May 25

The Couple Dance

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We have to go out. Really, we would both prefer to stay in but it’s a work function and we have to at least make an appearance.

I leave the bathroom in a towel having dried my hair and applied my minimal makeup immediately after my shower, and appear in the bedroom doorway.

You are standing in front of the full length mirror wearing your open dress shirt and your trousers — unbuttoned and unbelted, but zipped. I watch you button your shirt from the bottom, slowly covering your flat tummy, your chest, and then the cleft at your throat. You tuck the shirt in then close the trouser button and belt. I admire your long back and broad shoulders as you reach for your tie, still unaware of my presence.

You slip the tie on and I watch your beautiful hands tie it and smooth it down your chest and stomach. I love your hands; the length of your fingers, the definition in the knuckles and wrists, the size and strength of them and the deftness with which you do everything. They are truly man’s hands and I find them very erotic.

You reach for your suit jacket and see my reflection in the mirror. You turn and smile at me.

“You look wonderful already,” you say and I laugh at the sweetness of the comment.

I walk toward the closet to retrieve my dress and stand on my toes and lift my face to kiss you on my way past. Our lips meet softly and you lean into the kiss making it linger longer than I expected. I sigh as I step back and you grin at me as you wrap one arm around my waist and pull me to you. You lower your lips to mine in a firmer kiss; a promissory note lingering on the end of it. We smile at each other and I proceed to the closet.

I collect my stockings, dress, etc. and place them all on the bed, dropping the shoes on the floor beside and then sit on the edge to begin dressing. I look up and see you are sitting on the window seat, fully clothed, watching me intently. For a moment I am a little self-conscious but then I remember the intimacy of watching you dress and the faintly erotic twinge it gave me. I smile flirtatiously at you and lower the towel, coyly exposing more cleavage and my back.

You grin as your eyes flicker over me and I know you are taking a mental photograph. I select a stocking, raise my left leg, and slip it over my foot, slowly extending it up my leg to my thigh. I select the next stocking, raise my right leg, and slip the stocking lingeringly up my leg. It is incredibly arousing, this reverse striptease, and I find myself thinking about later this evening when the stockings will be removed.

I carefully avoid eye contact with you but I can see you out of the corner of my eye. You shift slightly but I know your eyes have not left me. The bra is on my left. As I turn to reach for it, the towel opens, completely exposing to you my back and the top of my buttocks. I remain turned from you and put on the bra, deftly hooking it behind me.

I glance at you over my shoulder with a smile and you chuckle softly.

I slip my panties on and stand to slide them into place. I remain standing as I clasp the garter belt around my waist. I turn toward you as I bend forward to clasp the garters to the stockings, knowing this gives you an exemplary view of my ample cleavage. I raise my eyes to you and find you shifting your gaze between the stocking tops and my cleavage. Our gazes meet and my breath catches with the intensity of your look. I can almost feel the realization that I am dressing for you, sink into you.

I straighten up, our gaze never breaking, and stay still for a moment, feeling your eyes travelling me, and then reach for my dress. I open the zipper at the back and slip the dress over my head. It falls into place and I slowly walk to you. You reach your hands out to me when I am mere steps from you and I turn my back, telling you in that universal ‘couple’ language that I need you to pull up the zipper.

The back of your fingers graze the skin of the small of my back as you grasp the pull and raise it as slowly as if you were lowering it. You lean forward and place a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and slowly stand as you raise the zipper the remaining inch.

“Thank you,” I murmur and then I feel your breath in the nape of my neck and it makes me shiver. Goose bumps rise down my neck and along my shoulders.

Goose bumps,” you whisper, “thank you.” You brush your lips against my spine at the edge of the dress and I feel your lips trail up the back of my neck and then to the right under my ear. You trace the line of my neck with warm, soft kisses to the curve of my shoulder and then gently press your teeth to it. I shudder and close my eyes with a sigh and you place a reparatory kiss there.

You place your warm hands to my neck and slide them down, over my shoulders and away, as if to dispel the goose bumps. My eyes flutter open at the break in contact and I sigh as I move away and sit on the bed to put on my shoes.

I slip my foot into the left shoe and güvenilir bahis you crouch in front of me. You take my ankle in your hand and place my foot on your knee and fasten the shoe. I slip into the other shoe and you do the same and then place my foot on the floor. You slide your hands up my legs slowly as though to smooth the stockings and spread your fingers up my legs until they reach the stocking tops. You trace the top of the lace around to my inner thigh and slide your hands up slightly.

Your fingers rest on the bare skin of my inner thigh close enough that I can feel the heat of your hands through my thin panties, but you don’t touch.

Our eyes lock, I can see the restraint you are using to keep your hands in place, and it arouses me further. My lower abdomen clenches and I ache to tilt my hips forward. I think you see it because you inhale deeply and say, “Two hours and then we are back here.”

I nod and you slip your hands from my legs and stand, offering me your hand.

I take it, stand, and you step to me, sliding your hand along my forearm to my waist and around my back. You lean forward and kiss me so softly that I can barely feel it but the slow, lingering return of your lips to mine is so deliberate that I feel it deeply everywhere else in my body.

You draw back slightly and we smile. Your hand in the small of my back, you guide me to the stairs and we leave to make our appearance.

In the car, you place your right palm on the top of my knee with your fingers draping forward down the front of my leg. You slowly pull your fingertips up my thigh until they reach the lace of the stocking and then curl your fingers under and trail the tops of your fingernails back down, slowly uncurling them as your palm reaches the top of my knee once again. The repetition is mesmerizing. Contrasted by my need to touch you; to feel the press of your body against mine, it is arousing in it’s minimalism.

When we arrive you open my door and hand me out of the car, closing the door behind me. You place a hand against my cheek and trace my cheekbone with your thumb, curling your fingers under my jaw as you trail your thumb down from my ear to my lips. Your rub your thumb gently along them and then down to my chin, pressing my chin up to you, and slowly lean down to kiss me. As our lips meet you press me between you and the car and I feel your growing arousal. My nipples tighten and I run my hands around your waist and up your back.

“Two hours,” you whisper, “and then we can do something about this properly.”

I murmur my assent and we make our way inside.

You stand behind me and take my coat and suddenly I feel exposed; as though you are undressing me in this crowded room. I become slightly self-conscious that everyone can see my aroused nipples and know what I am thinking. I glance down and see that they are not as visible as I had feared. You follow my gaze and smile.

“I can tell,” you tease, “but I don’t think anyone else will.”

“Well, good,” I reply, “it’s not for them.”

“Nope,” you smirk, “just for me.”

We mingle for the next couple of hours casting knowing glances at one another when we are apart and exchanging subtle but lingering caresses when we are together. Both of us enjoying the anticipation.

I am standing at the bar when I feel you standing behind me, your body grazing my back. Your breath cascades down the side of my neck giving me goose bumps that harden my nipples.

“It’s time to go…”

I turn and look up at you. “Are you sure we’ve ‘appeared’ enough?”

“Absolutely,” you say and you hold up my coat.

I grin and turn around for you to help me don it and feel your hand in the small of my back, guiding me to the door. I love when you do that; it’s such a proprietary and protective gesture.

We talk quietly through the drive about the party, the people, and conversations we had when apart. Your hand returns to its previous mesmerizing path along my thigh, as though you are gently reminding me of our purpose.

I put my head back and close my eyes, letting the sensations travel this time. I feel your touch resonate through me, travelling up my thigh and across my abdomen. My nipples tighten again and my vaginal walls clench briefly. It makes my hips twitch and the next time your fingers trail up they cross the lace to my inner thigh and curl down my mound before trailing to my knee. I shiver on the third passing and look at you. You smile but never take your eyes from the road.

When we get inside, you remove my coat and I again feel like you are undressing me, but this time, I welcome the feeling. I turn to you and we kiss slowly and softly at first but quickly the kisses deepen and we are soon wrapped tightly to each other. You trace my jaw and neck with kisses and my eyes close as I inhale deeply, letting the sparks travel through me. I drop my head back to encourage your path and you continue to my clavicle and follow it to the other türkçe bahis side of my neck and up to my ear.

I am suddenly overwhelmed with the need to touch you; to feel your skin against mine, to explore your body. I slide my hands down from your back, around your waist and then up over your stomach to your chest, pushing the suit jacket off your shoulders. You shrug it off and drape it on the chair next to us. Next, I remove the tie, my eyes never leaving yours. I can see the flicker of arousal at having me undress you and it arouses me further. I toss the tie on the jacket and begin unbuttoning your shirt. When the first two are undone, I lean forward and kiss the exposed skin at the cleft of your throat and clavicle. You sigh and I continue unbuttoning you, kissing each new section of skin exposed until I reach your belt. Two more buttons to go but they are tucked into your trousers.

I begin to undo the belt and you hold my hands. I look up at you questioningly and you smile and turn me around. You begin to kiss at my hairline and trail slowly and deliberately down my neck and spine to the top of the dress. I feel the tug of the zipper being engaged and your lips and breath against my skin all the way down to the bottom of the zipper at my tailbone.

You slide your hands up my back and push the dress off my shoulders; it pools on the floor at my feet. I step out of it, turn, and realize that the disparity of you being mostly clothed while I am mostly naked is powerfully erotic. I step toward you and run my hands flat up your stomach, under the shirt and then over your already hard nipples. You shiver and I take great delight in knowing that I am getting to you. I lower my head and flick the tip of my tongue over the left nipple. It elicits a delicious moan from you that runs right through me to my pussy and it clenches in anticipation.

I press my teeth against your nipple and your abdomen clenches beneath my hand and you run your fingers through my hair. I suck the nipple into my mouth and run my flattened tongue over the edges. You tighten your fingers in my hair and moan, “Oh… yes.”

I suck the nipple further into my mouth and press my teeth firmly into your

pectoral. I then trail my lips across to the other nipple, repeating the pattern and eliciting a similar response from you. You cup my head in your hand and draw me up to kiss me. Your take my hand and step away. Your eyes drink me in for a moment and then, without a word, you lead me up the stairs to the bedroom.

You seat me on the edge of the bed and crouch in front of me. You grasp my ankle and place it on your knee and undo the shoe. As you slide it from my foot you caress my calf and kiss the inside of my thigh. You drop the shoe, place my foot on the floor and repeat the same with the other shoe. With both shoes removed, you stand and place them on the floor at the end of the bed and turn back to me. I part my knees so you are standing between my thighs, and reach to unbuckle your belt. This time, you don’t stop me.

I undo the belt and the final two buttons of your shirt. You remove your shirt and drop it to the floor as I trail my hand down the zipper, feeling your erection beneath. I press more firmly and your hips buck slightly and you exhale hard.

I slide my hand against you, back up to the trouser button and slowly undo the button and draw the zipper down. I slip my hands between the trousers and your hips and press them down and they fall to the floor. Your hard cock is now fully exposed to me and I literally salivate at the sight.

You reach down and pull off your shoes and socks with the trousers and nudge them aside with your foot. I slide my hands up the front of your thighs to your pelvic bones and then across your abdomen. I curl my fingers and gently retrace my path with my fingernails. I lean forward and you shudder in anticipation; it makes me want to prolong it so I kiss the crease between your groin and thigh and then repeat on the other side. You moan in frustration but I know you enjoy it so I continue my ‘torture’. I kiss your stomach, your pelvic bones, the gentle curve between them and your abdomen, and down the creases to your balls — never touching your balls or your thick, bobbing cock.

Eventually, the delay is more than I myself can take and I flatten my wet tongue and draw it over your balls and then up the underside of your cock to the head. I swirl my tongue around the rim and then wrap my hand around the shaft, pulling it down slightly, and press the head against my tongue. You run your hands through my hair again and I feel the insistent pressure in your fingers. I resist, tease the hole with the tip of my tongue, swirl my tongue around the head again, and then press it against the roof of my mouth as I slide you to the back of my throat.

“Oh… That’s it…” you moan.

I open my throat and tighten my lips around the root of your cock and thrust you into my mouth until I gag, drenching your güvenilir bahis siteleri cock in my saliva. I pull back, suck hard on your cockhead and then take you fully again with your hands gently pressing my head forward. Your cock is throbbing against my tongue; my nipples are almost painfully distended and pressing against the bra insistently. My pussy is drenched and aching.

You know what fellating you does to me, and you reach down, pressing my bra under my breasts, freeing my aching nipples. I continue to plunge your cock into my wet, hungry mouth, and slowly draw it out, varying the sensation between my tongue and the gentle scraping of my teeth. You tease my nipples mercilessly with your fingertips until I am sure I will climax from it.

You slide your hands from my nipples to my shoulders and press me back toward the bed. I release your cock and look up at you. You kiss me, placing a knee on the bed between my thighs, and continue to press me to the bed until I am lying back and then you trail your lips down my neck to my nipples.

You suck first one then the other into your warm, wet mouth, and my back arches, pressing them further into your mouth. Your tongue alternates between flicking them and swirling against them. I moan helplessly and you hmm against a nipple. The sensation drives me mad and I hear my breathing become ragged.

You kiss down my body to my abdomen and then kneel on the floor. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You hook a finger into the side of my panties and pull it aside, exposing my drenched pussy to you. You look down at my swollen lips.

“Mmmm,” you murmur, “and you haven’t even cum for me yet.”

I feel your warm breath against my clit and my hips tilt, aching for you to touch me. You smirk and lower your head. You tongue my anus and tease my labia until I am writhing and then, you delve your tongue into my cunt.

“O god, yes!” I cry out and you press your tongue into me over and over again. The pressure of your tongue delving into me pulls my lips open and rubs my hood back and forth over my clit. I moan repeatedly and run my hand over your head, heightening the awareness that it is your mouth pleasuring me.

You finally flick your tongue over my clit and a wave of pleasure rushes through me. My hips buck and I climax almost immediately. You abandon my clit, knowing this will keep me aroused and sensitized, and watch my pussy spasm over and over again.

Blind with lust, I am aware only that I need to feel you inside me.

“Fuck me,” I hear myself and it sounds almost like a plea.

You stand, grasp my legs behind the knee and raise them up. In one thrust you bury your cock in my cunt.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I shout.

“That’s it,” you growl, “cry out for my cock.”

I wrap my legs around you and you reach down and hold the panties aside as you thrust relentlessly into me.

My awareness that lust has also taken you, drives me over the edge and I am soon very near another climax.

“Yes,” you whisper when you see it, “drench me.”

My abdomen ripples and clenches and I feel my pussy clasp your cock as my climax surges through me, drenching you.

You stand very still, your cock hard and still buried in me, while I regain my breathing. Then, you reach down and release the stockings from the garters and slip the stockings off my legs. You slip a hand beneath me and undo the garter belt and remove it.

My breathing somewhat controlled, you slowly pull your cock from me.

“No,” I whimper

You grin and reach to remove the panties. “These have to go, too.”

I lift my hips and you slide them down my legs, tossing them aside.

“On your knees for me.” Your voice is low with arousal and it sends a thrill through me. I turn onto my parted knees, offering you full access to me. You run your hands up the back of my thighs, over my buttocks, and down to my hips. I feel your hands grip my hips and my legs begin to tremble in anticipation. You slowly enter me, your cock pressing deeper and deeper into me until I feel your thighs pressing against mine. You pull out just as slowly until your cockhead is resting between my lips and enter me again with the same deliberate slowness. It is an erotic contrast to the pressure of your hands at my hips and the anticipation of the thrust that will match that grip, builds a climax in me once again.

I press back to you instinctively and you begin to thrust into me. I match every thrust by arching back into it and you are soon breathing raggedly and taking my pussy hard and fast.

You reach to my clit and rub your fingers over it and around my lips and I gasp at the unexpected attention to my sensitive nub. You rim me with your wet thumb and then with your middle finger. I arch to that as well, with a moan and you slowly press your finger into my ass. I moan loudly and the image of your cock replacing your finger overwhelms all other thought.

“Take my ass,” I whisper, raggedly.

You moan and for a moment I think you didn’t hear me but then, your finger slides slowly from me and you pull your cock from my pussy. I feel the round, wet head of your cock against my anus and I tilt my hips back in invitation.

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