as the person that would see to our needs. Sara dismissed the woman coldly as she was still feeling anger about the ranch staff.

“That wasn’t necessary, Countess; she was only doing her job.”

“Your right I will make it up to her tomorrow. Are we going to fight tonight?”

“Wasn’t planning to fight I wanted to make love if you’re in the mood.”

“Darling, the only thing I thought about on my trip over was making love with you. Last night was just an appetizer,” said Sara as she rose and walked into the bedroom. “Bring me a Martini if you don’t mind.”

I went to the bar and mixed her drink. I was summoned and walked into the bedroom. As usual Sara was propped up on a set of pillows. Her breasts were on display. My cock got hard just looking at her in bed. I handed her the drink and went to a chair and started to take my clothes off.

“You didn’t want one? You really know how I like my martini, darling. It is about now that I start making snide comments about your ability to make love to me; but not tonight. Tonight you will be great like you always are.”

“Countess, that is a tall order, you never know I might be off tonight,” I said from a chair as I was taking my clothes off.

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